Baby Makin'(NSFW)

Mar 16th, 2016
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  1. >Be Stalwart Shield
  2. >Also be very, very, VERY bored
  3. >It was that time of the year again
  4. >The sun was shining
  5. >Spring was in the air
  6. >And mares were getting that special kind of... antsy
  7. >That kind of antsy that made them want to find a stallion buck their brains out for the sole purpose of procreation
  8. >Yep
  9. >It was estrus season again
  10. >And because of it things had been rather... slow in Canterlot
  11. >Like as slow as could be
  12. >While you and most of the guard had been given special pills to prevent your bodies from going into heat those pills were expensive and not everypony could afford them
  13. >Because of that there were a bunch of a lonely mares that wanted to be laid
  14. >And because of that, along with a bunch of whiny stallions had screamed at her majesty to do what she could to prevent "rape" during the heat season, most of the city's shops and other public buildings had been closed so the city's collective mares could either buck their husband or significant other's brains out of go find some dark corner to masterbate in
  15. >Which meant that not only was the castle completely devoid of ponies but there was also this faint but all-consuming musk in the air
  16. >And that was NOT a nice smell
  17. >It wasn't a nice smell at all
  18. >Because Canterlot Castle was pretty much on lock down for another week or two all you and the remainder of the guard could do was partol the grounds, get some needless training done, polish your armor, stare at the same patch of wall for hours on end, scratch your butts, and do even MORE bucking partols
  19. >And because all of the shops and most of the bars were closed in every district you couldn't DO anything when you were off your shift
  20. >So you were bored
  21. >So very, very bored
  22. >Mind-numbingly so
  23. >And you weren't too happy about it
  24. >You were one of Princess Celestia's guards dammit!
  25. >You were supposed to be doing some cool shit!
  26. >Not standing around staring at the same bucking wall for TEN HOURS!
  27. >If you had wanted to do that you would have been a regular guard!
  29. >...And yes, you knew that you were being fidgety like some wet-behind-the-ears green horn
  30. >And yes you knew that even though you were a super-guard that didn't mean you wouldn't be doing boring, menial tasks every once in awhile
  31. >But you were a mare of ACTION!
  32. >Where were the villains to fight?
  33. >Where were mysteries to solve?
  34. >Where were the bucking explosions?!
  35. >And why in Celestia's sweet name weren't you walking away from one while putting on a pair of shades?!
  36. >You let out a quiet but frustrated groan, butting your helmeted head against the shaft of your spear
  37. >The mare you were patrolling with, a twenty year veteran by the name of Gungho, looked at you out of the corner of her eye
  38. >"You know that moaning and groaning isn't going to make this shift go by any faster right rookie?" she asked
  39. >You closed your eyes, letting yourself wallow in your self-pity for a moment longer
  40. "Nothing on the planet would make this bucking shift go by any longer," you responded with a grumble
  41. >Gungho nodded, loudly smacking her lips together as she looked up and down the empty hall
  42. >"Yep, it looks like we have another long, quiet day," she said happily. "Hopefully we get a few more days like this."
  43. >You groaned and headbutted your spear again
  44. "Well unlike YOU I can't stand all of this sitting around doing nothing. I joined the corps to DO something."
  45. >Though your eyes were still closed you could feel the older mare grin
  46. >"We ARE doing something."
  47. >You cracked open an eye to stare at her
  48. "Standing around guarding an empty castle isn't DOING anything," you snapped
  49. >Gungho stared at you a moment before shaking her head
  50. >"I remember when I was a rookie," she said with a wistful smile. "Always wanting to go out and do some nonsense, always running around like my tail was on fire, always wanting to be some great hero... Thank Celestia that I grew out of that..."
  51. >You snorted as the mare playfully dumped your rump with hers
  53. >"You gotta relax and smell the roses every once in a while, rookie. If you keep running around looking for trouble troubles eventually going to come looking for you and then you'll wish you had sat back to appreciate "boring"."
  54. >Horse apples
  55. >This mare was full of horse apples
  56. >She had horse apples coming out of her EARS
  57. >You don't care if somepony had been in the guard for one year or a hundred
  58. >There was no way that most of the other guard weren't just as bored as you were
  60. >You needed something to do!
  62. >You could feel Gungho's eyes on you as you quietly continued to grumble and whine to yourself, your snoozle scrunched up and your ears pinned squarely against your head
  63. >Clicking her tongue, Gungho nudged you
  64. >"Come on. If you want to do something then the two of us will go do something."
  65. >You frowned
  66. "But we're on duty right now," you pointed out
  67. >"I got word from the top this morning that the prince and princess need some volunteers. As long as we go and help them out we don't get bitched at for leaving our posts."
