IEA - Dash Loses

Sep 20th, 2015
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  1. >You drop the controller, get off the ground, and both your hands shoot up into the air with the biggest smile on your face that you could muster.
  2. >“No way! Nonny won!” yelled Pinkie excitedly dropping her bowl on popcorn all over Applejack.
  3. >Applejack didn’t even react. Her and Sunset beside her were too amazed at what had just happened.
  4. >Rainbow Dash was frozen next to you, looking at the game over screen.
  5. >You had just successfully defeated her in the most intense Street Brawler 6 match you had ever had with her.
  6. >But not only had you just won, you had won the bet she made with you before the match started.
  7. “One whole week of Rainbow Dash being my personal servant. Servant! Kiss my butt!”
  8. >You swing your right cheek towards her and she hits you with the controller.
  9. >You sit back down laughing as she tries to start up another match.
  10. “Hey hey hey no 2 out of 3 stuff Rainbow.”
  11. >“Annoymous please let me borrow her tomorrow. I need some help moving some stuff out of the barn.”
  12. >Before you can reply to Applejack Rainbow Dash drops the controller on the ground and gets up.
  13. >“Hey that wasn’t part of the bet.” she replies angrily towards Applejack.
  14. “Comeon this isn’t that serious Rainbow Dash. The summer just started lets not ruin it now.”
  16. >“What are you going to make her do?” asks Pinky still excited.
  17. “Dirty, dirty things.”
  18. >Rainbow Dash gives you the nastiest stare you’ve seen from her in awhile and you just smile back at her still incredibly amused by the situation.
  19. >“I can’t believe this happened!” she yells.
  20. >“Well believe it, Sugar. That was pretty intense towards the end.”
  21. >You nod in complete agreement. You start thinking of things to make her do for you but they all end up coming back to somehow seeing Rainbow partially nude.
  22. >“What were you going to make Anon do for you if you won Dash?” asked Sunset.
  23. >You and the others look up at the still standing Dash.
  24. >“I don’t know. Clean my room or something. Probably take us to the movies next Friday at the end.”
  25. “You could have just asked that. Didn’t have to make this bet and get spanked in front of everyone here.”
  26. >She hits you again lightly on the head and you grab playfully at her hand.
  27. >Its late Friday night now, so next Friday would be the end of the bet. That helps you start thinking of some things for her to do.
  28. >You stare around the room at the other girls you’ve known longer then you can remember. Some of the others weren’t here right now because of other obligations but normally every Friday night you’d all get together at Sunsets since her parents always came home so late.
  29. “You know I really like the idea of helping Applejack out tomorrow moving her stuff. I was going to help anyway might as well bring Dash along.”
  30. >Applejack smiles widely.
  32. >-DAY ONE-
  34. >Its way too early in the morning for you and Dash. She is obviously incredibly pissed off at you but she isn’t going to back out.
  35. >She leans up against you most of the walk, you pushing her away every few feet as you guys walk up to the farm.
  36. >The drive up isn’t something your car would have been able to handle. The clay road is cracked and filled with chunks of orange rock.
  37. >“Carry me Anon.”
  38. “I’m not carrying you. You should be carrying me.”
  39. >She continues to bat at your arm the next couple of feet as you two come up to the top of the road and get a view of Applejack’s home.
  40. >You guys never really get to visit here other then when her family all comes into town.
  41. >You can see a moving van parked in front of the barn with what looks like Big Mac bringing some boxes up the loading ramp.
  42. >“Are you serious? Its barely light out and they are all ready moving stuff.”
  43. “You know Dash apples are better then coffee in the morning.”
  44. >She turns to you with an annoyed look.
  45. >“My freaking “master” is a nerd.”
  47. >Its several more minutes before you two finally make it to the front door of the house. Applejack opens the door for you both.
  48. >“Why didn’t you two call? We could have picked you up in the truck?”
  49. >“Anon couldn’t get any reception out here. So we started to walk.”
