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  1. Firstly , go to and make an account and verifiy it
  2. with a vcc. ( I used iCard VCC for this tutorial) IF you can't find a good VCC you can always use PayPal as a payment option , but you need to add 5 euro to the account. Small price for 2 months of RDP
  3. Create a new project ,enter it and create a Linux Droplet. (I recommend 8 ram 4 cpu,it will last 2
  4. months) Click on the droplet you just created to enter the control panel.
  5. From there, look for "RECOVERY" section and click on it.
  6. 1) Click on "boot from recovery ISO" , shut down the VPS and start it.
  7. 2) Click on "Console" , copy the randomly generated password in notepad , type 6 and press
  8. enter.
  9. Close the console.
  10. 3)Enter putty (if you don't have it, download it from google) . At "Host name" put the VPS ip and click
  11. Open. The user will always be "root" , after you write "root" and press enter, you'll have to enter the
  12. randomly generated password from the previous step.
  13. Here you have to download the windows file , I already have the download link ready.
  14. Enter this command " wget -O- | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda " This is windows server
  15. 2016. If the link won't wont in the future , go to and search for a windows ISO file
  16. After you execute the command, wait untill it says it finished downloading.
  17. 4)After the windows file downloaded , close putty, go back to DigitalOcean control panel and switch
  18. from "Boot from recovery" to "Boot from hardrive" and shut it off and start it again.
  19. 5) At this point , windows has been installed on the server , now you just need to set up the internet
  20. connection and expand the disk Volume.
  21. Enter the "Console" from control Panel to open the RDP. (you can't from the remote desktop program
  22. because the network is not set up). The Password for the RDP will be set by default as "P@ssword64" ,
  23. you can change it later.
  24. 6)Go and click on the internet button and click on network settings
  27. Click on network sharing center >Ethernet 2 > Properties >Internet Protocol Verion 4 >Properties
  31. After you do that , click on "Use the following IP Address" and fill in like I did here:
  32. When you're done, click on ok and close everything, now you can enter the RDP trough "remote
  33. desktop" program.
  34. By default, your :C disk will have 10-15GB on it, to solve that , go to start and search "server manager" ,
  35. wait for it to load and go to "File and Storage Services" > Disks , right click on :C and click "extend
  36. volume" and enter the maximum number .
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