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May 9th, 2018
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  1. [cmake] The CXX compiler identification is Clang 6.0.0
  2. [cmake] Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/LLVM/bin/clang-cl.exe
  3. [cmake] Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/LLVM/bin/clang-cl.exe -- broken
  4. [cmake] CMake Error at C:/Program Files/CMake/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/CMakeTestCXXCompiler.cmake:45 (message):
  5. [cmake] The C++ compiler
  6. [cmake]
  7. [cmake] "C:/Program Files (x86)/LLVM/bin/clang-cl.exe"
  8. [cmake]
  9. [cmake] is not able to compile a simple test program.
  10. [cmake]
  11. [cmake] It fails with the following output:
  12. [cmake]
  13. [cmake] Change Dir: e:/x-gtasa/cpp-template-master/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp
  14. [cmake]
  15. [cmake] Run Build Command:"C:/PROGRA~1/CMake/bin/Ninja.exe" "cmTC_15b98"
  16. [cmake] [1/2] Building CXX object CMakeFiles\cmTC_15b98.dir\testCXXCompiler.cxx.obj
  17. [cmake] [2/2] Linking CXX executable cmTC_15b98.exe
  18. [cmake] FAILED: cmTC_15b98.exe
  19. [cmake] cmd.exe /C "cd . && "C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe" -E vs_link_exe --intdir=CMakeFiles\cmTC_15b98.dir --manifests -- C:\PROGRA~2\LLVM\bin\lld-link.exe /nologo CMakeFiles\cmTC_15b98.dir\testCXXCompiler.cxx.obj /out:cmTC_15b98.exe /implib:cmTC_15b98.lib /pdb:cmTC_15b98.pdb /version:0.0 /debug /INCREMENTAL /subsystem:console kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib && cd ."
  20. [cmake] RC Pass 1: command "rc /foCMakeFiles\cmTC_15b98.dir/manifest.res CMakeFiles\cmTC_15b98.dir/manifest.rc" failed (exit code 0) with the following output:
  21. [cmake] Nie mo┼╝na odnale┼║─ç okre┼Ťlonego pliku
  22. [cmake] ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
  23. [cmake]
  24. [cmake]
  25. [cmake]
  26. [cmake]
  27. [cmake] CMake will not be able to correctly generate this project.
  28. [cmake] Call Stack (most recent call first):
  29. [cmake] CMakeLists.txt:3 (project)
  30. [cmake]
  31. [cmake]
  32. [cmake] Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
  33. [cmake] See also "e:/x-gtasa/cpp-template-master/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".
  34. [cmake] See also "e:/x-gtasa/cpp-template-master/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".
  35. [cms-driver] Error during CMake configure: [cmake-server] Configuration failed.
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