  50. >“You need a new phone then Sugar. We aren’t that far outside of the city. Have you two eaten anything?”
  51. “No but Dash wouldn’t have any problem getting me some food and coffee. Would you Dash?”
  52. >She turned to look at you, blank faced. Applejack started to laugh.
  53. >“Well while she is doing that lets go help out Big Mac Anon.”
  54. >For about an hour you help Applejack and her brother move out some tables and chairs from the barn into the moving truck. During that time you completely forget about Dash until Applebloom appears around the corner giggling.
  55. >“Hey sis. Rainbow Dash is snoring on our couch.”
  56. >Applejack sighs and looks at you and her brother.
  57. >“I’ve never met someone as lazy as your girlfriend Anon.”
  58. “I thought we were dating Applejack?”
  59. >Applebloom starts to laugh as Applejack’s stumbles over her words and blushes.
  60. >You smile and start to drink some of your bottled water Big Mac had handed you earlier.
  61. >“What are we going to do to her Anon?” asks Applebloom excitedly.
  62. “What do you think we should do to her Applebloom?”
  64. >Applebloom thinks really hard. You think really hard too. You hate when people screw around with you when you sleep. Don’t think Dash will be much different.
  65. >“We could always tie her up and tickle her feet with a feather!”
  66. >You all look towards Pinky Pie who suddenly and without warning appeared besides you all.
  67. >Your dying laughing now. Applejack and Applebloom look slightly disturbed. Big Mac picks up some orange paracord that was hanging inside the moving van.
  68. >“Big Mac!” yells Applejack.
  69. “Lets do it.” you say walking into the house with an excited Pinkie and silent Big Mac.
  70. >Applejack crosses her arms and shakes her head as Applebloom follows you three into the home.
  71. >Rainbow Dash is beyond passed out on the couch. Her snoring is slightly louder then you would have thought.
  72. >“Wait a second.”
  73. >You and Big Mac look at Pinkie Pie with confused looks. Dash’s shoes and socks are all ready off.
  74. “You are something else Pinkie Pie.”
  75. >You two tie up her ankles tightly and just stand back and look at her snoring on the couch.
  76. >“Lets get this party started!” whispers Pinkie incredibly excited, but also whispering.
  77. >She pulls out a small party popper and pulls the string. Its not too loud but loud enough to wake up Dash. Her eyes go wide at the sight of you four looking at her tied up on the couch.
  78. “Oh crap!”
  80. > She tries to get off the couch but ends up falling on the ground with a yell. Big Mac grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. You lead him outside with Pinkie and Applebloom bouncing behind you.
  81. “Hey Applejack! We caught ourselves a Rainbow Dash.”
  82. >“What are you guys doing! Let me go!” she continually yells, almost pleading.
  83. “Where is my breakfast Dash? Where is it!”
  84. >You smile towards Pinkie who instantly grabs Dash’s ankles and starts to tickle her feet.
  85. >Dash’s pleads turn to laughter as she tries to fight back. Big Mac is unfazed by it.
  86. >“I tried to stop them sugar. But they out voted me.”
  87. >She cursed through her laughter at all of them. Pinkie was merciless on Dash. Maybe a little too into it.
  88. “Big Mac let her down. Applebloom can you please get her shoes for me?”
  89. >She nodded and ran back into the house. Pinkie was visibly disappointed.
  90. >Once she hit the ground she hopped your way and punched you hard in the shoulder.
  91. >“Why did you let them do that to me?” she yelled.
  92. “I was a pawn in Pinkie’s plan!”
  93. >“Nonny you liked it too.” said Pinkie giving you a sly smile.
  94. “You do have great legs Dash. Ok feet I guess.”
  95. >She punched you in the shoulder hard again.
  96. >After everything settled down you and the other got some of the left over food and coffee.
  98. “Are you awake now?”
  99. >She stared daggers at you but it didn’t phase you. You’ve known her long enough that it’ll blow over pretty quickly. She was always all bark.
