Dadonequus Discord Part 216

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  1. >Day 6
  2. >Wait...Day 6?!
  3. >Your eyes open as you suddenly jolt about. realizing the warmth around you was just of a blanket.
  4. "Twilight?..."
  5. >No Fluttershy...and looking out the slept the rest of the fucking day away because the sun was up. Morning it seemed.
  6. "...shit..."
  7. >You look around, and see on Twilight's night table. a small vial. with a note
  8. >It reads "For Anon, Please make sure he drinks this when he wakes up"
  9. >The vial itself was filled with a nasty looking green liquid.
  10. >Did Fluttershy leave that for you? Where was she? Where was Twilight? were hoping you'd see one of them.
  11. >And that liquid. is that the medicine she was helping Zecora with? .......egh
  12. >Well...she did go through the trouble of making it. and if it helped with your back then...
  13. >You take the vial and pop the small cork.
  14. "Bottoms up...I guess"
  15. >You swig the vial, then drop it as you gag and moan. Holy shit, did it taste terrible.
  16. "Oh good god....nggghhhhh!"
  17. >ohhhh, this is how Blueblood must have felt when he drank that crap Celestia served him.
  18. "F-for F-F-Fluttershy...god christ."
  19. >It took awhile, but after trying some techniques to lessen the aftertaste. such as putting Twilight's pillow in your mouth and sucking on it. You finally got the taste out...and did seem to be helping already. The pain in your back started to subside.
  21. "egh..sheesh. I thought that would have tasted better, what with my horse taste buds n all..."
  22. >You look around the empty room
  23. "...Said myself with nobody in the room to reply....Reeeaaalllyyy gotta...wait huh?"
  24. >Your ears perk up. That sound...that was the sound of...singing?
  25. >And not just singing. That was an entire choir, the hell? What was going on?
  26. >It was coming from outside the window...
  27. >You take a peek. And what you saw both confused and astounded you.
  28. >The ponies of Ponyville were setting up tents, building small stages, and doing all sorts of hallabaloo while singing about...
  29. ""
  30. >It was finally coming....
  31. "I....what?! I don't even remember that being a thing anymore"
  32. >It was already being set up
  33. "Twilight never mentioned it...Nobody did.."
  34. >It even had a cute little song being sung by the ponies...
  35. "...The Friendship Festival.....woah"
  36. >It seemed it was finally time for the Friendship Festival to finally start. You didn't know when. But according to the singing. It was for tomorrow....damn man, how the fuck does an entire town just break into song like that? What's worse, you started bobbing your head to it. It was kind of catchy.
  37. "So...are Twilight and Fluttershy busy? They probably wanted to let me rest without waking up. I didn't know I was tired enough to waste a whole day though...hrnnn. Let's see.."
  38. >You see the door, and decide to make your exit after grabbing your saddle bag. You went to the Cutie Map Main Room. Checking to see if anyone was there.
  40. >As you step into the room. You can hear the familiar humming of Pinkie Pie.
  41. >And it is indeed her. Her and her....really large tank of water. The hell was that for?
  42. >You just gaze upon her for a moment as she starts attaching an odd chair to the tank. A long pole keeping the chair suspended right over it. Pinkie was using several balloons to keep her in place and give her an aerial ability of setting up the seat in general.
  43. "Ponk? What's up..whatcha...doin there?"
  44. >"Nonny?" Pinkie Pie put her hoof on the now secure chair and span herself around in the air like a top. She didn't think of how to actually stop. so she just let out a "Wheeeeeeeee!"
  45. >That actually made you smile. Ahhh Pink horse. She found whimsy in even the littlest things.
  46. >Pinkie Pie, in the midst of her spin, stretched a hoof out so she could stop herself while facing your direction. When she did, you could see her eyes spinning for a little bit as she made a dizzied grunt. "Ohhhh, I think I span myself a little too hard." Pinkie then shrugged, giggled, and waved to you "Oh Well. Howdy Nonny! and a goooooooood morning to you! Hey, did you see the drink your Aunt left ya? Because I only have one thing to say about it" Pinkie looked left, then right, then brought her hoof to her mouth as she whispered "Doooooon't drink it, it's awful"
  47. "I sorta already did"
  48. >It's gruesome bitter taste came up in your mind. Making you shiver.
  49. "It was important though Ponk, you know. Medicine may taste bad...but it's good for you"
  50. >"Well...that's true...I heard what happened..." Pinkie frowned and started swimming towards the ground. Although she managed to land, every step she took made her float up a few inches. "Are you ok? I heard you went face to face with a scary chimera"
  51. "We all sort of did. I...really screwed up though"
  52. >You frown at the memory of it.
  53. "All I ended up doing was almost getting Trixie and myself eaten."
