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  1. LabVIEW internal debug keys - Ctrl + Shift + D + one of the following
  2.  |  toggle DPrintfs.  Currently on.
  3.  :  print global font table
  4.  A  check app heap
  5.  B  print TD dictionary stats
  6.  D  PrintDSStats
  7.  E  toggle QElement checking
  8.  G  toggle StripChart scroll/copybits
  9.  H  show/hide heap peek.
  10.  I  print heap text info
  11.  L  prints linker graph viz info
  12.  M  toggle memory checking.
  13.  N  show Ned, the friendly debug options dialog
  14.  O  toggle drawing on/offscreen
  15.  P  prints out this list
  16.  Q  toggle show nonIP terms. currently
  17.  R  print VI Server info
  18.  S  print net connection table
  19.  T  toggle print compile stats. currently
  20.  U  toggle sanity checking. currently
  21.  V  print all OLE Variants
  22.  W  show window monitor
  23.  X  toggle new Preferences dialog
  24.  Z  print execution and eventQ status
  25.  {  compact DS now.
  26.  }  toggle gUseNativeFontSizing currently %s
  27.  \" print HeapTextRec line table.
  28.  ~  toggle unattended mode
  29.  <  toggle clump display (use ctrl-shift arrow keys to cycle thru clumps)
  30.  &  print heap text font runs
  31.  _  wireframe 3D controls
  32.  >  ActiveX Control Property Browser
  33. **** NOTE **** Debug keys are preceded by Ctrl+Shift+D !!!!!
  34. **** e.g. Ctrl+Shift+D+N shows the debug options dialog.
  35. **** You have 3/4 of a second after hitting the D to hit the N
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