  100. >As everyone was talking about different things, except for Big Mac, you started to think about what you were going to do over the rest of the week. You all ready had your plans for later tonight to help her cool down.
  101. “What are you guys doing later?”
  102. >“Big Mac here is going to drive all those chairs and stuff up to our Aunts. I was going to go with him.”
  103. >You glance quickly at Dash to check her expression. She is pleading with you with her eyes not to volunteer.
  104. “What about you Pinkie?”
  105. >“I don’t make plans silly Nonny.”
  106. >You look at Applebloom who is finishing off some apple pie.
  107. “What are you doing?” you ask jokingly.
  108. >“Well me, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo were going to hang out over at Sweetie Belle’s place like we always do on Saturday.”
  109. “Oh Scootaloo is going to be there?”
  110. >“Yup!”
  112. >That gives you an idea.
  113. “Can me and Dash come? Maybe we can drag Rarity out to the arcade.”
  114. >Applebloom’s eyes light up.
  115. >“Really! That would be great!”
  116. >You look over at Dash who has slumped down in here chair with a look of annoyance. You knew how much Scootaloo looked up to her. You also knew how annoying it could get sometimes for her.
  117. “I’ll call Rarity a little later and make the plans okay Applebloom.”
  118. >She nods and heads to her room obviously excited.
  119. >A few minutes later you and Dash are back at your car thanks to Applejack giving you a ride in her truck.
  120. >You both jump out of the bed and say your goodbyes.
  121. >“Hey Anon.”
  122. >You look towards Applejack as Dash walks towards you car. The blonde cowgirl hands you some cash.
  123. “I got it Applejack. I don’t need the cash.”
  124. >“Keep it Anon. Thanks for coming out to help and spending the morning with us.”
  125. >You nod and grab the cash from her hand, your hand slightly lingering in hers.
  126. “You know if Dash stops talking to me after this week you’ll always be my special somebody.”
  127. >She blushes and laughs at you.
  128. >“Your something else Anon. Take care Dash! See you tomorrow morning!”
  129. >“What!?” yells Dash as Applejack drives away laughing.
  130. >“She was kidding right Anon?”
  131. >You keep a smile on your face, but stay completely silent walking to the car. Once you reach your door and unlock the car you stare straight into her feared fill eyes.
  132. “She said she would go on a date with me Wednesday night if I loaned you to her till then.”
  134. >“What?!”
  135. “Yeah I was thinking of taking her to that new steak place by Sugarcube Corner.”
  136. >She was still staring at you with disbelief and anger. You just stare at her for a few more moments and let the anger build up some more.
  137. “Do you think I should get a red shirt? You know, like apple red?”
  138. >Dash gets into the car and slams the door.
  139. >You follow her into the car and turn it on. You turn the air condition on and put it down to 70.
  140. “Dash?”
  141. >She doesn’t look your way, just focuses on all the dust left by Applejack’s truck.
  142. “This isn’t fun anymore you don’t have to come tonight. Also I was just screwing around about Applejack. I think she is in love with her brother.”
  143. >Dash lets out a short laugh and smiles at you, giggling slightly.
  144. >“Woah woah woah. If your taking the girls to the arcade later I’m coming. Especially if your going to pay.”
  145. “Will you go on the roller coaster there with me? Front row?”
  146. >“Sure.”
  147. >You put the car into reverse and get back onto the road. Actually thinking about that steak place by Sugarcube corner put you into a real ice cream mood. You were going to take her later but right now would work too.
  148. “I’m getting us some icecream.”
  149. >“Really? Awesome!”
  150. “Yeah but you have to spoon feed it to me.”
  151. >She rolled her eyes and stared out her window as you drove to the center of town.
  152. >You started to think about the night ahead of you. It was going to great.
  154. >-NIGHT 1-
  155. >It was easy to get Rarity to agree to heading over to the arcade. The girls always ended up bothering her and driving her nuts.
