Without Anything Good - 45

Aug 2nd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

잘난 것도 없으면서! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Joon Hyun (MC) Student Single
Sujin (FMC) Student Douche's Girlfriend (?)
Eunjung (TB) Student Chase after MC
Sung Hoon Yi (BFF) Student Red's Boyfriend
Hyun Ho Bae (Douche) Student FMC's Boyfriend (?)
Yeojin (Red) Student BFF's Girlfriend

Thanks to Hiraiw &

Chapter - 45

BFF's Room Red X BFF

They're watching movie leaning next to each other, the male actor is kissing the blonde female while Red is saying how the actor hi handsome, BFF is a bit upset and asks her how she gets the nerves to say something like that in front of him her boyfriend.. Little argument there, she asks him what's the problem with that and he tells her what she'll do if he does the same (saying how this girl is beautiful) she says how she wouldn't care because there is no love between them, he asks her if she really wants to die, she laughs and apologizes saying how she isn't used to date someone.

She asks him if he wants to have sex with her because it's usually what happen when a couple is watching this sort of movie, he tells her how he doesn't want because he's tired of her bullshit. She tells him how she'll make some effort in the future then she asks him if he really thinks she's dating him because of his looks, she tells him she's with him because he's nice to her and she feels comfortable with him she adds how if she wanted to date a handsome guy, she'll date with MC. BFF is surprised and asks her if she was thinking to date MC or if she dated MC before him. He puts in her embrace and says how she's searching some excuses because he knows she fell in love with his skills. She laughs and tells him how his skills are shit compared to MC but MC is someone hard to date so she goes with BFF.

He understands something and Red knows she fucked up.. He asks her how did she know that she tells how she only guessed and really doesn't know.

BFF tells her he worries a lot about MC's romantic life and wants to help him so he asks Red if she has a girl to present him like that they'll go on a double date one day.. She asks him why did he thinks about presenting a new girl while TB is already chasing after MC. BFF is surprised and asks her how she can affirm this, she tells him it's her feminine intuition.

MC's Room TB x MC

TB looks surprised and doesn't know what to answer to MC's question.


MC's Room TB x MC

TB looks at him and asks him he really likes her, she's siting next to him and rephrase her question asking him if he's okay to be with her, he keeps his head low and tells her if it's not her he couldn't move on, he tells her how honestly he's doing this because he's having a hard time with FMC and how what he said to her earlier was mostly because of that and how the only thing he's sure right now it's she (TB) was always here supporting him going through the most difficult moment of his life.

He looks at her after making up his mind and tells how he'll like her more than FMC because she was always beside him and always cared about him, he says how even now he likes her more than FMC.

TB seems happy but lowers her head shyly and asks him if he still likes FMC, he tells her how he doesn't like her anymore. TB stays silent and MC corrects himself saying how he'll not like FMC anymore from now TB asks him if he's doing this only because he's feeling lonely, he denies that idea saying how he made up his mind and he asks her what is her answer. She rejects him, apologizing to him 2 times, she gives him a smile and tells him how she can't date him right now because she has something else in her head, MC is taken aback by her rejection and asks her if she seeing someone.

She puts him in her embrace telling him how she would really love to be with right now but doesn't want him to feel distressed so she tells him to have a talk with FMC and if he got dumped she'll take care of him and date him.

MC's nibbling his lips saying how he already gave up on FMC, she tells him on he only lacking courage right now, she opens her arms telling him how she'll give him courage to confront FMC. They exchange a hug and TB tells him how she wishes he can make up with FMC or she wishes she would be FMC. She asks MC if he's okay right now, he tells her how he doesn't have to be afraid because he has a place to run now.(OMG, NO AUTHOR, STOP MAKING HIM PATHETIC!..).

She laughs and says he's idiot because the answer she wanted to hear was only 'YES'.

To be continued..
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