(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Ch1

Mar 10th, 2013
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  4. >Be “The Times of Anon Sparkle Ch1: Happiest days of your life” in Equestria
  5. >Be Anon Sparkle, beloved son of Twilight Sparkle
  6. >And today, you were feeling good
  7. >Last month you got your cutie mark, a book surrounded by some awesome stars!
  8. >Mom said you could have a cutinceanera party if you didn’t misbehave like you normally do for a whole month
  9. >And boy did you stay on your best behavior for the entire month!
  10. >You made sure breakfast was made before mom got up everyday
  11. >The apartment was always cleaned right after you got home from school
  12. >You never made a sound when mom was home and stayed out of her way
  13. >No bothering mom about dinner
  14. >Even when you were really hungry
  15. >And you were even careful enough to feed yourself
  16. >Peanut butter and celery was awesome!
  17. >…Except when you spilled a glob on the floor and spent three hours cleaning it…
  18. >…and you accidentally burned your mouth on the blue floor cleaning liquid stuff
  19. >But that was okay! You are a big colt now!
  20. >You managed to flush and bandage the wound without making a noise!
  21. >And when you did mess up that one time and ruined one of her library books in a puddle
  22. >When she yelled at you for not having enough bits to replace it
  23. >And dragged you home to use that stick…
  24. >…hopefully she won’t count that…
  25. >You weren’t trying to make her angry, it’s just that you were too clumsy and stupid
  26. >You wish you were a better son sometimes
  28. >Rubbing your bruised neck you let out a sigh
  29. >But that’s all okay now!
  30. >Because today is the last day before the month is up and you can have your party!
  31. >There aren’t really a lot of ponies at school you can invite
  32. >Most of them just left you alone in the back of the class
  33. >Unless they wanted to make fun of you
  34. >Or copy off of your homework
  35. >But you still had some friends, sort of
  36. >Grandma and Grandpa would probably come to visit
  37. >And maybe uncle Shining also, but he was usually very busy, so maybe not
  38. >You took a moment to think of who else you can invite
  39. >There was that pink mare who threw you a birthday party once
  40. >…But mom doesn’t like her at all and won’t allow her to come
  41. >There was that Twist girl in class, she was sort of friendly to you
  42. >…But she would probably laugh at you if you asked her to come over
  43. >Oh! That Apple girl you hung out with a while ago, you could ask her!
  44. >…Except you got mad at her when she called your mom “that librarian who’s always mean and dun talk to nobody because she’s a shut-in”
  45. >She wasn’t mean!
  46. >She was the nicest and best mom anyone could have!
  47. >She got you food, gave you hugs, and watched over you!
  48. >Applebloom was wrong, and you knew it-
  49. >*SLAM*
  51. >Mom’s home
  52. >Her voice was soaked with anger
  53. >”-Thirteen Celestia-darned years! And what? Letting me go because of some stupid girl from Canterlot needs a place to stay!”
  54. >You peaked out from behind the corner
  55. “What’s wrong mom?”
  56. >You asked as you took her bags and hat
  57. >She glares at you, and you don’t like that look means
  58. >”Trixie Lunamoon!”
  59. “Who?”
  60. >You flinch as she waves her hooves in the air
  61. >”TRIXIE BUCKING LUNAMOON! Celestia’s personal student”
  62. >Venom dripped off the last two words
  63. >”Celestia just sent a royal messenger to inform me that this Trixie is going to be moving here!”
  64. >Confusion strikes you
  65. “Someone is moving in with us? I don’t think there-“
  66. >”No! She’s moving to Ponyville! And guess what she’s going to be doing?”
  67. >”She’s going to be the new librarian!”
  68. “But aren’t you the librarian?”
  69. >”WAS!” She slams her hoof on the ground, making you jump back and chirp a little ‘eep’
  70. >”Thirteen years I was in charge of that tree! I know where every book goes, every category, every serial number.”
  71. >”Do you know what they said my last task was?”
  72. >Shaking your head she continued
  73. >”To ‘clean out the second floor and prepare it as her bedroom.’ Are you kidding me!?”
  74. >”I could have lived there instead of wasting thirteen years of bits on this dump!?”
  75. >”ARGH!”
  76. >For the next few moments she stomped around with her teeth clenched and eyes closed
  77. >Her mane was messier than usual, and she her coat was in bad need of a brushing
  78. >Then she stopped and looked straight at you
  79. >”This is all your fault!”
  81. >Your heart sank and adrenaline raced
  82. >What? What did you do wrong?
  83. >As your mind raced for anything that you messed up on, you remained calm
  84. >Sometimes she said stuff she didn’t mean, this could be one of those times
  85. >Or, if she does mean it…
  86. >Experiences played out in your head
  87. >Don’t apologize unless you know what for, otherwise she will get even angrier
  88. >Fix or clean whatever is wrong, if you can
  89. >Don’t cry until after she hits you
  90. “M-Mom?”