  156. >After dropping Rainbow Dash off at her home and then picking her up again later, you finally made it to the arcade.
  157. >“Rarity says she will be here in 5 minutes dude.”
  158. >Good.
  159. “How your feet feeling?”
  160. >She gave you a nasty look and you smiled playfully.
  161. >You both walked up to the outside ticket booth and you bought the tickets and passes to the outside rides.
  162. “Have you been on that roller coaster yet?”
  163. >She nodded yes. “Its actually really fun.”
  164. “I’ve never been. Have to check it out.”
  165. >You shoot the breeze with her for a few more minutes until you see Rarity and the kids walking up. Rarity actually dressed down to your surprise. She was always too dressed up in your opinion.
  166. >“Hey Anon!” yelled Applebloom running the rest of the way, closely followed by the other two girls.
  167. >You waved hello to Rarity who smiled and gave a small wave back.
  168. “You girls ready to have some freaking fun?”
  169. >Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were definitely excited. Scootaloo was obviously trying to play it cool in front of Rainbow Dash.
  170. >“Hey Rainbow Dash.” she said trying to act mature or something.
  171. >“How you doing Scootaloo?”
  172. >“Fine.”
  173. “Scootaloo.”
  174. >She looks your way.
  175. “You hear about Dash here losing a bet to me the other night and becoming my servant the whole week?”
  176. >Dash rolls her eyes and Scootaloo looks super surprised at you.
  177. >“Rainbow Dash never loses!”
  178. >“Its true.” said Applebloom chiming in. “She was at our house this morning because she has to do whatever Anon says.”
  179. “She even has to give me kisses on the mouth if I want them.”
  181. >Applebloom and Rarity started to laugh while Sweetie Belle looked grossed out.
  182. >You turned to Rainbow Dash who was frozen in fear and embarrassment.
  183. >“Hey you can’t do that to Dash!”
  184. “Yes I can. She made the bet. And you know Rainbow Dash is the queen of bets.”
  185. >You turn towards Rainbow Dash who is now obviously blushing.
  186. “I don’t think she believes me Dash. We have to prove its true.”
  187. >You could tell Scootaloo was about to beat the crap out of you. You turned back to face her.
  188. “I have a better way to prove it. You’re her boss now Scootaloo. For the whole night. But you can’t kiss her.”
  189. >Now Scootaloo is blushing and you start to laugh. You hand out the wristbands and a bag of quarters that came with it to Rainbow Dash.
  190. >Rainbow Dash gets close to you and whispers something into your ear.
  191. >“I’m going to kick your ass after this dude.”
  192. “No your not. That kid was about to throw a punch for you. She is like your biggest fan in the world.”
  193. >She goes quiet. She knows your right.
  194. “Stop acting so hard and have some fun man. Its summer, I’m on vacation, and you’re my personal servant slash best buddy. I’m having the most fun I can possibly imagine right now.
  195. >She goes to punch you like she always does, but instead grabs your shoulder tightly.
  196. >“Thanks Anon.”
  197. >Dash grabs Scootaloo’s hand and drags her into the arcade, closely followed by the other two girls.
  200. >“When did you get so smooth Anon?”
  201. “I’ve always been smooth.”
  202. >“Well turn it off for a second Darling. Sunset told me about the bet yesterday. Don’t you think it’s a little obvious what’s going on?”
  203. >You sigh.
  204. “Yeah of course I do. Which is one of the reasons I invited you over here. You up for some mini golf?”
  205. >She nods and you guys go inside and head towards the back to get your stuff. You try to remember back to a time you actually played this game for real.
  206. >“So when is the wedding Anon?”
  207. >You take a light swing at your neon orange ball and watch it bang around a bunch of pipes and rock and somehow roll almost all the way back to you.
  208. “This was a terrible idea.”
  209. >Rarity laughs at your luck.
  210. >“Which part? Playing this dreadful game or actually agreeing to the bet?”
