Battle Pike FAQ

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  1. The Battle Pike is the luck facility. You have to progress through seven rooms. In each room, one of the following events can occur:
  2. - Idle NPC
  3. - Trainer battle
  4. - Strong trainer battle followed by full heal (all Pokemon)
  5. - Double battle (2v2)
  6. - Simple maze with wild encounters (can flee from all of them)
  7. - Status infliction (A Pokemon will paralyze/burn/sleep/freeze 1-3 of your Pokemon)
  8. - 1-2 of your Pokemon are fully healed
  9. - All of your Pokemon are fully healed
  11. You cannot get a heal if your team is already fully healed. You cannot get a double battle if you have only one Pokemon alive. You cannot get statused if all of your Pokemon already have a status ailment.
  13. Difficulty: 3rd easiest of 7
  14. - Sometimes you run into a status room and then a difficult battle, and you lose just because you're frozen, asleep, etc. Otherwise the lack of battles makes this facility easy.
  16. The Frontier Brain is Lucy. You fight her at the end of the second round (Silver) and 10th round (Gold). Her Silver team is Seviper, Milotic and Shuckle (all 16 IVs). Her Gold team is Seviper, Gyarados and Steelix (all 31 IVs). Both fights are nearly impossible to lose if you enter them at full HP; however, they can be risky if you enter at less than full HP or with status ailments.
  18. IV notes: See the chart at the bottom of the general FAQ. Fighting a strong trainer is equivalent to fighting the seventh battle at other facilities.
  20. RNG manipulation: You can manipulate the event in the first room. The RNG starts at 0 as usual, so you save and reset before each round, and then time the final input before entering. I've mapped out a cluster of 4 frames with idle NPCs. I've attempted to manip later rooms, but my results have been inconsistent for unknown reasons.
  22. Order of Pokemon: Latios, Metagross, Swampert
  24. General strategy: You can talk to the lady for a hint on the next room's event. Each hint narrows the possible events down to two -- one good and one bad. Since you can't guarantee a good outcome, it's often not worth it to spend 4 seconds talking to her. It's definitely worth it for the final room of a round, because one of the bad outcomes (status infliction) becomes good. It's also worth it in the later rounds if your team has been weakened.
  26. HINT                                                                    GOOD OUTCOME    BAD OUTCOME
  27. For some reason, I felt a wave of nostalgia coming from it...           1-2 Pkmn heal   Status
  28. Is it...A Trainer? I sense the presence of people...                    3 Pkmn heal     Trainer battle
  29. It seems to have the distinct aroma of Pokemon wafting around it...     Wild Pkmn       Strong trainer
  30. I seem to have heard something... It may have been whispering...        Idle NPC        Double battle
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