Spooktober 2018

Oct 1st, 2018
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  1. >"When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo-"
  2. "Uncle Gracey?"
  3. >"Hm? Who is that?"
  4. "It's me, Phanty! You didn't forget I was coming, did you?"
  5. >"Oh, Phantasma, my dear, of course not! I just misplaced your skele-gram, that's all."
  6. "I understand! You do live in a pretty BIG mansion, after all. Hey, what was that you were saying about doorless chambers and frightening sounds?"
  7. >"Oh, that was but a little spiel to set the mood for the mortals that visit occasionally. They really seem to love it. You've arrived just in time; the party is just beginning in the ballroom."
  8. "Oh, uncle Gracey, you always throw the BEST parties!"
  9. >"Why, thank you, my dear! We must hurry, now, the others are dying to see you! Especially Madame Leota!"
  10. "Oh, boy! I hope she doesn't lose her head, though."
  11. >"I'm afraid it's a bit too late for that."
  12. "Hee hee hee hee hee!"
  13. >"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  15. ----------------------------------------
  17. >"Anon, this is really gay."
  18. "It is not gay, it's romantic!"
  19. >"You call this romantic? It's still light outside, there's no cobwebs anywhere, and instead of taking my dad's hearse, we're driving your lame car! This is the opposite of romantic!"
  20. "Hey, leave the car out of this! I just wanted to spend some time with you somewhere other than your place for once, is that too much to ask?"
  21. >"I guess not...but should you really be driving with only one hand?"
  22. "How else am I gonna hold your hand?"
  23. >"Anon, I'm a ghost. You physically can't hold my hand. I appreciate you trying, but now it's just kinda pathetic."
  24. "Yeah but...we could...I just...ah, fuck it. Wanna go scare some kids in the woods?"
  25. >"Hee hee! I thought you'd never ask!"
  27. ----------------------------------------
  29. >"Anon, can I ask you something?"
  30. >You pull your gaze away from the TV screen to look down at Winnie, cuddled up on your chest.
  31. "You just did."
  32. >Winnie rolls her eyes.
  33. >"Seriously, Anon."
  34. >You nod.
  35. "Sure, Winn, anything."
  36. >"Are you ashamed of dating me?"
  37. >Her question catches you off guard.
  38. >If you were drinking anything, you probably would've spit it everywhere after hearing that.
  39. >You pause the video on the TV and look deeply into her eyes.
  40. "Winnie, why the hell would you think I'd be ashamed of dating you?"
  41. >Her ears flatten and she avoids your gaze.
  42. >"You know why..."
  43. >You do.
  44. >You gently take Winnie's cheek, making her look back at you.
  45. "Winnifred Werewolf, I love you. From the day we started hanging out, I knew you were gonna be the one for me. And I will admit, there were times where I'd look at myself and go 'huh. I'm dating a werewolf.' But I quickly decided that I didn't give a shit, because you are far more than fur and fangs. You are beautiful, smart, loyal, caring, bust most importantly, you are my Winnie."
  46. >Winnie stares at you, the sadness in her eyes fading away as a small smile begins to form.
  47. >The smile becomes a grin as she starts snickering.
  48. "...What?"
  49. >"Did you just call me your weenie?"
  50. "I...I said my Winnie."
  51. >"Nope, too late. I'm your weenie now."
  52. "What?"
  53. >"Anon! Get your hands off your weenie! That's unbecoming!"
  54. "Oh my God."
  55. >"What would your mother say if she saw you sitting here, holding your weenie like this?"
  56. "I fucking love you."
  58. ----------------------------------------
  60. >"It started out small."
  61. >"Every now and then, I'd snatch up a stray cat, or a squirrel; just something to tide me over."
  62. >"I didn't start eating...well, you know...until a few years ago."
  63. >"I was just out, minding my own business, when he saw me."
  64. >"Some drunk guy, wandering out alone at night like a dumbass."
  65. >"He just pointed at me and started shouting about monsters."
  66. >"I thought I was well-hidden, but then I just panicked and..."
  67. >"Well, he went quick, thank goodness."
  68. >"Still, I haven't forgiven myself for him, or for the ones after him."
  69. >"I promised myself I'd only eat the really mean ones."
  70. >"But then...I became addicted to the taste."
  71. >"The last one was this really fat cop."
  72. >"He was just doing his job, he wasn't bothering anybody."
  73. >"But he looked so tasty..."
  74. >"I checked his wallet afterwards."
  75. >"He had a family; two kids, a dog, everything."
  76. >"God, just thinking about it made me sick."
  77. >"I try to just stick to rodents now, but...every now and then, I get a craving."
  78. >"And I think back to that first drunk guy shouting at me."
  79. >"And I wonder if he was right."