  211. “Both. I mean it was all excitement last night. The close game. Beating Dash. Actually feeling something towards Dash that was a little past friendship.”
  212. >“How romantic.” She gets up the hole and takes a swing and actually makes close to the hole.
  213. >You walk a few feet to you ball and get ready to swing again. In the background you can hear the water sloshing around the mini golf course and the chains of the rollercoaster pulling the train to the top.
  214. >You stop and look, Rarity following your stare to the top. Rainbow Dash’s hair is incredibly obvious in the front row. Scootaloo is sitting down next to her with the biggest smile.
  215. >The train hit’s the top of the first hill and stops, slowing inching towards the drop. You hear it start to fall forward towards the bottom as Rainbow and the other girls start to yell with excitement.
  218. “You know marriage isn’t a possibility right now but if things work out we all know who we can call.”
  219. >“Darling it would be incredibly foolish to trust anyone else with something that important.”
  220. >You tap your ball and it rolls up a small hill circling the hole, and slowly rolls backwards into the hole.
  221. “And if it doesn’t work out with Dash Applejack was looking beautiful this morning.”
  222. >“I don’t know Darling. I think she likes her brother.”
  223. >You both walk to the next hole and continue your game talking about Dash and other things. Rarity was def the wisest of your friends. It was also very easy to talk to her if you could get past thinking about how good she looked.
  224. “What’s with the change in style Rarity? I like it.”
  225. >“I just haven’t been feeling that good these past few days. Didn’t feel like getting all dressed up tonight.”
  226. “Do you want a drink or something? Or some candy? Or go inside? It is getting a little cool out here?”
  227. >“Actually I am a little hungry.”
  228. >You leave the course and drop your stuff off at the desk by the entrance back inside. As you are walking away you get a glance Dash running back to the rollercoaster entrance, followed by the other three girls. They are loving it.
  229. >Once you get inside Rarity finds a seat as you order some sodas and some slices of pizza. You get everything and bring it back to the table.
  232. “No matter what happens thanks for coming Rarity. I don’t want you feeling like a third wheel or anything.”
  233. >“Its ok Anon. I’m happy that there is a chance for you two to be happy with each other.”
  234. >You give her the pizza and drink you got for her.
  235. “So are you feeling sick? Like sick sick or is there something you want to talk about?”
  236. >She just eats some of her pizza and stays quiet. Something is definitely bothering her and you don’t know if you want to push it so you let it go for now.
  237. >She gets a text from someone. She types a reply back and sends it back, a slight look of grief or sadness expressed on her face.
  238. “Your parents bothering you?”
  239. >“No its nothing like that. Sunset was asking me some stuff.”
  240. “Same Sunset that told you about what happened yesterday?”
  241. >“Anon you know who Sunset is.”
  242. “Oh that Sunset.” you say mockingly. “I was surprised she showed up. Normally she is out with you doing stuff on Friday.”
  243. >You have a hunch and play on it.
  244. “Shes been wanting to hang out a lot lately. Asks a lot of questions about things.”
  245. >“Anon stop talking foolish. You know she still feels somewhat strange around us all. She is just trying to get over that awkwardness most likely.”
  246. “I know. She’s cool. I like her.” you take another bite of your pizza casually and drink some soda. “Wonder if she likes me?”
  247. >“Sunset does not like you Anon.”
  248. “Seems to like you a lot. Always asking me questions about you. What I think about you, etcetera.”
  250. >“Well she does know about us being close friends. We have known each other the longest.”
  251. >You nod a few times in agreement. You have known her longer then the other girls. You were both in a couple of the same classes in six grade and kicked it off pretty easily.
  252. “So I’m guessing she hasn’t been having any luck with that new guy whatshisface.”
  253. >“You know his name Anon. Your games aren’t working on me.” she said with a smirk.
  254. >You would have to drill Sunset later for information. Rarity was right. She always had your number.
  255. “Well then do me a favor. I need you get the girls out of here so I can spend some time with Dash. Some alone time.”
