Weighty Worries of a Zebra

Jan 25th, 2013
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  1. Weighty Worries of a Zebra
  3. **This is a shameless Fetish story, evacuate now if you don't want that.**
  5. **Contains: Belly expansion, Plot expansion**
  7. **Note: Want to skip the buildup and get straight to the stuff? Control + f, Get on with it!**
  10. It had been a particularly trying day. Not to say it wasn't pleasant, just that some things had been brought to light that she would've rather stayed buried.
  12. This was the mood of the zebra recluse, Zecora as she was called.
  14. The day began so dryly, a surprise gift to Rarity of some herbal soaps and conditioners that she so eagerly asked for on occasion. It was supposed to just be a harmless dinner date she had been asked to attend, but Zecora wanted to do something nice for one of the few that had welcomed her to Ponyville so warmly not long ago. Instead it seemed she was the one in for a surprise.
  16. After opening the door she was greeted by an explosion of confetti, and a gaggle of voices singing praises. Soon she found herself being herded inside as not one but seven ponies greeted her, each of the ones involved in the farce that finally allowed her inside Ponyville's rather easily frightened community.
  18. “I can not believe my eyes, this is such a sweet surprise.” The pink one had simply giggled, as she always seemed to whenever Zecora spoke.
  20. The small one, Applejack's sister as she learned, came forth with a meager gift. She was humbled by such an act, and it wasn't until she noticed the banner that she realized what was happening. 'Happy Welcome to Ponyville Party' was scrawled across it in crayon. Despite the fact that she had been coming and going freely for little under a year now they still felt the need to make her feel welcome.
  22. She honestly didn't know what to say, not even as the rest came along and presented her with gifts. Meager tokens, but heartfelt all the same. The time was meant to be happy, and it was. Yet Zecora always seemed to find something to fret over when it came to how the others viewed her. It was when Rarity gave her gift that she realized what she had always thought.
  24. The gift was a dress, beautiful, perhaps not something for a zebra but a gift she relished all the same. It was when Rarity wished for her to try it on that the problems began. She borrowed a room and attempted to wear it. Finding that it tugged and refused to give in all the wrong places, particularly around her gut and rear end. Rarity came knocking when things began to take a while, and resigned to what she feared must be true, she allowed Rarity in.
  26. Her pony friend couldn't believe the dress didn't fit, she had helped Zecora make her nightmare night costume not a month prior. She asked quite firmly that she be allowed to take measurements again, what she found simply confirmed the zebra's fears. Her belly had grown four inches in diameter, and as for her rump well... she couldn't get Rarity to say. It wasn't noticeable, a least not to any who didn't realize the zebra had pudged up a little. Rarity didn't understand, she swore that she must of taken the measurements wrong the first time, and told her friend she would get it right by morning.
  28. Zecora could see the worry in her friends face, and she had been around Rarity enough to know how badly she worried. If she had gotten her measurements wrong then she would undoubtedly call back dozens of suits and dresses to check her lists twice. She couldn't let her secret stay that which it was, she grabbed Rarity before she left and divulged it all. About the sweets, about the food, about every delectable little thing she had received from the townsfolk since that day they welcomed her into their community.
  30. She told Rarity that she feared her body was getting fat. It was such a strange thing to think and say, but there was no doubt. Once she was welcomed to the community her lifestyle changed, she didn't spend weeks in the wilderness finding her own food, running from predators. It was all just easier now, safer, a leaserly walk into town to sell her goods and buy others. Then home to spend the day lounging and checking her herb garden, there was none of the dangerous activity in her life anymore, and she didn't wish to go back to it.
  32. Her decision added up over time though. She started to notice a softness to her belly, a sway to her step. All her days had been spent away from the eyes of others for so long that she never felt like this before, she never knew what it was like to be so self-conscious of her weight, her appearance. She never let it bother her before but this, it was proof undeniable.
  34. Zecora had kept her composure, but her worry had shown through. Rarity was comforting as a friend should be, and offered Zecora a solution. Something called a diet, along with many other things. She was going to be there for her every step of the way. Zecora thanked her before they went out to greet the other ponies who seemed slightly concerned over what had taken a while.
  36. Rarity swept it all away by simply saying she had accidentally made the dress a few sizes to small, mixing up Zecora's measurements with a pony not even half her size. There was laughter shared in the group at her small expense, but a shared look of thanks and understanding between her and the zebra.
  38. The rest of the party went along without much of a hitch, although Zecora found herself taking better note of her belly's soft pudge and her plot's slight wobble in her walk. She didn't touch much of the assorted treats laid out, and dared not eat more than a token piece of the delectable cake she was made. Oh how she wished to fill herself with it, but she couldn't, not after what she spoke of with Rarity. Instead she just held herself in check, she had spent many years in silent contemplation, her will was strong.
