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Nov 4th, 2013
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  1. [14:14:17] <shauna_> Let's set our agenda as talking about: 1) curriculum, 2) mentors, 3) sponsors, 4) confirming action items
  2. [14:14:24] <shauna_> Sound good, hypotext?
  3. [14:14:32] -*- willingc shauna_ types too fast
  4. [14:14:34] <hypotext> sounds good
  5. [14:14:44] <shauna_> So this is our default schedule:
  6. [14:14:45] <shauna_>
  7. [14:15:07] <shauna_> To walk you through what materials/people are needed at each step...
  8. [14:15:09] <hypotext> so for curriculum, I liked the one you had at Columbia, we'd just need to modify it to emphasize the making-a-contribution-part more
  9. [14:15:24] <shauna_> bd - there are a couple things that can be dropped/changed
  10. [14:15:33] <shauna_> err, "bd" is shorthand for thumbs up
  11. [14:15:38] <hypotext> I can share the list of people who expressed interest if it helps
  12. [14:15:43] <shauna_> Yeah, that'd be great.
  13. [14:15:53] <hypotext> it includes people's experience levels + projects they're interested in
  14. [14:15:57] <shauna_> cool!
  15. [14:16:00] <hypotext> okay, be right back
  16. [14:16:07] <shauna_> is this list of interested attendees or organizers or both?
  17. [14:16:19] <hypotext> attendees
  18. [14:16:36] <hypotext> the organizers on our mailing list are all freshmen with previous CS experience but no open-source experience
  19. [14:16:58] <ToxicFrog> "bd"?
  20. [14:17:02] <shauna_> Cool. In the meantime, I will keep typing (maybe too fast :) ): for the laptop setup you'll want at least two or three people who have gone through the steps in the laptop setup guide themselves, maybe on a few different computers
  21. [14:17:02] <ToxicFrog> What's the etymology?
  22. [14:17:14] <shauna_> b d <--- look slike two thumbs raised
  23. [14:17:20] <shauna_> p q <--- disapprove
  24. [14:17:20] <hypotext> I shared the spreadsheet with
  25. [14:17:23] <shauna_> Thanks hypotext
  26. [14:17:24] <hypotext> haha, I see
  27. [14:17:45] <shauna_> paulproteus, myself and potentially others will be available remotely if you run into problems you can't figure out
  28. [14:17:59] <shauna_> But you should be able to handle the common problems.
  29. [14:18:22] <willingc> It helps to have a Windows, Mac, and Linux person around
  30. [14:18:40] <willingc> Not experts but familiar with setup
  31. [14:18:48] <shauna_> Agreed, willingc.
  32. [14:19:12] <hypotext> okay
  33. [14:19:15] <hypotext> I can handle Mac
  34. [14:19:20] <shauna_> Next, the Open Source Tools section -- this is something that one person gives (historically, almost always me).
  35. [14:19:33] <shauna_> It's a fair bit to learn but mostly straightforward.
  36. [14:19:46] <shauna_> And I can provide whoever's teaching this with all the materials I use - slides, links, etc.
  37. [14:20:18] <shauna_> Whoever's teaching it will probably need to spend a few hours getting comfortable with it, and will want to practice (maybe in front of the other organizers?)
  38. [14:20:48] <shauna_> It takes about an hour.
  39. [14:21:05] <shauna_> It's not a straightforward lecture - there's a lot of breaking to go look at things, to make it more interactive.
  40. [14:21:24] <shauna_> That means there's room for others to help.
  41. [14:21:42] <hypotext> is there a recorded OpenHatch talk we can use?
  42. [14:22:07] <shauna_> Unfortunately not.
  43. [14:22:27] <shauna_> If it turns out what I need to do is "give the talk" to you all via google hangouts or some such, I can do that.
  44. [14:22:30] <willingc> shauna_: which tools? irc and git
  45. [14:22:56] <shauna_> hypotext: alternatively there's an older, and in our opinion inferior, version which is much less interactive - a straight lecture
  46. [14:23:05] <shauna_> This might be easier to give and is also an option.