  55. >"Awww come on Nonny, at least you still tried. Do you know how much bravery it took to even dive in to save another pony? That's much guts that you'd be barfing it out and making a guts pony. The hero colt Nonny! Willing to dive in to save ponies in need!" Pinkie waves her foreleg as she said that last bit, to increase the grandeur of it
  56. >you shook your head at Pinkie. Yeah, you tried. You tried when Twilight would have already had the situation under control.
  57. "And nearly getting other ponies her because of it. mnnn"
  58. >You sigh, you didn't want that kind of praise.
  59. "I appreciate the enthusiasm Ponk, but I already know I messed up. I'm just glad nopony is mad at me for it."
  60. >"Well of course Nopony is mad at you. We're all just glad everypony made it out ok...Nonny..." Pinkie sighed, her happy demeanor was started to give. But she wouldn't give up just yet. "Hrnnn, it seems like somepony doesn't want a reason to smile. But I know one way to get that grin on your face. Nonny....can you resist Pinkie's Patented Positive Pug?"
  61. >Pug?
  62. "Uhhhhh...Ponk? I don't think I really want a dog and...HRN!"
  63. >Pinkie expertly grabs you, then falls on her back to give you a gentle and loving hug "Actually, I meant hug. But I didn't want to say it because then it wouldn't start with a P" She giggles as she hugs you gently and lovingly. "If you don't smile from this, then I've failed as your friend. Because nopony who is anypony can resist this hug! Nopony!"
  64. >...and...what a hug it was. She was as soft as cotton candy, and as warm as pastrami.
  65. >Pinkie then lifted you up in the air with her legs so she could get a good look at your face. And she could see it. The smile of one who's soul was pierced with goodness. "There we go! I betcha ya feel better now, don't ya?"
  67. >You look down at her, you couldn't help but smile at the pink menace of smiles.
  68. "Yeah...but it was still a stupid move on my part. Ok?"
  69. >Pinkie rolled her eyes at you "If you say so Nonny, I was only trying to make sure you don't blame yourself y'know. Because you shouldn't. If it was me out there, I probably would have done the same thing!"
  70. >You believed her. She probably would have. Though she'd also probably have driven the chimera insane at the same time.
  71. "Well, I guess if I wasn't the only one who would have gone in head first...then I guess that does make me feel a little better about that. But uhhh, let's just forget it happened at all ok? It wasn't really one of the highlights of the subjects. What's this tank of water all about?"
  72. >You eye it, if you had to take a guess, it was one of those ball toss tanks where you hit the target to send a pony into the drink.
  73. "It's a ball dunk game. Hit the target to send your friend in for a swim! It's for the Friendship Festival tomorrow! I almost got it ready and set up. I just need to get the target connected to a few doohickeys and those doohickeys connected to a hingethingy and that hingethingy connected to the chair and everything should work out just fine! Soooooo...are you excited for the Festival tomorrow Nonny? It's gonna be preeeetttttyyy biggggg"
  74. >But that was the thing that got you. It just sorta....sprung up. But then again, You couldn't even remember when it was first brought up anymore.
  75. "Yeah, about that Ponk. I don't remember Twilight or anypony telling me the festival was tomorrow. It just came out of nowhere."
  76. >Pinkie seemed surprised by that answer. "Anon, didn't you see the signs we put around Ponyville?"
  77. >You didn't...was there signs?
  78. ""
  79. >"Oh...Well did you keep up with the town postings near the mayor's office?"
  80. >That existed?
  81. ""
  83. >"huh....Well didn't you wonder why I had a bigger than normal stockpile of fireworks when you had that fake fight with Rainbow Dash?"
  84. >Bigger than normal? Was there even a normal with her?
  85. "....nope"
  86. >" don't really notice much, do you?" Pinkie was honestly surprised you hadn't noticed any of the posting or signs for the Festival.
  87. "Well, I would have thought Twilight would have mentioned something. Since I'm with her for the week."
  88. >"Maybe, but I think she didn't tell you about it because she thought you may have already known. I mean, she has been doing nothing but trying to bond with you and making sure the festival hits off without a problem. She's been really really busy. Like, ultra super busy. Maybe even a mega ultra super heavy busy. Especially now that she convinced Trixie to stick around and do the show during the festival...also, can you believe Trixie's turn around? It's like she never had any friends before now. When I went to give her a forgiveness hug, she kinda wigged out. Too bad Rainbow Dash is still suspicious of her though, because I can see it in her smile. She's really trying to make a turn around." Pinkie then takes a huge breath "Woo...that was a mouthful"
  89. >Yeah really...that was quite the exposition.
  90. "..Yeah...Ponk, do you know where Twilight and Trixie are right now?"
