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  1.                                 Patriotism
  2.         There are many ways in which I can show patriotism in my local community. A few examples are as follows. But before I can show my patriotism, I need to define my patriotism, patriotism to me is , anyway I can help my nation for the good of the people as a whole, not just one individual, group, or community.  
  3.         There are many ways in which we, citizens of the United States of America, can assist our community and our peers.  Whenever I see a passing veteran of a war, I can give a simple, “Thank you,” because I have learned about some of what he has given up for his nation.  I can also fly the flag on national holidays and show my support for local politicians. One of the biggest ways in which I can show my patriotism, is in voting.  An astounding 49% of Americans did not vote in the last Presidential election.  I see voting as a must, one of the reasons why we declared independence from Great Britain was due to having no say in who was leading our country.  This shows my direct patriotism, because I am following one of the rights granted by our Constitution.  I can also show my patriotism by exercising my right to free speech, so I can encourage others of the necessity to vote.  My final way in which to show patriotism is to always follow the Constitution and not to distort the rights, as is given by it.
  4.         These are the ways in which I would like to express my patriotism in my community. Thanking our veterans, flying the flag on holidays, voting, exercising basic rights, following the Constitution.  Again my definition of patriotism is, preserving the rights granted by the Constitution, exercising them, and giving thanks to those who helped so valiantly to protect this country to usurp these rights.
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