  47. [14:23:07] <hypotext> shauna_: yeah, a sample talk would be great
  48. [14:23:36] <hypotext> a straight lecture with sites embedded in the presentation?
  49. [14:23:51] <shauna_> hypotext: actually it's still not a straight lecture, now that I think about it.
  50. [14:23:56] <shauna_> hypotext: there are breaks to do demos
  51. [14:24:07] <shauna_> hypotext: I'm going to label this as an action item for myself
  52. [14:24:45] <shauna_> ACTION ITEM: shauna thinks through how to best present open source tools lecture to Princeton organizers, researches way to make an online recording
  53. [14:25:09] <shauna_> (We've also talked about making a web-facing version to benefit people who can't attend events, so this might be two birds with one stone.)
  54. [14:25:21] <shauna_> (But it also might be too much work to get done in a timely way.)
  55. [14:25:23] <hypotext> I think a video camera set up to tape you giving the presentation works well enough
  56. [14:26:08] <shauna_> noted
  57. [14:26:16] <willingc> shauna_: if you have steps, I could do a quick screencast in mac's quicktime of the demo
  58. [14:26:27] <willingc> with no sound
  59. [14:26:37] <hypotext> hmm, I will likely be the one doing this part of the workshop, unless another organizer steps up
  60. [14:26:41] <shauna_> thanks, willingc - I'll get back to you on that
  61. [14:26:42] <hypotext> since I'm more familiar with these tools
  62. [14:27:01] <hypotext> other people will be leading the career panel and history/ethics of free software
  63. [14:27:06] <shauna_> hypotext: sounds good
  64. [14:27:12] <hypotext> and hopefully the github demo as well
  65. [14:27:27] <shauna_> Are you making a doc to keep track of who is tentatively assigned to do what?
  66. [14:27:42] <hypotext> speaking of which, did you guys remove the career panel at the columbia workshop? I don't remember it
  67. [14:27:46] <hypotext> yes
  68. [14:27:51] <shauna_> awesome
  69. [14:28:02] <shauna_> hypotext: yes, because of the small # of mentors we did that Q&A thing instead
  70. [14:28:35] <hypotext> okay
  71. [14:28:53] <shauna_> hypotext: depending on what local mentors we can find for you, and/or your interest in a remote career panel, you may want to do that instead as well
  72. [14:29:12] <shauna_> oh wait that wiki page is totally out of date
  73. [14:29:16] <hypotext> remote career panel?
  74. [14:29:17] <shauna_> hold on for about a minute
  75. [14:29:20] <shauna_> via google hangout
  76. [14:30:13] <hypotext> ah, maybe
  77. [14:32:26] <shauna_> Okay, check it out again:
  78. [14:32:26] <shauna_>
  79. [14:32:45] <shauna_> We've had some good career panels remotely, because we can get our favorite panelists to speak. :)
  80. [14:33:00] <hypotext> okay that might work!
  81. [14:33:02] <hypotext> who spoke?
  82. [14:33:31] <shauna_> Marina Z of Red Hat, who organizes GNOME outreach project for women
  83. [14:33:36] <shauna_> Sumana H of Wikimedia Foundation
  84. [14:33:46] <shauna_> Karen R remotely joined us once
  85. [14:34:23] <shauna_> Additional people could include Asheesh and/or myself, possibly paultag who works for the Sunlight Foundation or Irene Ros who works at BoCoup
  86. [14:34:43] <shauna_> (Sunlight == open government transparency org, BoCoup == open source friendly Boston area web dev team)
  87. [14:34:51] <hypotext> sounds like a great lineup
  88. [14:34:57] <shauna_> Oh gregglin1 from Mozilla maybe?
  89. [14:35:10] <shauna_> Lots of options if we go remote.
  90. [14:35:21] <gregglind> hey :)
  91. [14:35:25] <hypotext> one of my friends (Carter, works on GHC and Haskell libraries) has tentatively agreed to come too
  92. [14:35:42] <shauna_> hypotext: nice! as a local mentor?