  256. >Rarity nodded and smiled.
  257. >“You owe me Anon.”
  258. “Like dinner somewhere fancy?”
  259. >“We are all ready somewhere fancy. At least fancy for you.”
  260. >You laugh.
  261. “I guess I’ll take this as our date of the week and feel blessed to be around somebody so divine.”
  262. >She very sexily, in Rarity fashion, put her finger on her nose signaling that he had hit it on the head. She could turn it on and off so easily.
  263. >You both left the food court area and started to search for the girls in the arcade after Sweetie Belle texted back her sister.
  264. >“They say they are in the back by those racing games.”
  265. >You find them rather quickly in towards the back of the place on the wall of racing games. There is a small crowd formed around Dash and Scootaloo racing against these two guys.
  266. >You watch the end of the third lap as Scootaloo and Rainbow fight to hold their first and second spots.
  268. >The two guys are incredibly close behind them on the final turn and inching forward on Scootaloo. One of them tries to tag her from behind to spin her out.
  269. >“Not today losers!” yells Dash.
  270. >She taps on her brakes and drops her car onto the front of the lead opponent, slowing him down enough for Scootaloo to pass her on the right. Afterwards she swings her steering wheel to right slamming her car into the second opponent.
  271. >Everyone cheers as her car slams him into the wall and causes a massive accident on the track taking out all three of their cars.
  272. >Scootaloo hit’s the checkers pushing over 200mph.
  273. >“That’s how you do it kid!” yells Rainbow Dash over cheers and trash talking.
  274. >Scootaloo is almost dumbfounded. She can’t do anything else other then smile.
  275. >The crowd disperses eventually and you all give your congrats to Dash and Scoots.
  276. “Well played Rainbow Dash. Brought a tear to my eye.”
  277. >“Be quiet dude. Can’t win them all.”
  278. >Rarity and the kids say goodbye to you two, Scootaloo still ridiculously excited as she replayed everything to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Lots of arm flailing and race car sounds.
  279. >“You ready to bail out of here or you wanna race me?” asks Dash with a smirk.
  280. “I officially retired as champion the other night.”
  281. >“Loser.” she scoffed at you.
  284. >Applejack is spread eagle in front of you, naked except for the hat on her head. She is looking at you with nothing but lust in her eyes.
  285. >You grab her thick thighs right under her tight ass and bring her closer to your body. She wraps her legs around your waist and leans forward.
  286. >Her lips brush against yours as she grabs your incredibly hard penis and guides it inside of her. Its feels at home, like you have done it hundreds of times. You lift her up effortlessly, your right hand grabbing her ass tightly, and your left hand reaching around her body and tightly holding right below her breast.
  287. >She shoves her tongue into your mouth as you slowly start to fuck her.
  288. >Up and down she slowly moves up your body, her perfect breasts rubbing up and down your chest.
  289. >You begin to pick up the pace, slowly speeding up. You can feel her erect nipples scratching against your chest now.
  290. >“Faster.”
  291. >She stops kissing you and lightly starts to nibble at lips. Your beyond the level of turned on that you can ever remember.
  292. >You grab her hat and put it on top of your head as you continue to pound her mercilessly. Her arms are tightly wrapped around you now as you feel her insides tighten around you.
  293. >She bites into your shoulder, the slight pain not even a distraction, and she climaxes.
  294. >You knew she was strong but she is wrapped around you tighter then an anaconda. You feel like she is going to break you in half.
  295. >You hear her say something into your shoulder as she starts to loosen again. Whatever it was it sounded like she said your name. And it didn’t sound like Anon.
  297. >You look at her and then you see some clothes on the chair by her bed. You can feel your penis start softening inside of her.
  298. >Those are the same clothes you saw Big Mac wearing the other day. The same kind of clothes he is always wearing.
  299. >Then you realize that you are Big Mac or at least supposed to be him.
