Are CHEAP PBNS and 2.0′s enought?

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Are CHEAP PBNS and 2.0′s enought?
  2. Are they enought for low comp niche sites?
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  14. Want passive stable incoming so i want to try Adsense + micro niches
  15. I have on seo knowledge but 0 off-seo knowledge so i dont know if i need deep pocket to rank low comps and micro niches
  16. That totally depends on the difficulty of your keyword. If it is very easy, doing on-page optimization alone should rank your site.
  17. I've written a guide on competition analysis, if you have any queries, feel free to ask.
  18. With the winners of the web determined, it's time to start locking down the ecosystem with DRM:
  19. Practically speaking, bypassing DRM isn't hard (Google's version of DRM was broken for six years before anyone noticed), but that doesn't matter. Even low-quality DRM gets the
  21. copyright owner the extremely profitable right to stop their customers and competitors from using their products except in the ways that the rightsholder specifies. ... for a
  23. browser to support EME, it must also license a "Content Decryption Module" (CDM). Without a CDM, video just doesn't work. All the big incumbents advocating for DRM have licenses
  25. for CDMs, but new entrants to the market will struggle to get these CDMs, and in order to get them, they have to make promises to restrict otherwise legal activities ... We're
  27. dismayed to see the W3C literally overrule the concerns of its public interest members, security experts, accessibility members and innovative startup members, putting the
  29. institution's thumb on the scales for the large incumbents that dominate the web, ensuring that dominance lasts forever.
  30. After years of loosey goosey privacy violations by the tech monopoly players, draconian privacy laws will block new competitors:
  31. More significantly, the GDPR extends the concept of'personal data' to bring it into line with the online world. The regulation stipulates, for example, that an online identifier,
  33. such as a device's IP address, can now be personal data. So next year, a wide range of identifiers that had hitherto lain outside the law will be regarded as personal data,
  35. reflecting changes in technology and the way organisations collect information about people. ... Facebook and Google should be OK, because they claim to have the'consent' of their
  37. users. But the data-broking crowd do not have that consent.
  38. GDRP is less than 8 months away.
  40. If you can't get the fat thumb accidental mobile ad clicks then you need to convert formerly free services to a paid version or sell video ads. Yahoo! shut down most their
  42. verticals, was acquired by Verizon, and is now part of Oath. Oath's strategy is so sound Katie Couric left:
  43. Oath's video unit, however, had begun doubling down on the type of highly shareable,'snackable' bites that people gobble up on their smartphones and Facebook feeds. ... . What
  45. frustrates her like nothing else, two people close to Couric told me, is when she encounters fans and they ask her what she's up to these days.
  46. When content is atomized into the smallest bits & recycling is encouraged only the central network operators without editorial content costs win.
  47. Even Reddit is pushing crappy autoplay videos for the sake of ads. There's no chance of it working for them, but they'll still try, as Google & Facebook have enviable market caps.
  48. Video ads are good with everything!
  49. Want to find a job? Watch some autoplay video ads on LinkedIn.
  50. Mic laid off journalists and is pivoting to video.
  51. It doesn't work, but why not try.
  52. Are CHEAP PBNS and 2.0′s enought?
  53. The TV networks which focused on the sort of junk short-form video content that is failing online are also seeing low ratings.
  54. Probably just a coincidence.
  55. Some of the "innovative" upstart web publishers are recycling TV ads as video content to run pre-roll ads on. An ad inside an ad.
  56. Some suggest the repackaging and reposting of ads highlights the'pivot to video' mentality many publishers now demonstrate. The push to churn out video content to feed platforms
  58. and to attract potentially lucrative video advertising is increasingly viewed as a potential solution to an increasingly challenging business model problem.
  59. Publishers might also get paid a commission on any sales they help drive by including affiliate links alongside the videos. If these links drive users to purchase the products,
  61. then the publisher gets a cut.
  62. Is there any chance recycling low quality infomercial styled ads as placeholder auto-play video content to run prerolls on is a sustainable business practice?
  63. If that counts as strategic thinking in online publishing, count me as a short.
  64. For years whenever the Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox had a security update users who hit the page got a negative option install of Google Chrome as their default web browser. And
  66. Google constantly markets Chrome across their properties:
  67. Google is aggressively using its monopoly position in Internet services such as Google Mail, Google Calendar and YouTube to advertise Chrome. Browsers are a mature product and its
  69. hard to compete in a mature market if your main competitor has access to billions of dollars worth of free marketing.
  70. It only takes a single yes on any of those billions of ad impressions (or an accidental opt in on the negative option bundling with security updates) for the default web browser
  72. to change permanently.
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