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  1. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, Hermione was chatting with a few friends, sat in her room, enjoying her celebration. One of the girls, named Susan, offered her a piece of cake that she casually tossed in her mouth and chewed down. As she swallowed, she noticed smirks begin to spread across Susan and the other girl's faces.
  2. "Now we start to really enjoy your birthday" Susan said to the other girl's amusement.
  3. It suddenly dawned on Hermione what had happened, "The cake..."
  4. "Laced with enchantments. We wanted to be sure you'd have a great night, but... well, we figured you were a little stuffy to do it willingly. It took us a long time to get that cake made you know. Lots of powerful spells just waiting to be triggered, you've probably noticed the first already."
  5. Hermione had noticed it. She was trying to leave, to find some way of dispelling whatever was on that cake, but her body wasn't responding. She was being controlled utterly by Susan and her friends.
  6. "Please, don't do this. I'm your friend!"
  7. "Don't worry Hermy, you're going to enjoy yourself. Whether you want to or not. Now, let's begin, shall we?"
  8. At a flick of Susan's wrist, Hermione noticed strange feelings began to flow through her body. What do they have planned? Her answer came fast as she noticed her shirt beginning to shrink... or... her bust expanding! "Ohmigod!" Hermione gasped as she realised the truth, her breasts were growing larger with every second. Susan and the other girls began to giggle and whisper to themselves as Hermione's face turned a bright red and the fabric of her shirt was stretched wide and tight across her rapidly expanding chest. "A free boob-job Hermy! You should be pleased. Perhaps it's not enough for you?" "NO! No more... please Susan stop it now, I don't want this" Hermione pleaded.
  9. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Susan stared intently at Hermione's growing bosom. The expansion continued, with a new effect; Hermione's nipples were growing larger and becoming erect. Two, swollen points the size of strawberries were pressed tightly against her shirt, Hermione gazed down at them with a distraught look on her face. She let out a deep groan of discomfort tinged, to her regret, with a small amount of pleasure as the pressure stimulated her sensitive nipples. The tightness she was unable to rectify was no longer to be an issue as, in quick succession, the buttons on her shit popped off and flew across the room. Her shirt burst open, revealing not only her vast, unrestrained cleavage - breasts the size of footballs standing firm and obscenely pert and nipples as hard as bullets - but also the fact that Hermione wasn't wearing a bra.
  10. Susan and the other girls gazed joyously, many giggling, even a few clapping slightly at their impressive work. Hermione, still unable to control her basic motor functions, was stood with her arms back and her chest thrust proudly forward, eyes peering down at her own glorious breasts. Her cheeks were flushed red with the embarrassment at being made a spectacle in front of twenty or so of her peers, she felt humiliated and yet strangely attracted to her new oversized bust.
  11. Susan clapped her hands in delight and skipped closer to examine Hermione's body. Gingery, she reached out and prodded the mounds of flesh, before grinning widely and giving them a firm squeeze. Her hand wandered and gave Hermione's right nipple a slight tweak, eliciting a surprised squeak from the girl.
  12. "You've had your fun Susan, can we please stop this now?"
  13. "What?! But my dear Hermy, we've only just begun!"
  14. Before Hermione could protest more, Susan backed up and gestured in the air. Hermione's mouth gaped open and her face was twisted in shock as yet more impossible feelings wracked her body. This time, Hermione was genuinely afraid, as she felt discomfort in her belly and, more worryingly, her delicate genitals. With fear rushing through her, Hermione was unable to articulate at all, and merely stared blindly ahead, mouth open and gasping silently in shock. As sudden as it had started, it was over, and Hermione felt the magic end, something was peculiar, though in her stunned state she couldn't quite understand what.
  15. "Haven't worked it out yet Hermy? There's a clue in the question!" Susan giggled at her own cleverness. "Never mind, I'll just show you."