  91. >Pinkie nodded "Yup, they are just outside. Twilight is practicing teleportation techniques with Trixie."
  92. >Yes! Trixie was nearby, that was good. Because at this point you thought she did her show and left...but then...
  93. "And where's Aunt Fluttershy?"
  95. >"Fluttershy? Oh, she's at home. Apparantly, everytime she came over to see you. You were still asleep. You rally like to sleep alot don't you Nonny?" Pinkie Pie hovered upwards and flipped upside down, swimming towards you as she looks at you with a smiling stare "Have any good dreams?"
  96. "Ehhhh....I don't remember my dreams much really Ponk, they just come and go. Like they never really happened."
  97. >"...huh...that's really really weird" Pinkie flips back up and lands back on the ground as she began to recall dreams in her head "Well, I dream lots and lots. If you'd like, I can give you a rundown of every dream I ever had since I could first remember having dreams."
  98. >Huh...that sounded cool.
  99. "How far back can you remember?"
  100. >"since I was a foal!" She says happily
  101. >Huh....that sounded not as cool anymore...that's a huge time waster you bet.
  102. "Ermmm...uhhh....that's super neat Ponk. But...I'm gonna go see Twilight now. Kinda need to talk to her about something."
  103. >"Okie Dokie Loki! Hey, once you're done. You wanna test out my dunking game?"
  104. > that. How could you say no?
  105. "Sure! I don't mind"
  106. >"Yeah! I hope you bring your A game Nonny. Because the target is the kind that doesn't like to be hit!"
  107. >A moving target? huh..
  108. "Pfft, we'll see. I....oh..."
  109. >Actually, if you remember. your aim was shit...
  110. "...W-We'll just see...anyway. gotta go, seeya soon!"
  111. >"Alrighty! I'll be here!"
  113. >You wave goodbye to the balloon tied mare as you exit the room to the entrance hall.
  114. > had alot to think about now that you were more awake.
  115. >You started to feel a fuzzy feeling you normally don't feel when by yourself. You were thinking of all the care Twilight was giving you. and the care Fluttershy gives you. The fact that your friends seem to like a more truthful you. And that you can even come through for Diamond Tiara. And then there was Twilight herself. Before, you thought she was a bookcunt. Now that you spent time with her. She was actually pretty great. she was more of her kinder and friendly side you've seen on the show than you thought. So she made a mistake nearly sealing you. that time was said and done, and really? You were being kind of dodgy. If anything, it was Discord who was being kind of a faggot now. You were still capable of pranking....but, you didn't want to prank your friends anymore. douchebags were still on the table though. You liked the cuddling and love. All the deceit was just causing you pain and anguish. Celestia and Luna really were right, just accept your new life. The life you are supposed to Fluttershy's beloved nephew.
  116. >You open the front doors of the castle. Taking a deep breath to enjoy the clean and positive air as Ponyville shimmered and shined in front of you.
  117. "Ahhhh! Good morning Everypony! Anon is here!"
  118. >Well of course, nobody is around. Except that of Trixie and Twilight. There was a plank set up as a diving board above the ground. From what it looked like. Trixie was constantly dropping down. As Twilight tried to time teleporting her back to the top each time.
  119. "Twilight? Trixie! Yoooo, What's up?"
  120. >Twilight turns around as Trixie dives off the board again. "Anon? You're actually awake?"
  121. >"TWILIGHT!" Trixie shrieks as she falls to the ground.
  123. >O-oh right! Trixie!" Twilight looks back to Trixie and zaps her with her horn. instantly zapping her......a little above the ground next to her, and upside as well.
  124. >You both wince as Trixie falls flat on her face. ouch. actually seeing it seemed more painful than suffering it. Then again, you had grown accustomed to such a feeling.
  125. >"Trixie! I'm so sorry, are you alright?! Anon, didn't you see the sign? No distractions during practice!" Twilight says as she points to one of the ten signs that asked for seem to be really bad at this.
  126. "S-sorry...just woke up actually...erm..Trixie, are you ok?"
  127. >Trixie raises her face, it had grass and dirt on it and she looked a little starry eyed "Trixie is absolutely fine! a Performerlike Trixie can take any hit and still be ready to perform..." Trixie then looked to Twilight, as she wobbled, oh yeah..she fell pretty hard. "Isn't that right mother?"
  128. >"U-uhhh. Trixie, are you sure you're ok. You just cWAHHH!"
  129. >Trixie suddenly grabbed at Twilight's face and started crying as she yelled "WHY DID YOU NEVER SUPPORT TRIXIE?!"
  130. >"Trixie! Trixie! Snap out of it!" Twilight yells as she gives her a quick slap.
