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  1. <align="center"><color=#F507CE>Facility <color=#FFFFFF>Frenzy</align>
  2. <color=#07F5AD><i>We're a small community aimed at having fun. Here you can go crazy but with some sad limits known as rules:
  3. 1 - Don't harass or annoy others intentionally.
  4. 2 - Cheats or hacks are punishable by a <b>permanent IP ban.
  5. 3 - Racial slurs are allowed but you will be punished if someone gets offended.
  6. 4 - Political and religious talk is not allowed here. Some people don't wanna hear it.
  7. 5 - Avoid micspam, spam and NSFW both on the discord and the server.
  8. 6 - Do not teamkill unnecessarily in-game. This can be punished.
  10. <color=#07F5AD>Now that the rules are out of the way, here's some cool things about the server:
  11. 1 - Custom 914 recipes for coins and disarmers. Explore and find them.
  12. 2 - Randomly during the round, door systems will restart, where they'll close & lock for 10 seconds.
  13. 3 - Everyone has infinite ammo (epic gamer moment)
  14. 4 - Disconnecting players drop all their items instead of destroying them.
  15. 5 - If SCP-079 is the last SCP left (not counting zombies) it turns into a chaos insurgency.
  16. 6 - You don't need to hold cards to open doors.
  17. 7 - You don't need to drop items into 914 to change them.
  18. 8 - SCP-035 is in the game! 035 will disguise itself as an item around the map. If you pick it up, it'll control your body and its
  19.     objective is to kill all the SCP's opponents.
  20. 9 - SCPs will regenerate health quite slowly when you stand still.
  21. 10 - Stalky106 is installed! SCP-106 is now much more fun.
  23. Facility Frenzy is constantly evolving and improving. Join our discord so you can vote for and suggest changes, and read the rest of the FAQ!
  24. <i>Join our discord server at:
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