  300. >You’ve had dreams similar to this before. The weird aura of lucid dreaming kicks in. Slowly your world starts to fade to black as you feel yourself start to wake up.
  301. >You concentrate and calm yourself, the world returning to what it was.
  302. >You put Applejack back on the bed and look at her. She is confused.
  303. >“Whats wrong? Did something happen?”
  304. “Nope.”
  305. >For some reason there are apples everywhere around the bed now. Applejack is still looking at you.
  306. >You shrug and shove one of them in her mouth so she stops talking.
  307. >You spin her around, the sudden surprise of it all getting some kind of surprised muffled sound out of her.
  308. >You move your dick around her body and put it into what feels like her butt. You’ve never done it real life but it feels different then before so you start things all over again.
  309. >You are dying laughing inside no because every time you open your mouth only the words “Yup.” come out.
  310. >With your left hand on her ass, your right hand throwing her hat around, you “Yup” her till you feel nothing but pleasure and return to reality as the world turns into black.
  312. >You wake up slowly, and ridiculously tired, almost hung over feeling.
  313. >You look at your phone, the light incredibly bright.
  314. >You turn it off after seeing that only about 3 hours had passed since you dropped off Rainbow and went to sleep.
  315. >Now you couldn’t go back to sleep. You had to get rid of this ridiculous erection.
  317. >-DAY 2-
  318. >After a crazy night, and crazier dreams, you are now eating breakfast with Dash and Pinkie.
  319. >“So how is everything going so far Nonnie? How was the arcade? Has Dashie been a good lil servant?”
  320. “Honestly I haven’t really made her do anything except hang out with me.”
  321. >“Why not?” she asked almost upset.
  322. >“Because he isn’t a jerk Pinkie.”
  323. >“I know he isn’t a jerk Pinkie. What your being a jerk if you lost the bet and making him feel bad.”
  324. >Dash gave you a shot, and you just shrugged.
  325. >“Are you agreeing with her?” she asked, upset.
  326. “I ain’t agreeing with anyone. This isn’t something that I want hurting relationships.”
  327. >“Its not supposed to hurt relationships Nonny. Its not hurting anything but Dash’s pride.” said Pinkie before finishing some of her eggs.
  328. >“Anon whatever you ask me, I’ll do it.”
  329. >You looked over to Dash. She was determined now.
  330. “She is alive Pinkie. Dash is alive! Ready for anything. Wanting everything!”
  331. >Pinkie and you start to giggle.
  334. >“Dash, give Anon a big ole kissy on Anon’s cheek.” Dash stared daggers at Pinkie. “A big ole, sloppy kiss.”
  335. >To your surprise Dash actually leaned in slightly, before stopping.
  336. >“Hey you aren’t the boss Pinkie. Anon is the boss!”
  337. “Yeah, I’m the boss.”
  338. >Dash hits you in the shoulder.
  339. “Dash, Pinkie is our guest. If you don’t want to give me a kiss you have to let me give you a kiss on the cheek.”
  340. >“Oh that’s even better!”
  341. >Dash is about to say something, but shuts up. You go to kiss her on the cheek but instead Dash grabs you behind the head, tugs on your hair slightly, and brings you in for a kiss.
  342. >There is no tongue or anything special about it, but she kisses you on the mouth to Pinkie’s delight.
  343. >She lets you go and goes back to her food.
  344. >There is a moment of awkwardness between you and Dash, but you can see her blushing.
  345. “You don’t really notice it while being around you, but when your right up close to you you kinda smell like vanilla or frosting or something.”
  346. >Pinkie’s eyes go wide.
  347. >“She is wearing my perfume I gave her! I wear the same stuff Nonny!”
  348. “Really? Prove it Pinkie.”
  349. >She scoots out of the table and in front of Dash comes up to you and gives you a peck on the cheek also.
  350. “Pinkie come on! Not in front Dash!” you jokingly yell at her.
  351. >She scoots back into her half of the stall giggling.