  81. >"Maybe I am a monster."
  83. ----------------------------------------
  85. >"Anon? Are you even listening!?"
  86. >You snap out of your funk, and you're promptly greeted with a rather frustrated Elsa.
  87. "Uh, yeah, totally."
  88. >She clearly doesn't believe you.
  89. >"Vell zhen, vhy don't you repeat it back to me?"
  90. >She folds her arms, waiting for you to respond.
  91. "...Honestly, it was like watching an episode of Breaking Bad, except none of it was cool."
  92. >Elsa groans, looking like she's ready to crush your windpipe.
  93. >"Anon, I can not tutor you if you vill not pay attention! Zhere must be a vay to get through to you!"
  94. >You shrug.
  95. >You used to be into science when you were younger, but you fell out of it with age.
  96. >Hence why you're failing college chemistry.
  97. >Hence why you're in Elsa's lab, getting lectured.
  98. "I dunno, Elsa, science just isn't that interesting anymore. It was when I was younger, though. Mostly because of-"
  99. >You freeze, an overwhelming mixture of excitement and nostalgia coming over you as you connect the dots.
  100. >"Because of vhat, Anon?"
  101. >You grin madly.
  102. "Bill."
  103. >Elsa raises an eyebrow.
  104. >"Who is Bill?"
  105. "Bill. Bill! Bill!"
  106. >"Vha- Anon, why are you shouting?"
  107. "Bill! Bill! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!"
  108. >"Anon, cut it out!"
  110. >Elsa just stares at you, bewildered.
  111. "...What?"
  112. >"...Who zhe fuck is Bill Nye?"
  114. ----------------------------------------
  116. >"Think about it, Anon! You'll help to usher forth a new era for my people!"
  117. "Yeah, at the cost of mine! I'm sorry, Deedee, but I can't breed with you. It's not right."
  118. >"Anon, humans have been destroying the planet for centuries! They're driven by hate and anger, seeking only to hold power over each other. Us deep ones treat each other with love and respect! We're all family!"
  119. "You don't understand. Yes, humanity has its dark moments, but when we make mistakes, we learn from them. While there are a few with hatred in our hearts, a big number of us have love, and we spend most, if not all of our lives, spreading it! If you destroy humanity, you're destroying a race that can grow and change and become better. But we can't do that if you-"
  120. >"I'll let you do anal."
  121. "...How long do I have to think it over?"
  123. ----------------------------------------
  125. >"Sorry if it's a mite cluttered, Anon! Ah haven't had much chance to re-organize!"
  126. >You're currently in Cassidy's ship, inside what she denotes as her "bedroom."
  127. >You're knee-deep in western themed props and clothing.
  128. >Old fashioned guns, cowboy boots, empty bottles of whiskey.
  129. >You're pretty sure you even saw a tumbleweed rolling by.
  130. "It's fine...hey, where's your bed?"
  131. >Cassidy blinks, not familiar with the term.
  132. "I mean, where do you sleep?"
  133. >"Well, mah kind doesn't need to rest in the same way y'all humans do. But, if we need to travel for an extended period a' time, we just hop into one a' these cryo-stasis pods here!"
  134. >She slides some junk off of a raised surface to reveal the aforementioned pod underneath.
  135. >Looks like something straight out of the movies.
  136. >"Keeps me colder'n frozen cow juice!"
  137. >You blink.
  138. "...Did you hear that expression from SpongeBob?"
  139. >Cassidy suddenly looks offended, her antennae sticking straight up.
  140. >"Anon! That's mighty rude!"
  141. >You give her a look.
  142. >She falters, lowering her head in shame.
  143. >"...Yes."
  145. ----------------------------------------
  147. "Hee hee hee hee..."
  148. >You're sitting on the couch with your laptop when you hear Phantasma's familiar giggling from behind you.
  149. >You turn , and sure enough, there she is.
  150. >As soon as you look at her, however, she covers her face with her hands, like a Weeping Angel.
  151. >You can still hear her snickering, though.
  152. >You shrug, and turn back to your computer.
  153. >"Hee hee hee hee hee!~"
  154. >You turn to face her again.
  155. >She's doing the same thing, covering her face.
  156. "Phanty, what are you doing?"
  157. >She removes her hands, showing off her ghastly grin.
  158. >"Don't you get it?"
  159. >You shake your head.
  160. >She snickers and wraps her arms around your neck.
  162. >"I'm your Boo!"
  164. ----------------------------------------
  166. "How about this one?"
  167. >You carefully hand the severed leg over to Elsa.
  168. >She takes it and compares it to her much...meatier leg.
  169. >"Hm...it could vork. I vould need to make several adjustments. Ve'll put it in zhe 'maybe' pile."