  16. Susan approached Hermione slowly and seductively, her young, womanly hips swaying and her piercing eyes gazing intently into Hermione's. Susan licked her lips, and positioned the immobile Hermione like a posable doll, bending her forward slightly. Susan took Hermione's face in her hand and leapt forward to a passionate kiss, her free hand dropped to toy with one of Hermione's engorged nipples. Surprised by the unexpected action, Hermione began to wonder if Susan wasn't perhaps a little bisexual, glancing into the crowd of girls, she saw a little surprise and wondered how much the others knew of Susan's plan. Hermione knew that the actions of her mouth, repaying Susan's lustful kiss in kind, were not her own, but she was concerned to find a hot flush passing over her, was she enjoying this treatment?
  17. Hermione's mind may be undecided, but her body certainly was not. Susan's plan was taking effect. "The clue is in the question Hermy" she smirked. "Think about it... the ancient Greek God Hermaphrodite. Get it?"
  18. Hermione's mind raced, the Greek God Hermaphrodite, had the breasts of a woman and the... Oh no. Susan slipped behind Hermione and set her up straight so the other girl's attention was no longer on her breasts but her skirt. Hermione wore a typical schoolgirl's skirt, black and a length that took it just above her knee. The strange thing about this skirt was that it was slowly but surely rising up. A small peak, like a tent-pole, had begun to travel up the front of her skirt, lifting it more and more every second. Just before it reached it's zenith, Susan reached from behind Hermione and whipped the skirt straight off with a simple spell. The assembled girls gasped in shock. Hermione was struggling to keep back tears.
  19. Standing firm and proud between Hermione's legs was an erect penis.
  20. The other girls whispered amongst themselves, staring at the almost alien thing in front of them. A totally naked eighteen-year-old girl, with breasts as big as footballs, perky and proud, held aloft despite gravity's will, hips jutting forward, proudly showing off a large, throbbing, cock.
  21. Hermione's eyes were closed, trying to hold back the tears brimming there. Her thoughts were cluttered, how am I going to find clothes to fit over these breasts, did anyone notice I wasn't wearing any panties, how can I escape, will I be able to change back to normal, if not, who's ever going to love a freak with giant tits and a huge cock? Meanwhile, Susan was describing her achievement to the surrounding girls who were almost paralysed with a mixture of excitement and fear. "Hermione's cock" she started, relishing the word, "is eight inches long, those of you who have seen a boy naked before will notice that it's different in more than just size. The penis is slightly thinner, with a tapered tip, long, elegant and perfectly feminine. Once activated, it will remain erect for as long as it exists, even if climax is reached. The spell also replaced Hermy's ovaries with testes, allowing her penis to produce semen. I made them extra large to add to the fun" she grinned wickedly. "Now, don't be shy girls, who wants to try it out first?"
  22. Both Hermione, and the assembled girls were shocked at the comment, but all asked themselves, "What else would she create it for?". Silently, someone stepped forward, a shy, quiet girl by the name of Claire. With trepidation, she fondled the penis in front of her, as the other girls stared on in wonder. Ignoring the tears rolling down the abused Hermione's cheeks, she licked her lips and plunged her mouth down upon the quivering shaft. With skill that surprised everyone who was watching (even Claire herself), the girl deep throated the massive cock, gulping it down swiftly.
  23. Despite being proportionally slim, the sheer size of the penis meant it was still thicker than average. Claire's mouth was forced as wide open as it would go, her throat itself could be seen bulging as she withdrew and thrust herself upon the penis again and again. Saliva glistened on the shaft as she pumped away, possessed. Many of the watching girls found their panties wet with excitement over the event, a handful were playing discretely with themselves, and one brazen girl by the name of Amy had three fingers plunged up to the knuckle inside herself.
  24. Hermione's tears had dried up under this sudden assault on her new organ. The sensations she was experiencing were truly astounding, like nothing the virginal girl could ever imagine. Her body was flushed red with more than just embarrassment, and high-pitched moans were escaping her throat despite her best attempts to conceal her pleasure. At the base of her crotch, Hermione felt something akin to rumbling; a wave of pleasure starting at a small focal point and expanding outwards in an ecstatic flash.
