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A.C.M.E. Episode 1: Welcome to A.C.M.E.!

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  1.         “Now then, Mr...”
  2.         “Professor. Dammage.”
  3.         “...Riiiight, Professor Dammage. I've reviewed your file, and it proved very difficult to find a suitable... employment option for one such as you. Again.”
  4.         Taking offense to the comment, Brian sat up straight in the office chair to frown at the office lady on the other side.
  5.         “What do you mean 'one such as me'? Are there that few jobs suitable for a SUPER GENIOUS?!”
  6.         The tengu groaned, putting a wing up to her head in embarrassment due to the odd posing of man across from her, his hand thrust out to the side as his other pushed the square rimmed glasses up his nose.
  7.         “Well, to go over your resume... you worked with a weapons firm first, and instead of making a pistol capable of resisting magic you made one that shot magic spells of varying power that was deemed 'too impractical' to supply ammunition for, and too complicated to replicate.”
  8.         “The Caster is no child's toy, and magic naturally resists magic! I cannot be blamed for their shortcomings.” He complained, crossing his arms in protest.
  9.         “Right, right. Next you worked with a rocket propulsion research company. While you were there, you were tasked with making a more efficient fuel... and you produced a fuel so powerful that no known craft can use it without exploding. That is how your hair was bleached white, isn't it?”
  10.         “They asked for a powerful fuel, just because the 'craft' they made was about as durable as a child's plaything was no reason to fire me.”
  11.         “Yes yes. There are lots more, each that only lasted about a week. A helmet that made people into unthinking soccer machines,”
  12.         “Working too well does not make sense.”
  13.         “The 'repair job' that made a Jersey man's car into a giant robot with 'All the missiles',”
  14.         “Chicks dig giant robots.”
  15.         “And of course we can't forget about the best one on the list here. A chamber powered by a child Will-O-Wisp that allowed people to see their deepest desires... but never allowed anyone to exit.”
  16.         “They asked for some kind of high tech entertainment device. I took such things to their logical conclusion. Such simple minded fools.” Brian sighed, doing another pose with his fingers again pushing up his glasses as he turned his nose up to the side.
  17.         “Riiiiight...” The tengu groaned, nearly hiding her head under her wings before she straightened up and cleared her throat. “Anyways, on your request for 'work that does not bore me', as you put it, I only found one place that is hiring that meets your... requirements. They have a lot of workers, but only one scientific head and are desperate for people of your intellect to lead more than one creative project at a time.”
  18.         “Is it called Shangri-la?”
  19.         “No. It's called ACME, a large commissions based company that does requests for what we like to call 'super science' in this field. It also has many repeat customers, mostly corporations and some eccentric billionaire called 'Wiley Coyote.'. If you want to take the job, they'll pay for the flight and provide room, board, and your own work space as well as access to nearly all of their facilities. Your only boss will be a miss... sorry, professor... Pinky? Weird, there is no last name here.” The tengu hummed, looking over the papers before handing them to Brian in the hopes of getting rid of him already.
  20.         Brian took the papers and looked through them, the poor bird woman thinking he was going to turn the offer down and make her overwork again. To her relief he put the papers down and nodded, too wide of a grin coming to his face.
  21.         “This will do just nicely! I'm going to head right over!”
  22.         “Thank g-I mean, good good. Now, I just need you to sign some things-”
  23.         She watched as he fiddled with his watch and stood up straight, lab coat and casual clothing underneath fluttering a bit as he disappeared from sight and left her alone, papers unsigned, another migraine setting in.
  24.         “Fucking nutcase.”
  26.         Brian reappeared laughing with his arms stretched to his sides, lab coat billowing in the wind behind him through the urban street. The appearance of a strange man laughing like a maniac startled the few people walking along the sidewalk, one werecat in particular running into a tree in her puff tailed panic. He kept the pose even as he stopped laughing, the expected sights not around him. Dropping his arms and looking around, he could perceive that he had appeared in one of the common city streets filled with the common people and common cars. Such commonality distressed the traveler, who realized that he had been a few decimal points off on his teleportation.
  27.         Ducking into a nearby lingerie shop he checked the coordinates on his watch, grumbling and getting more odd stares from the various monster women looking for the newest piece of eye candy for their soon-to-be or captured husbands to ogle on their curves. With a bit more tinkering he pressed the button to teleport on a timer, taking a cool pose and vanishing after five seconds had passed.
  29.         “Behold, I have come for you!!”
  30.         As he declared this, arm raised and pointing straight ahead, he realized that where he had appeared he was pointing at a rather confused insect trash woman holding a metal can in her hands, blue overalls covering her chitin body.
  31.         “Really?”
  32.         “No, of course not! Is ACME nearby, I have need to find that facility!”
  33.         She pouted in disappointment, but set the trash can down before pointing behind the odd man. He spun around on his heel and maintained a cool pose with his hands on his hips, even his great mind not ready for the vast complex silently looming over their heads and blocking the sun itself. It's walls were solid black, round and twisted with pipes, metal protrusions, and a maze of different cords and antennae, satellite dishes, and weird looking contraptions mounted all over the roof. Just as Brian was about to cry from the beauty of it all, he finally noticed the huge sign welded right into the wall above the small reception doors that looked out of place with it's cozy colors, ordinary looking desk, and many comfy looking chairs sitting close together.
  34.         “Amazingly. Cute. Mouse. Enterprises.”
  35.         “Yeah, crazy name for a crazy place. Only ever seems to produce one can of garbage a week, and it's always this weird paste.” The beelzebub commented, akaname at the wheel of the truck honking the horn to tell the bug to get a move on it.
  36.         “It's an incredibly great name, you simpleton! Begone, back to you menial labor!”
  37.         “Right, jeez. Weird guy.”
  38.         She climbed back up into the truck so it could rumble past and move on to the next stop,  a fair distance due to the amount of space the complex in front of Brian took up. He paused to consider his entrance, for a great mind like him must present his greatness from the very first moment. Perhaps he should sneak inside and surprise whoever was behind the reception desk? No, such a thing was far too boring. Perhaps he should teleport into the lobby? No, that up there is a space bubble cancellation device, he'd come out who knows where.
  39.         The doors were thrown open by his arms, Brian walking in with as much presence as he could muster. With as deep of a booming voice as he could manage, he declared to the room “Behold, the great Professor Brian Dammage has entered! Fall to your knees and weep in awe!”
  40.         “Take a number and sit please.” A small woman instructed in an entirely monotone voice.
