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Jul 18th, 2011
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  1. Channel rules: These rules are meant to make #pckf a better place for just about anyone, and to prevent excessive abuse and retardedness to get in the way.
  3. 1) Try not to take everything seriously, but not everything as a joke either. There's a line between fun and stupidity, and we've been veering to the wrong side recently.
  4. 2) Try to be reasonable and try not to get too personal. This is just an internet IRC chat, do not take any insults or anything else seriously. If you do, it's all your fault. Also, try not to flame other users.
  5. 3) Do not spam, or keep it to a minimum.
  6. 4) Be responsible. If you're given op access, do not go around banning people for no reason.
  7. 5) Respect people's privacy. What happens in #pckf STAYS in #pckf. This channel may contain exclusive releases of mods or fangames. If you happen to come across one of said releases, don't spread it around the forums or other places, it's up to the authors of the game to do that.
  8. 6) Do not post shocking or disturbing images, and do not link to shock sites. Images that contain nudity are fine but keep it to a reasonable level.
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