  25. Claire was caught by surprise by Hermione's climax, and a forceful blast of semen filled her mouth, she reacted quickly, though a sizeable amount was spilt from the edges of her lips and dribbled down her chin onto her shirt. More shocking to her, was the sheer volume of semen and the length of Hermione's orgasm. Claire gulped great mouthfuls of the thick, creamy fluid unable to stop herself, but the vastness of it all overwhelmed her. Her cheeks puffed out like a hamster's, before the pressure became too large and great gushes of semen burst from her mouth like a fountain, drenching her all over with thick, sticky cum.
  26. Claire pulled her mouth off Hermione's cock only to be hit face on with the girl's ejaculate, semen covering every inch of her face in a gooey mask.
  27. After her mind-blowing orgasm, Hermione fell to her knees in a puddle of her own juices, the girls whispering to each other. Susan, still smiling, performed a slight flourish in Hermione's direction. Against her will, Hermione leant forward and began seductively licking Claire's face, taking whole mouthfuls of her own cum and swallowing them. Despite her weariness, humiliation and resignation, she noted that her semen had a rather pleasant, strawberries and cream flavour to it, and before long, noticed she was not entirely out of control of her actions. She was actually voluntarily licking her own semen off the face of the girl who had just sucked her cock to climax.
  28. Groaning in the midst of her own orgasm, the lustful Amy drew the attention of Susan. "You want to join in Amy? I guess now's the time to reveal my second surprise." Susan smirked as she waved both hands in the air. In an instant, every girl in the room found her hands' removing her clothing of their own accord. Some of the girls squealed in surprise, while others cried right out in terror.
  29. "None of you noticed I didn't eat anything the whole night? It wasn't just the cake which was enchanted."
  30. The girls were now all naked, and all pleasuring themselves in perfect unison. Susan fixed her sights on Amy, who walked forwards and with a quick spasm, observed a penis identical to Hermione's strutting from her crotch. "We can do better." Susan gestured and everyone stared as Amy's new penis grew longer and thicker, reaching almost a foot in length. This monstrous beast was almost comical, hanging off the petite Amy's tiny frame.
  31. With Susan acting as puppet master, the girls found themselves involved in various sexual acts with each other, licking, sucking and poking fingers in a massive orgy. Amy, Claire and Hermione were left separate. Susan's eyes glimmered as an idea crossed her mind; Amy walked around to Hermione's rear, whilst Claire was gasping in amazement to find herself growing a penis equal in size to Amy's. Bent on her knees, with an oversized penis at her face and another at her rear, Hermione realised Susan's next move in horror. "NO! Susan, you can't do this, they're too big! Those things will tear me in half!"
  32. Susan had had a taste too much of the power of being utterly in control of a person's life and wasn't about to stop now. To her, they were just toys; dolls to be played with for her amusement. The dark haired girl's jeans were noticeably moist at the crotch, Susan had been getting so turned on by the events unfolding before her she had soaked her panties utterly and a dark stain was beginning to show on her trousers. Hermione could not understand the motivation of the girl, she was clearly doing this whole thing for her own sexual kicks, but she hadn't touched herself once. Perhaps she would never understand Susan's reasons. That was the least of her worries now.
  33. Yet another waggle of her fingers set Amy and Claire into motion, Hermione was knelt on all fours, her breasts swaying like weighty pendulums, her round bottom pushed outwards and her head gazing up at the monstrous penis that Claire was aiming at her. "In retrospect, it's a pity I gave you a cock Hermy. I'd simply love to sit and watch Amy take your virginity, stretching your tight little shaved pussy wiiiiide open as you squealed for more. I suppose I'll have to make do with watching her stick that big ol' thing right up your bottom. I wonder, are you a virgin there as well? You don't have to worry that much, I'll be gentle. I don't want to injure you sweet-cheeks." Susan sauntered behind the prone Hermione and grasped her bottom with relish. "Such a tight little arse. Firm, perky buttocks... You're a very sexy girl Hermy. Let's get this show started."