  41.         Brian kept his arms stretched to the sides as he looked over the desk at the white haired mouse in her little black pinstripe vest, white shirt, short black skirt, and sheer black pantyhose sitting on the swivel chair.  Her straight hair was cut right at the jaw line all the way around her head, the bangs trimmed to just above her eyebrows. As Brian took a paper marked number zero  from the machine sitting on the tall desk, he noticed that her name tag for the company instead had 'Pinky 876' on it instead of a proper name.
  42.         He sat down in the nearest seat and started to wait, staring at the desk and the mouse behind it that just seemed to be staring straight and into space with her red eyes. He looked around the room for anything that could tell him what number they were on, but saw not a thing. Looking at his paper ticket, he saw only the number zero. Once again, he looked back at the mouse that just sat there, staring, not having moved an inch.
  43.         “Excuse me.”
  44.         “No talking.”
  45.         “Oh, sorry.”
  46.         Brian looked down at the ground and twiddled his thumbs, his intellect not sure what to make of this odd conundrum. Perhaps there were invisible negative reality beings there that she was talking to, in the negative world?! That seemed likely, if not the only explanation. Seeing as how he had time to burn, he reached into his pocket to take out the small computer so he could entertain himself somewhat.
  47.         “No electronics.”
  48.         “Why?”
  49.         “No electronics.”
  50.         “Aright, alright.”
  51.         He put the computer away and left it dormant, leaning into his hands to turn into the thinker as he tried to consider the bizarre rules another time. Was there a reason for him not to talk, not to use electronics? Was he being monitored? And wasn't Pinky the name of the person that owned the company? These questions swirled in his mind, vexing him profusely. His concentration grew, his state turned to sheer concentration, the answer was coming to hi-
  52.         “Narf.”
  53.         Brian's thoughts crashed, his wrinkled eyes turning and looking at the receptionist that had blurted the odd word. Was it a code that he had to figure out? But what kind of code was it? How long would he have to sit here? And where was the bathroom?
  54.         “Now serving number one.”
  55.         “But I'm not number one!!” Brian cried out in torment, holding his hands to his face as he stood straight up and yelled as loud as he could in frustration. Having had enough, he threw the paper at the ground, the light bit of parchment floating down gently like a leaf once it left his hand. He walked right up to the desk and slammed his hands down, the mouse not even the least bit startled.
  56.         “Enough of these mind games, where is PINKY?!”
  57.         “Oh, you want to see Pinky. I'll get Pinky for you.”
  58.         Brian watched as the mouse got down from her office chair and walked to the door behind the work area, disappearing into it while he seethed in frustration. The door soon opened up, a glimpse of a break room with coffee and a soda machine glimpsing his eyeballs as the first mouse and a mouse that looked exactly the same right down to the haircut came out. The only difference was the number after the name 'Pinky' on the tag, this one being one greater than the last at '877'.
  59.         “I am Pinky. You needed me?” The new one asked, voice as monotone as the first.
  60.         “Do you run things here?”
  61.         “Oh, no. That's Pinky. Should we get Pinky?”
  62.         Brian stared at the identical pair of mice, all four of their red eyes unblinking and staring at him from behind the fine wood of the reception desk to await his answer. His mind had gone blank however, imploding on itself from the forces acting upon it. Finally his mind returned, a relaxed sigh leaving him in an eerie moment of calmness.
  63.         “Yes, bring me Pinky. As long as I get to talk to the one in charge.”
  64.         “We'll get Pinky for you then. Who are you?”
  65.         “Professor! Brian! Dammage!” He flourished, raising his hands up to the sides while leaning backwards as far as he could manage. He lost his footing and swore as he fell to his back, standing up and brushing the white lab coat off while the pair kept staring at him.
  66.         “Okay, wait here please.” The pair spoke in unison, in the same voice. Instead of moving back through the doorway, the pair walked over to beside the water machine and filled a cup with hot water. Pouring this into the plant, the two stood and waited while staring at the wall. Brian's eye twitched, before finally the two mice were sucked up into a tube that opened above the pair before closing once more.
  67.         He stood prepared for the real Pinky to come forth, not more than a few minutes passing before he heard the sound of something opening. Looking towards the source, he observed a door that had appeared across the waiting room on the wall, except upside down with it's bottom on the ceiling. Just as he noticed it, the handle turned and the opening swung open. Out walked yet another mouse onto the ceiling, this one wearing a lab coat with her white hair tied back into a braid running from the upper edge of the back of her head and running down to her nape before the excess braid reached her shoulder-blades. Oddly this and her straight cut bangs pointed 'down' towards the ceiling, along with the lab coat that hung down to her ankles. Underneath this pure white garment was simple clothing of a white button shirt, short black skirt, black pantyhose, and some black leather shoes with thick soles. Her name badge was similar to the two before with Pinky as the name, but instead it had number '000' on it.. Brian examined this odd specimen, getting a different impression of her than the two monotone twins from before. Sure, this one had the same gentle pear shape and b-cup chest as the previous ones. But there was something-
  68.         “Ufufufu! So you have come to join our ranks, Brain Damage?!” She asked, fists to her hips as she laughed heartily into the air not two feet from his face. The height of the ceiling meant they were eye to eye, though with different perspectives. “What makes you think you're WORTHY?!”
  69.         “You dare question my qualifications?!” He asked, aghast at the audacity of it all, making an overly dramatic pose. “My work speaks for itself! And did you call me 'Brain?' My name happens to be Brian.”
  70.         “Then show me Brain, that you have what it takes to be a true SCIENTIST!!” Challenged the mouse, pointing right at the man's face with total confidence.
  71.         “Very well!” Bellowed Brian, throwing his arms to the side before thrusting one into his lab coat. He tore from it's inner pockets what appeared to be a toy laser gun, shaped like an acorn on a trigger. He pointed it at one of the chairs, firing a ray from it that made the solid matter turn into ooze in mere moments. “The OooRAY!”
  72.         “But simple matter deconstruction Professor, you shall have to do better than that!” Laughed Pinky, crossing her arms and smiling smugly. Brian's eye twitched once more, but a fire was lit inside his soul once he was challenged. Laughing in delight he put the ray back into his pocket, fingers wriggling independently as he reached for another of the pockets in his coat. He grabbed the item and thrust it into the air, grinning just as smugly as the black thong with a red eye pattern fluttered in the breeze coming from the open doorway behind the mouse.
