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  1. Username:@Soominniee
  2. Name:Lee Jeong Joo
  3. Nicknames:Jeongie,Jooyeon
  4. Stage Name:Eunjung
  5. Age:23
  6. Birthday:June 10,1995
  7. Nationality:Korean
  8. Ethinicity:Korean
  9. Birthplace:Busan,Korea
  11. Bloodtype:A
  12. Height:169cm
  13. Weight:43kg
  14. Personality:Girl crush like >> Eunjung is the type to dance and you'll fall with her quickly.She is the one who smiles and winks that will make you faint.She might have short hair,But that makes her more charismatic.
  15.            Motherly like >> Eunjung has been taking care of her brother,Whether she likes it or not.She has already made ramen,and more.You can lay one fingertip on her group members and she might put you on the ground.
  16.            Bad Girl like >> She might have a boyfriend but that just makes her stronger.When you tease Eunjung and her boyfriend,You either get in the floor or see God in your eyes.But although with that Character,she can still be cute
  17.            Annoying like >> She is that one to make jokes in her sleep and Wake up Yellow just to tell the Joke.Her aegyo was said to be like Yoona's.Which is really cringey,but some people find it really Cute.
  18.            Funny like >> Lastly,She is really funny.She can be a good meme and Joker like a clown.She's the girl The girls go to when theyre sad for her to tell her jokes.She has that Pretty and Sincere smile When with her boyfriend and group members.
  20. Background:At 12,Jooyeon suddenly felt a job she wanted.She watched the TV,seeing Girls Generation singing Kissing you.She wondered how to be a Princess with a prince but not hard.Then she heard her older Girl cousin call them Queens.She knew what she wanted.When she was older,She Jooyeon was finding a job because her mom and dad told her,once she reached 18,she should have my own house,job and life.She never let go of that dream;Being girls generation.At the same time found something that said applying.Jooyeon was sure she cant be like SNSD with what she applied,Yet when she entered,She got fluttery feelings.She finally got it.This was an entertainment.She smiled,then went to her interview,Positive about her being an new SNSD.Thats how Eunjung got into the entertainment.She got into the group because she was the one who probably made it.Eunjung has been training long and some of her friends already debuted.She thought she was already a girl  crush.But then she fixed herself to make her more girl crush.She had shorter hair,And asked for better clothes.She felt she was already in the group.But yet,She still hopes to be in that group that she wanted to create,Where she is like her role model,Jessica.
  22. -Skinship
  23. -Soju
  24. -Cleaning
  25. -Laundry
  26. -Fellow group members
  27. -Cookies
  28. -Sightseeing
  30. Dislikes
  31. -Cucumber
  32. -Brother
  33. -Animal abuse
  34. -Seeing anyone hurt
  35. -Messy places
  36. -Judgemental people
  37. -Walking
  38. Hobbies:Playing the piano,Writing Songs and Composing Songs
  39. Trivia:
  40. -She has an Younger brother that is really spoiled by her.
  41. -She is dating someone that involved a lot of skinship.
  42. -She cut her hair short but she says she'll get long hair soon.
  43. -She loves being in the spotlight but is willing to give it for her other members
  44. -Her Parents are really rich
  45. -She has her own car.
  46. -She loves Red so much.
  47. -Still dating someone.
  48. Fears:
  49. -Cucumbers
  50. -Loud Noises
  51. -Dark places
  52. Ideal Type:Someone really nice and Tall.When he smiles,he really means it and always acts cool.Someone who cant do aegyo so she cant pity him.
  54. Face Claim:Mimi(Gugudan)
  55. Backup:Yuha(Pristin)
  56. Love Interest:JB(Got7)
  57. Backup:Youngjae(Got7)
  58. Slot:Blue
  59. Backup:Red
  60. Trainee Years:4 years and 11 months
  61. Pre Debut:Starred in Bigbang's day by day as the girl and Bigbangs Lets Not fall in love.
  62. Requested scenes with group members:Me being a mom to them,Our being close and Us winning awards happily as a group.
  63. Requested with girls:Us being nice to each other,Skinship and Friendliness to each other.I also want to see something like the girls give up but Eunjung encourages them that its alright and they can get going because everyone is more than they think.
  64. Requested with LI:Anything is cool.
  66. Personal Greeting to fans:Hey guys!Im Eunjung and I hope you all love me as me.Please be nice and dont forget me.
  67. Fandom Name:Dreamerz
  68. Instagram:stellarful5
  69. Note to Alandria:Hey!Please take care of me thank you!I love you!I dont exactly know who you guys are,But yet I can tell you all have a good heart and are really nice!
  70. Note to Sarah:Hello!Please also take care of me,I love you.I also feel you guys are nice.Thanks for giving your time to read this.
  71. Note to Iseul:I love you all.Im sorry if I cant come up with a message.Thank you!Please give me love as your Trainee,Blue!
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