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  1. Bulimic has joined the chat
  2. Basturd: Hello ^.^
  3. Bulimic: Hey there
  4. Basturd: i believe in jesus
  5. Basturd: what do you think?
  6. Bulimic: I do too.
  7. Basturd: omg YAY
  8. Basturd: :)
  9. Bulimic: I believe theres all kinds of gods
  10. Bulimic: and I respect all of them.
  11. Bulimic: I study religions.
  12. Basturd: i believe there is only one god
  13. Bulimic: I just take the most interest in the satanic religion.
  14. Bulimic: Oh
  15. Bulimic: That's okay :)
  16. Bulimic: I respect that.
  17. Basturd: oh :)
  18. Basturd: great
  19. Basturd: i go to lutheran college
  20. Bulimic: Lol awe :)
  21. Basturd: ya
  22. Basturd: i am good boy
  23. Basturd: i go to church
  24. Bulimic: My dad went to one.
  25. Bulimic: So it's all cool LOL.
  26. Basturd: i am in africa for mission
  27. Basturd: see
  28. Basturd: i am super nice
  29. Bulimic: Really?
  30. Whispering to
  31. Stop whisper
  32. Type to chat
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