  73.         “Behold and weep! An undergarment that shall never stain, and always stay fresh and comfortable, even once used by the most perverse of lilims! It's fresh scent intact after a mud wrestling match between p'orcs that had not bathed in three years! It's fibers strong enough to resist the blades of a mantis, yet soft enough to make an oni squeal like a girl! Able to withstand far beyond five thousand degrees! Try them, and behold my genius!”
  74.         “Very well, I shall test these garments upon my own body! Be honored, for I may even give them back should you fail!”
  75.         Pinky snatched the thong from his up-stretched hand, not hesitating as she pulled her pantyhose and panties down, stepping from them and her shoes. She slipped the thong up under her skirt and gasped once it was in place, covering her mouth with one hand as she fell backwards in shock.
  76.         “Such comfort! Yet such lewd snugness! It conforms to my body with absolute precision! It is by far the most comfortable thing I have ever worn! Even the finest silk feels as sandpaper compared to this!”
  77.         “Then you may keep it, should you allow me to work here under you! Think of it as a gift!”
  78.         Pinky flipped back up to her feet, planting them firmly on the ceiling before slipping her other clothes sans the panties back up her body to return to her professional look. She cleared her throat, her old panties in hand, and grinned with delight.
  79.         “I shall allow it! You shall be my partner Brain! Together, we will have lots of fun and invent whatever we want, however we want! Here, this is a gift for you! Do with it whatever dirty things you desire, I have no more use for them!”
  80.         The mouse held out the old white panties for Brian, the man taking then with a grin. Satisfied, he stashed them within his lab coat for further 'study' and walked towards one of the walls. Planting his feet onto the surface, he walked straight up the wall as if gravity had shifted and did the same to get to the roof where his new partner awaited to show him through the open doorway, airtight opening shutting tight behind them.
  81.         The pair traveled down the long tube-shaped corridor and to some sort of command console, levers and buttons and switches and gauges and monitoring screens placed all over the nearly full circle, rather low set  console. Surrounding it was a clear bubble of some hard material, a level floor filling the bottom third of it. Stepping inside, Brian had to lean a bit to avoid bumping his head on the top while Pinky started using the controls. Looking out at the massive facility in front of him, Brian admired the rather massive laser cannon that was being busily constructed on the floor by hundreds of workers. The sheer size of it told him it was meant to be mounted on some sort of space craft, and not anything currently in use by their world. He was about to comment on it when the bubble began to float in the air and travel in a curving, gentle manner at a moderate speed. Every one of the workers, though their clothing was different depending on their work, appeared to be mice. And not just any kind of mice, albino mice with the same hairstyles as the receptionists.
  82.         “First, I think I'll show you a tour! It might take a while, so we can take a break after a couple of hours if you like!” Pinky declared, controlling the ball with a NES controller she had pulled out of the control console as it flew around with expert precision. “Here you can see our current big project! It'll still take a while to finish, even with our skilled work force. Testing it is going to be delicious!”
  83.         “I cannot help but notice something odd here.”
  84.         “Over here is the cafeteria! If you want something quick, you can use those things in the wall. Just say what you want, anything, and it'll make it! It only works on food though, I made sure of that. If you want something fresh just ask the chefs!” Pinky continued on, ignoring Brian's statement. He couldn't help looking out at the busy cafeteria, yet more hundreds of identical mice crowding around it and getting food. There were even chefs behind the cafeteria counter, identifiable by the tall and puffy hats that were stuck on their heads.
  85.         “I have a question Pinky.”
  86.         “Save your questions for after the tour please!”
  87.         “I apologize.”
  88.         “Accepted! There you can see the recreation area where the employees can relax! They live here, the living area is right over there. I designed it after those hotels that have small rooms with barely enough space to sit up, but it's a lot of space for them. They sometimes even have slumber parties in there, I like to join them too since it's so cozy.”
  89.         Brian looked out to the side to see what she was talking about, seeing rows of tall, wide towers lined up like bookshelves in a library, attached to roof and floor. A honeycomb of round little doors were set into the towers, sleepy mice climbing in while well rested ones climbed out, walking up and down the walls like it were a floor. Taking a gander at the roof, or floor if he took into consideration he came in upside down, Brian spotted a mock beach complete with sand and a watery 'ocean', wave machine at the deep end making realistic waves while mice 'sunbathed' and played beach volleyball.
  90.         “This is all a dream come true, but I must inquire about something!”
  91.         “I'll pull this bubble over mister!”
  92.         “There is no need for that, my dear Pinky.” Posed Brian, forgetting about the top of the bubble and knocking his head on it. Bearing with it and playing cool, he grinned through the pain when he had gotten Pinky's attention. “Tell me... why are all the mice, the same as you?! They are even named the same! Were I a simple fool, I would assume them to be clones! But such a simplistic-”
  93.         “They're clones.”
  94.         “...The concept of them being clones is quite ordinary, and though I can see this is quite a practical practice, I must wonder how you were able to bring them up to the level of intellect to work in such an advanced environment! You must tell me!”
  95.         “Elementary Brain! I fast grew them in tubes until they were mature, then installed all the data they needed into their minds once they were large enough! I still give them pay, health benefits, and all that. They are my sisters, technically speaking.” Pinky explained rather plainly, letting out an “Ufufu...” afterwards.
  96.         “You concocted a device that could implant knowledge into a complex living brain? Truly, I am blessed to finally be in such a place as this! But I shall review the computer logs of this place's dimensions, a tour is not needed for someone of my IMMENSE intellect. Merely show me where my living space shall be so I may move my possessions in. I shall require at least a million square feet of storage space as well, for my current projects.”
  97.         “Very well, but first I must take you to the doctors for a physical. Purely for medical and liability purposes, I assure you!”
  98.         Brian crossed his arms, looking down at Pinky's smiling, confident face as she stared back with hands on her hips. Brian leaned back as much as he could in the confined space, letting out a loud laugh that Pinky soon joined him in.
  99.         “Fuhahahahahahaha!!”
  100.         “Wahahahahahaha!!”
  101.         “I shall pass this physical with flying colors, I assure you!”
  102.         “To the medical bay then!” Pinky cheered, turning and pressing the big red button. Brian calculated what it likely was as quick as he could, but the bubble lurched and shot off through the air. Winding around giant structures, shooting past other flying contraptions, exposing the warped dimensions giving extra space to the whole complex by it's sheer speed, it finally stopped on a dime with the pair inside nearly immune to the force of inertia that would have killed them otherwise. The bubble traveled up and set down on the 'roof', at this point any direction being relative to where one happened to be looking. The hatch in back opened up, allowing the pair to disembark.
