Super Metroid Relay Race Winter 2019 Information

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  1. Super Metroid Relay Race Winter 2019 Information
  3. I have been getting a lot of questions about how the race would actually work, so here is a rough explanation. There will be 4 teams of 8 people, each person on the team will run one entire category from start to finish. Once this person has completed their category, for full game categories, they will wait until ITEM COLLECTION PERCENT has shown up, then the next person on their team will begin to run their assigned category. For All Miniboss RTA, the next category will begin once the last boss' drops appear. For example, if the order of the categories is as shown below, for example if someone is running Map Completion, the first category of the relay, their teammate that is running low% will start their run as soon as the final item collection percent shows up on the credits scene. This will be coordinated via "srl-ish" commands in the Relay discord. I will count down in #announcements for *BEGINNING CATEGORY TBA* runners, and runners will .done in their respective team channels to let the next runner know when to begin.
  5. VOD from ludendi of the first Relay Race, held in 2015:
  6. VOD of the second Relay Race, held in Summer of 2017:
  7. VoD of the third Relay Race, held in Winter of 2017:
  8. Vod of the fourth Relay Race, held in Summer of 2018:
  10. Rules regarding playing:
  12. Important Note: For ALL categories during the relay, regardless of skill level or confidence in your abilities, deaths or major setbacks happen.  To have the relay run as smoothly as possible, I am requesting that ALL runners make backup saves, either on a separate cart or flashcart, or something so that in case of death or some other catastrophe, there is a quick way to jump back into the relay without having to completely restart. This does not mean savestates are allowed or are to be used. You are REQUIRED to make a minimum of 3 saves during the run. Every category (randomizer will not have backup saves, for obvious reasons) and every runner is subject to these rules. There will be a 1 minute time penalty assessed for each save not taken.
  14. Rules regarding streaming:
  15. You will be streaming to an RTMP server that will be restreaming your gameplay content to TBD. Please stream only game audio and only game feed. if you have follower/sub/donation alerts, please turn them off for the duration of your run. Please available up to an hour before your run is scheduled to start. The time estimates I've established for this relay are VERY generous, and it is VERY likely your team will be ahead of estimated start times.
  17. There is a guide to setting up your stream correctly:
  19. Category specific rules, tips, and safety suggestions:
  21. Map Completion:
  22. Must run with the romhack that I've created that displays map tiles collected in the HUD. This is to help you, the runner, ensure you have all the tiles, and to make it easy for people watching and commentating to be sure you are getting all the tiles. The number you're looking for at the end is 1244 when the ship starts moving up to escape Zebes. A time penalty of 10 seconds will be assessed for each UNINTENTIONAL map square missed. Intentional squares missed will be assessed as the situation calls for.
  23. The romhack in question:
  24. The practice romhack, with infohud and mimimap:
  25. The route, by sweetnumb:
  26. Recommended Saves: before phantoon, before draygon, and before mb
  28. 100%:
  29. A time penalty will be assessed for each item UNINTENTIONALLY missed.
  30. Recommended Saves: after phantoon, somewhere in maridia, and before mb
  32. any%:
  33. Recommended Saves: before phantoon, draygon or ridley, and before mb
  35. low%
  36. Recommended Saves: LN Elevator, before ridley, and before mb
  38. Spacetime:
  39. if possible, please run on either emulator, VC, or with gamesaver, to reduce the possibility of failing the warps.
  40. safeties: spore spawn supers breaks even if you have to reset once on GGG. entering GT's room in morph makes it impossible to softlock via shooting beams accidentally
  41. Recommended Saves: sometime before kraid, before lava dive, and LN elevator
  43. GT Classic:
  44. safeties: spore spawn supers breaks even if you have to reset once on GGG. entering GT's room in morph makes it impossible to softlock via shooting beams accidentally
  45. Recommended Saves: before lava dive, LN elevator, before MB
  47. rando:
  48. please be mindful of your health during heat runs
  49. recommended saves: wherever, dude
  51. All Minibosses RTA
  52. be safe!
  53. recommended saves: before lava dive, others?
  57. * denotes the captain of the team. captains were chosen by whoever had the best difference from the average of the runners' PBs in the category they are running. the only important thing about this is that they will have the final say in what the team name will be.
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