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Jun 10th, 2012
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  1. 1 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:05:03 AM
  2. The game has begun! You may use this chat to discuss the game publicly. Some players may have additional private chats similar to this, but no outside private communication is allowed.
  4. 2 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:05:04 AM
  5. It is now Day 1!
  7. 3 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:06:26 AM
  8. I have started the game. A six-hour period of silence has begun to reflect on your role/team assignment. Please do not chat in this public channel until that time, at which I will post an all clear. (You may use other chats, if any.)
  10. 4 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:07:08 AM
  11. This chat is now closed.
  13. 5 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 09:06:22 AM
  15. You are one of the top Problem Sleuth in the city. Solicitations for your services would be numerous, except that there are 18 of you. Compensation, dismal. It is a dull spring night. You are feeling particularly bored tonight.
  17. What will you--
  19. The building shakes. Your lights go out. Debris rains from shelves you forgot about.
  22. You answer your cell phone, and decide to turn the earthquake ringtone off. Disguising your cell phone as a landline was the best use of a community college electrical engineering class you ever had. It's the last place your co-workers will look to find compromising contacts for various service professionals.
  24. You turn your attention to the voice on the other end--it's Chief. You are too hard boiled to take orders from anyone named Chief, but sometimes Chief calls you when things get too hot. You sometimes think Chief looks up to you.
  26. Sounds like things went south at the docks, big surprise. South is the only directions things ever go from the docks. Place is practically the north pole. Heh, north pole; you start looking for a pen to write that down, when Chief starts giving your ear the business.
  28. Chief says Chief didn't tell anybody but you boys about the docks job, not even internally. You got rats, Chief says. Ain't nothing to do with rats but to kill 'em.
  30. You say you'll glad Chief at leasts trusts you. Chief says of course he doesn't. That's why he called everybody.
  33. Already gave the exact same conversation to all your co-workers Chief says. Didn't already get you by chance? (Accidently called a few twice, Chief admits.) You say no. Chief says alright. So everybody knows? Chief grunts. That's all you needed to hear.
  35. You hang up your phone. Cell phone. Whatever. It's time to do a little house cleaning around the agency.
  38. You grab your keys and head for the exit. It's going to be a long night.
  40. 6 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:09:25 AM
  41. Excuse me for a second guys, gotta go clean out the business Chief gave my ear. D:
  43. 7 Bill Door Tue May 22 2012 09:12:17 AM
  44. Wooo! Let's get hunting.
  46. 8 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 09:15:53 AM
  47. As always, feedback and questions are always welcome. (On new features or old) In a permissions-based system such as this game, you guys can literally see things I can't.
  49. Email will always get a faster response than anything else. I am also unlikely to respond to individual private message logs. (though I do have access to them and will try.)
  51. 9 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 09:18:44 AM
  52. @chocolatepi
  54. Maybe make a @mod tag that gives you an alert?
  56. Also a @(postnumber) tag that includes a hotlink to that post would be cool
  58. 10 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:19:31 AM
  59. And it seems that every time somebody makes a new post I'm directed back near the top of the chat/thread/etc. which is annoying.
  61. 11 Ashaya Tue May 22 2012 09:19:43 AM
  62. Yeah, that is lame.
  64. 12 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 09:23:36 AM
  65. Alerts of various flavors are on the todo list. They require skinned art assets.
  67. The scroll bar should only ever move on its own in the single case of "sticking to the bottom". Hmm...
  69. 13 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 09:28:06 AM
  70. testing #vote aekiel
  72. 14 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 09:30:26 AM
  73. That work Kai or did it need the ?
  75. 15 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:30:59 AM
  76. Do we really have to vote in here when the lynch bar is two inches to the left?
  78. 16 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 09:32:37 AM
  79. it didn't work.
  81. @menace, doing #vote player should automatically put a lynch vote on them
  83. 17 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 09:33:16 AM
  84. also @chocopi, when it's scrolling i get put to halfway through post 1 instead of the 'end' where i assume it's meant to go
  86. 18 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 09:33:24 AM
  87. Well no but its easier for people going back over the thread to see who voted when.
  89. 19 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:33:44 AM
  90. Yeah, I mentioned that above, Kai. 'S annoying.
  92. 20 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 09:40:01 AM
  93. So what do you guys think of the role changes? Chocolate did try to balance it out but I feel the changes make an easier game for scum then it does for town.