  103.         Waiting for them at the entrance of what could only be described as a full fledged hospital in it's size and construction were two more clones, dressed in little nurse outfits with tight white shirts, white skirts, white pantyhose, and little white hats with red crosses displayed on them. They were as emotionless as ever, but both stared at Brian as he stared at them in their fetishy medical wear.
  104.         “Pinky, why do all the clones have your name and a number?”
  105.         “I wasn't going to name them all, that would take forever and a computer picking is far too impersonal! I let them pick themselves, but they all stay the same.”
  106.         “I see, of course. But does it not get confusing if you are all called Pinky?”
  107.         “Never come up before. Here, watch. Hey Pinky!!”
  108.         Brian looked in the direction the real Pinky had called and waved, seeing a group of the mice traveling away from fixing one of the complex machines sitting nearby. One, white overalls covered in grease and oil stains, turns and waved back while the rest ignored the greeting. Pinky turned back to Brian, grin wide on her face.
  109.         “See?”
  110.         “I see, you have mastered some form of telekinesis! Such technology is-”
  111.         “What are you talking about? We don't have some kind of 'Pinky network' or anything in our brains!”
  112.         “Narf!”
  113.         Brian turned with wide eyes towards one of the nurses, the noise seeming to have come from the one rodent. She just stared back, face not shifting a single bit.
  114.         “What was that?”
  115.         “Well, I threw together the program that makes their minds pretty quick so there was a slight bug in it. I tried fixing it, but that made things far worse.”
  116.         “What could have happened for you to have given up on perfection?!”
  117.         “They turned evil on me... That's pretty much it. Seemed like too much work to redo it all, so I went with what worked! Perfection is for fools!”
  118.         “So, you know of the absurdity of chasing perfection! You do not cease to impress me Pinky!”
  119.         “Thank you.”
  120.         “I was talking to this Pinky, not you nurse Pinky.”
  121.         “That's not nice, just call her Pinky!”
  122.         “Oh. I apologize Pinky, I have only just arrived here.”
  123.         “I'm not Pinky. That's Pinky.”
  124.         “Oh, sorry. I apologize to you as well!”
  125.         “Stop stalling, physical time!” Pinky huffed, moving behind Brian and pushing him into the building ahead of them. Brian walked on his own once he got the point, though the two nurse mice grabbed his sleeves to pull him along through the wide hallways, ceiling reserved for medical personnel to travel on. He could not help but be impressed with their desire for efficiency, wanting his genius working on projects all the sooner. As he was shoved into an examination room, two dozen more mouse nurses stared at him as he was shown to one side of the room and door closed behind them. Once Pinky and the clones had backed off, the leader took charge with arms crossed and a wide, lusty grin on her face.
  126.         “Now strip!”
  127.         “Of course! Such things as clothing would get in the way of the scanning equipment! I shall remove them!” Brian declared, throwing his clothing off with one motion. The garments folded themselves and landed neatly on the nearby counter, the nurses making little golf claps at the demonstration, leaving Brian completely nude and showing everything to the large group of emotionless looking mouse girls and their drooling leader. He puffed his chest out, not bothering to cover his decently built body.
  128.         “Alright, sit down on the chair Brain!” Pinky instructed, wiping her mouth of the drool as she let out a giddy laugh and approached closer. He did as instructed, getting down to their level as the horde of mice closed in on him. He almost thought that they were going to jump him, but instead had little hands feeling along his body instead.
  129.         “Muuuuuuscles...” The clones chanted in their monotone voices, Brian not bothered the least about the dozens of tiny hands touching him.
  130.         “Where did you get time to get those?” Pinky asked, breathing a bit more heavily while staring to something a bit further down than his face. Brian just chuckled, raising his arms to flex his biceps for the group. Two mice clung to each arm, getting lifted up by his pose.
  131.         “Nanomachines, dear! I did not wish to waste time actually working out to stay healthy, so I designed them to keep my body in top shape! The muscles are a side effect really.” Brian laughed heartily, keeping the pose since the mice seemed to be having fun. Pinky took a small device from her pocket, a cone of light coming out of it with him in the center for a split second. Brian could not help but note one problem.
  132.         “If the scanner can ignore all these girls and their garments, why was I required to remove my clothing?”
  133.         “I didn't say that it would get in the way of any scans. It was... just a test! To see if you could follow my orders without hesitation! And you passed! Congratulations!”
  134.         “Muuuuscles...”
  135.         “Could you remove them from me so I could get dressed in that case? I would like to get to CREATING THINGS!” Brian declared, standing up with one mouse clinging to his neck and hanging off his front this time, his pointing hand still having two of the nurse mice on it, one slipping off the other arm that had placed a fist on his hip with a squeak.
  136.         “There would be no problem were you to walk around this complex without anything as restrictive as garments Brain, or do you wish to hide your... muscles?” Pinky hesitated, wiping more drool from her mouth.
  137.         “Those mere garments are highly technical devices, designed to keep me from all harm and contain my tools all in one! They are essential! I cannot wear mice, I am afraid.” Brian sighed, bringing the pointing hand back to push his glasses back up his nose.
  138.         “Fine...” Pouted Pinky, staring at the glasses once she finally noticed them. “If your vision is incorrect, then I will correct it! We can do it in this very facility. I cannot have my partner shackled by lenses!”
  139.         “These are not for that, nor mere show! These glasses are technological marvels, able to perceive any kind of energy I desire to see! From boring light wavelengths, to airborne particles, and even spectral anomalies! My eyes never required them, they do however complete my grand style!” He declared, posing again with mice still hanging off of him, some jumping to try and hang off of his arms where there was space.
  140.         “Really? I would like to place a request for a matching set for myself! How embarrassing that I had not thought of such a useful device, truly it is great that you have arrived here. Fufufu... Get off him girls, I'll send everyone the scans later! You can ogle them later or put them in the hologram chamber!”
  141.         “Hologram chamber?” Brian asked, freed from the nurses that began filing out of the room with little frowns. He retrieved his clothes, beginning to redress himself.
  142.         “Yeah. What was I going to call it, a holo-deck? That's stupid.”
  143.         “That is not quite what I was concerned with, but no matter! I desire to know the location of my quarters!”
  144.         “I have already had the floor diagrams added to your glasses!”
