Play at the Game (SunShim+Rarity/Anon) (Casual Sex)

Dec 10th, 2018
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  1. > Be Anon, watching Rainbow Dash's soccer game
  2. > Not that you even like watching soccer
  3. > You just got swept up with the girls in "supporting your friend!"
  4. > At least you are in good company, while being bored out of your mind
  5. > Rarity is on your right, staring at herself in a hand mirror and touching up her make-up from time to time
  6. > On your left, Sunset Shimmer has pulled her shirt up and is idly playing with her tits
  7. > Nice
  8. > You find it increasingly difficult to pay attention to the game
  9. > Sunset looks at you quizzically
  10. > "What's up?"
  11. > You get an idea
  12. "Rarity, Sunset, could I borrow your panties for a bit?"
  13. > Sunset shrugs and starts to reach under her skirt
  14. > "Sure."
  15. > Rarity tilts her head this way and that, staring into the mirror
  16. > "I'm afraid my hands are full right now, Darling. If you want my panties, you'll have to take them off yourself."
  17. > You love this world
  18. "Don't mind if I do."
  19. > You slide your hands up her creamy thighs
  20. > She lifts her bottom slightly, and you pull her panties down, stroking her silky skin as you move the underwear down her legs
  21. > After a tricky bit with her high heels, you now hold a pair of warm, lacey purple panties in your hand
  22. > Sunset taps you on the shoulder and hands you her red silk thong
  23. "Thanks."
  24. > She smiles
  25. > "Anytime. Do you need a hand with what you're going to do?"
  26. > You look her over, noticing a slight blush on her cheeks
  27. "Why don't we help each other out?"
  28. > Sunset grins
  29. > "I was hoping you'd say that."
  30. > You unfasten your pants and slide them down a bit, giving your erection room to breathe
  31. > You pull it out of the hole of your boxers and wrap it in the soft fabric of your friends' panties
  32. > Sunset grabs your erection in her slender hand, while her other one stuffs your left hand down her skirt
  33. > Your hips buck at the sudden pressure, and she giggles
  34. > "So sensitive."
  35. > You roll your eyes, and start rubbing circles on her vulva
  36. > She hums in pleasure, leaning against you
  37. > You are suddenly very aware of the warmth of her breast mashed against your biceps
  38. > Her face is so close, her eyes sultry, her lips parted
  39. > Your cock slides in her firm grip, thrumming with pleasure as the silk slides against the underside of your glans
  40. > You pull her head closer with your right hand and kiss her on the lips
  41. > She moans, hips rolling under the ministrations of your touch
  42. > Her tongue instinctively wraps and wrestles with your own as you deepen the kiss
  43. > You slide a finger inside her, searching for that one-
  44. > She convulses, whimpering into your mouth
  45. > Her hand clenches almost painfully around your dick, making short, jerky motions
  46. > You groan, breaking the kiss
  47. > She pants heavily, thighs clenched tight around your hand
  48. > "That's it, hah, right there."
  49. > You can feel the tension in her body build, her pussy pulsing around your hand
  50. > Sunset's hand pumps your panty-clad dick furiously
  51. > You can't help but thrust yourself into her grip, clenching your teeth
  52. "Fuck!"
  53. > She makes a low chuckle
  54. > "Very nearly."
  55. > You slide a second finger inside her, joining the first as you attack her g-spot
  56. > Her breath comes in gasps now, and she crushes herself against you
  57. > You are getting close yourself, an exquisite pressure building inside you
  58. > Sunset whimpers with a tiny voice
  59. > "Please, more! More!"
  60. > Your fingers are starting to cramp but you oblige, plundering her depths with increasing speed as she coats your hand in her delicious juices
  61. > She writhes against you, humping your hand like an animal
  62. > "Fuck! Yes! Fuck me, oh Celestia, Fuck me!"
  63. > It's too much
  64. > You explode into the panties, the pleasure robbing you of your sight for a few heavenly seconds
  65. > And she doesn't stop stroking
  66. > You surge again and again, your cum soaking into the fabric, glistening between her fingers
  67. > Thankfully, she slows to a stop as she comes down from her own orgasm
  68. > The two of you lean against each other, breathing in sync
  69. > Rarity titters behind her hand
  70. > "Such a vigorous way to pass the time."
  71. > You pull your hand from Sunset's crotch and start licking her juices off of it
  72. "Don't knock it until you try it."
  73. > Sunset gently extracts her thong from where it's plastered to your cock
  74. > Rarity rolls her eyes
  75. > "Please, a lady never improvises in such a manner. That's why I have two vibrators inside me at all times, in case I need some stress relief. Now, if you are quite done, would you kindly return my panties?"
  76. > You pause to watch Sunset put on her semen coated thong, the side of her ass visible as she pulled the thong snug against her pussy
  77. > Goddamn
  78. > You pull Rarity's panties from your softening member and twitch at the stimulation
  79. > You're still pretty sensitive
  80. > You look at the fashionista, still preoccupied with her mirror
  81. "Shall I put them back on for you?"
  82. > "That would be ideal, Darling."
  83. > You kneel down next to her legs and thread her feet through her panties
  84. > Looking up her skirt you can see her perfectly shaved pussy, with a small pink plastic knob peeking out from her folds
  85. > Once again, she rises to allow you access
  86. > You pull her panties up high, the fabric conforming perfectly to the contours of her womanhood
  87. > You cannot resist the temptation
  88. > You let go of the sides of her panties and press your fingers through the cum-covered fabric, smearing your jizz inside of her
  89. > "Oh!"
  90. > You grin at Rarity's rosy cheeks and sit back down like nothing happened
  91. > She squirms in her seat, and you can hear a low buzz start up
  92. > "You tease! You are fortunate I came prepared, or else I would be quite put out with you."
  93. > You kiss her on the cheek
  94. "I am lucky indeed, to have such a beautiful friend willing to accommodate my desires."
  95. > Rarity smiles in spite of herself
  96. > "Flatterer. Now be still, and let me use you as a backrest."
  97. > You nod graciously
  98. "As you wish."
  99. > The game continues, with Rarity shuddering in pleasure beside you, and Sunset resting her head on your lap
  100. > All in all, you're glad you came
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