GreentextSavant - Sunbot

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >"But what if they come after you?" Sunset crawls into the back seat of your car and hides herself under the blanket.
  2. "They won't. We'll be long gone by the time they find out, Sunset."
  3. >"They're the federal government!"
  4. "Just sit tight. We're not that far away from the shore anyway. All we have to do is get my boat onto the water and sail far away enough from the coast line and we'll be alright."
  5. >You slam the side door shut and hop in to the driver's seat. The inner car lights fade off to leave nothing but the blackness of the night engulfing you.
  6. >The garage door is barely visible in front of you before the headlights switch on along with the engine.
  7. >Sunset curls up more tightly into a fetal position as you pull out of the driveway, soon speeding down the street towards the highway.
  8. >Time to get away from it all.
  9. >Ever since you found out that Sunset's emotions were more than what the laboratory had intended, you knew you wanted to stay with her forever.
  10. >But it was also made clear to you that you'd have to keep her away from the feds if they came after you as well. The last thing you wanted was for them to take your Sunset away from you.
  11. >You know that it's early enough in the morning for there to be no protesters in the streets giving demonstrations.
  12. >This town, Troy, has been suffering from too many riots these days.
  13. >So much civil unrest because of the things the government has been doing.
  14. >You've personally never cared what they did as long as you got Sunset Shimmer out of this.
  15. >As long as she got to be real for once. At least for a little bit, but then a little bit turned into not enough.
  16. >The last thing you want to do is let her go.
  17. >And so, you must get out of this place. The government can take someone else's girl away to damage control for all of the other mistakes they've made. No need to take away the things that actually went... right.
  18. >The plan of going straight to the shore is foiled by the sudden presence of black SUV's scattered across the highways.
  19. >You're forced to take the lower, more narrow roads.
  20. >Sunset doesn't stay under the blanket anymore after you have made it far enough away from the town.
  21. >The SUV's practically only stayed close to there, having not much of a lead of which car that was used to escape the town.
  22. >Sunset used to belong to your friend before he decided to turn him in. You invited her over to your house and left the following night; several hours ago.
  23. >You eventually make it to the point where there aren't as many trees around, the landscape turning to farmland and eventually barren fields with nothing of value in them.
  24. >Watch the sky slowly light up again as you yawn in the need of sleep.
  25. >Each long stretch of your drive is filled with mostly silence, and Sunset leans back in her seat with things in her head that you're sure are dreams.
  26. >Something just tells you that they're dreams. That peaceful look in her eyes, that slight smile that occasionally forms on her face.
  27. >Things that only a being with a soul can have.
  28. >You'll never let the government take this away from you. She needs a home.
  29. >And that home draws a little bit closer as you enter the south portion of Texas.
  30. >The green highway signs on the road indicate the finish line being only a couple dozen miles away at this point; Mexico.
  31. >Once you leave the jurisdiction of this country, you can plan where you will go to next.
  32. >Your plan for crossing the border was a... hastily slapped together one.
  33. >Sunset was to wear a scarf over her head with sunglasses and sit in the passenger seat to avoid suspicion.
  34. >This plan is starting to sound iffy in your mind, but it's the only thing you can think of.
  35. >Pull up to the window, and you're asked for your ID.
  36. >You pray to whatever god is up there that the authorities didn't figure out your ties with your friend yet, let alone figure out that you might have had something to do with the disappearance of one of the "robots".
  37. >Sunset politely smiles at the guard at the window, and you make sure not to give him much eye contact.
  38. >He takes a look at his computer screen for a few seconds as Sunset twiddles her thumbs, silently looking at her lap.
  39. >Your ID is returned and the gate is raised.
  40. >Don't exhale in relief until the window is rolled back up and you're a little ways away from the checkpoint.
  41. >Sunset gets the map out and looks for the nearest place where you can find something to eat.
  42. >...
  43. >You can't help but feel paranoid after the realization of what you've done dawns upon you.
  44. >Basically, there's no way the government isn't after you at this point.
  45. >You technically stole one of their humanlike robots and ran away with at across the border without their permission.
