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  1. LupineDreamExpress: So whats going on
  2. Joshipgirl: i find u rude and irritating
  3. LupineDreamExpress: I'm sorry I came across that way ?
  4. Joshipgirl: SeemsGood
  5. LupineDreamExpress: Didn't really mean to. Please communicate with me if something is bothering you. Privately, and we can work on it.
  6. Joshipgirl: id prefer to just like ignore u
  7. LupineDreamExpress: I'd prefer to not log on and be treated like a peice of dirt for no reason based on your personal opinion of me. Can you handle that ?
  8. Joshipgirl: ur constantly passive aggressive and snide to me and others and it gets on my nerves. sorry for lashing out. ill just ignore u from here on out
  9. LupineDreamExpress: I'm not passive aggressive.
  10. LupineDreamExpress: As I said, I'm sorry that you damn well interperet everthing I say/do that way.
  11. Joshipgirl: im not replying to you anymore see ya
  12. Your whisper was not delivered because the recipient's settings prevent them from receiving it.
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