  93. [14:35:49] <hypotext> yup
  94. [14:35:57] <hypotext> he's based in NYC
  95. [14:35:57] -*- gregglind reading backlog. is there is an ask, summarize :)
  96. [14:36:23] <hypotext> remote career panel sounds like the way to go, then
  97. [14:36:29] <shauna_> gregglind: hypotext is running an OSCTC event at princeton, we were chatting about the career panel and I was throwing out names of people who could potentially join via google hangout
  98. [14:36:58] <hypotext> if you're in the NYC/NJ area, we'd love to have you as an in-person mentor :-)
  99. [14:37:00] <shauna_> hypotext: it's not something we have to decide right now. is there someone(s) assigned to run that, whose final decision it should be?
  100. [14:37:17] <shauna_> gregglind is in Minneapolis sadly, hypotext
  101. [14:37:24] <shauna_> well, not that it's sad to be in Minneapolis
  102. [14:37:28] <gregglind> I am sadly in Minnepaolis :)
  103. [14:37:33] <shauna_> it's a pretty great city, as Asheesh and I discovered
  104. [14:37:35] <hypotext> haha, I was just there for Grace Hopper
  105. [14:37:43] <shauna_> As were we :)
  106. [14:37:46] <willingc> gregglind: snowing yet? my daughter is there
  107. [14:38:19] <gregglind> Snow tomorrow night, predicted.
  108. [14:38:22] <hypotext> the way I set up the roles is that certain people are in charge of event logistics
  109. [14:38:29] <gregglind> And yes, there are tons of Moz folk in NYC.
  110. [14:38:30] <hypotext> so lisha and I are free to take care of the curriculum
  111. [14:38:41] <hypotext> except evelyn, who's in charge of mentorship
  112. [14:38:48] <gregglind> I would actually ask some MongoDB folken, they are nyc bound. Or OkCupiders
  113. [14:39:09] <hypotext> MongoDB's a good suggestion
  114. [14:39:10] <shauna_> Okay, so why don't we set as an ACTION ITEM katherine emails shauna and lisha to confirm/decide how we want to do career panel
  115. [14:39:24] <hypotext> gregglind: do you know someone there I can get in touch with?
  116. [14:39:35] <willingc> gregglind: Will you try this link and see if you get a 404 or if it comes up
  117. [14:39:46] <hypotext> 404s for me
  118. [14:40:08] <willingc> shauna_: it's the link to the open source slides
  119. [14:40:24] <willingc> from the wiki
  120. [14:40:31] <paulproteus> MongoDB is even a sponsor.
  121. [14:40:35] <paulproteus> And we have connections there.
  122. [14:40:38] <shauna_> It's willingc
  123. [14:40:44] <gregglind> Ah, then I don't have to do anything :)
  124. [14:40:45] <shauna_> I re-orged
  125. [14:40:45] <paulproteus> There's also a nice jQuery fellow named Adam Sontag.
  126. [14:41:20] <shauna_> We can pause #1 (curriculum) and move onto item #2 (Mentors)
  127. [14:41:25] <gregglind> thanks pp, for taking it off my plate :)
  128. [14:41:44] <shauna_> Mostly I would suggest someone makes a spreadsheet to keep track of these suggestions and whether they've been followed up on
  129. [14:42:06] -*- gregglind not someone, nags shauna_ to work on their spanish :)
  130. [14:42:37] <shauna_> hypotext: according to your email, Evelyn is the mentors chair?
  131. [14:42:46] <willingc> shauna_: ahh. Link needs an update on OSCTC Resources page under Open Source Communications Tools
  132. [14:42:50] <hypotext> shauna_: yes
  133. [14:43:12] <hypotext> sorry for delayed replies, I'm assigning people to various slots on the schedule
  134. [14:43:34] <shauna_> so I'd suggest an action item for you of email Evelyn and ask her to take the spreadsheet (I'll make a template) and begin filling it out.