  46. >This only tells you in your head over and over again that there is no turning back. If you're Caesar, then you just crossed the Rubicon.
  47. >The stop to eat and fill up the gas tank doesn't even last more than five minutes.
  48. >No one really looks at how much you're trying to rush. It's not too hard being discreet about it.
  49. >But you're out of each place before your comfort zone ends and find yourself spending 99% of the time on the road trying to get as close to the shore as you possibly can.
  50. >Looking over your shoulder every few minutes.
  51. >Sunset watches your hands tightly grip the steering wheel.
  52. >There comes a point where you have to pull over and regain your thoughts, breathing heavily.
  53. >She places one of her hands on yours to keep it from shaking.
  54. >Her touch feels... too human.
  55. >The people who made her did much more than a good job. It's another reminder of why you did this.
  56. >Look at Sunset's smile as she tries to convince you that everything will be fine.
  57. >"I understand how you feel. These connections that people have with eachother are... something that isn't easy not to ignore the feeling of." She looks out the window. "I'm just as scared as you are. I don't want this plan to fail. And I don't blame you for what you did."
  58. "Sunset. I'm... still sorry for having to put you through all of these risks."
  59. >"No, it's okay. I didn't want to go back to those labs. I don't want to be another one of their experiments."
  60. >Her voice grows, a little frantic.
  61. "Well, you're not going to as long as I'm around." You doubt you'll be able to keep this promise once red and blue lights would start flashing behind the car.
  62. >"I know they don't realize this but... I'm more like you than you know."
  63. >She stops, and puts her arm around you.
  64. "And I'd love to take the time to learn." You tell her.
  65. >Don't hug for very long, afraid that every second of hurrying counts.
  66. >It takes about another three hours of driving to make it to the nearest pier. You're almost completely sure that you're not going to be able to find success at the nearest airports.
  67. >But ships should give you a better chance. Less people around anyway.
  68. >Make it to the pier and start to look around for somewhere to buy boat tickets to somewhere across the Pacific ocean.
  69. >Even getting here was a lung haul, and you're still surprised it worked.
  70. >Which only convinces you even more that it's bound to go wrong if you lag behind and hesitate.
  71. >The most desirable place that pops up in your head that you can sail to from this side of Mexico is Japan.
  72. >Maybe you can make your way onto one of the cruise ships before something about Sunset's true identity leaks into the hands of the local authorities... and eventually the feds that are surely on the hunt for you by now.
  73. "Are you saying you haven't seen any open spots for Japan?" You ask the vendor.
  74. >She says something in Spanish, and you have to get your phone out and go to Google translate.
  75. >One little thing leads to another, and you eventually end up with being put on a waitlist for two tickets to Tokyo, but you have to pay in advance.
  76. >And you don't have any money.
  77. >Your mouth completely dries up as you go back tot he waiting area to sit down with Sunset, who notices the distressed look on your face.
  78. >"Are we going to get out of here?"
  79. "...No..." You feel the corners of your mouth push down. "We can't leave this way."
  80. >It's painful to say it that way.
  81. >"W-wait! Maybe you can try again. Maybe there's something you missed."
  82. "The lady there was pretty clear after I figured out what she meant by what she said to me. There isn't a way to do this before a week from now. We can't go to Tokyo."
  83. >"Tokyo?" A cheery voice startles you from the seats behind you.
  84. >Turn around and see a blue haired girl sitting facing in the opposite direction.
  85. "Yeah. Do... do you know somewhere where my girlfriend and I can get tickets?"
  86. >"Oh, I already have tickets! But the thing is, they're extra tickets because my two friends already found a way to get to Tokyo."
  87. "Who are your two friends? Are they here?"
  88. >"No, they already left. Something got mixed up, I have no idea what it was and I ended up with the tickets for all three of us for our departure in an hour."
  89. >"Whoa... really?" Sunset's eyes fill with hope.
  90. >"Yeah. You were looking for tickets?"
  91. "Yes! Yes we were!" You almost jump out of your seat.
