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  1.     As you may have noticed i'm activating idle tf2 accounts for your idling pleasure. Prices are 3 refined or 1 key. Spreadsheet im using is linked below , so don't try scamming me. I recommend you to get keys, not craft hats or refined, as that would be much easier for me and would give you a lot more chances to actually get the accs, plus will cost you less. I'm putting money on all accs right after that, so i won't do it otherwise. Hats are currently acceptable, but i may refuse to accept them if they are overstocked on warehouse (tf2wh.com), so check it first. For more info add me and ask your questions. If you're buying more then 2 you ARE GOING FIRST.
  2.     Process is pretty simple. I log into your idle accounts, adding enough money to activate em through buying smth at mann co, then trading you for payment if i havent yet (if you didnt go first), after i received the payment i proceed to entering tf2 and buying the item at the shop, then after synch is finished im exiting the acc. I can also create the accounts if you dont have them already, using the mail and logins you have provided, but that will cost you more, it will be 3.33 ref per account, or same amount in hats/1 key 2 rec. I will stay online when doing this, so the ability to chat with me will still exist.
  3.     The process finishes with me buying you a weapon of 0.5 dollar on test, so if you are currently testing any weapon of higher cost, you'll have to either wait for test time to run out, or pay a tip, and quite a big one, since i'll have to add twice and half the usual amount of money, and that's minimal.
  4.     If i'm busy with something, like playing or else, don't spam my chat or profile with messages about you wanting to buy some accs. I won't respond and most likely i will delete you. Remember, it's you who wants to get em, not me.
  5.     For those who need a premium Sandboxie programm for mulit-idling, I rewrote the Readme files in english, so you could install them yourself and linked the installer below.
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