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Sep 25th, 2013
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  1. Gritten entered chat.
  2. Gritten: Morning
  3. Andrew McWatters: hello
  4. Gritten: I'm to assume that communications will be conducted here going forward
  5. Gritten: And if that's the case, please don't bother logging into spark - Terri if you could log out of it.
  6. Gritten: I'll stay logged in and wait for Matt to come online and actually go 'wtf is going on'
  7. Tyler: thanks larry
  8. Gritten: I've also sent him text messages that have been unanswered
  9. Gritten: The only thing I will say is this
  10. Gritten: Do NOT shoot yourself in the foot.
  11. alikka: i'm not in spark now
  12. Gritten: Matt has said a number of the times in the past that if he sells BH for any substantial amount of $$$ that he will pass along some to each of the employees. How much I believe that, I don't know. But either way, if there IS a chance, don't kill it by saying something stupid. kk?
  13. alikka: damn so no ripping his weasley lil head off
  14. Andrew McWatters: lol
  15. Andrew McWatters: I think it's generally a good thing to treat him with respect anyway; he could have flushed the company along time ago
  16. Tyler: not with any money.
  17. alikka: go with treat him politely
  18. Andrew McWatters: but this shit needs to be of upmost importance if our jobs here are at stake
  19. Gritten: Well you treat people with respond that deserve it.
  20. alikka: he hasn't earned my respect
  21. Andrew McWatters: neither has he earned mine
  22. Tyler: I did respect matt, until the sale thread
  23. Tyler: he didnt even inform us
  24. Andrew McWatters: nor*
  25. Gritten: He hasn't been very respectful towards thsoe who have been busting their asses to keep his company afloat.
  26. Tyler: he lost my respect then and there
  27. alikka: well the thing here is do we waste time trying to save something the owner doesn't seem to care about ot do we toss in the towel too and wait to not be able to log into anything?
  28. Gritten: So guys
  29. Andrew McWatters: considering money is a big object for me right now with college floating on bh, I can respect him for not keeping my termination permanent and absolute
  30. Gritten: You can thank me for that Andrew. That wasn't his decisions.
  31. Andrew McWatters: thanks larry
  32. Tyler: rofl he didnt even want andrew back
  33. Tyler: he fought larry tooth and nail
  34. Gritten: Sorry to say - but both of you were gone
  35. alikka: i was gonna say i don't think matt had an option there when lar found out
  36. Gritten: So was Tyler
  37. Tyler: wait
  38. Tyler: what?
  39. Gritten: I handed in my resignation twice in the past 60 days
  40. Gritten: Ya, I keep you guys sheltered from a lot of shit.
  41. Andrew McWatters: :( thanks man
  42. Tyler: :|
  43. Tyler: Thanks then...
  44. Gritten: To sum up
  45. Gritten: 1) Andrew was terminated - I sent in my notice and said see ya. And Matt went ?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! And I said Andrew comes back or I'm gone
  46. Gritten: Andrew came back
  47. alikka: it's not a thanks thing it's larry knows when he is working with damn good people and he will fight for them. i told ya's that
  48. Andrew McWatters: <3
  49. Gritten: 2 weeks ago - I was informed to replace Tyler and given a 2 week deadline
  50. Andrew McWatters: yeah, well, I couldn't thank you enough for that anyway
  51. Gritten: And I sent off Terri's and my notice and gave him a deadline by EOD to decide what he wanted to do. If tyler went, so did Terri and I.
  52. Tyler: is that why my SL account was terminated?
  53. Gritten: And he fault me like nothing else.
  54. Tyler: back then?
  55. Gritten: that was the same day.
  56. Tyler: wow
  57. Gritten: I told him he was a direspectful asshole
  58. Gritten: And he owed you an apology
  59. Gritten: And he replied with "You have two weeks to replace Tyler"
  60. Gritten: To which I responded with "Cool, you have two weeks to replace Tyler Larry and Terri, and you can tell Tyler himself, cuz I'm not"
  61. Andrew McWatters: shit = got real
  62. alikka: yep i totally agreed with lar
  63. Gritten: We had about 3 back and forth emails regarding it with me ending "I've given you my decision I'll await yours"
  64. Gritten: And finally he said "This is blackmail you knwo the company will go under without you"
  65. Gritten: And I was like "yup I knwo :)"
  66. Gritten: But I need MY team.
  67. Gritten: I get pissed off at all three of you frequently.
  68. alikka: even me?!?!?!
  69. Gritten: But you don't can people cuz you're pissed off at them.
  70. Gritten: Yes even you
  71. alikka: i'm surprised
  72. alikka: lol
  73. Gritten: pffft
  74. Gritten: So feel proud. You guys are worth more than $1000/month to me lol
  75. Andrew McWatters: :)
  76. Tyler: :)
  77. Gritten: And I need that piddly ass 1000/month lmfao
  78. Andrew McWatters: yeah lol
  79. alikka: so....if we are still in biz....what do we do now?
  80. Tyler: my question exactly.
  81. Andrew McWatters: I know exactly what to do
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