  92. >"Oh my god, yes! I was sitting here thinking these were going to go to waste! This is perfect!" The blue haired girl reaches out her hand. "My name's Sonata."
  93. >Shake her hand right away.
  94. "I'm Anon. It's... really great to have run into you."
  95. >"So, just an hour?" Sunset remembers how much you've been on your toes for the past 24 hours.
  96. >"Mhm!" Sonata smiles back. "Come sit with me!"
  97. >...
  98. >Several minutes pass as you sit next to Sonata and converse with her.
  99. >She goes over to the vending machine and gets everyone including herself a couple of snacks.
  100. "So how long ago have your friends been in Tokyo?" You ask with a twizzler slapping your shoulder as you look over it.
  101. >No one seems to be looking for you.
  102. >"Probably like... uh... I dunno." Sonata shrugs. "They must have been there for a while."
  103. >A voice soon sounds over the intercom that the boat to Tokyo is now being boarded.
  104. >You all stand up, intending to get onto the plane early.
  105. >Hold onto Sunset's hand.
  106. "C'mon. The sooner we're out of public sight, the better." You mutter low enough for Sonata not to hear.
  107. >Sunset leans closer to you as you pass the ticket area.
  108. >You couldn't have gotten onto the boat soon enough. You almost sprint across the loading dock, at least in your mind.
  109. >"So where are we staying?" Sunset looks around at the room numbers once the three of you make it into a corridor.
  110. >Sonata leads you two if the opposite direction. "Right there. 108." She pulls her keys out.
  111. >The door is opened and you soon find yourself plopping down onto the bed as your day of running has finally ended.
  112. >Sunset lands right next to you, grabbing your hand once more and holding tightly onto it.
  113. >"Well you two look exhausted." Sonata brings up as she sets a couple of her bags down.
  114. "We've been... kind of rushing all day."
  115. >Sunset nods in agreement.
  116. >"Well... I'm gonna go ahead and go get something to eat. Wanna come with?" Sonata is already about to go back out the door.
  117. "You mean like... again?"
  118. >"Well we were eating snacks before." Sonata opens the door. "I'm gonna have a real meal now. Hope they have tacos here."
  119. >"Well what do you think?" Sunset turns to you. "Want to get bit to eat?"
  120. "I'd rather rest up for you."
  121. >Sunset smiles at you. "Then I'm staying here with you." She cuddles up to you.
  122. >A couple of hours later, the cruise ship has left the area where one can see the coastline.
  123. >Sonata still hasn’t come back to the room yet, but that only means more time for you and Sunset to lie on the bed together in peace, holding hands and staring at the ceiling.
  124. >As your activity slows down, your perception of time starts to speed up. Same thing for Sunset.
  125. >”So what are we gonna do once we make it to Tokyo?” Sunset turns her head towards you and sighs.
  126. “I don’t know if we can find a place to stay on our own.” You reply. “But if the Dazzlings have somewhere else we can stay, that would be our best bet.”
  127. >”I think so too.”
  128. >A low grumbling can suddenly be heard. You ignore it, thinking that it’s just ship noises. Until you feel the whole vessel itself jolt.
  129. >You’re nearly thrown off of the bed.
  130. >”What the…”
  131. >People can be heard screaming throughout the cruise ship. The sound only worries you to the point where you feel like there is no pint of safety. Even regretting getting on the ship and evading the authorities.
  132. >An alarm starts to sound, and your fear forces you and Sunset out the door as you start to feel a slight incline on the floor you frantically run on.
  133. >”What’s going on?” A voice behind you asks before it’s interrupted by a door slamming.
  134. >You look around for Sonata but only find unfamiliar faces.
  135. >After running around, you and Sunset make it to one of the open balconies of the ship. Your hand is gripping hers tightly, but hers does the same to yours.
  136. >Everyone else around you is starting to panic as they feel the incline as well, especially when you all notice the iceberg appear into view.
  137. >A lady shrieks. “Why is there an iceberg? It’s the middle of Summer and it’s like 85 degrees Fahrenheit out here!”