  135. [14:43:45] <hypotext> ACTION ITEM
  136. [14:43:47] <hypotext> :P
  137. [14:44:05] <shauna_> In the "leads" section of the template I'll send (ACTION ITEM: make & send template) I'll put info from this convo
  138. [14:44:28] <shauna_> It will mostly be "Ask asheesh/paulproteus about Mozilla, MongoDb, JQuery people"
  139. [14:44:36] <hypotext> sounds good
  140. [14:45:02] <shauna_> We're planning to use our connections to find you mentors, but we want you guys to be organizing that and letting us know if we need to find more, etc.
  141. [14:45:03] <hypotext> I'd add google too, since they do google summer of code + crisis mapping + closure + many other things I can't remember
  142. [14:45:31] <shauna_> hypotext: indeed! and Sri is a NYC googler
  143. [14:45:40] <hypotext> yeah -- if a mentor says "yes," you can pass them to us and we'll take care of them
  144. [14:45:40] <shauna_> hypotext: did you meet her at the Columbia event?
  145. [14:45:56] <hypotext> hopefully we can raise enough money for travel reimbursements if necessary
  146. [14:46:07] <hypotext> shauna_: unfortunately not
  147. [14:46:18] <shauna_> too bad. she's pretty great.
  148. [14:46:20] <shauna_> Anyway!
  149. [14:46:33] <shauna_> Back to the schedule:
  150. [14:46:49] <shauna_> The Git mini projects is one of the more intensive tasks.
  151. [14:47:05] -*- gregglind perks ears
  152. [14:47:24] <shauna_> In an ideal world, you have a 1:5 or 1:6 mentor/attendee ratio, which if you have, say, 35 attendees means you want 5-7 people comfy enough with git to lead the project.
  153. [14:47:51] <hypotext> so, which sections of the schedule can be run by mentors, and which should be run by one person speaking to the room?
  154. [14:48:12] <shauna_> The open source communications tools section is the main thing run by a single person.
  155. [14:48:27] <shauna_> Career panel, depending on how you view it, is "run" by a single person.
  156. [14:48:36] <shauna_> And then history & ethics, depending on how it's run.
  157. [14:48:49] <shauna_> The Git Mini Projects, and Projects Time, are (ideally) distributed amongst staff.
  158. [14:48:56] <shauna_> That being said, there are alternatives to the Git Mini Projects.
  159. [14:49:02] <shauna_> One person can lead a Git Demo.
  160. [14:49:15] <shauna_> Or students can do the Git Training Missions in groups.
  161. [14:49:27] <hypotext> how is the career panel run? do you guys have a set of questions we can use?
  162. [14:49:30] <shauna_> The Git Mini Projects have been pretty successful though, so we encourage you all to try and take that on.
  163. [14:49:31] <hypotext> the latter sounds good
  164. [14:49:33] <shauna_> hypotext: yes, we do
  165. [14:49:49] <shauna_>
  166. [14:49:55] <hypotext> we want as much interaction between students and among their projects as possible
  167. [14:50:06] <hypotext> okay, great
  168. [14:50:15] <shauna_> If you decide to do Git Mini Projects, that would probably represent the bulk of the training time
  169. [14:50:34] <hypotext> yes, I'd like to do them
  170. [14:51:02] <hypotext> if you look at the speadsheet, the majority of people have CS experience but no open-source (read: git, version control, GitHub) experience
  171. [14:51:02] <shauna_> So I'd start by polling your organizers and seeing how many people are willing to lead them
  172. [14:51:18] <shauna_> With the understanding that we're planning on training folks
  173. [14:51:30] <shauna_> And you and Diana both seem to have git experience?
  174. [14:52:01] <hypotext> yes, somewhat
  175. [14:52:09] <hypotext> although I'm not sure if I know enough to fix errors
  176. [14:52:25] <shauna_> Great. Well, we're planning on training folks with no git experience, so it's just a bonus.