  95. 21 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:42:25 AM
  96. Eh, I dunno. The ratio of scum to town is about the same as last game, and the only thing town is guaranteed missing out on is Nun, as far as I know. All the other roles are pretty circumstantial (besides other Holy ones, of course).
  98. 22 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:42:48 AM
  99. The Court nerf is annoying as well, but I think we'll manage.
  101. 23 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 09:47:24 AM
  102. Well Nun's a big blow. The Court Nerf is anything but, its the only part of this that makes the changes balanced from outright scum favortism.
  104. 24 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:52:17 AM
  105. Guess I was going under the assumption that we'd actually manage to roll a town!court this time. Good point, though.
  107. 25 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 09:53:03 AM
  108. I have uploaded a client version that does not attempt to reset the scrollbar to "stick" to the bottom. This should be marginally less annoying; this is fully optional, and you will need to clear your browser cache to refresh to the new file.
  110. 26 Uncle Stojil Tue May 22 2012 09:53:41 AM
  111. Unlike last game, when I go to "Game Log" and tick the "Vote List" option in "Detail Level", the stuff you usually see under "Basic" disappears. The page is completely blank at the moment, but I'm guessing it's because no one voted yet? Also, I'm interested in a quoting/linking to previous posts method, too.
  113. Anyway, good game everybody. This new system will take some getting used to, probably.
  115. 27 Eidolonic Tue May 22 2012 10:13:01 AM
  116. #vote Menace
  118. 28 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 10:14:11 AM
  119. That worked.
  121. 29 Eidolonic Tue May 22 2012 10:14:24 AM
  122. That works. And uh. Hrm. Constantly resetting scrollbar. That's more than a little annoying. Guess I'll clear cache.
  124. 30 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 10:14:57 AM
  125. Its worth it.
  127. 31 Menace Tue May 22 2012 10:20:51 AM
  128. That cuts me deep, Eido. Real deep.
  130. 32 Uncle Stojil Tue May 22 2012 10:23:23 AM
  131. Uhm... I cleared it and nothing changed. Help?
  133. /me is incompetent with technology
  135. 33 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:28:34 AM
  136. aekiel got lucky to avoid my random vote !
  138. 34 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:30:47 AM
  139. I wonder what happens if you vote for someone that doesn't exist
  141. #vote randomsomeguy
  143. 35 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 10:34:15 AM
  144. So is the dlp forum not being used except for game mechanic stuff?
  146. 36 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 10:37:26 AM
  147. #Vote No Lynch
  149. 37 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 10:38:27 AM
  150. huh, nothing displayed when I removed my vote by clicking. That should probably be fixed.
  152. 38 Menace Tue May 22 2012 10:39:00 AM
  153. Not really. You can still check the vote logs, I believe.
  155. 39 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 10:47:04 AM
  156. Vote logs are nice but it really should display in thread.
  158. 40 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:49:15 AM
  159. hey we should put me on the court because i'm awesome
  161. Vote logs in thread would be excessive clutter imo
  163. @kalas 23: the court nerf was to address court being too powerful a town asset =p
  165. 41 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:51:18 AM
  166. so to callback to last game, I think people who want to actively campaign for court should also push a lynch on someone.
  168. #vote bob99
  170. No lynch is the worst kind of lynch!
  172. 42 Menace Tue May 22 2012 10:52:34 AM
  173. #vote Eidolonic
  175. Because NO FUCK YOU.
  177. 43 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 10:58:29 AM
  178. I'm working on the continued scrollbar misbehavior, though a fix will not be immediately soon. (worst case I sneak out a fix Night 1) In the meantime, I removed my D1 post images.
  180. 44 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 11:01:41 AM
  181. @Kai: I understand that, Court needed a downsize to compensate for the decreased player base. What I was saying was that by removing Pauper/Queen/Duke scum will have a much harder time infilitrating (last game kinda being an anomoly) which is a good move on choco's part as it offsets the easier time scum will have in this game.
  183. 45 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:03:21 AM
  184. point
  186. 46 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:08:51 AM
  187. wth? that sounds scummy. I was testing the new system to see if voting was logged in the thread each voting method. And clicking in the voter systemdoesn't log it into the thread.So I'm voting for Kai.
