Anon - Golden caramel

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You still wonder how you got stuck in this company
  2. >On to your left Golden Corral presses her body against yours and gently stokes your arm with her hoof
  3. >On your right Caramel does the same
  4. >You are Anonymous and you are currently the object of much envy
  5. >Golden Corral moves her hoof to your thigh and start to drag it dangerously close to your crotch
  6. “You know... you should just pick me...”
  7. >She nuzzles her head against your side and whispers to you
  8. “I’ll make it worth your while~”
  9. >Suddenly you feel your head get turned to look at Caramel by her hoof
  10. >She’s looking you straight in the eyes with bedroom eyes so intense you fear your cock might just implode
  11. >She nuzzles gently the side of her face against yours while letting her antennae lightly brush against your temple
  12. >Her warm breath hits your ears as she whispers into your ear, making you shiver
  13. “Choose me, please~, it would make me very happy...”
  14. >There is a slight pause as she moves her mouth even closer to your ear than it already was
  15. “And I love to share my happiness~”
  16. >You gulp but can not even relax as Golden Corrals tongue suddenly starts to gently tickle your ear as her hoof now makes contact with your crotch
  17. >How did you get into a situation like this? You were out with Golden Corral and Caramel and you just happened to ask which one of them was better at lewdness
  18. >The two debated about it for a while but then decided you should be the judge
  19. >And after that it has been constant, non-stop lewd hell for you
  20. >Not that you are complaining that much, but still it makes you feel awkward since the three of you are out in the public
  21. >You can hear the murmur of appalled mothponies and the dirty looks you are getting every now and then
  22. >But you can not really focus too much on them with two distractions like these two at your side
  23. >”G-Goldie...”
  24. >You look at Golden Corral in shock as she retracts her tongue back into her mouth and gives you a naughty smirk and a wink
  26. >Not wanting to loose, Caramel herself suddenly climbs onto your lap and straddles you
  27. >You stare at her in shock as she wraps her hooves around your head and pulls your face against her chest fluff
  28. >It feels so soft and warm...
  29. >Caramel speaks up now
  30. “Let’s forget all about her Anon, let me show you a good time~”
  31. >You can’t help but to notice her crotch pressing against yours as she starts to stroke your head
  32. >You can smell the slight hint of caramel off of her, and she feels so warm and soft...
  33. >You can not enjoy the sensation for too long as Golden Corral pulls Caramel off of your lap and then takes her place
  34. >Before you know it she gives your neck a teasing lick with the tip of her tongue while pressing her crotch against yours
  35. >She’s a bit more forceful about it than Caramel
  36. >Golden Corral says nothing and moves her mouth near your ear and then you feel a whole new sensation
  37. >She’s nibbling on your earlobe gently with her teeth’s while panting into your ear
  38. >You grasp at the air with your hands as you try to remain sane under such intense attacks
  39. >You feel your cock give out a strong twitch which you are sure Golden Corral felt as she pushes down on your crotch even harder while letting out an aroused little laugh before starting to go at your earlobe, but this time more intensely
  40. “Two can play at that game”
  41. >Suddenly your other earlobe starts to undergo similar sort of an assault as hooves start to caress your body hungrily all over
  42. >Caramel decided to not just sit around and let Golden Corral steal the show and now she’s pressing her body against yours and grinding it against it
  43. >It’s just too much, you feel a familiar buildup and suddenly your body jerks
  44. >”O-oh~”
  45. >You can not help it, you cum right there and then, in your pants
  47. >This seems to amuse Golden Corral and Caramel as the two let out chesire giggles and keep working their magic on you
  48. >You let your eyes roll to the back of your head as you enjoy the immense wave of pleasure that rushes over your body and drowns your mind in it as you twitch and pump your seed into your underwear
  49. >As it ends you just open your eyes and stare at the ceiling while feeling your whole body heat up and start to sweat
  50. >Golden Corral and Caramel are no longer nibbling your ears but they are caressing your body gently with their hooves while pressing themselves against your body
  51. >You pant and just rest on your seat in the afterglow
  52. >But your peace is broken by the two
  53. “So Anon~”
  54. “Which one was better~?”
  55. >You just rest there while wondering what sort of a Pandora’s box you have opened
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