  145.         “What did you saaaaaay?!” Brian spun, traveling backwards and catching himself on a sink in his dramatic reaction. The glasses displayed the required information before he made another elaborate reaction, gasping in surprise. “It is true! You have done it!... I suppose I can start on work immediately!”
  146.         “Not yet! There is one more very important thing that we must do before you start on your projects. Maybe even the most important step!”
  147.         “What step could be so important? Quickly, we must complete it!”
  148.         “Then let us away! Follow me Brain!”
  149.         “I told you, my name is Brian.”
  150.         “Nonsense Brain, you're talking in tongues! I know you are excited, but we must push onward!”
  151.         Pinky ran out the open doorway, Brian sighing before jogging after her as safely as he could in the busy hospital. On the way out he spotted a mouse being brought in on a stretcher with her head detached, looking rather calm and quite a live despite the odd circumstances. With the brief distraction passed, Brian ran back into the bubble, hitting his head on the doorway and swearing a bit as he crouched and moved inside. The door closed behind them and Pinky hit the big red button again, bubble lifting up before shooting off at mach speed once more.
  152.         “I still desire to know what this final step is, is it announcing my presence to the complex?”
  153.         “Oh, I shall have to do that later! This is far more important, and there is no time to explain!”
  154.         Brian and Pinky remained silent in the fast moving bubble for another minute before it finally docked with some doorway at the very summit of the complex, Pinky grabbing the man's sleeve and dragging him along through the docking tunnel into some sort of elevator. Brain looked around him as a control console raised up along with a safety rail, Pinky pressing a button to have the elevator raise them up through a grand tower. The ceiling opened up ahead of them, exposing them to the wind of the city and an amazing view of the full outside of the complex. Just as Brian was wondering why Pinky had taken them up here, he saw her in a rapid flurry, using the controls before a microphone appeared out of the console, giant holographic images of them appearing just before the nearby street separating them and another huge manufacturing facility, venting steam and somehow having more pipes than their own. Brian spotted the name of it on a sign, barely having time to read 'Anubis National Automation Limited' before Pinky cleared her throat and began speaking, voice amplified by all sorts of speakers in the direction of the other complex.
  155.         “Hey Rosie!! I have acquired the expert services of a man!! Come out and see, and weep at your inferiority!!” Pinky gloated over the speaker, pressing a button and waiting with crossed arms for a response. Brian did the same, a bit confused by this after the big buildup.
  156.         “So... you have a rival?”
  157.         “Yeah! That silly anubis thinks she's as smart as me! Ever since kindergarten!” Pinky huffed, keeping her pose.
  158.         “Very well, I shall help you vanquish this rival of yours!”
  159.         “Ufufufufu!!”
  160.         “You shall not vanquish anyone!!” Retorted another voice, bellowing from the other complex. A holographic anubis dripping with sweat, wearing naught but a rugged tube top and something kept up with a belt covered in odd devices appeared in front of the opposing building, image cut off at the waist. “I shall stand to any cha-Holy shit you actually do have a man there!”
  161.         “Look at him and weep at your inferiority!!”
  162.         “The speaker isn't on Pinky.” Brian pointed out, the mouse pressing the button as if nothing had gone wrong.
  163.         “Look at him and weep at your inventory!!”
  164.         “Inventory?...” The anubis stared, confused for a moment before shaking it off. “I cannot accept that he is really worth anything until I see him in action! I propose a test for this man!” She declared, pointing towards them dramatically. “A MECH-OFF!!”
  165.         “Of course! I shall meet you on the field of battle!”
  166.         “The terms are that you must only use only a single mech of his design! I will permit you to assist him, so he may use your facilities! Do you accept Pinky?!”
  167.         “You know how to make mechs, right?” Pinky whispered to Brian. He cleared his throat, grabbed the microphone, and took a deep breath.
  168.         “I'll make the best mech you've ever seen, foolish canid! I shall humiliate you on the field of battle, and use your mech as a chair for my own! I accept your challenge!”
  169.         “Very well! The rules are simple, first to knock the head off the opposing mech shall win!!”
  170.         “Wh-what kind of suicidal win condition is that?!” Brian reeled back.
  171.         “Who in the right mind would put a cockpit in the head of a mech where the armor is weakest? The contest shall take place tomorrow at sundown at a battlefield of my choice! Be there and be ready! WAHAHAHA!!”
  172.         “AHAHAHAHAHA!!!”
  173.         “UFUFUFUFUFU!!”
  174.         An akward silence passed once all three had finished their laughs, all of them standing perfectly still and waiting for the others to do something. Eventually it was the anubis that cleared her throat and spoke first, in a far less dramatic tone.
  175.         “Well, it was nice meeting you, I'll see you tomorrow.”
  176.         Her hologram disappeared, shortly followed by the one made by Pinky's devices. A terrified looking wurm on the sidewalk kept staring up at the sky where the sky gods had been speaking, too afraid to move even as a small car honked it's horn to try and make her move her long, armored tail. The platform lowered back into Pinky's complex, Brian turning to Pinky for some answers.
  177.         “So, just who is your insidious rival? She seems as much of a genius as we are, yet there is something... off about her... She does not wear a lab coat!”
  178.         “I know, the nerve to call herself a scientist! I shall defeat her, that Rosie Riveter! And you're just the help I need to finally vanquish her! No amount of advanced steam based technology will prevent our victory! We must start on your mech at once, with no time to waste. She didn't give a size limit, so that shall be a strategic point...”
  179.         “Worry not, for I have a project that will be perfect for this contest. A machine fueled by sheer manliness! With the power to pierce the heavens themselves!”
  180.         Pinky looked up at Brian as the platform settled back down onto the floor below, the control console and railing slipping back down below the floor. “You have such a device? But how will you have it transported here in such a short time?”
  181.         “Teleportation, my dear Pinky! I have perfected the warp bubble technology that does not deconstruct matter! It in fact leaves it entirely intact! I merely require a way to use it past your warped dimension's walls, I had assumed the device I had seen by the door was to prevent such entry, but it was to contain the warped space of your complex.”
  182.         “Of course! I shall have to get your notes on this teleportation, it sounds quite intriguing. I have invented warp drives before, but nothing to remotely transport devices.”
  183.         Pinky led the way back towards the bubble, Brian following her in and being a bit more careful not to hit his head. After a short trip to an empty work area, Pinky exited the bubble and held her hand out towards her partner. Brian stepped out next, slipping his watch off and handing it to Pinky. The mouse began to examine it, humming with interest before putting some adjustments in and handing it back.