  189. 47 Menace Tue May 22 2012 11:09:46 AM
  190. Er, dude. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to provoke some discussion. But why dontcha defend yourself a little bit harder while you're at it?
  192. 48 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:10:36 AM
  193. Oh, and clicking a user should also display the vote in chat. It is going to screw up searcing for vote tags if this isn't done.
  195. 49 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:11:47 AM
  196. Oh, and I've got one game in on moscone, so I feel more comfortable knowing what is going on, so I think I'd make a good part of the court.
  198. 50 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 11:13:37 AM
  199. Lol. Goes completely on the defensive over a random vote then says 2 minutes later what a good part of the Court he'd be. Nice.
  201. 51 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:16:26 AM
  202. this feels very instant messenger-y
  204. 52 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:17:40 AM
  205. I think its funny that you are attacking me for making it harder for scum. Right now you can vote in the voter list and not post in the thread that makes it a little more difficult for town. It seems kind of scummy to me. Besides why is a no lynch vote such a bad thing right now? I really don't have any strong impressions of anyone at this point besides you, and that's because you think that we should be able to vote without announcing it in the thread.
  207. 53 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:19:50 AM
  208. bob99: we expect people to #vote in the thread. ninja votes are automatically scum and are not as ninja as you may think
  210. 54 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:20:09 AM
  211. automatically scummy**
  213. 55 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:26:39 AM
  214. exactly Kalas. Menace, vote logs are nice. And being able to vote in the thread is probably better since you can use search and town should alwasy announce in the thread. The problem is that I can't trust the thread. Because the voting logs might have more info. So if someone searchs the thread for vote tags and only uses that info, they are worse off. They might have missed information. One solution to this would be to just disable click voting. I think that would work nicely.
  216. 56 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:29:08 AM
  217. it's a solution to a non problem.
  219. the problem you're looking at is 'people are dumb'. but if you think people can actually get away with ninja voting... well
  221. 57 Geabe Tue May 22 2012 11:37:20 AM
  222. #vote
  224. Because post 49.
  226. 58 Geabe Tue May 22 2012 11:37:54 AM
  227. #vote bob99
  229. Seems like I screwed up formatting?
  231. 59 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:39:31 AM
  232. #58 worked. need to have #vote (name)
  234. 60 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 11:45:54 AM
  235. bob.. I don't understand the point your trying to make. That we can't trust vote info from in thread?
  237. 61 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:48:33 AM
  238. What's wrong with 49 Geabe? Last game on dlp was my first game of internet mafia and first with a court so I said that I didn't want to be on the court. Now I want to be on the court and I know what's going on.
  240. 62 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 11:50:00 AM
  241. Not trying to strawman you here but your post just doesn't make sense to me. No one is going to work of off one info source but you assume they are.. so your solution is we should disable click voting.
  243. 63 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:50:22 AM @bob99
  244. @bob99 61: you
  246. 64 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 11:50:44 AM
  247. (wow, that is fun)
  249. 65 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:53:11 AM
  250. And Kalas, I'm saying that the voter info is incomplete in the thread. It just looks really scummy if you got caught. Voting in the thread means you are voting at that instance. It can change without notification. I'm just pointing out that the forum thread should not be used as a log. That's why I tested the no lynch thing. I wanted to see if thread logged everything. If it did, I thought it might be ok to work off of one source. I'm just pointing out that is not ok.
  252. 66 Geabe Tue May 22 2012 11:53:23 AM @bob99
  253. @bob99: You say you will be a "good part of the court" just because this is your second game on the moscone client, and the second game with a court?
  255. Also, explain "I know what's going on".
  257. 67 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 11:58:02 AM
  258. The I know what's going on means that I have now played internet mafia once. The previous game I have stated that I didn't want to be on the court since I didn't know what was going on. I don't have any inside information from my role if that was what you were implying.
  260. 68 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:01:13 PM
  261. As to why I would be a good court member, I think I would do a good job of sniffing out spies and suspicious behavior. I think last game my investigations helped a lot and saved some people. And I'm not Holy so I would be an accceptable loss in the night if the court gets infiltrated.
