Jason likes Hubble

ChrisLAS May 8th, 2018 125 Never
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  1. After listening to the TechSnap episode 365, I'd like to put in another plug for Zabbix. I work at a rural ISP and we use it to monitor all of our gear, from servers and routers and BITS clocks to carrier grade voice switches and even environmental alarming (temperature, commercial power, humidity). It's low level discovery (LLD) feature is AWESOME.
  3. Also, another project your listeners may enjoy is hubblestack ( Hubble is a "modular, open-source, security & compliance auditing framework" that can be tightly integrated into SaltStack. The lead developer works for Adobe -- he actually built it to help manage security compliance at Adobe for literally tens of thousands of servers. Thankfully they allow him to open source the code.
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