  40. As the last of the party goers left Rarity made the excuse for Zecora that she had to retake her measurements. Apparently Rarity had 'lost' them a few weeks prior which had resulted in the mix-up in the first place. Nopony thought anything of it, and with them gone Rarity gave Zecora a few things before she left. It seemed like she had left with far more than she had came with, along with a small shopping list of things to get before the markets closed for the day.
  42. That was all in the paste now of course. Within her home now she was already unpacking the things she bought as she set down the cake she had been sent home with, something Pinkie wouldn't allow her to deny. The first thing she removed was something called a 'corset', Rarity said she used to be a little too 'filled out' for her liking and hung that on the wall to remind her of how she was one day going to wear a dress without its aid. It seemed nothing but a token to Zecora, but the thought of it meant enough that she decided it should go up in her room somewhere.
  44. The next thing she removed was an assortment of diet supplements, part of the shopping list that Rarity had her perform, along with a recipe of these assorted ingredients that should be mixed together and eaten before bed. Which happened to be rather close, her eyes already heavy.
  46. She pushed it aside, bringing out a to do list from the bottom of the saddlebag. Alongside items of importance Rarity had also given advice. The foremost being to go through her pantry and kitchen to remove any and all sweets. She paused for a moment, her pantry and kitchen were almost nothing but that. The ponies of Ponyville were relentless with their attempts to make amends, her kitchen and pantry were filled with every assortment of belly softening and plot plumping treat imaginable. Regularly restocked by those who still felt the most guilt. In fact she had come home that night with a small plate of fritters from one particularly humbled pony.
  48. All she could do was look at that plate, knowing there was a stockpile of many just like it somewhere in her pantry. She could feel her stomach grumble for it, unhappy with her practical starvation during the party. It wanted them so badly, she wanted them so badly, and yet. She placed the plate down, she couldn't do it to herself. Not now.
  50. She picked up the recipe for the diet concoction. It was supposed to make her feel sated, if not entirely full. She pushed the food from her mind and found her mortar and pestle. Most of what was required was strange fruits and herbs from across Equestria, apparently common enough to make this helpful supplement to give many a weight fearing equine hope. So she set about grinding up the necessary ingredients, three parts flower, two parts seed from a plant she never even heard of, and even more from other things she had scrounged from about town. It proceeded so smoothly, until she began to hear a buzz.
  52. She looked about, unsure of what the noise was. It was something like a bug, but the sound was just off enough that she couldn't place it. She set down her tools under her supply of other apothecarian ingredients, careful to not disturb the valuable salves. She followed the noise to her bedroom, and within she saw the strangest thing. The shape was rather round, and she could barely make out the blur of little wings, not much more than that. Her mouth was agape as her mind tried to understand what she saw.
  54. Suddenly the creature bolted, almost right for her. She ducked and it sailed over her head, she heard it clatter against cupboards and tables, bouncing about as it missed its target. When she turned around all she could see was a yellow blur shooting about her home, stopping only for an instance at time. She acted quickly, her staff close by she whisked it up quickly and swing at the creature. She heard the bamboo smack it with a hollow clack, and much to her surprise the shape soared right out one of her open windows and into the Everfree beyond.
  56. She panted, and surprised herself that she was winded from such a small effort. Zecora pushed the thoughts from her mind before she became distracted and went to her window, outside she saw nothing, heard nothing, then a rustle. She looked above, to the trees situated next to her home. Some of the branches moved and she was satisfied to believe that's where the creature ended up. It wouldn't be the first time a parasprite had wound up in her home, yet she couldn't help but think that parasprite's were not that hard, they had no shell of in any kind. They also didn't smell so... fruity.
  58. Whatever the case the new task of the night became securing her house, a single parasprite could destroy an entire food supply overnight. The thought of it made her worry for a moment, and she checked on her kitchen. Smells of all kinds assaulting her senses, but she heard not a single purr or flutter of parasprite wings. So she returned to her mixing in the far room, thankful to note that all the action from earlier had done little to her home.
  60. What was left to do was negligible at best, and what she was left with was a paste that had a slightly bluish hue. Which was strange, something she added towards the end must of changed it from its browned tone. She smelled it and found it to be rather bland if not completely without an aroma to speak of. She removed the concoction from the mortar onto something more appropriate for food, setting aside her tools to be cleaned later. She looked at it, like some strange blue hybrid of oatmeal and pudding.
  62. “It won't be delightful,” Rarity had warned her, “but it will do the trick.”
  64. Zecora breathed deeply, thought of the paunch that was her belly, the sway of her hips, and ate the dish she prepared. Rarity had not lied, it was much like she had been told, but definitely not what she expected. It went down much more like medicine than food, and more than once she had to suppress a gag. Eventually though her ordeal was over, and what remained was a cleaned plate. For a time she wondered if it had worked, unable to feel anything in her stomach. Then she felt a weight within her, like a rock had filled her gut to the brim. She had to know if it worked.