  177. [14:52:40] <shauna_> So that's at least two people, and hopefully you can find two more student organizers willing to take this on.
  178. [14:52:55] <hypotext> let's make this an ACTION ITEM
  179. [14:53:01] <shauna_> That's 4, and if we can supplement with local mentors - ideally 3-4, but even just 1 or 2, we'll have plenty to run that session.
  180. [14:53:19] -*- willingc wondering if local python user group would have some git mentors willing to help
  181. [14:53:34] <shauna_> willingc: that's a good thought, will add that to the "leads" section
  182. [14:53:35] <ToxicFrog> hypotext: it kind of bothers me that you can have CS experience with no version control experience. Schools should teach version control, dammit!
  183. [14:54:01] <hypotext> there's also the Princeton Tech Meetup
  184. [14:54:28] <hypotext> ToxicFrog: I agree, I think some courses teach version control (e.g. the one taught by Kernighan)
  185. [14:54:43] <hypotext> ToxicFrog: but a lot are theory classes
  186. [14:55:06] <willingc> hypotext: Likely worth reaching out to both groups' leaders
  187. [14:55:07] <shauna_> So that's the next step for Git mini projects, and hopefully we can start doing trainings for that by the end of the week
  188. [14:55:23] <hypotext> yes, the Friday meeting will be for that
  189. [14:55:31] <shauna_> great
  190. [14:55:31] <hypotext> so what's the meeting agenda?
  191. [14:55:47] <shauna_> hypotext: can we get to that once we're done stepping through the curriculum?
  192. [14:55:56] <shauna_> because I think this will impact what the agenda should be
  193. [14:56:27] <hypotext> tentatively: overview + git training + opening stuff (you just need to work with Lisha and I for that, don't need a group meeting)
  194. [14:56:50] <shauna_> hypotext: tentatively that sounds fine, agreed that we'll do smaller meetings for stuff we only need 1-2 people to know about
  195. [14:57:03] <shauna_> moving down the schedule: career panel we talked about, it has an action item
  196. [14:57:11] <hypotext> shauna_: okay. I need to leave at 3:10ish for class though, so we should start finishing up
  197. [14:57:23] <shauna_> hypotext: okay!
  198. [14:57:29] <shauna_> I'll go fast then.
  199. [14:57:37] <shauna_> lunch I'll talk to the logistics person about
  200. [14:57:57] <hypotext> yup, we have a dedicated Events-Food chair (that's Dorothy)
  201. [14:58:15] <shauna_> History & Ethics has historically been asheesh lecturing, which I've never been thrilled with. so I'm not sure what to tell you about that segment
  202. [14:58:30] <shauna_> Let's table that and ACTION ITEM shauna will talk that through with asheesh
  203. [14:58:33] <hypotext> maybe we can have a mentor talk about that
  204. [14:58:44] <shauna_> possibly, hypotext
  205. [14:58:45] <hypotext> someone who has experienced FOSS history and ethics
  206. [14:58:56] <shauna_> Contributions workshop is the last thing on the schedule
  207. [14:59:12] <shauna_> You'll want one person to introduce the workshop and run through the tools
  208. [14:59:27] <shauna_> Then everyone wanders around helping attendees, with the exception of "Project Leads"
  209. [14:59:32] <shauna_> Which will mostly not be student organizers
  210. [14:59:53] <shauna_> "Project Leads" are people who have an open source project they are comfortable with, and they work with people interested in contributing to that specific project
  211. [15:00:10] <hypotext> the site you guys had was pretty good
  212. [15:00:13] <ToxicFrog> hypotext: my experience is that, theory or practice, most courses/curricula focus on programming and not any of the stuff surrounding programming like testing, version control, debugging, etc
  213. [15:00:17] <hypotext> at the Columbia workshop
  214. [15:00:25] <shauna_> ToxicFrog: can you table that discussion for now?
  215. [15:00:32] <shauna_> ToxicFrog: hypotext and I are time-crunching
  216. [15:00:33] <ToxicFrog> Sure, sorry.
