Sunday Night Chatroom 2015/05/17 Minutes

MegaBossMan May 17th, 2015 214 Never
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  1. The Latest News from Prototype!
  2. Hello there, reader! MBM has misplaced the conversation about this, but he still has the links! Don’t worry, it was mainly a show and tell, with not too much discussion. You won’t be missing a lot, I swear ;)
  7. Unfollowing Threads:
  8. (18:56:02) MegaBossMan: I know some people dislike receiving multiple notifications of threads in Roleplay.
  9. (18:56:15) MegaBossMan: Especially since that is a constantly updated section, too.
  10. (18:56:45) MegaBossMan: So, I'm sure these people, or any other people in these hypothetical situations, sorta get tired of constant notifications for threads they just don't generally care about.
  11. (18:57:21) MegaBossMan: So, if I may, what if there was some sort of option that wouldn't alert the user of a notification in a thread. Some sort of "Unfollow" option?
  12. (18:58:08) TheDoc: I like it. Every time I log on, I find myself having to view all the updated threads to get rid of the notification
  13. (18:58:18) AdrianMarceau: When logged out, it would still show the same selection of recent threads, but when logged into a specific account I see no harm is manually unfollowing categories you don't care about.
  14. (19:00:15) AdrianMarceau: Yeah, you're right. We'll stick with MBM's original idea and do category-based subscriptions rather than individual threads.
  15. (19:01:06) TheDoc: I would prefer unsubscribing from individual threads
  16. (19:01:18) AdrianMarceau: What about a combo?
  17. (19:01:59) AdrianMarceau: You can check/uncheck which categories to follow in your profile, and if necessary there will be a deeper "ignore" option for individual threads.
  18. (19:02:33) TheDoc: The only reason I say that is because there might be specific, say, Gnereal threads that I don't want to hear about, but all the others are fine
  19. (19:03:50) AdrianMarceau: If the ignore option takes precedence over the category-wide subscriptions, that should be able to solve both problems.
  21. Giving Rhythm Common Sense:
  23.  (19:06:46) MegaBossMan: Now, I'm not sure about in Hard Mode, but....
  24. (19:07:14) MegaBossMan: Rhythm isn't exactly the smartest cookie out there, constantly swapping stats, even if she has the upper advantage.
  25. (19:07:44) MegaBossMan: That is a bit of a problem, because while Proto Man himself is a formidable foe, Rhythm sorta plays like she's pressing a random button to win.
  26. (19:08:44) MegaBossMan: So, if possible, could we somehow set up some sort of system or programming where she uses her swapping moves based on her current stat?
  27. (19:09:03) MegaBossMan: IE-"Rhythm's Defense Stat<Player Defense Stat"
  28. (19:09:44) MegaBossMan: If this works though, maybe it could work for other stat-dropping moves?
  29. (19:10:08) MegaBossMan: IE-Bright Man uses Bright Burst more commonly if the player's defense stat is higher than his?
  30. (19:12:05) AdrianMarceau:​/mmrpg-prototype/blob/master/data​/classes/robot.php#L539
  31. (19:12:20) AdrianMarceau: I know it's code and hard to read for some, but that's the AI for EVERY robot.
  32. (19:12:29) AdrianMarceau: Really, really basic.
  33. (19:13:23) AdrianMarceau: For the update I'm changing the structure a bit and giving key robots their own personalized AI subroutines, but RIGHT NOW this is what you guys are working with.
  34. (19:13:51) AdrianMarceau: I'll add entries for the swap abilities to make Rhythm (and other robots using the abilities) a little smarter. Should only take me a few minutes.
  35. (19:14:41) AdrianMarceau: I'll upload them momentarily.
  38. Rain Flush’s Damage:
  39. (19:21:54) TheDoc: What's the percentage of damage for it?
  40. (19:22:31) MegaBossMan: ....I wouldn't know, but I recommend it get boosted from it's current 10%.
  41. (19:23:03) TheDoc: Any particular percentage?
  42. (19:23:10) TheDoc: That you'd like, that is
  43. (19:23:20) MegaBossMan: I'd say around 25%.
  44. (19:23:38) AdrianMarceau: I was going to leave it at 10%....
  45. (19:23:46) AdrianMarceau: but if you think it should be boosted
  46. (19:23:57) AdrianMarceau: It's 10% base, and 15% with a robot's core boost, so...
  47. (19:23:59) TheDoc: Well, consider bench modifiers. 25% gets reduced by a lot down the line
  48. (19:24:08) AdrianMarceau: And if it's a super effective hit, it'll be 30%...
  49. (19:24:13) AdrianMarceau: and then there are field multipliers
  50. (19:24:16) MegaBossMan: It really needs a boost. Killing Bright Man in a new profile is still a pain.
  51. (19:24:38) AdrianMarceau: But I guess with the Starforce boost being taken away, it should be fine to boost it a bit
  52. (19:24:57) AdrianMarceau: It shouldn't OHKO Bright Man though, so we have to be careful of that
  54. Boss Stat Boosts:
  55. (19:29:11) MegaBossMan: You know how Mechas have a stat point limit of 50, and robots a stat point limit of 100?
  56. (19:29:33) MegaBossMan: [IE When you beat a robot/mecha with maxed stats and they give off a certain point value that boosts your robot]
  57. (19:29:44) MegaBossMan: If that's the case, what would Bosses give out?
  58. (19:31:14) MegaBossMan: As in, you need to collect a bunch of Stat points for your robot to reach their stat limits?
  59. (19:33:21) AdrianMarceau: Right, the amount of bonus stats yielded by any target is directly proportionate to their base stat totals.
  60. (19:33:25) AdrianMarceau:​/mmrpg-prototype/blob/master/data​/classes/robot_trigger-disabled.p​hp#L368
  61. (19:33:45) TheDoc: So will it work the same way for bosses? They'd just tend to give out more stats?
  62. (19:33:53) AdrianMarceau: Yes, they would.
  63. (19:37:38) AdrianMarceau: Here we go. Much simpler.​/mmrpg-prototype/blob/master/data​/classes/robot_trigger-disabled.p​hp#L713
  64. (19:37:59) AdrianMarceau: The bonus stat you are awarded is equal to 5% of their stat when you disable them.
  65. (19:39:03) AdrianMarceau: So fortress bosses will yield the same percentage.
  67. Coming to a Smartphone Near You!:
  68. (19:43:12) AdrianMarceau: As part of my optimization and CSS cleaning, I redid a bunch of the styles and made the website more responsive.
  69. (19:43:43) AdrianMarceau: It will actually be readable on smartphones and smaller devices, which should be a huge help when using the website as a reference.
  70. (19:45:06) AdrianMarceau: Starting with the smallest resolution possible for an iPhone (that I know of) 320px width and then working my way up. I have most of the website part done but I haven't touched the game yet. It would be SO awesome if I got a compact version of it working on the phone with just CSS tweaks.
  71. (19:45:26) AdrianMarceau: But we'll see. At the very least the database and community will be much more accessible in the future.
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