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  2. Cost: 1wp to activate for the scene, 2m after that [2m]; Mins: Dexterity 3,
  3. Essence 2;
  4. Type: Simple
  5. Keywords: Combo-OK, Exemplar 2
  6. Duration: Scenelong
  7. Prerequisite Charms: Any Dexterity Augmentation
  8. The Web Module consists of a slender tube-like unit of jade, with a nozzle
  9. underneath it extending out. The entire thing is usually placed inside either
  10. wrist, or on the lower part of the legs. Wherever the Module is placed, it allows
  11. the Exalt to spin a very durable and thin thread of equal parts silky Essence and
  12. prothean moonsilver.
  14. The thread usually has a single highly adhesive end, which can be anchored or
  15. thrown to a part of architecture or an adversary, depending on the Exalt's mood.
  16. Then, the thread can be manipulated, allowing any such maneuvrers such as
  17. vertical movement or yanking a "stickied" enemy around the place. The thread is
  18. highly durable, and attacking it is not likely to break it. Fire, however, deals
  19. double damage and usually causes it to break apart nearly immediately.
  21. While the Champion does not adhere to his own webs unless he wants to, he cannot
  22. exempt his allies from the effects of it.
  24. The Module can be used for many other things, holding together objects, tying up
  25. opponents, fashioning makeshift bridges and many other things.
  27. Submodules:
  28. Fiery Weaving Implementation: Replacing certain parts of the moonsilver with more
  29. incandescent materials; if set on fire, the web does not snap, but merely burns
  30. with an incredible heat for twelve ticks, inflicting 6L per tick to anyone caught
  31. in the still-sticky webs. This increases the cost by 4m.
  33. Obfuscation-Enhancement Protocol: This submodule enhances the basic web by adding
  34. small nodules of soulsteel into the weave. The Exalt can transmit a signal, which
  35. causes the nodules to collapse themselves, releasing prodigious amounts of black,
  36. ugly smoke. The same happens if the webs catch on fire. The smoke inflicts damage
  37. as a poison, similar to the basic form of Chemical Fog Generator (1B/1 hour, 2M,
  38. —/—, -1). This increases the cost by 1m.
  40. Webfighting Utility (Dex 4): This submodule allows the Exalt to spin a web and
  41. use it in conjunction with a ranged attack of any kind that employs a physical
  42. component. The webcluster piggybacks on the projectile, exploding over the impact
  43. site or target and covering it in the constricting substance. This does not
  44. increase the cost.
  46. Sonatic-Impression Web Relay (Perception 3): This upgrade turns the web into a
  47. simple sensor device. As long as the Exalt is in contact with the web (either
  48. personally or by extension through another of his webs), he can instinctively
  49. tell whether anyone is in contact with the web, their approximate weight and
  50. footprint size, as well as their speed and direction (which in most cases is
  51. "stuck to a web"). This increases the cost by 2m.
  53. Crystalline Liquid Weave (Manipulation 2): Normally, the webs are colored a solid
  54. white, with marks of moonsilver, which makes them easy to spot under most
  55. conditions. This enhancement turns the webs very nearly invisible to the naked
  56. eye, imposing a Perception check of Difficulty 4 to see it. This increases the
  57. cost by 3m.
  59. Etheric Trans-wave Explant (Essence 3): Ghosts and the like normally do not care about webs,
  60. but this submodule makes the web catch more than just flies. Dematerialized
  61. spirits, ghosts, etc., count as valid targets for the web with this enhancement.
  62. This submodule increases the cost by 2m.
  64. Movement-stabilized Growth Impulse (Essence 3): This submodule enhances the web with a very limited sentience which - coupled with limited motor skills - allows the webs to actually grow onto and grapple prey caught in the webs. This changes the trap from merely being something you have to wiggle out of, to an actual clinch, using the Exalt's relevant stats. This increases the cost by 3m.
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