  68. >A part of you didn't want to leave your post
  69. >You were meant to be here keeping an eye out for anypony that wasn't supposed to be in the castle
  70. >...But you also wanted something to do
  71. >Like really, really bad
  72. >So when Gungho stared to make her way down the hall you were quick to follow
  73. "So what's the--"
  74. >"Nope. If you want to do something so bad then you're going in this blind," Gungho interrupted, not looking back at you. "And I better not hear you complain or try to back out or any kind of horse apples like that."
  75. >...
  76. "...Alright," you said with a hesitant nod
  77. >That wasn't ominous or anything...
  78. >What, did Princess Celestia need you to help the gardeners or clean the halls or something like that?
  79. >While you would have usually turned your nose up at something like that you were so bored that you were more than willing to do just about anything at this point
  81. >ANYTHING was better than just standing around
  82. >You didn't care if you had to shovel manticore crap as long as you had SOME kind of stimulation
  83. >"Good," Gungho said as the two of you turned the corner. "And just remember that YOU wanted to do something."
  84. "...Is it really that bad?"
  85. >"You'll see. Oh you'll see..."
  86. >...
  87. >...That ominous feeling wasn't going away...
  88. >As the two of you made your way through the castle toward the royal wing you tried to wring more information out of your partner
  89. >But Gungho was surprisingly tight-lipped, only telling you that something came up where the prince and princess needed a few ponies in their room to help out
  90. >So maybe they needed help moving some of their furniture?
  91. >Prince Anonymous didn't seem like the type of colt that liked to change a room around but you've seen weirder stuff
  92. >But honestly you didn't have the faintest idea why they would need volunteers
  93. >What with them having an army of ponies waiting on their hoof but whatever
  94. >As long as you were doing something...
  95. >Eventually the two of you made your way into the royal section of the castle and toward Princess Celestia's room
  96. >Oddly enough, upon getting there, you noticed that there were a few piles of armor and maids outfits laying on either side of the door
  97. >"Huh, they got more ponies then I thought they would," Gungho muttered to herself as she pulled off her helmet. "From what I heard those two have been going at it since the start of this heat. I can't imagine anypony wanting to watch that for THAT long."
  98. >Going at it?
  99. >What the hay was she talking about?
  100. >You were about to ask when Gungho nudged your ribs
  101. >"Come on, rookie, take that armor off and lean that spear against the wall. You're not going to need that stuff with what you're doing."
  102. >Though you still had questions, a LOT of questions in fact, you wordlessly did as the mare asked, quickly undressing and neatly stacking your armor and weapon in a little pile
  104. >Your partner did the same before dragging you toward the door
  105. >"Alright," she said, reaching up and squishing your cheeks together. "From what I heard it's pretty bad in there but if you keep moving, do everything that the prince tells you to do, and look out for any flying limbs you'll walk away from this pretty alright physically."
  106. "...Just physi--"
  107. >Before you could finish Gungho released your face and quickly tapped twice on the door, her jaw setting and her eyes narrowing
  108. >If you didn't know any better you would have said that she was getting ready to enter a way zone...
  109. >Taking a deep breath, Gungho grabbed the ornate doorknob and twisted it open
  111. >You reeled back as the smell of sweat and sex hit you like a runaway ice cream cart
  112. >The sounds of grunting, pleasured gasps, and wet, meaty smacking filled the air as Gungho threw open the door
  113. >What was...
  114. >How...
  115. >...What?
  116. >Gungho looked back at you
  117. >"Well, what are you waiting for? Get your furry keister moving, rookie. You and I got work to do."
  118. >Without waiting for your response the mare grabbed you with her magic and quickly dragged you into the room, shutting the door behind her
  119. >...
  120. >Oh no...
  121. >You messed up didn't you?...
  122. >The musk in the air only grew as the two of you were in the bedroom proper
  123. >You could see other mares standing around the room, some of them red faced and horrified like you, some of them with that grim and determined look that Gung was wearing, and some of them with a tired, resigned look on their faces
  124. >All of these mares were naked just like you
  125. >Some of them had towels stacked on their backs
  126. >Some of them had bottles of water
  127. >But you didn't see any of that shit
  128. >What you DID see was Princess Celestia with her face buried in her bed and her rump raised high in the air as Prince Anonymous pounded her from behind
  129. >...
  130. >...
  131. >...
  132. >You want to go back to doing nothing now
  133. >Doing nothing sounds pretty great in fact
  135. >A few things happened in rapid succession as you watched your mighty ruler getting her brains rutted out RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU
  136. >First you forgot to breathe, think, and you very nearly forgot your most basic motor functions
  137. >And second...
