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  1. * Now talking on #8chan-pol
  2. * Topic for #8chan-pol is: /pol/ - Hitler's Gestalt
  3. * Topic for #8chan-pol set by imkampfy!~imkampfy@brownshirts.did.nothing.wrong (Fri Jan  9 02:14:01 2015)
  4. * imkampfy (~imkampfy@brownshirts.did.nothing.wrong) has joined
  5. * TriviaX gives channel operator status to imkampfy
  6. <imkampfy> trypt
  7. <imkampfy> are you locking threads right now?
  8. <imkampfy> stop :<
  9. <imkampfy> Tryptamine566,
  10. <me> the get thread ?
  11. <faggetttss> the hell
  12. <imkampfy> STOP LOCKING THREADS
  13. <imkampfy> either ban/delete
  14. <imkampfy> or sage
  15. <faggetttss> .op Tryptamine566
  16. * TriviaX gives channel operator status to Tryptamine566
  17. <faggetttss> .op me
  18. * TriviaX gives channel operator status to me
  19. <imkampfy> We only need one thread per topic
  20. <me> rules say never autosage man
  21. <imkampfy> delete them and clean up the fucking catalog
  22. <imkampfy> we don't need a wall of shit
  23. <imkampfy> for people to wade through
  24. <me> lets wait for everyone so we get everyones opinion
  25. <imkampfy> fuck you
  26. <faggetttss> What threads will be saged and locked?
  27. <faggetttss> No threads will ever be saged, if it happens it was probably a mistake. Contact a volunteer in order to get it unsaged. Thread locks on the other hand will be given out to off topic thread and duplicate threads.
  28. <imkampfy> you fucking jew shill
  29. <imkampfy> I know you
  30. <faggetttss> woah
  31. <imkampfy> I know your ways
  32. <imkampfy> Eat a fucking dick
  33. <faggetttss> i'm still sticking to the rules in the sticky
  34. <imkampfy> Don't think we're unaware you son of a bitch
  35. <me> not sure if serious kek
  36. <faggetttss> did we change course tho?
  37. <imkampfy> I leave for a few weeks
  38. <imkampfy> and come back to a pile of shit
  39. <me> we should abide by the rules
  40. <imkampfy> don't think I'm fucking stupid
  41. <imkampfy> eat. a dick.
  42. <me> if u want do something else change the rules
  43. <imkampfy> you're the next gnocchi
  44. <me> im all up for making it more tight however you have to explain this with the rules man
  45. <imkampfy> how many shekels are they paying you?
  46. <imkampfy> is it worth it?
  47. <imkampfy> been drinking baby blood lately?
  48. <me> im even in #merchant
  49. <imkampfy> Enjoy your mutilated dick, faggot.
  50. <imkampfy> Here's hoping one of those russian nukes makes it to tel aviv
  51. <imkampfy> and wipes your fucking race from the continent
  52. <faggetttss> are you a jew me?
  53. <faggetttss> CURIOUS
  54. <faggetttss> curious
  55. <me> nop
  56. <faggetttss> sry bout caps
  57. <imkampfy> yeah let's wait for "consensus" you fucking marxist sjw piece of shit
  58. <imkampfy> let's wait for a vote
  59. <imkampfy> cause that's how it fucking works around here
  60. <imkampfy> you piece of shit
  61. <me> i thought u were all about the quality
  62. <me> logical fallacies since u started
  63. <me> are u neet
  64. <imkampfy> ad hom
  65. <imkampfy> eat a dick.
  66. <imkampfy> you fucking kike
  67. <me> no just curious
  68. <imkampfy> Dodge the question.
  69. <imkampfy> Eat a dick.
  70. <imkampfy> I hope your jew mother died giving birth to you
  71. <imkampfy> so at least there'd be one fewer jew in the world
  72. <Tryptamine566> hey, no I haven't been doing anything recently. I was just working on homework actually
  73. <Tryptamine566> what happened?
  74. <imkampfy> np Trypt
  75. <imkampfy> me over here is a jew shill
  76. <imkampfy> another gnocchi
  77. <Tryptamine566> lol
  78. <me> dude chill , if u are serious then u seriously need some help
  79. <me> u have a rage problem
  80. <imkampfy> mmm hmm
  81. <imkampfy> You have a lack of gas problem.