  263. 69 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 12:02:25 PM
  264. Yet when you voted no lynch it still got bolded. We're fine as long as everyone just makes a post when they vote. Its very simple, very basic Mafia know-how. Yes Moscone does open up stealth voting abuse but seeing as we hace a secondary log that records that all a stealth voter will be doing is waving their little scum flag. There is NO issue here.
  266. 70 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:03:22 PM
  267. i think claiming not holy is a great idea and we should all do it so the holy roles are clear to the witches.
  269. 71 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:07:45 PM @Kalas
  270. @Kalas yeah the only reason that I voted No Lynch was to see whether or not it was announced when a vote was removed. I used the in text system to make the vote, so it was bolded. I didn't use the in text voting system in post 46 when I voted for Kai so it was not bolded. But you are right, it isn't a huge problem. I was just testing wether the hash tags could replace the logs, which they can't. Kai and I have just been going back and forth over this topic.
  272. 72 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:11:28 PM
  273. @Kaidash I can claim whatever you want. It doesn't mean I'm telling the truth. If the coven doesn't believe me and thinks I'm holy, they can try to kill me in the night. But I think not being holy can be an advantage for a court position, which is what I'm campainging for. It's the Kings job to decide whether I'm lying or not. And besides nobody is sucggesting that everyone announce if they are holy, that is just idiotic.
  275. 73 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:16:14 PM
  276. facepalm.jpg
  278. going for court on a platform of 'hey random someking, decide if i am lying or not' is ...
  280. 74 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:18:07 PM
  281. (disregarding that that is the premise of the game)
  283. 75 Kalas Tue May 22 2012 12:19:53 PM
  284. LOL Kai. And thanks bob, stupid arguement but at least it makes sense now. Anyway I'm logging. Work for the next 8-9 hours, see you guys.
  286. 76 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:20:14 PM @KaiDASH
  287. @KaiDASH, and explain why a No Lynch was really scummy then. I don't see it. Hell you voted for Aekiel to test it out and then voted to lynch non-playing player. It's the first day, I really had no idea who to lynch, so I would have been fine not voting to lynch someone. Then you came out with a totally bullshit reason to lynch me and that seems super scummy.
  289. 77 Geabe Tue May 22 2012 12:22:06 PM @bob99
  290. @bob99: While I agree that you have quite decent sniffing skills, that doesn't mean we should trust you. You could just as easily be scum and using your personal qualities and/or claims to try and steer the King's decisions on whether or not to choose you for the Court.
  292. 78 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:22:30 PM
  293. because voting to lynch people makes stuff happen
  295. 79 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:24:31 PM
  296. See ya Kalas. And Kaidash, it was kind of basic but you needed a reminder. You seemed to think I was trying to get everyone to announce whether or not they were holy, and you seemed to think that I believed them.
  298. 80 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:27:29 PM
  299. i think anyone talking about whether or not they or someone else is holy is strictly terrible.
  301. 81 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:27:48 PM
  302. holy or non-holy
  304. 82 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:29:46 PM
  305. @Gaebe That's nothing new. Better players are both better town players and better scum players. If I was scum I would want on the court. So obviously the king needs to decide whether or not I'm giving a town vibe. My reasons for being on the court are that I think I am a decent player and because I am saying I think I would be a good fit. I really can't say much as too why the King should trust me, that's his decision. And it's only the first day, so I don't have a lot to go on.
  307. 83 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:31:30 PM
  308. I think you are a moron. Eid was a holy role last game and survived several nights because he falsely claimed the bishop role and asked for protection. So holy role claims are definitely not always terrible.
  310. 84 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:34:56 PM
  311. fakeclaiming multiple things as part of a gambit is completely different to claiming holy / not holy
  313. 85 Geabe Tue May 22 2012 12:37:54 PM
  314. Eidolonic's bishop/lover gambit is completely different from outright holy/non-holy claims.
  316. 86 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:38:50 PM
  317. anyway i'm sick of this back and forth with the wall
  319. 87 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:39:14 PM
  320. ops hit too early
  322. (continued)
  324. let's let someone else talk
  326. 88 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 12:39:34 PM
  327. Not really, it was a strategic move. I'm letting the king know that I'm not a bishop or priest or any superimportant role for the town. I think that would be useful for the king to know. I'm not expecting him to belive me based on one statement...