  91. >”If you weren’t here then I would still be Celestia’s student”
  92. >”*I* would be the one who grew up in Canerlot”
  93. >”*I* would be learning magic from the Princess”
  94. >”*I* would be the one moving into the library”
  95. >”But…”
  96. >Her anger left her face as it was quickly replaced by a sadness
  97. >…What am I going to do?”
  98. >She collapses on the floor and starts a silent sob
  99. >”My job… I loved my job… I could sit and read all day…”
  100. >”And money! We don’t have anything saved up that would last us…”
  101. >You can see a few drops trail from her eyes
  102. >”Those books… they…”
  103. >She rolls onto her back
  104. >”I could lose myself in them for hours. I didn’t have to be some poor mare stuck with a kid in a dead-end job. I could be anything…”
  105. >Her voice becomes weak as she gives out little gasps
  106. >”An adventurer who explores lost tombs, a femme fatale out to capture a prince, a… student of… of… Pr… Princess…”
  107. >She quivers as more tears start to form, unable to finish her thought
  108. >”I… could have been somep0ny…”
  109. >”But… now…”
  110. >She pauses and takes a breath, as she stares at the ceiling
  111. >”No money, no job, no books”
  112. >”Stuck in a two room shanty above a sofa shop where everything from the toilets to roof leak…”
  113. >She sits up and starts walking to a small mirror near the front door
  114. >”But at least I won’t have to worry about this crappy apartment in a few weeks though… ha...ha...”
  115. >She is still crying, but smiling now, as she gives herself a once over in the mirror
  116. >”Ha… haha… HAHAHA… No bits no problem! Hahahahaha”
  117. >Her crying was mixed with her laughter
  118. >”Of course! And I know all of the colts would be tripping over themselves to ask me out now!”
  119. >Wiping some of her tears and snot with her hoof, she then tried to flatten her mane
  120. >”Yea… look at me!”
  121. >”Single unemployed mare with a kid and not a single bit to her name. HAHAHAhahaha..ha…ha…”
  122. >She breaks and collapses into a mound of sobbing
  124. “Mom…”
  125. >You audibly swallow and sit down next to her side
  126. “Mom… it’s okay… at least we still have each other, right?”
  127. >She snaps her head up and looks at you
  128. >In an instant she goes from despair to rage to pity
  129. >Then, she sits up and grabs you in a hug
  130. >”…Anon… just…”
  131. >”I love you, but I need some time alone”
  132. “But mom, we can find a way. It’s like the Daring Doo books”
  133. >You hug her back
  134. >”Anon…”
  135. “Even when it seems hopeless, POW! She finds a way!”
  136. >”Anon”
  137. “Like the time she got caught by that griffon who was going to eat her…”
  138. >”Anon!”
  139. “But she managed to outsmart him and get away, so then she-“
  140. >”ANON! SHUT UP! This isn’t some stupid story… Just… go away. I need some time to think”
  141. >With a shove you stumbled backwards and fell
  142. >You knew when your mom needed space, and now was one of those times
  144. >Be 3 hours later
  145. >You stayed in your little corner of a room
  146. >As you heard mom sobbing
  147. >It wasn’t that bad, you think
  148. >After the first half hour she got up and went to her room to cry
  149. >Then an hour after that she went to the kitchen and took out her bottle of wine
  150. >You, however, were doing just fine
  151. >Like before when you had to stay silently in your room, you just looked at things
  152. >The three books you own, the little light bulb on the ceiling, the once-blue sheets over your bed
  153. >Cracks on the wall, water damage on the floor, some kind of mold growing in the corner
  154. >…
  155. >You were hungry
  156. >Hearing mom talk to herself you figure she’s back in her room
  157. >So now was the best time to get some food
  158. >Creeping into the kitchen you looked around
  159. >There wasn’t much that you could make
  160. >But you weren’t too picky
  161. >First a plate from the cabinet
  162. >Then bread from the breadbox
  163. >Lettuce and carrots from the pantry
  164. >Jam from the icebox-
  165. >*Sniff Sniff*
  166. >On second thought, no jam
  167. >As you balanced the plate on the counter and put the food on it, you slowly spun around looking for somethi-
  168. >*CRASH*
  169. >Ohhhhh horseapples
  170. >Before you had a chance to clean up your dinner from the floor, you heard
  171. >”ANON! WHAT WAS THAT!?”
  173. >Before you knew it her door swung open and she began shouting at you
  174. >You instinctively backed into a corner
  175. “I-I can clean it up! Just-“
  176. >Her eyes focused on the broken plate of food on the ground, and then onto yours
  177. >She had a slight stumble in her step as she walked towards you
  178. >An empty wine bottle levitated next to her
  181. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please! I can-“
  182. >*THUNK*
  183. >The wine bottle smacked you in the side of the head, sending you sprawling onto the floor
  184. >As you lay there, you think you can feel something wet leak from your ear
  185. >”WHY?”
