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Q: What's the difference between multicolor and hybrid?

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  1. A: The main difference between multicolor and hybrid is how the card is paid for. Multicolor costs can only be paid for by using two or more different colors of mana. Hybrid mana costs can be paid for by using either of its colors. For example, Frostburn Weird, which has two Blue/Red hybrid mana symbols in its mana cost, can be paid for with two Blue mana, two Red mana, or one Blue mana and one Red mana. As you can tell, hybrid mana costs are much easier to pay for than multicolor costs. This also affects their power levels. Multicolor cards are harder to cast and are therefore more powerful than monocolor cards. On the other hand, hybrid cards are easier to cast and are generally weaker than monocolor cards. In addition, the difference between multicolor and hybrid extends to effects. Multicolor simply combines aspects of multiple colors, and can generally have any mechanics from any of its colors. Hybrid, however, is much more specific. Because hybrid costs can be paid for wholly with either color, the mechanics must fit into either of the colors. Thus, hybrid mechanics are more narrow than multicolor. And last but not least is the card frame itself. Multicolor cards use the gold frame, whereas hybrid cards use the split frame, which has each color dominating an entire side of the card.
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