Akibaranger E06 TL Notes

Apr 13th, 2016
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  1. Akibaranger E06 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - The package is addressed to Shirakura Shinichiro, Toei executive who's mostly involved with Rider productions, and who has been producer of some Sentai shows in the past.
  6. - For those who don't watch anime, pizza chains do, in fact, advertise during shows; Darker than Black and Code Geass are prime examples of this.
  8. - This week's monster, whose name was casually mentioned by Mitsuki - Shimokitazawahoya.
  9. * Shimokitazawa - also known as Shimokita, it's a district in Tokyo well know for its stage theater and live music venues. This is also what's written on the monster's chest.
  10. * Hoya - directly translates to ascidian or sea squirt, scientific name Ascidiacea.
  12. - "Grey zone" is a term featured throughout the episode; it's a term coined up by famous voice actor Mitsuya Yuji, who on talk shows and variety shows he would reply to derision on his manliness with equally sexually ambiguous comments, hence the term 'grey zone'. The actor voicing Shimokitazawaascidiacea is Taiki Matsuno, who's also one of Mitsuya's students. (Matsuno has also voiced the Cygnus Zodiart in Fourze, for those interested)
  14. - (07:25) "spike" seems to be the term for markings made on a theater stage with tape, used to indicate where actors (and other things) go at various points in a play. The term comes from "Spike tape," the brand most theaters groups use for this purpose.
  16. - (09:25) Hideaki Kusaka is a veteran stunt actor on Super Sentai, well known for playing Sentai giant robots for over 30 years since the first appearance of a giant robo in Denjiman.
  18. - This week's guest star is Niibori Kazuo, another veteran stunt actor, who played the lead Reds from Goranger, and Battle Fever to Jetman. He is currently the head of Red Action Club, a stuntman company.
  20. - (12:54) The helmets worn by suit actors usually have reduced visibility. For some productions, there are typically two types of helmets: one for closeup shots, where the stuntman's visibility is limited to a tiny opening concealed in the helmet; and one for fighting shots, where the hero's visor is less detailed on the outside to allow for more visibility. Obviously, Mitsuki's helmet has none of these disadvantages, which is why she's confused at Niibori's remark.
  22. - (19:00) Homage to the satirical action novel/film from the 80s "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun"
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