  82. <me> how od are u man
  83. <me> old
  84. <imkampfy> oh
  85. <imkampfy> trying to attack my character again
  86. <imkampfy> clever jew
  87. <faggetttss> i'll try to be back to vol'ing later this week
  88. <imkampfy> Die in a fire.
  89. <me> this is so offensive its like anuda shoah
  90. <imkampfy> If only the first one had really been a shoah
  91. <Tryptamine566> just reading through the irc log. Doorways is gonna come on in around 40 mins to help us get the rules on /pol/ worked out I think, so at least this is a well-timed discussion
  92. <faggetttss> yeah
  93. <imkampfy> So let's see  >marxist "voting >attacks character >lets /pol/ go to shit
  94. <imkampfy> It's pretty clear from here
  95. <me> i thought we are supposed to be neutral
  96. <Tryptamine566> >all this modfighting ;__;
  97. <Tryptamine566> I do think, personally, that sometimes the sheer number of locked threads can clutter the catalog a bit though. Like when that anime raid happened, there were like 5 pages of llockked threads, so I deleted them
  98. <faggetttss> wait we're neutral now?
  99. <imkampfy> >neutral
  100. <me> ya i know about that
  101. <me> but i wanted to give bans if i delete 1st no bans are issued
  102. <me> plus it doesnt matter they stay at the bot with one post
  103. <me> so they go 404 1st
  104. <imkampfy> They don't go to the bottom when they lock
  105. <me> i ask doorways to dec page no
  106. <imkampfy> They just don't bump.
  107. <faggetttss> wut
  108. <me> they do as other threads bump
  109. <Tryptamine566> then again, I can see the merit of locking in certain cases, where maybe the reason the thread is being locked isn't obvious and an axpllanation can help clear things up for the users. But if it's obvious that the thread is shit (e.g. a raid or a cuckspam thread), I see no reason why it shouldn't be deleted
  110. <imkampfy> holy fuck not only are you a jew, you don't know how chans work
  111. <Tryptamine566> explanation*
  112. <imkampfy> >mfw
  113. <me> will del spam after giving bans
  114. <faggetttss> at least we are gonna have a 100 char limit on /pol/ now
  115. <faggetttss> thank god
  116. <imkampfy> it's already on
  117. <faggetttss> ye
  118. <faggetttss> i think
  119. <me> we already have but u can bypass it with space
  120. <imkampfy> This motherfucker doesn't even speak english
  121. <me> nein du dummer mensch
  122. <imkampfy> Oh a German Jew
  123. <imkampfy> how surprising
  124. <me> ja ich bin jude .. ov vey
  125. <Tryptamine566> I forget, were you around when Hotwheels took over the board for a few days, imkampfy? A lot of the changes to the rules are carried over from that time. I'm not so sure I support all of them, myself, though.
  126. <faggetttss> we were all there
  127. <faggetttss> it was 1 day
  128. <Tryptamine566> ahh ok, I forgot
  129. <imkampfy> I hope your dreidal gets lodged in your rectum permanently.
  130. <Tryptamine566> >that fedora raid
  131. <imkampfy> So your anus can bleed
  132. <imkampfy> just like all the other jews
  133. <faggetttss> i think hotwheels just wanted to make /news/ anyway
  134. <Tryptamine566> yeah
  135. <faggetttss> so he went ahead and did it
  136. <Tryptamine566> which I stilll support
  137. <faggetttss> ye
  138. <me> news+ is only floating because of 4chon
  139. <Tryptamine566> I think it was a good idea, but it's better to have a 2 separate boards imo
  140. <me> they moved there
  141. <Tryptamine566> I don't know why my keyboard keeps typing out three of the same letter when I only type one. ;__;
  142. <faggetttss> mmmiiinnneee iiisss dddoooiiinnnggg iiittt tttoooooo
  143. <Tryptamine566> lol
  144. <me> just clean it
  145. <me> full of hotpockets resides
  146. <me> residues
  147. <imkampfy> make sure to only use kosher cleaners, right jew?
  148. <faggetttss> topkek
  149. <Tryptamine566> the price of being a mod :(
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