Thats what she said

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >you are anonymous
  2. >and you are currently playing hide and seek with a certain filly
  3. >”I wonder if she’s...HERE!”
  4. >no, nothing under your bed either
  5. >you hear her giggle ring throughout the house
  6. >damn Dandelion is good at this
  7. >you leave your bedroom and make way towards the bathroom
  8. >you’ve gone trough every possible hiding place in your house that you could think of
  9. >this is actually boggling your mind right now
  10. >you open the door to your bathroom and look around but find nothing
  11. >you scratch your head
  12. >you honestly have no idea where she could be
  13. >”Dandelion, how about we stop playing now?”
  14. >...
  15. >no answer
  16. >well, you have no idea where to look next
  17. >you turn around and
  18. >...
  19. >Dandelion is right there, smiling before you
  20. >”...were you behind me the entire time?”
  21. >Dandelion gives you a cheerful nod
  22. >well, now you feel like a retard
  23. “What will we play next Anon?”
  24. >”Ummm... I think I will tuck you in instead since you were supposed to be asleep about 3 hours ago”
  25. >Dandelion gives you a cute pout
  26. “But Anoo-oon....”
  27. >Dandelion seriously needs to stop using that massive cute-weapon of hers
  28. >”No buts, time to go to bed”
  29. >Dandelion starts to giggle as you lift her up
  30. “You said butts”
  31. >you carry the slightly giggling filly to her bed and tuck her in
  32. >dandelion shifts about cutely as she searches for the perfect position in her mess of blankets and pillows as you ponder if you should tell her a bedtime story
  33. >but you decide against it since it would only fire her up again
  34. >Dandelion turns her sparkling eyes at you
  35. “Is it going to be another cold night Anon?”
  36. >you give Dandelion a nod, these last two days have been freezing
  37. >”You should sink deeper into that warm pile”
  38. “That’s what she said”
  39. >”Dammit Dandelion not again”
  40. >you teached her that joke and she’s been having a field day with it
  41. >”You should stop using that joke so much. It’s not impressing anyone“
  42. “That’s what she said”
  43. >Son of a-
  44. >”Dandelion please, just go to bed”
  45. >Dandelion gives you another cute nod
  46. >you start to leave the room and flip off the lights
  47. “Anon?”
  48. >”Yes Dandelion?”
  49. “Can Dandelion ask you a question?”
  50. >”Sure. Let it out and fire it at me”
  51. “That’s what she said”
  52. >you slam Dandelions door shut as she giggles
  53. “Anonymous Dandelion is sorry, come back!”
  54. >you open the door and look at Dandelion
  55. >her eyes seem a bit teary and you can’t help but to soften the bit grumpy look on your face as you point at the switch to her dim little nightlight
  56. >”How about I put this on and make you feel better?”
  57. “That’s what she said”
  58. >you slam Dandelions door close and start to walk to your own bedroom
  59. “Wait Anon com back, Dandelion is sorry”
  60. >”Suck a dick Dandelion I’m going to sleep”
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