  184.         “Try it with something disposal first, but that should do it!”
  185.         Brian took the watch back and fastened it to his wrist, looking around at the huge space in front of him with adjustable catwalk sitting on the floor with wall mounted motors ready to raise it to whatever height was required. With the space clear, he did the calculations in his head and got the coordinates set for the transport. A press of a button later, and a fifty foot piece of red metal with a huge face composing the torso of it's chunky body crashed a few feet down to the floor and shook Pinky off her feet, mouse squeaking as she landed on her round bottom. She frowned and stood up, rubbing the sore spot while looking the machine over.
  186.         “To be honest, it could use some upgrades. And it has no space for a second pilot.” Brian admitted, wondering what he was thinking with the huge spikey glasses mounted to the things eyes when he had actually made the thing. “For one, it needs an actual head so we don't get killed!”
  187.         “Do not worry, working through the night will allow us to complete it! We just need to draw up the plans and get the workers on it before we get some sleep. You can share my room if you like. Ufufufu...”
  188.         “I must turn that down, I am afraid. I sleep in the nude you see!”
  189.         “I-In the nude you say? I really don't mind that...” Pinky stated, wiping some drool from her mouth as she visualized it in her head.
  190.         “Nonsense! I require my own quarters should I require isolation! But enough of that, we must work!”
  191.         “Fine... fufufu...” Pinky pouted, her plans dashed.
  193.         “So, why am I wearing this?” Brian asked, sitting with his arms crossed in the cockpit. Shirtless, and wearing a red cape with tattered ends he fidgeted impatiently, watching the monitors that displayed the battlefield to them. A wide expanse of rock sitting in the middle of the ocean, far away from civilization. He adjusted the white belt keeping the loose black pants on his body to ease his discomfort, unable to get much more than he had already. Completing the look was a new pair of spike orange glasses to match the mech, complete with all the features of his old ones.
  194.         “Because it shows off your muscles! And that's manly!” Pinky answered on the screen to his left with a thumb up, in her own tiny cockpit wearing a white full body suit that looked as if it were made of some kind of latex with how tight and shiny it was. Brian sighed and looked at the screen, still trying to figure her attire out.
  195.         “And what are you wearing?”
  196.         “Fetish wear.”
  197.         “...Right.”
  198.         Brian sighed, looking through the new systems of the nearly remade mech. The base remained, but it looked far more proportioned towards a man now. It came complete with a head and blocky face, along with a helmet for decoration that sported a golden crescent shape where it had fallen and broken a piece off the full circle it was designed with. Somehow, the glasses on the original big face of the body remained through the remake.
  199.         “What time was she supposed to turn up? It's already sunset!”
  200.         “Oh, she always does this so she can squeeze more work in if she's running late.”
  201.         “And sunset where she is won't be for three more hours...” Brian groaned with realization, leaning back to start a nap.
  202.         A sudden crashing and flash of light broke that train of thought, though he didn't shift position despite the surprising entrance. The dust around the blackened ring hung in the air, two yellow glowing eyes lighting up within. The slightly taller figure than their mech stepped forward out of the dust, a high heeled humanoid foot with gold colored metal covering it stepping forth first. It took more steps, humanoid figure slowly becoming more visible. The figure of a giant pharoah moved out, chest actually bouncing with each heavy footstep. It's body appeared soft, unlike their fully metal construction. Metal covered the colored 'flesh' on the wrists, shins, head, neck, chest and crotch in a rather skimpy but ceremonial looking manner with a snake themed sword attached to it's waist by a supermagnet. The giant pharoah raised the back of her fully mechanical hand up to her mouth-less face, Rosie's laugh coming out of the opposing mech in an oddly competent “OHOHOHOHOHO!”
  203.         “So you actually showed up! And in such an OUTDATED style of mech! I took you for a fool, but not a moron!” Taunted the anubis, screen popping up in front of Brian. He couldn't take it seriously, the anubis seeming to be floating nude in some sort of pink fluid.
  204.         “And what sort of design have you made for your mech? Does it count if it's organic?!” Brian asked, grabbing the control handles of his own mech to shift it from it's cross armed pose and point at the pharoah.
  205.         “There is nothing organic about it! The material I have used to protect the inner mechanisms from impacts is my own mix of materials that will absorb all blunt trauma to it, and heal cutting wounds with ease!” Rosie taunted back, drawing the sword and pointing it towards the red classic style mech, every one of her motions translated to her machine.
  206.         “I'm here too you know! Fufufu... Do not worry, I am not the main pilot Rosie! It'll all be Brain here!”
  207.         “Of course, I have some of my workers inside keeping mine in top working order as well! I'd expect nothing else! But do not hold back, little boy!” Rosie taunted, the screen closing and freeing Brian's view of the charging enemy. He pushed and pulled the levers, grinning like a madman as his mech charged and spawned two drills next to each of it's fists.
  208.         “Alright, lets go!!”
  209.         The two giants slammed into each other, sword getting caught by the four drills and sending sparks into the air as the spinning drills ground against the durable blade. To Brian's surprise, he was pushed back by the slightly larger mech, metal feet of his own digging up the rocks below his feet. Eventually traction countered the momentum and slowed the advance to a crawl, Brian taking the chance to twist the drills to try and break the massive vibrating blade, the humming vibrating right into the cockpit through the metal of the arms. To his surprise, all of the drills broke and the blade smacked against the front of their machine. Knocked back, and with a deep gash in the armor, Brian caught himself on his feet and had his leap over the pharoah mech to land behind her, though his opponent had already turned to face him. He took the sunglasses off the front of his mech and ground his teeth, holding it up and keeping the anubis from following up recklessly.
  210.         “What's wrong, don't tell me you're scared already?!” Taunted his opponent, making Brian's eye twitch.
  211.         “It's time to use THAT Brian!”
  212.         “You challenged me to a mech-off, made some weird boobilicious mech that looks like a desert whore, insulted our machine, and then ASKED IF I WAS SCARED! Now. I'm mad. BOOYA!!” Brian roared, smashing his fist into the big red button sitting right in the middle of his mech's control panel marked with a prominent 'All the missiles!' His mech opened up, dozens of the explosive weapons launching out simultaneously and exploding all around and against his opponent. As the fire cleared and only smoke was left behind, Rosie swinging the huge mechanical arms around to try and clear it. Where Brian's mech had been before was vacant, her own looking around and scanning for the thing.
  213.         “Missiles don't work on something that absorbs impact! Hiding with a cloaking device isn't very manly either!”