  138. >...Well there wasn't a second yet
  139. >You were still FREAKING THE BUCK OUT!
  141. >There was a ball gag in the princess's mouth and she had a magic blocker at the base of her horn
  142. >Her wings were tied up in these latex... things
  143. >She was covered in sweat, her mane and tail were messy, her eyes were rolled back into her head
  144. >And... was that a collar around her neck?
  145. >...Oh...
  146. >Oh boy...
  147. >...
  148. >Yep, you were gonna be sick...
  149. >This was just like that time when you found your moms rutting your dad when you were little...
  150. >You...
  151. >You needed an adult
  152. >No
  153. >You needed TWO adults
  154. >'Cause you weren't adult enough for this shit!
  155. >Turning your attention to the prince (to save at least a LITTLE bit of your sanity) you noticed that he was covered head to toe in sweat and he looked exhausted
  156. >Exhausted but determined
  157. >A low squeak escaped your throat as the prince reared back one of his hands and SLAPPED Princess Celestia right on her already red rump
  158. >She let out a muffled moan as her flank wobbled, her back arching
  159. >"Swiffer! Grab another--unf! Another set of towels and--Ah! And wipe us off," the prince said after a particularly hard thrust
  161. >The bed creaked, drawing your attention downward toward a the giant wet patch below the princess's rear
  162. >In the back of your mind you realized that it was the royal couples cum and a LOT of it
  163. >They must have been going for hours nonstop
  164. >Maybe even days...
  165. >Finally noticing that somepony had entered the room the prince, his eyes half-lidded and hazy with lust and exhaustion, turned his attention toward you and Gungho
  166. >"Sergeant get you-- yeah, squeeze just like that! Get your butt over here and help Swiffer," he said, pointing at your partner before his hand reared back for another slap
  167. >Both Gungho and Swiffer, a maid that you had seen around the castle, saluted with a pair of "yes sir"'s
  168. >He turned toward the other mares standing around
  169. >"Sleek, Mean Green, make sure you have that--unf! That plug ready. And you!"
  170. >You blinked, noticing that the prince was looking at you
  171. >"Get over here and take this ones--" the princess let out a squeak as he slapped her rump again. "--gag out. She needs to get some water in her before I FIN!ish"
  172. >...
  173. >Why was the prince calling out orders like he was the captain of a hoofball team?
  174. >Why were you still in this room?
  175. >Why are you living?
  176. >What is life?
  177. >What are this and how can you get it to stop?
  178. >A bottle of water was shoved into your hooves and somepony nudged you forward as the other mares started to do as the prince had asked
  179. >Alright Shield
  180. >All you had to do was go over there and take the BALL GAG out of your highness's mouth and give her a sip of water
  181. >All the while pretending that she wasn't just getting RUTTED right in front of you
  182. >...Yep
  183. >That's all you had to do...
  184. >Uncapping the water bottle you made your way over toward the bed
  185. >To its right there was Gungho and the maid using their magic to wipe the royal couple off with towels
  186. >To the left there were a pair of guards, battle-hardened veterans that had served the Princess of the Sun for many, many years, holding what looked like a plot plug
  188. >A
  189. >Plot
  190. >Plug
  191. >"Put a pip on you--unf! Your step, filly! I don't want my wife getting OVERheated!"
  192. >Princess Celestia's half closed, almost dopey eyes focused on you as you grew closer
  193. >From this close you could see that there was a blush on her face as she moved her head to give you better access to her ball gag
  194. >Whoo boy...
  195. >This was going to take a lot of... something to make you forget all of this
  196. >Drinking, therapy, spiritual healing, whatever the buck
  197. >You just knew that you were going to need a LOT of it...
  198. "P-Please hold still your m-majesty," you stuttered
  199. >Princess Celestia let out a gargled moan in reply as you gingerly reached up and started to take off her gag
  200. >...Huh, these straps were a little harder to undo than they probably should be...
  201. >Why were you, an earth pony, even doing this anyways?
  202. >Couldn't one of the unicorns have done this better than you?
  203. >You don't have bucking thumbs dammit!
  204. >Your physical limitations aside you eventually managed to get the ball gag off the princess, immediately dropping it onto the bed
  205. >Princess Celestia took a deep breath, sucking all the air up that she could before she let her head flop back onto the bed
  206. >"T-Thank-aw~ thank you may little--ohh!~ my little pony I was ergnerkenfdlfknd..."