  217. [15:00:38] <shauna_> no problem :)
  218. [15:00:58] <shauna_> hypotext: glad you thought so, we're going to focus on making it even better and getting some great remote project leads for you, including Asheesh and myself
  219. [15:01:18] <hypotext> i'll try to recruit some hacker schoolers to come down
  220. [15:01:39] <shauna_> But in conclusion, we'll do a brief overview of projects time during the training on Fri if we can (or at a subsequent training)
  221. [15:01:41] <hypotext> maybe some HS project maintainers / residents would be interested too
  222. [15:01:57] <shauna_> and one or more student organizers can take on the responsibility of explaining how it works at the actual event
  223. [15:02:25] <hypotext> okay
  224. [15:02:56] <shauna_> Cool.
  225. [15:03:02] <hypotext> we should start talking about timeframes too
  226. [15:03:15] <hypotext> let's try to get mentors confirmed by the end of week 1.5?
  227. [15:03:24] <shauna_> week 1.5?
  228. [15:03:26] <paulproteus> (I am very excited about this conversation that is going on)
  229. [15:03:41] <hypotext> because that's a prerequisite for the contributions site, the publicity, the accomodations we can make for them
  230. [15:03:49] <hypotext> paulproteus: me too!
  231. [15:04:15] <shauna_> What date is the event again? The 23rd?
  232. [15:04:23] <hypotext> week 1.5 being 11/13 or so
  233. [15:04:28] <hypotext> yea
  234. [15:04:28] <hypotext> yes*
  235. [15:04:49] <shauna_> Okay, so two weeks from Saturday.
  236. [15:04:58] <hypotext> sponsors are also kind of a prerequisite for the accomodations and event
  237. [15:05:10] <hypotext> we should keep this up-to-date on the Trello
  238. [15:05:24] <shauna_> paulproteus: we've got food sponsorship, right?
  239. [15:05:59] <shauna_> re: accomodations are less clear, but we should be able to swing basic travel expenses and/or use all actual local mentors
  240. [15:06:20] <hypotext> okay
  241. [15:06:34] <hypotext> our current list of companies to reach out to is on the Trello under Corporate outreach
  242. [15:06:40] <shauna_> hypotext: maybe as a final action item for you, you can make a draft timeline, and I can give you feedback?
  243. [15:06:41] <hypotext> feel free to add
  244. [15:06:42] <shauna_> hypotext: sounds good
  245. [15:06:55] <hypotext> by the way, could you link us to your publicity template + sponsor email template?
  246. [15:07:02] <shauna_> hypotext: absolutely
  247. [15:07:08] <hypotext> like, email the mailing list
  248. [15:07:12] <hypotext> thanks
  249. [15:07:18] <shauna_> ACTION ITEM shauna sends email templates to mailing list
  250. [15:07:58] <shauna_> I know you have to run off to class soon, Katherine. I can email this log and a brief summary to the mailing list, but I'd like you to handle the high-level coordination.
  251. [15:08:14] <shauna_> That is, setting deadlines, making sure various organizers are doing their roles.
  252. [15:08:20] <shauna_> Does that work for you?
  253. [15:08:25] <hypotext> yes, Lisha and I will be taking care of that
  254. [15:08:30] <shauna_> I am happy to look over anything you want me too :)
  255. [15:08:33] <shauna_> awesome, hypotext
  256. [15:08:47] <hypotext> okay, will you be collating the ACTION ITEMs?
  257. [15:08:52] <shauna_> Yes, I can do that.
  258. [15:09:11] <hypotext> great, thanks
  259. [15:09:25] <shauna_> no problem, thank *you* :)
  260. [15:09:36] <shauna_> okay, unless you have any other questions, meeting adjourned?
  261. [15:09:40] <hypotext> another ACTION ITEM: katherine sends out schedule, need to assign people to various slots
  262. [15:09:46] <hypotext> esp. the git mini projects
  263. [15:10:00] <hypotext> and/or find already-experienced students to join
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