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Where Legends Gather - Tongues v0.2

Zies Jun 25th, 2014 136 Never
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  1. Where Legends Gather
  2. Tongues
  3. v 0.2
  4. 1.8.14
  6. Hey!
  7. You there!
  8. Wait, come back!
  10. What are you doing
  11. In a place like this?
  12. Oh, this?
  13. You want this snack?
  15. Why do you stare at me
  16. With those dark, warm eyes?
  17. If I feed you, will you stay?
  18. Or will you flee in terror?
  19. Why do you stick out
  20. Your tongue like that?
  22. What are these tiny, little horns
  23. That seem to be sprouting out of you?
  24. Oh, there are more of you?
  26. What are you puffy
  27. White
  28. Balls of fluff
  29. Doing all alone out here?
  30. Aren't you afraid
  31. Of the war on this bridge?
  33. Come here.
  34. Wait, I won't hurt you!
  35. Fine,
  36. I'll give you the snack.
  37. Just let me pet you in return.
  38. Or better yet,
  39. Follow me.
  40. I'll take you to safety.
  41. Here. I'm over here, friend.
  43. So all you care about is the snack.
  44. I'll give you the snack,
  45. But can I pet you?
  46. Are you a bunny?
  47. Where did you guys come from?
  48. Why can't I keep you?
  49. Where did you learn
  50. To produce so many hearts?
  52. [v0.2]
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