  214.         “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!”
  215.         The ground behind her broke open all at once, drills spinning madly through the air. The ones on his fists didn't go anywhere, but another one lower slammed into the pelvis of the enemy machine and penetrated the thick metal 'panties' in one motion before locking in place. Rosie spun her head around, able to see the enemy mech's pelvish mashed against her own amidst the alarms of penetration in the rear access port. Before she could react, the arms of her opponent wrapped around her mech and locked them in place. Despite her struggles, she could not break the lock.
  216.         “What the hell are you doing?!”
  217.         “I'll take it from here Brian, you just try not to lose!” Pinky exclaimed, Rosie confused until screens of the entry area opened up. The end of the drill buried in her machine opened up, ten mice in white form fitting outfits wearing round helmets jumping from the tip into the entry area of her machine armed with what looked like toy machine guns with overly large magazines. She regained her composure, but glared at the screen before redoubling her efforts to shake the mech keeping hers in place.
  218.         “What kind of tactic is this?!”
  219.         “I'm defeating you with my MANLY SPIRIT!”
  220.         “Brain, I told you to put us in the FRONT access port!” Pinky complained through the communications link inbuilt in her helmet, “It'll take a lot longer to reach her from this entrance, it's the one the workers use!”
  221.         “It was a bit hard to aim, and they're only a few feet away from each other! Just go do what you need to do, I'll keep her occupied!” Brain retorted, shutting communications down to avoid tipping Rosie off to any more of the plan. A siren started to blare through the tight confines of the machine, corridors surrounded by pipes sending steam and other fluids all over. Pinky ignored the siren, turning to the nine other mice staring at her and waiting for orders. Just before she could begin a long speech, the drill behind them lurched and was torn from it's lodging, exposing the outside and wind blowing towards the opening.
  222.         With panicked squeaks they rushed up the grated stairs to the next level, Pinky raising her weapon once she saw a frog-girl clinging to one of the pipes. She jumped forward to dodge the long tongue lashing down at her, two of the mice coming up behind her shooting their weapons. Instead of deadly projectiles, pink flying dildos curved and swung around the frog, confusing the amphibian woman. A mere second later, one of the dildos had lodged themselves in one of her three openings each, two going right through the baggy pants she had been sporting. The frog fell and writhed in ecstasy on the ground, Pinky getting up and jumping over her to continue.
  223.         “We must move forward Pinkies, or we will surely lose! To the next level, all will be made clear there!” Pinky declared, running up towards the next level. The whole machine tilted to one side, the mice catching themselves on the railings before a small harpy swooped by and scratched at their helmets. Pinky tried to lock on, but the swift sparrow harpy dove around the pipes, metal skeleton, and other obstructions to avoid the ranged weapons. Coming out through the steam, more tiny harpy claws scratched at the off balance mice, one squeaking and almost slipping off the angled platform before two more caught her, dropping the weapons into the maze of the machine. As the harpy came in the other way, their battlefield lurched the other way and caught her off guard. Seeing the harpy startled, shots were fired from the obscene weapons, the harpy dropping with holes filled with dildos. The platforms lurched back level, allowing them to continue storming the interior.
  224.         Outside, Brian did his best to dodge the nimble kicks and punches the opposing machine was snapping at him like whips, sword long discarded and crotch drill stuck outside due to the damage sustained from being forced out. His best wasn't good enough, a heavy kick sending him tumbling into a ledge to crash upside down into the solid rock wall.
  225.         “Hey, calm down you mutt! You aren't even aiming for the head!”
  226.         “S-shut up you perverted male! I shall humiliate you as thoroughly as I like! Stay there and be purified by the sun!” Declared Rosie, her mech pointing at him for dramatic purposes as he tried to get himself right side up. The pharaoh mech raised her hands above her head, Brian confused until he saw light dim all around them and a ball of glowing sunlight gathering in the two raised hands. Even as the ball disappeared and Brian got his mech to it's feet, the light around them remained gone. He glanced to the horizon, but the sun had still not set. Just as he looked back to his opponent, she lowered her hands and powerful beams of light shot from her hands. The arms of his mech flew off, alarms and red lights going off in the cockpit. He swore, running as erratically as he could to avoid the followups that shot out around him.
  227.         “I'm getting a red alert Brain, what's wrong?!” Pinky asked, face appearing on Brian's left-hand screen.
  228.         “She's shooting sun beams at me! My arms are off!”
  229.         “The fight is over Brian, admit defeat and I won't need to break that toy further! Wahahahahaha!!”
  230.         “Shut up you jackal! How are you doing inside Pinky?!”
  231.         “We're almost there, hold on a bit longer!” Pinky instructed her partner, cutting communications off again. She looked back out of her cover, holding the odd munitions weapon tight in her little hands as blasts of hot water splashed past her and the other mice, unable to get a lock on their last obstacle. They had come upon the center of the machine, but to reach the orb that contained the pilot they had to get past the mermaid workers that were using makeshift hose weapons to shoot the hot water at the intruders. Unable to get a lock on them due to the water and steam, Pinky had to think of a solution while the other mice kept trying to get a lucky lock on the three opposing mechanics.
  232.         “Brain can't last much longer, we need a good distraction! But what could distract a bunch of mermaids?!” Pinky thought, looking around the large room and it's pool of steaming water, contained in a spherical room with the pilot orb suspended in the center where Pinky could see Rosie controlling her machine. “Fuck it, use all the dakka!”
  233.         On that cue, all seven mice with weapons came out of their spots while the three without made themselves shields, a full flurry of the dildos flying out towards the pilot. Faced with no other choice, the mermaids leaped from the water and took the shots themselves, falling into the water twitching and limp. Pinky was about to celebrate, before seeing the pilot was untouched.
  234.         “Out of ammo.”
  235.         “Can't get her.”
  236.         “Give up?”
  237.         “Narf...”
  238.         “Not yet! I still have one in the chamber!” Pinky declared, grinning with delight. She turned the dildo's vibration to max, impact to SMASH, velocity to Gonzales, and size to Dragon. Aiming the shot, she calculated as quick as she could and tried to get a lock, the bubble of the pilot interfering. As soon as she got a good shot she took it, the powerful ejection of the huge dildo knocking her onto her back as the phallic bullet flew into the pink, rubbery bubble filled with the special pilot fluid. As the bubble was breached and Rosie started to realize things had gone south, a giant cock rammed it's way into her anus and overloaded her senses all at once. Going limp, the bubble sealing itself again, the anubis left powerless.