  352. >“Nonny you don’t need to win a bet with me to get a little peck on the cheek.”
  354. >“Geez Pinkie I thought I was your girl after yesterday.”
  355. >“You’re all mine silly Dashie.” replied Pinkie with a wink.
  356. “What are you doing later Pinkie? I was going to take Rainbow to the mall and play dress up with her. Thinking straight goth. Lots of lace and bows and maybe one of those spike collar things.”
  357. >“Nonny that sounds like so much fun! But I can’t go!” she ended on a sad note.
  358. “That’s too bad. I texted Rarity earlier but she is busy with her family. Was hoping for another girly opinion but I think I can handle it.”
  359. >The checks eventually arrived and you all got up and left out the door after saying your goodbyes to the Cakes.
  360. >“Well see you guys later! Hope it turns out super great in the end! Lots of pictures too.”
  361. “I’ll take care of lil Dashie here.”
  362. >“Later Pinkie.” They gave each other a little hug before Pinkie turned to head towards her car.
  363. “Wait a second Dashy. I don’t think a hug is going to do.”
  364. >She looked at you oddly and Pinkie turned back around.
  365. “I think you should maybe give Pinkie a little kiss goodbye. She’d probably appreciate that much more.”
  366. >Pinkie did a little hop and clapped her hands together in excitement.
  367. >“I’d love that Dash! Your so super sweet to miss me so much that you want to give me a little kiss goodbye.”
  368. >Dash let out a sigh. “You are right Anon. I would love to give Pinkie a kiss goodbye.”
  369. >With sarcasm dripping out of her pores, she and Pinkie leaned in to give each other a little kiss goodbye.
  371. >Before they could kiss you shoved your hand between their lips. Dash backed off and looked at you confused while Pinkie went in for the kill, eyes closed.
  372. >When her mouth made contact with your hand you could feel her tongue slip out of her mouth and twirl in the palm of your hand.
  373. “Geez Pinks that’s gross!” you said pulling back your hand laughing.
  374. >She looked at you disappointed.
  375. >“Why did you do that Anon!”
  376. “Because I think Dash is right your not the boss. I’m the boss. Dash is my slave/friend/servant hybrid thing. Until this Friday night her pretty little Dash face, her pretty little Dash body, and her pretty little Dash feet are off limits to you.”
  377. >She crossed her arms with a frown, and then turned to Dash with a sneaky smile. Dash defensively took a step back.
  378. >“Nonny once this is all done maybe I can lose a bet to you. I think I’d like being your little slavey wavey. You’re pushy.”
  379. >You smile and give her a hug goodbye. She leaves with a little wave and heads to her car.
  380. >You look at Dash and she looks right back at you.
  381. >“Goth, dude?”
  382. “No goth. Rarity would kick my ass.”
  383. >She follows you to your car and you both get in ready to head to the mall. Dash turns on the radio and you guys drive away.
  386. >-DAY 2 AFTERNOON-
  387. >“Come on dude! What’s with the girly clothes?”
  388. “Sunset is scoring us some free food at that restaurant she works at and I want you to look snazzy.”
  389. >She looked down at the navy blue dress and took it from you into the dressing room.
  390. >You sat down and texted Rarity the pic you had taken of the dress for her approval. It was a simple navy blue dress, almost no sleeve, with lace over the shoulders and cleavage.
  391. >Eventually you got a text back.
  392. >“Simple, very elegant looking. Maybe some flats. Take a pic when she comes out.”
  393. >“Dude please.”
  394. >You look up and see Dash standing in front of you in the dress.
  395. >You give both thumbs up.
  396. “You look super great Dash. That’s a keeper for sure.”
  397. >It fit her perfectly. Rarity was going to love it.
  398. >After patting yourself on the shoulder repeatedly in your mind you aimed your phone’s camera at her.
  399. >She was about to yell at you but you put your finger up to silence her. You snapped the pic.
  400. “Rarity has to give me the thumbs up Dash. Its how things work.”
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