  186. >She leans in and starts yelling at you
  188. “imsorryimsorryimsorry”
  189. >As she yelled and you pleaded she began to smack you with her hoof
  190. >The taste of copper filled your mouth as the smell of wine on her breath invaded your nose
  192. >*SMACK*
  194. >*SMACK*
  195. “imsorryimsorryimsorry”
  197. >*SMACK*
  198. >”NO BOOKS”
  199. >*SMACK*
  200. “sorrysorrysorry”
  201. >”NO MONEY”
  202. >*SMACK*
  203. “…sorry…sorry”
  205. >*SMACK*
  206. “…s…sorry…”
  208. >*SMACK*
  209. >”HUH?”
  210. “…s….s….”
  211. >She pauses
  213. >For a while she stares at you
  214. >Her hoof drops to her side
  215. >You were on the floor, in the fetal position, shaking
  216. >Twilight was standing over you, breathing heavily
  217. >Her eyes travelling along your body
  218. >It seemed like an eternity you two stayed in that position before she spoke
  219. >”Why do you make me do these things?”
  220. >”I try and try to take care of you…”
  221. >She nudges you over to your back and swats away your legs
  222. >She sighs as she levitates out a pack of ice and a bandage from around the house
  223. >”It’s hard… I can’t be there for you all the time…”
  224. >”Sometimes I need someone to be there for me…”
  225. >A caress from her hoof, bandages around your face, an ice pack on the side of your head
  226. >”All I ask, is that you don’t do these things that make my life any more difficult”
  227. >With a hug she brings herself down to you, and nuzzles your face
  228. >The smell of wine floods your senses
  229. >You are sorry you can’t behave, but you can’t help it
  230. >You ruin everything…
  231. >As she ends her nuzzling, her eyes meet yours
  232. >And travel down your body
  233. >A slur in her voice, a shift in her inflection
  234. >”…Maybe for once you can take care of me…”
  236. >With a gentle pull you were lifted up to her
  237. >And your mouths met
  238. >It was a quick kiss, just a touch of the lips
  239. >Before she pushed your head down to her crotch
  240. >”Just lick here…”
  241. >You started to lick a warm fleshy slit
  242. > You were scared and worried, but she seemed to like it
  243. >”Nuuhh… More… Inside”
  244. >Complying, you wiggled your tongue inside and tried to do more, but you had no idea what you were doing
  245. >A musky, somewhat unpleasant taste filled your mouth
  246. >Which only intensified as she lifted her hips off the ground and pushed your face deeper into her crotch
  247. >After calming down a bit she laid you on your back and moved her hips over yours
  248. >”I-I need this. So do you! Just…”
  249. >She grabbed your member and began to massage it
  250. >Each touch of her hooves sent electricity through your nerves
  251. >Once you felt hot enough she placed it against her slit
  252. >And slowly lowered her hips
  253. >You were engulfed by a wet warmness that feels…
  254. >Good? Odd? Scary? Thrilling?
  255. >You don’t know, but it didn’t feel right
  256. >”N-now… just say that you love me”
  257. “I love you”
  258. >”Say I have a pretty mane”
  259. >She starts bouncing, as you compliment her appearance
  260. >”Just… Just… a little more”
  261. >A strange sensation starts to build inside of you
  262. “Mom…”
  263. >”Not yet… n-not yet!”
  264. >Her hips start moving faster
  265. >Until a high-pitched moan escapes from her lips
  266. >The pulsating sensation on your cock not letting up
  267. >As you can feel something start to release from you
  268. >You clamp your hooves over your face in embarrassment and fear as you begin to empty
  269. >And as your mom slams down on you with her hips
  271. >Some time later, as your body starts to calm down she gets up
  272. >With a slightly weary stance she levitates you and walks into your room, eventually lowering you onto your bed
  273. >”Look…”
  274. >She hugs you tightly
  275. >”Things… are rough right now, but we’ll get through it”
  276. >She hugs you and starts rocking while you are lying on the bed
  277. >”Just…”
  278. >”Anon…”
  279. >You sniffle
  280. “Yes mom?”
  281. >”I love you…”
  282. >As she says that she puts you under the covers and tucks you in
  283. >Then, after kissing your forehead, she walks out of your room, turning off the light
  284. >You listened to her walk away, go to her room, and close her door
  285. >When you thought it was safe, you started to cry
  286. >You wish you didn’t make her so angry
  287. >You wish you could be a better son
  288. >You also wish that you could have a cutinceanera
  289. >But you don’t see that happening now
  290. >As you fall asleep you imagine what such a party would be like
  291. >Friends celebrating by brining presents
  292. >Those bullies from school apologizing
  293. >Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle Shining all made it
  294. >Everyone was marveling at your awesome cutie mark
  295. >As you clutched your blanket, covered in fluids that weren’t all yours, you drifted off to sleep
  296. >Your thoughts continuing into a dream, having the best cutinceanera ever
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