  138. “This doesn’t make any sense!” You agree before you’re cut off by another sudden jolt.”
  139. >Look to the other side of the ship.
  140. >It’s another iceberg.
  141. >”We’re being attacked by icebergs!” One of the staff members cries.
  142. >The ship is starting to rock back and forth even more from the impacts. You and Sunset hold tightly onto eachother as everyone else scurries around.
  143. >"Where's Sonata?"
  144. "She said she was at the eatery place!"
  145. >You try to figure out where that place could be in the middle of this panic. You really can't get a good bearing.
  146. >Run to the higher up portion of the incline with Sunset grabbing onto your hand. The crowds of people get thicker and thicker the higher up you go.
  147. >Eventually find yourself not able to push further into the cluster of fear.
  148. >It's easy to tell that the ship is sinking. But you feel another sudden jolt from another incoming iceberg.
  149. >"Where are these things coming from?" A lady screams.
  150. >The captain starts to say something over the intercom, but it all goes to static, and the voice is blurred into obscurity. And the surface of the water draws closer.
  151. "What do we do?" Your eyes dart around for lifeboats as though those would be of any use in this situation.
  152. >Another blast hits the side of the ship, now starting to tip it over. Sunset falls away from your hand's grasp and goes careening towards the edge of the ship with groups of other people.
  153. >"Anon!"
  154. "Sunset!" You try and climb your way over to her, but see another iceberg approaching from over the rail. "Sunny, look out!"
  155. >Your humanoid robot reacts immediately and leaps out of the way of a shard of ice that comes straight for her.
  156. >"Anon? Sunset?" Sonata's voice can be recognized, despite more frantic.
  157. >There's water rushing onto your part of the deck already.
  158. >"We're over here!" Sunset calls out.
  159. "What's going on?"
  160. >Another crash into the side of the ship sends it tipping completely over. You and everyone else fall towards the water as the deck is now above you.
  161. >The last thing you see before going into the water is the terrified look on Sunset's face. It motivates you to start paddling, because HOLY COW YOU NEED TO SAVE HER, ANON!
  162. >Another iceberg breaks the ship in two.
  163. >You paddle around in the water with your arms and legs for a little bit, trying to find something to float on. The cruise ship goes under after a matter of minutes, somehow floating for a short time with some of the crew members and passengers trying to climb on top.
  164. >Start looking around for Sunset, wondering what would happen had she came into contact with water. Your imagination gives you only the worst thoughts.
  165. "Sunset!" You avoid other passengers trying to climb over you when they realize that they can't swim. "Argh, get off! SUNSET!"
  166. >You hear a frighteningly garbled voice resembling Sunset's tone. Turn your head.
  167. >"Anon!" The pain can be heard in her voice.
  168. "Sunset!" Without hesitation, swim in the direction of her voice. "Sunset where have you gone?" Your eyes start welling up.
  169. >Her voice is a lot more garbled and desperate, even more agonized than a few seconds ago.
  170. >"Help... me..." It's accompanied by electrical buzzing.
  171. >There she is, Struggling with all she has to get out of the water somehow, but she's in the middle of the ocean, and helplessly sinks back down to the level where it's only not covering her head.
  172. >The rest of her is being flooded by the second.
  173. "NOO!" Sunset!" You start wailing, working your way over to her in the water and soon grabbing onto her.
  174. >Your anger forces you to swim as aggressively as you can in search of the nearest spot where Sunset can escape the water that's extremely hurting and killing her.
  175. >A grim reminder that she's nothing more than a robot only Simulating Sunset in every way.
  176. >Keep swimming. And keep doing it still, singing "just keep swimming" to yourself.
  177. >Sunset's eyes start to go blank when you find something out of the water to rest on: The entire Eurasian landmass.
  178. >The Siberian coast.
  179. >Climb onto a rocky beach as Sunset stays in the water.
  180. "Come on!" You urge.
  181. >"There's... not... e-enough room." Sunset reveals as 'My heart Will Go On' plays.
  182. >You realize she's right, and she dies.
  184. THE END
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