  239.         “Do it now Brain, it's your only chance!”
  240.         Brian stopped running, seeing the pharaoh mech fall to it's knees and lose motion. He grinned, building up a running start towards the prone mech before him with his beat up machine.
  242.         With no limbs left, he was forced to thrust the pelvis of his mech and the still attached drill at the head of the enemy, the unguarded head coming off stuck to the drill. The metal legs of his mech landed on the ground hard, torn up machine buckling and falling on it's ass, propped up only by a large rock. Behind him, the pharaoh mech fell backwards and the emergency ejection was carried out, water flooding all the residents inside out of the machine out of the two entry ports.
  243.         Brian let out a huge breath of relief, cockpit opening up to the cooling sea air as the adrenaline of the fight left his body with his victory and all systems shut down. The remaining light of the sun reflected off the calm waters of the sea around the island, the sound of waves crashing against stone in the distance audible once the racket of two gigantic machines fighting had stopped.
  244.         Into the cockpit climbed Pinky, popping the helmet off and tossing it behind her once she was inside the stable machine. Still soaking wet from the ejection out of the enemy's mech, the shiny latex-like material only seemed to reflect more light as she grinned excitedly.
  245.         “We did it! We actually beat her! I've never beaten her with mechs before! She mostly makes mechs, so she's really good at it! I knew that with you help, we could overcome the menace of Rosie Riveter!” Pinky grinned as wide as she could manage, “Now, I shall reward my amazing colleague!”
  246.         Brian was about to ask what she meant, before seeing her reach down below her crotch and zip a hidden zipper up from the base of her tail over her privates, stopping once both her holes were accessible. Nothing was worn underneath the tight latex, which still clung to her even as she crawled up onto Brian's lap and turned around. Leaning forward and propping herself up on the control console, she gave Brian a full view of the base of the plug in her anus and the dildo lodged in her tight pussy, both twitching with arousal.
  247.         “Were you wearing those the whole time?”
  248.         “It was the only way to make sure the self guided dildos didn't come back at us!”
  249.         “The what?” Brian asked, painful pressure in his pants serving as a good incentive to go along with what Pinky had in mind. “So, every one of you that went in there had those stuck inside of them?”
  250.         “Yep!”
  251.         “...my dick is the dick that shall pierce the heavens.”
  252.         Brian grinned and pulled the dildo from Pinky's hole, dropping it to the side as the mouse squeaked and moaned from the quick motion. She looked back at Brian with a needy look, the man all too eager to feel her soft rump over the latex suit and spread the pale pink pussy in front of him. Pulling the firm mouse rump into his face, he assaulted her with his tongue, the off balance mouse squeaking and moaning in pleasure. Under his oral assault the scientist melted, only kept up by his firm grip and desire to release the pent up arousal from piloting a mech to victory.
  253.         Curling her legs under his armpits, Pinky did her best to arrange herself in Brian's crotch to push his pants down his legs and free the dick from the cloth separating it from her face. Breathing heavy onto the firm rod, Pinky gave it a few long licks before bringing the head into her mouth to swirl her tongue around in a circular motion. One small hand kept her balanced while the other stroked his shaft, grunt of approval coming from her partner. Her petite body and breasts pressed against Brian's torso, smooth material covering her rubbing up against him a slight amount as she squirmed under his affections. His hips bucked into the air as he got closer, pushing more of the shaft into her eagerly working mouth as she redoubled her efforts. A flood of his cum shot it's way out right into her sucking throat, hand still stroking the shaft to get as much of it out as she could get. Brian took his mouth away from the mouse pussy to catch his breath, but Pinky wasn't ready to rest yet.
  254.         She carefully turned herself around, straddling Brian's hips and licking her lips as her lower lips kissed the sensitive cock-head and drooled down onto it. Brian pleaded with his eyes but the mouse was too aroused to wait, ramming herself down on the still erect shaft and getting a pained cry of pleasure from Brian. Giggling and hugging herself against him, she pistoned her hips on the cock as quick as she could. The tight confines of her body agonized Brian, still recovering from the first round.
  255.         “H-have mercy!”
  256.         “Surely you can handle this much Brain!”
  257.         Pinky slammed her hips down and shook them side to side, getting more delicious sounds from the man unable to fight against it. She returned to bouncing herself on the rod, moaning with delight from it ramming against her womb and throbbing with need within her. Her own pleasure grew swiftly, their mixed moans growing once Brian shifted his hands to Pinky's soft rump to help her move. As her inner walls rippled, the mouse let out a muffled cry as her orgasm hit. Right behind her, Brian unleashed the second eruption deep inside her and right into the mouse's tight little belly.
  258.         Both went limp in the seat and panted for more breath, Pinky mumbling gibberish to herself as her hands ran along Brian's body in the afterglow of her climax. This didn't last long, as a strong rod became as steel once more within her and Brian's hands grabbed her under her arms. A slight squeak came from her, but she could not fight as the man pulled her off him and turned her around, dropping her down onto the console and lifting up her rump. Taking a moment to admire the lewd display, Brian wasted no more time and grabbed the plug still left in Pinky's anus. Pulling it out with a pop, he discarded the relatively large plug and rammed into the already lubed hole. Pinky squeaked in surprise, eyes widening as her began to ravage her asshole.
  259.         Brian gripped the mouse's hips and kept pounding into her, cocky grin returned as he reamed the rodent with all his might. Pinky couldn't fight, body going limp under the assault. Finally noticing the tail once it brushed against his chin, Brian grabbed and stroked it with one hand. Pinky tightened and squeezed around him in surprise, grin growing in size as he stroked harder on the tail. The reaction grew, Pinky shaking in another climax and clamping down around his shaft. He kept stroking relentlessly, keeping the mouse under his control until he finally roared and unleashed the third shot, flooding her unfilled hole with the third mighty shot of his cum.
  260.         Spent, he fell back on his seat and began to rest on the stickier seat of the cockpit. He caught his breath while Pinky recovered from her spasms, mouse eventually leaning back onto Brian's legs with head on his belly.
  261.         “Is every day this exciting Pinky?” Brian asked, enjoying the quiet moment as the sun finally set under the horizon of the sea.
  262.         “Sure is!”
  263.         “I'm going to like it working with you Pinky! What are we going to do tomorrow night?”
  264.         “The same thing we do every night Brain!”
  265.         “What's that Pinky?”
  266.         “Fuck around with SCIENCE!”
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