  131. >"Ow!..huh..hrn?" Trixie looked around "hmm? Oh Anon, you're awake..finally. I've been meaning to speak with you...I..actually have a few words of thanks to you. I've already given my thanks to Twilight but I can't trust anyone to deliver my thanks to you in the exact words I'm thinking of"
  132. >"Trixie..." Twilight still wanted to make sure if she fully snapped out of it. that was a pretty hard hit. "Are you ok? Really?"
  134. >"Of course! You act as if Trixie just hit her head or something. As if" Trixie takes a glance at Twilight with dismissive eyes "...anyway..Anon" Trixie's voice becomes softer as she takes a step, takes off her hat with her magic, and bows "I'd like to personally thank and Twilight gave me another chance, and with that chance. I've experienced what friendship is really like. And for that..." A golden ticket pops out of Trixie's hat and plants itself right on the ground in front of you. "I present to you a special ticket to see Trixie backstage after her glorious show tomorrow."
  135. >Uhhhhhhhh......wut? Well, it was a nice gesture but...No, you better not say it.
  136. >"Trixie...couldn't he just come backstage anyway? Why does he need a ticket?" Twilight asks, she didn't know the reason for it either and asked her the question you refrained from asking.
  137. >Trixie let out an annoyed sigh "Because it's supposed to be a nice gesture! Come on, I don't have anything else to give him. I allowed you to be my stage assistant didn't I?"
  138. >Twilight gave Trixie an authoritative stare "Trixie...."
  139. >Trixie cringed "Oh..I did it again..mnnn" Trixie held her head down in shame "Sorry....I'm still getting used to this."
  140. >"'s ok. Just be a little more mindful of your manners. Ok?" Twilight walked up to her, forgiving her instantly.
  141. "Yeah, I appreciate the ticket. I could keep it as a know. To remember the moment."
  142. >You take the ticket and put it in your saddle bag
  143. "There we go, ready for my wall of memories...which I don't really have set up yet except for a couple of pictures."
  144. >"You'll really keep the ticket?" Trixie seemed a little confused "I didn't expect that..."
  145. "Yeah, I mean. you wanted to give it to me right? I know you probably have a whole Equestrian tour to I want to hold on to at least one thing to remember you by"
  146. >Trixie started to tear up. "You really mean that?"
  147. >You did
  148. "I do"
  150. >Trixie couldn't contain herself. She immediatly grabbed you and fell ontop of you. hugging you tightly "Nopony has ever kept a memento of Trixie before! Anon...Anon....T-thank you."
  151. >Oh good lord, that hurt...thankfully she was loosening up
  152. >"THANK YOUUUU!" She then grips you tightly
  153. >Oh god...please let yourself die. Why, Why, Why does everyone have to hug so tightly?
  154. "Gnhggfgfg...."
  155. >"Ooook" Twilight uses her magic to pull Trixie off of you "Remember, he's still recovering. Anon, are you alright?"
  156. >You didn't want to make Trixie feel bad, so you slowly stood back up, and smiles at Twilight. hiding your pain.
  157. "N-never better."
  158. >You had to make another stretch to work out the kinks. There you go, thanks to the medicine, the pain was near nonexistent after that stretch,
  159. "Actually Twilight...what's going on. Is the Friendship Festival really happening?"
  160. >Twilight nodded, her voice a little snarky "Of course it is. I've been planning it for weeks. I even mentioned it to you when we were just meeting eachother. Did you forget already?"
  161. "Sorta....I thought it just..wasn't gonna happen altogether."
  162. >"No, it is. It just got delayed a couple of times. Changeling antics and chaos beings tend to cause that. But we finally got everything together and I think it's going to be a success" Twilight looks up to the sky with hope "Ponies coming together just to spend quality time with the friends they have and the friends they will make. This whole festival is very important for everypony. Many ponies from across Equestria will be attending." Twilight then looked to the both of you, now being rather authoritive "So I expect the both of you to behave"
  163. >"Well, you needn't tell me. Now that we're friends. Trrrrrixie has no reason to enslave the town and try to show that she is the best!"
  164. >Twilight silently stared at her
  165. >"Ahrm...I meant...a-alright" Trixie backed down
  168. "'re gonna have no problems from me. Promise! In fact. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"
  169. >Twilight nodded and began to smile, she was happy with that. "Good...oh, did you happen to drink the medicine your Aunt left for you?"
  170. >You nod
  171. "Yep, it's really helping. aside from an ache here or there. It feels like nothing at all happened to me. I feel great!"
  172. >"That's good! but.....don't strain yourself. If you need a little more rest then by all means, go and get some rest."
  173. >You shake your head. No, you wanted to see Fluttershy. You wanted to let her know you're ok.
  174. "Nah, I'm good. I just wanna go see Aunt Fluttershy. You know, to let her know I'm fine"
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