  170. >She tosses the limb into one of three piles of other limbs.
  171. >This isn't the first time you've helped Elsa scavenge for body parts, but this time, it wasn't for any sort of experiment.
  172. >She explicitly told you that she was interested in a "new look" and explained that she could achieve that by switching her own parts with others.
  173. >You pointed out that she had a whole stockpile of parts back in her lab to choose from, but she said she wanted something fresh.
  174. >Hence why you're prowling the graveyard in the middle of the night.
  175. "Hey, Elsa, can I ask you something?"
  176. >"Of course, Anon. Just make it quick, ja? Zhese limbs are not getting any fresher."
  177. "Right. What...made you decide to want this 'new look?' I never took you as someone who'd be into fashion."
  178. >Elsa looks away.
  179. >"Vell...it is not so much zhe fashion, moreover, zhe body itself. I am sure you've noticed, Anon, but I am not exactly...petite."
  180. >You nod.
  181. "Yeah, well, you ARE the daughter of Frankenstein's monster, and he's a pretty big guy. You know there's nothing wrong with being big, right Elsa."
  182. >She sighs, turning to look at you.
  183. >"Yes, I know, but...zhe ozher girls are so much smaller than I am, und it makes me feel a bit...self-conscious. I do not expect you to-"
  184. >You cut her off by wrapping your arms around her waist and pulling her into a big hug, nuzzling your head against her abdomen.
  185. "Elsa, there is nothing wrong with your size. Me, and the others, I'm sure, will agree that we love you for who you are, not your size."
  186. >You let go and step back.
  187. >Elsa's blushing, but she begins to smile just a bit.
  188. >"Danke, Anon. Zhat means a lot to me."
  189. >She peers over at the piles you've collected.
  190. >"I suppose ve can just use all zhese for more experiments, ja?"
  192. ----------------------------------------
  194. >"So, I vas attempting to reconnect zhe arteries, vhen I realized-
  195. >PLOP
  196. >"ACH!"
  197. >You look down at Elsa's plate.
  198. >Smack dab in the middle of her soup was her hand, having somehow detached from her arm.
  199. >"I am so sorry, Anon, I could have sworn zhat I tightened zhe stitches before ve left!"
  200. >You simply shrug.
  201. "It's no big deal, Elsa. Just look at the bright side."
  202. >She blinks.
  203. >"Vhat bright side?"
  205. "You got a free side of lady fingers!"
  207. ----------------------------------------
  209. >"Anon, meet Dove! She 'n I've been friends since the good ol' days!"
  210. "Oh, yeah, I think I've heard of her. They call you the Dover Demon, right?"
  211. >"..."
  212. >"Yeah, she's not much of a talker, sweetie."
  213. "Ah, I see. She nervous?"
  214. >"...Anon, she ain't got a mouth."
  215. "...Oh, yeah."
  216. >"She do got fingers, though, and she knows how to use 'em!"
  217. "Oh, she plays an instrument, too?"
  218. >"..."
  219. >"...Yeah. An instrument."
  221. ----------------------------------------
  223. "You want me to WHAT?"
  225. >Mavis rolls her eyes, as if it were the tenth time you've asked that question.
  226. >"C'mon, Anon, all I'm asking for is a little nibble."
  227. "I know, but...I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the other way around."
  228. >She sighs.
  229. >"Yes, Anon, I know, but if I were to bite your neck, you'd die. However, if you were to bite MY neck, I'd be fine! It's a win-win!"
  230. >You're still a bit wary at the idea.
  231. "What even made you want to try this?"
  232. >"I read it in Monstropolitan! It's supposed to be a huge turn-on for vampires, so why not give it a shot?"
  233. >You think it over for a brief moment, then shrug.
  234. "Alright, I guess there's nothing to lose..."
  235. >Mavis grins and lies down on the bed, ready for you.
  236. >You carefully get on your hands and knees, bringing your lips to her neck.
  237. >You start by giving her soft kisses, which makes her squirm and moan.
  238. >"Mmm, keep going..."
  239. >You run over the area with your tongue, getting the flesh nice and wet.
  240. >Mavis curls her toes and moans louder.
  241. >Finally, you go in for the kill.
  242. >As gently as you can manage, you catch a bit of neck flesh between your teeth, before applying just the tiniest bit of pressure-
  244. >You quickly pull away, looking down at Mavis.
  245. >She's breathing quickly, and you can see nothing but desire and pleasure in her blue eyes.
  246. "I...take it you liked it?"
  247. >"...Take off your clothes."
  249. ----------------------------------------
  251. "Full house!"
  252. >"What!? You've gotta be kidding me, that's the fifth hand in a row!"
  253. >"Hee hee hee! You're getting good at this game, Tanis!"