  207. >A moan escaped Princess Celestia's mouth that twisted your teats into another dimension
  208. >But you stood firm
  209. >Gungho was right
  210. >You complained about not having anything to do, so now that you DID have something to do you had no right to complain about it
  211. >...Even though it was pretty bucked up...
  212. >So you were going to give the princess her water and you were going to do it with as much dignity as you could muster!
  213. >Lifting Princess Celestia's head up you brought the water bottle to her lips
  214. >Closing her eyes she began to quickly drain it like a hungry foal
  215. >She had about finished half of it when her eyes shot open and her ears perked up
  217. >Thinking that you had given her too much water you quickly pulled the water bottle away
  218. >At the same time you were doing that the expression on the prince's face changed
  219. >"Here... here it comes!"
  220. >Leaning over, Prince Anonymous wrapped his arms around his wife's chest and picked her bodily into the air
  221. >You just managed to turn away as Princess Celestia spit up a mouthful of water into your face as she let out a moan that made your ears ring
  223. >From the angle you were standing you could see the prince's stallionhood, slick with... fluids, sliding in and out of your highness with reckless abandonment
  224. >Your princess wasn't making love to her husband
  225. >She was being BRED
  226. >And from the look on her face she LOVED it
  227. >...
  228. >...
  229. >...
  230. >Why didn't you wake up yet?
  231. >There was no way that this wasn't a dream
  232. >Something like this wouldn't happen in a million years; not to somepony like you
  233. >So wake up
  234. >...Wake up
  235. >...
  236. >BUCKING WAKE U--
  237. >To your horror the princess looked down at you as the prince closed his eyes, his body tensing up
  238. >...Stop looking onto her eyes
  239. >Stoplookingintohereyes
  241. >With one final thundering slap the prince hilted Princess Celestia with a grunt, holding her tightly against him as he roughly bit down onto her neck
  242. >Princess Celestia let out a squeak, her eyes widening, and you swore to the stars above you could hear Prince Anonymous cumming
  243. >You watched as a splash of fluids erupted from in between Princess Celestia's, staining the already soaked bed
  244. >A little bit of it even got on your face you think...
  245. >...Yep
  246. >You were gonna need a LOT of alcohol to forget this
  247. >But before that maybe an afternoon huddled in your shower crying might be on order?
  248. >Yep, you were gonna do that
  249. >...
  250. >...
  251. >...
  252. >CAN'TWAKEUP!!!
  254. >Be Prince Anonymous
  255. >It had been a very, very long time since you had felt this exhausted
  256. >You were no stranger to doing things (working, fighting, eating and drinking) for days on end but this was something else
  257. >It seemed like your dear wife had taken what you had said about starting a family to heart
  258. >She wanted kids and she wanted you to do all you could to put a baby in her
  259. >ALL you could
  260. >Since her heat had started the two of you had been cooped up in this bedroom fucking each other's brains out, only stopping to eat and sleep for a few short hours
  261. >And at first it had been fun; it was a joy to make love to your wife whenever the two of you got a chance, but after... however many days the two of you had been going at it the joy of fucking was gone
  262. >LONG gone
  263. >Your dick hurt
  264. >Your body hurt
  265. >It hurt to breathe
  266. >It hurt to thrust into your wife
  267. >Keeping your eyes open and keeping your feet was starting to be a challenge
  268. >You had to rely on a bunch of other little horses to make sure you and Celly just didn't fuck each other to death
  269. >There was no making love anymore
  270. >This was sex for the sole purpose of procreation; the most hardcore kind of sex there was
  271. >You hold your wife close as burst after burst of your cum fires into her, quickly breathing through your nose and out your mouth rapidly
  272. >You could feel your wife's muscles pumping your member for all of its seed, the beautiful alicorn's body tensing as she pressed herself against you
  273. >But even this felt sluggish, like her body was starting to resent being fucked for so hard and so long
  274. >...Don't pass out
  275. >Don't pass out
  277. >You still have a while to go today before you could go on
  278. >So you needed to stay awake
  279. >You needed to keep fucking
  280. >You were about to start thrusting again so your cock wouldn't get soft when an unseen force stopped you
  281. >"I think... ha... I think that's enough for the... ha... day dear," you wife said, sluggishly gesturing your official plug holders over. "Sergeant, Private... ha... might you give Anonymous that...ha... please."
  282. >Nodding, the mares float the plug into your hands before stepping away with their heads bowed respectively
  283. >Opening and closing your eyes you gritted your teeth and pulled out of your wife
  284. >Ignoring the painful thumping in your sea dragon you quickly inserted the plug into your wife's hoo-ha, preventing any of your baby batter from dripping out
  285. >Celestia groaned, making sure to keep the thing in her place with her thighs
  286. >There we go...