  66. She looked over to the food she had left out, the plate of fritters, the container of cake. Nothing, not a grumble, not an urge to smell the rich fondness for food. Simply a fullness that left her wanting nothing to do with it at all. Zecora was happy to experience such a reaction, perhaps with this she could finally find power over her gut. Then her eyes focused upon the cake once again, she had a slice at the party and remembered it dearly. Filled with a layer of cream so rich and sweet, fruits succulent and fresh, it all came back in a rush of almost perfect recollection. Alongside a monstrous groan from her stomach.
  68. Zecora was stricken, she could feel the pang of hunger, so clear where a moment before there had been a feeling of absolute fullness. She didn't know what to think, she had followed the recipe exactly, not even a seed leftover from what she had bought to use for it. So there she stood, a second rumble rocking her soft belly, unsure how to proceed. It was late, far more so than what she was used to staying up till. Not enough time to go seek answers, so she settled upon going tomorrow to see Rarity again.
  70. A third rumble, louder and rougher than the last grabbed her attention. She could smell the treats so clearly, and wanted them dearly. She licked her lips and decided, one last moment of weakness. It wasn't until she was done that she realized just how quickly she had eaten them. A small plate of fritters was gone in an instant, and the cake... it only lasted a few seconds.
  73. When it was all over she stood slightly befuddled, it had happened so quickly. She could still recall the flavors somewhat, but was confused to find that she couldn't recall the exact amount of time it had taken her to eat. However what she did remember was the feeling of each chunk of food landing in her stomach, their weight a satisfying bump as she felt it be filled to its brim. Her stomach pushed tight to its limit. Whatever the case she found her gut happily full, if not a little heavy with sweets.
  75. A thought passed her by, to not go through with the diet, to just be happy with whatever she ate and enjoy herself. Then her eyes fell upon the corset, and the list. Both promises to keep from a dear friend. She sighed deeply, and recalled the worry’s and hopes she had for kicking this lifestyle. She sighed once more, and remembered how late it was she soon resolved to begin the regiment over again in the morning. Perhaps she had done something wrong.
  77. So off the zebra trotted to bed, her more than full belly taut with its cargo, ignorant to a single thing that had been tipped out of place from the earlier commotion. Above where her mixture had rested, far above where she could not see without a step ladder was an emptied vial. Upon its resting place was a label, which clearly read, “Joke's Desire”
  79. (Get on with it!)
  81. Zecora wriggled about in her sheets, hot and unable to drift completely into sleep. Although she still felt oddly disconnected from the world. It didn't matter to her though, as the slight discomfort from the warmth was overshadowed by something much greater, and much better. Every time she rolled, her sheets would caress her gut, and they felt like the softest cloth she had ever experienced. Each pass also made her stomach ache with need, asking for more attention and massages. Almost every request was answered with another roll in the sheets, or a careful caress from her hooves.
  83. Then she felt something deep within her spring to life. An urge down in her gut ached to be let free, and each touch and sensual rub made it louder and stronger. Zecora would pull the sheet across her gut, and be rushed by a feeling so great she would moan. The fire and electricity of it all pulling the feeling toward the surface, her stomach rumbled as she continued, even her heart was throbbing loudly in her chest.
  85. The ache became a pressure, soft at first but slowly building. Each stroke sending her higher as her stomach pushed outward, skin growing taut, until a soft heat concentrated in her paunch. Then she could feel it, the pressure at its greatest. Her mind was overwhelmed as her stomach rumbled with an ecstasy she couldn’t describe, the vibrations sending her aching for more. The rumbles made her sheet feel tighter, as her stomach fought for more room. Then there was a throb, in sync with her thundering heart, that pushed at the limit of her waistline. She groaned at the second one, wanting more of what the feeling of such growth had brought, but the sheet had impeded it. The pressure continued to build, each weighty pump pushing her want higher as the sheet's stitching began to pop in protest.
  87. Then she felt it all at once. Her gut thundered with her heart and exploded with a moan from her. She felt her stomach grow tremendously as it ripped her tightly tucked blanket apart as her soft underside surged in size over her. A gentle tingle extending to her rump that seemed to encompass more of her bed as she quietly drifted off into gentle sleep.
  89. Her once quaking gut now bustled forth as though filled with a healthy set of twins, and her rump meant for a pony far larger her size. All the while soft strands of the blanket teased her senses that had been dulled by deep sleep, as they tickled the reach of her flourishing potbelly, and her plot pushed tightly against what remained of the blanket that hugged it firm enough to show its sultry contour. The zebra just dreamed of merry things, unaware of what her body had just become.
  94. End Part 1
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