  254. >"That, or Winnie's really off her game tonight."
  255. >"Bite me, bat-breath."
  256. "So, are we up for another hand?"
  257. >"Hell no. I'm not gonna lose my last few bucks to an amateur."
  258. >"Winnie!"
  259. "That's alright! We can always play strip poker!"
  260. >"..."
  261. >"..."
  262. >"Hee hee! ...Wait, what?"
  264. ----------------------------------------
  266. "Hey, Elsa, you busy?"
  267. >"Ja, Anon, I am. Vhat is it?"
  268. "You know that extension cord you keep in your room? Is it cool if I borrow it for a few minutes."
  269. >"Sure, just remember to bring it back."
  270. "Sweet, thanks. Hey, can I borrow the charging cables, too?"
  271. >"Of course, Anon."
  272. "Awesome. Hey, before I forget, will you marry me?"
  273. >"Sure, Anon, but I really need to finish vorking."
  274. "No sweat, I'll catch you later."
  275. >"Farevell, Anon."
  276. >...
  277. >"...Vait, vhat?"
  279. ----------------------------------------
  281. "Alright, let's try this one. 'Where is the restroom?'"
  283. "Okay, we'll try something a bit easier. Try saying 'hello.'"
  285. "Okay, we'll do it together. Repeat after me. 'Hell-'"
  287. "You know what, let's just stick to sign language."
  289. ----------------------------------------
  291. >"My, I never noticed how strong your grip is, Anon!"
  292. >Sibella drunkenly rambles as you carefully guide her down the sidewalk.
  293. >The two of you had just left after attending a formal dinner, hosted by Doctor Frankenstein himself.
  294. >You were having a good time, up until the doctor decided to bring up a few bottles from his wine cellar.
  295. >Sibella flocked to them like Mothman to a flame.
  296. >Now it seemed all she could do was talk and giggle.
  297. >She was laughing even more than Phantasma.
  298. >It wasn't totally obnoxious, but it was starting to wear on you.
  299. >Thankfully, you weren't far from home.
  300. "So, Sib, did you have a good time?"
  301. >"Do you even need to ask, Anon dear? I always have the time of my un-life when I'm around you!"
  302. >You rolls your eyes.
  303. "I'm glad."
  304. >Sibella notices your less-than-enthusiastic tone.
  305. >"Anon...are you mad at me?"
  306. "No, not mad. Just a little irritated, that's all."
  307. >"W-why? What did I do?"
  308. >Oh, boy, how to put this...
  309. >Actually, you don't even get the chance, as Sibella suddenly starts sobbing into your shoulder.
  310. >"I'm so sorry. Anon! I just can't help myself around red wine!"
  311. >You give her a reassuring side-hug.
  312. "It's okay, Sib, it's not that big a deal."
  313. >"But it's just not right! I shouldn't treat someone I love that way!"
  314. "It's fine, we all make mista- wait, what?"
  315. >Sibella freezes.
  316. >If she had any blood left in her, you'd have a feeling that most of it would be rushing to her cheeks about now.
  317. >"Did...I say that out loud?"
  318. >You nod.
  319. "Yeah...loud and clear."
  320. >Sibella sniffs, wiping her tears.
  321. >"Heh...I guess one good thing about the wine is that...it finally gave me the guts to say it."
  322. "So...you mean it, then."
  323. >She swallows.
  324. >"...Yes, Anon. I mean it. I love you. And not just that. I love you more than any human I've ever met. I understand if you don't feel the same way, but...at least it's out there now. Can we go home now?"
  325. >You smirk.
  326. "Only if you agree to dinner with me next week."
  327. >Sibella smiles.
  328. >"Absolutely."
  330. ----------------------------------------
  332. >"Do you have everything?"
  333. "Yeah. I double checked."
  334. >"Excellent. Ve vouldn't want you to leave anyzhing behind."
  335. >"Heeheehee! I dunno about that, Elsa! I think Winnie would prefer if Anon left something here. Something to sniff, perhaps?"
  336. >"Can it, Phanty!"
  337. "Heh, it's alright, Winnie. Here. You can have my watch, if you want. It's no article of clothing, but it should still smell like me."
  338. >"R-really? I mean, uh...thanks, I guess."
  339. >"Do you HAVE to go, Anon? We still have a few hours..."
  340. "Sorry, Tanis, you know how it is. The more often I see you guys, the less special it is, you know?"
  341. >"But you'll be back next year, right?"
  342. "As long as there's an October. Oh, looks like my ride is here. Alright, quick group hug!"
  343. >"Farevell, Anon!"
  344. >"Don't forget to write, dear!"
  345. >"Heeheehee! See you on the other side!"
  348. "...Hey, driver, can you roll the window down a sec?"
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