  287. >Now you need to figure out how to put Celestia down without your legs giving you...
  288. >Luckily your ever wonderful wife was there for the save
  289. >You could feel Celestia's magic wash over you, making you gently sit her down and floating you into the bed on your back
  290. "Ooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."
  291. >You wiggle as pain shoots up and down your body
  292. "Ice pack. Give me a fucking ice pack."
  293. >You could see a little horse out of the corner of your eye
  294. >"Where would you like it my lord?" she asked
  295. "You know where I fucking want it," you say through gritted teeth
  296. >The mare sighed, a resigned look on her face, before gently placing an ice pack on your land down under
  297. >Your body tenses, and you suck air through your teeth at the cold, but eventually you let out a please groan as you sink into your dirty, dirty bed
  298. >Holy FUCK did you need a nap...
  299. >You closed your eyes as you felt a pair of wet rags gently start to clean your body of the sweat and sink that you had accumulated over these last few hours
  300. >It looked like you weren't getting a normal bath it seemed...
  301. >Well, that was fine by you
  303. >Because FUCK moving right now
  304. >Fuck it all the way to fuck town
  305. >While you had been a little iffy about the whole ponies-waiting-on-you-as-you-and-your-wife-fucked thing you had to admit your Celly Belly knew what she was fucking doing when she asked for volunteers
  306. >After the rag bath you were once again picked up, getting dried off with a towel as the sheets were changed
  307. >"Will that be all, your highness?" one of the little horses in the room asked, saluting
  308. >"Yes, that will be all for today, my little ponies," you wife answered before you could let out a affirmative groan. "And once again I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help these past few days. Without all of you my husband and I might have gotten ourselves into a little bit of trouble by now."
  309. >"We were just doing our job your highness."
  310. >"No, you all went above and beyond the call of duty, and I promise you that each of you will be rewarded for you help. Now you are dismissed."
  311. >You crack open an eye to see your wife, who looked like she had just gotten a rag bath herself, staring down at you in bemusement
  312. >It had always amazed you that your wife, after a sexual marathon like this, would ALWAYS looked so calm and composed
  313. >She MUST have cum fifty times since you two started fucking this morning but she honestly looked like she could have gone out and talked with diplomats or something like that
  314. >...Fucking women...
  315. >"You should have let me taken the reins for a little bit dear," she said, taking off her wing restrains and magic blocker with a simple spell
  316. >You never knew WHY she wore that little metal band around her horn
  317. >It didn't WORK
  318. >But if she liked to wear it in the bedroom who were you to bitch about it
  319. >...The collar might have been a little much with all of these ponies in here though...
  320. >Alright
  321. >Maybe more than a little much...
  323. >You snorted
  324. "I was going... to let you in... an hour or two," you said as she laid down next to you, wrapping those big wings of hers around you and pulling you close to her
  325. >Taking a few shallow breaths you relax into the embrace, nuzzling into the nape of her neck
  326. >"You should have done it sooner, mister," she chided, nuzzling you. "You could have hurt yourself."
  327. "Excuse me if my wife... wanted to put on a show for her little... ponies."
  328. >"...I don't know what you mean."
  329. >You crack open an eye to look up at her as you finger the collar around her neck
  330. >Celestia grinned, leaning up and gently biting your ear
  331. >"Oh you loved it~" she cooed
  332. "Not half as much as you," you muttered as your hands found her ample rump and gave it a little squeeze
  333. >"Yes, well I don't think that we'll be needing the guard and the maid's help anymore."
  334. >Closing your eyes once again you laid a hand on your princess's belly
  335. "So you think... it took then?"
  336. >Celestia giggled, kissing the top of your head
  337. >"I'd bet my crown on it."
  338. >You nodded, trying to stave off sleep
  339. "Good... good. Now I can finally... get some sleep."
  340. >"Don't worry honey, I'll make sure to properly thank you for all of your hard work these past couple of days~"
  341. >While such a statement would have made you smile now it just made your wiener hurt
  342. "Just... give me a couple of days before you go an thank me."
  343. >"I love you."
  344. >You open your eyes up to see Celestia staring down at you with maybe the second or third happiness look that you've ever seen on her face
  345. >If all the fucking that the two of you had been doing worked, and if better have fucking worked because it was going to be a LOOOOOOONG time before your dick was gonna be shooting anything other than dust, then she was gonna be a mommy soon
  346. >And you were gonna be a daddy...
  347. >You smiled at the thought, nuzzling your wife once again
  348. "Love you too, hon," you muttered. "I love you too."
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