  34. Amy leant forward and placed her hands on Hermione's arse, separating her cheeks and exposing her puckered anus. "I'm so sorry Hermione... She said we were just going to have a little joke, she said it'd be a great girl's night out. Please forgive me." She bent over and penetrated Hermione's sphincter with her tongue, licking and sucking, spreading a thick layer of lubricating saliva on the young woman's anus. Hermione gasped in surprise at the oddly pleasant action, knowing that the inevitable intrusion of Amy's penis would be a far cry from what she was feeling now.
  35. Before she could reply to Amy's comment, Claire's member had forced its way into her waiting mouth, stretching her lips as wide as she had ever had them. Her dread further increased as she imagined her tiny anus spreading as wide as her mouth was now. Claire's penis slid down her throat and she was momentarily thankful that Susan's apparent expertise at deep-throating was transmitted to her. Hermione could manage to gulp down the massive shaft and still breathe, one less thing to worry about. Two inches, four inches, six inches, eight inches, ten inches... Hermione felt as if some massive python was slithering down into her stomach, she was truly amazed at her ability to manage the entirety of Claire's length inside her. From her current vantage point, Hermione couldn't read Claire's emotions, only the fact that she was still coated in a reasonable amount of Hermione's own semen. Claire was the first to get involved sexually in this "game" of Susan's, perhaps she was enjoying releasing her pent up sexual energy.
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  38. The full length of Claire's cock was inside Hermione's throat now, and the girl began to pull out slowly, as Hermione's tongue involuntarily enveloped the penis. With a few inches still buried in her neck, she began to force it back in, repeating as before, in and out, inch by inch. Before long, the timid Claire was fucking Hermione's bulging throat with no restraint, eliciting a series of mumbling gasps from her victim.
  39. Behind her, Amy removed her flickering tongue from the girl's anus and stood up straight. "Oh God Hermione, I'm sorry..." The tip of her penis pressed against Hermione's slick entrance, Amy's eyes were closed and her voice full of regret and sorrow at the act she was about to perform. Ever so slowly, she moved forwards, the tapered tip of her cock parted Hermione's anus slightly, spreading it wider and wider with every inch further that entered her. True to her word for once, Susan was gentle; Amy's penis was pushed inside Hermione with a calmness quite opposite to the furious humping that her throat was privy to. The monstrous invader delved further and further inside her, stretching her tight little anus wider and wider and wider still. Amy's previously sorrowful banter began to turn to moans of pleasure as Hermione's sphincter clamped down on her. Hermione herself was unable to make any sound beyond the gurgling produced by Claire's cock perpetually pumping in and out of her throat. Her eyes bulged as she was stretched to unbearable levels and her rectum was filled with long, hot girl-cock. It was at once uncomfortable and yet strangely satisfying.
  40. Soon, the tapered tip of Amy's cock was embedded in Hermione, meaning the true thickness of her penis was now being felt. She stared down at the obscene sight; her very own penis, impossibly oversized and forcing itself into the rectum of a beautiful young woman. The huge breasted girl, moaning and groaning as she is penetrated from both sides, her anus now stretched as wide as her mouth, around two inches in diameter. The girl across her from her, coated in sticky, gooey cum, screwing the big-breasted girl's throat, pumping in and out, in and out, making her massive breasts wobble back and forth and her own still erect penis slap against her flat belly. Every thrust from Claire pushing Hermione back, forcing a few more inches of her penis deeper inside Hermione's bottom, her long, fat girl-cock distending the tiny opening between those perfect, peach-like buttocks.
  41. Hermione was in shock at the array of sensations she was experiencing, each one alien to her. Beyond everything else, she was frightened to learn that she was enjoying herself. Her taut, distended anus should have been causing tremendous pain, but Hermione was only feeling a twinge of discomfort, the throat fucking being delivered to her should be making her choke and gag, but she found herself wanting more of that hot rod inside her. She could feel Amy's pubic hair brushing against her bottom, the entirety of that foot long beast was buried inside her, filling her rectum with red hot meat. She loved the way she could feel every movement of the girls inside her, every push, quiver, thrust was felt by thousands of nerve endings. Was this Susan's magic, or some masochistic perversity she did not know she had?
  42. Amy was now withdrawing her penis, gasping throatily as Hermione's anus clenched tightly upon her. As she pushed back inside, Hermione let out a gurgling moan of ecstasy, she wanted more: longer, thicker, faster, harder. She pushed her bottom back, consuming as much of Amy as she could, all the while gobbling and licking at Claire's meat. Realising Hermione seemed to be enjoying her abuse, Amy no longer held back, she thrust her cock all the way inside, pumping furiously and in time with Claire. As Claire withdrew, Amy pushed forward, the two girls were like a piston, alternately filling and emptying the orifices before them.
  43. Hermione began to realise that Susan's control was diminishing, out of the corner of her eye she could see Susan with her jeans and panties around her ankles, fingers buried deep inside her, hips thrusting. The reason Susan hadn't been masturbating earlier was that she could lose her control over the girls, she must've made herself too horny from everything going on. Right now though, it didn't matter. Hermione was so horny, she didn't want anything to stop. Grabbing her own girl-cock in her hand, she began stroking herself excitedly. All that sexual energy meant it wasn't long before she climaxed, ejaculating all over her massive breasts hanging in front of her - of course the nature of Susan's magic meant things didn't stop there. She kept on going, pumping faster and harder, multiple-orgasms leaving her bosom and the floor beneath her slick with semen.
  44. The sight of all that spunk was hard for Amy and Claire to ignore. "Oh my GOD... I think I'm... yes... YES!" shouted Amy as she clutched Hermione's buttocks and plunged herself up to the hilt. Claire too, had reached her climax, though less vocally. She let out a long, high-pitched squeal of girlish delight, forcing herself entirely down Hermione's throat, one hand pushing her head all the way down to her pubic hair.
  45. Hermione was in the midst of another mind-blowing orgasm, this one trumping all the others, filled with a total of around two feet of hot cock in either end of her body she was unbelievably turned on. Hermione imagined them meeting in the middle of her. Her eyes bulged as she felt the full force of the girls' orgasms - both cocks gushing with semen, more than her smaller penis had produced. Her throat and belly both bulged with the sudden onslaught, gallons of hot, thick, gooey fluid rushing inside her, filling her to the brim. Her cheeks puffed obscenely and quarts of the stuff gushed from between her lips, dribbling down her front and spraying Claire's crotch. She felt it filling her bowels, like a cream enema, forcing it's way deep inside her intestines, stretching her internal organs. The volume of semen being pumped into her was immense, astronomical, and her body could hardly contain it all. Her previously flat belly was beginning to swell, as if the girl was in the early months of pregnancy. The cum gushing down her throat tasted sweet, like some delicious fruit, and were it not being forced directly into her stomach, she would be fighting to swallow as much of the delightful liquid as she could. Truly, she had never felt more full, as if every available space inside her had been stuffed with twice as much as it should normally hold. It was the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced.
  46. Claire and Amy, having given everything they had in an exhausting climax, pulled their still hard cocks from Hermione with a slurping sound. Utterly shattered, they collapsed to the ground in a sticky pile, with content grins on their faces. Hermione stood up slowly, feeling rather bloated. Gravity did its work as gallons of the semen inside her began to gush out of her huge, gaping anus in a flood. Her belly was still rather swollen from that which had been stuffed down her throat but flattening more and more as a veritable waterfall of goo ran down between her legs. She felt sore all over, the pain-numbing effects of the sexual frenzy wearing off. Hermione felt used. Her anus would no doubt take days to tighten up to its normal firmness, the semen in her belly made her feel bloated. She still had breasts the size of footballs, and an eternally erect penis poking up from her crotch.
  47. She attempted to wipe a little of the mounds of semen from herself, but any pretence of grace seemed pointless with her cum soaked, stretched out body. Looking around her, she saw the other girls, mostly lying exhausted having regained control over themselves (though some were still having a little fun). Turning, she stared at Susan. Susan was bent over a chair, back to Hermione and totally oblivious to anything but her own state. She was masturbating furiously, playing with her slick pussy with one hand, and pushing a small dildo she must've conjured up into her anus.
  48. With a flick of her hand, Hermione trapped Susan in a paralysing spell. It was time for revenge...
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