  329. 89 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 12:41:22 PM
  330. oh my god just stop
  332. 90 jwlk Tue May 22 2012 12:56:29 PM
  333. lol, this moscone thing will take getting used to. Gah another problem is my phone doesn't support flash...I hate it. >
  334. Anyways, lol Watching Kai and bob going back and forth is hilarious but probably not all that productive for us. I should probably go read the rules now before commenting on the roles...
  336. 91 bob99 Tue May 22 2012 01:05:36 PM
  337. The Thief has been removed. And replaced with...
  339. New role: Entertainer--"The first Night at least half the players are dead, you may select three other living players. If they are on different teams, the odd-man-out is killed. If not, you are killed."
  341. That's the main role change.
  343. 92 Menace Tue May 22 2012 01:36:55 PM
  344. Yeah, bob99, the main difference between your claim and Eido's is that Eido's was "mechanically sound". Now, his claim ended up being bullshit regardless, but it was believable at the very least, and ended up serving its purpose. Your claim has done nothing except draw suspicion onto yourself.
  346. 93 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 02:26:10 PM @KaiDASH
  347. Hmm, Let me try this out.
  349. @KaiDASH: What's up
  351. 94 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 02:27:38 PM
  352. Is there any way to tell in this how many people have not posted or number of posts/player
  354. 95 StrikerLee Tue May 22 2012 02:30:14 PM
  355. Well, A lot of posting to catch up on. You guys are at it already. @ChooclatePi nice work on the new system although a through testing I shall do tomorrow. I see some lynch votes out already and some people aiming for court. In the sense that most of us only have 1 game of Moscone under us (if I remember right that last one was the 1st test run of the system, correct me if im wrong on that) so honestly having some idea of this system isnt much because all of us have the same knowledge of it as well as new updates and such. For court we need people who can manage multiple levels of intelligence and be able to really pick out those scum. Town has less scum to find this time so it will be a little harder but as said before it is about even to what we had in the last game. I have some work to get done tonight so I will be on sometime tomorrow to post.
  357. I dont really see a lynch target right now because its still early in day 1. I dont support a No Lynch by any means but will take what time I can to figure out who to throw my vote on.
  359. 96 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 03:24:00 PM
  360. Ok, so some questions
  362. Tonight, you must do ALL of the following (yes, your role is superman)
  364. -Check if a player is in the coven
  365. -Protect a player
  366. -Kill a player
  368. Who do you target?
  370. 97 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 03:46:37 PM
  371. Check a player:KaiDASH for obvious reasons
  372. Protect a player:Kalas because he's the only one who seems not guilty from thos who have posted
  373. Kill:bob99 cause he seems scummy and defensive for no reasons.
  375. Also bob99 is the one I'll currently lynch.
  377. 98 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 03:48:10 PM
  378. Now off out for some 5-6 hours. Will come back tonight.
  380. 99 Eidolonic Tue May 22 2012 04:49:09 PM @KaiDASH
  381. My internet is being awful, which is why my thread presence is much lower, sorry guys. Lessee.
  383. @KaiDASH
  385. I'd probably check me just to be safe. On a more serious note, I'd check my strongest scumread that isn't getting lynched day one. I'll re-answer this at end of day, maybe.
  387. I'd protect, uh... probably you, if I can't self-protect. Or a possible king role-read.
  389. I'd shoot, uh. Bob99 at this point, but I'm... pretty sure he's getting lynched. So let's go with StrikerLee.
  391. On that entirely unrelated note #vote bob99.
  393. 100 Bill Door Tue May 22 2012 06:27:53 PM
  394. #vote bob99
  396. You got horribly over defensive over a rather joking vote. And then spent far too much time talking about a meaningless mechanic, like you were trying to deflect the attention on you. So yeah, you're probably scum.
  398. As for Kai's questions:
  399. I'd check whoever is the most active person on day 1, at this point KaiDASH, because we need to make sure that scum isn't leading the town.
  400. I'd protect the same person because if he's town then he'll probably be the scum's first target.
  401. And for a kill... I won't say bob, because I want to lynch him, so I'll get back to you on that.
  403. 101 Bill Door Tue May 22 2012 06:33:18 PM
  404. @chocolatepi a few things abut the system.
  406. I'm not able to scroll up and down using my mouse wheel, I don't know if that's just me but it's a little annoying to have to keep using the scroll bar.
  408. Whenever I switch between my personal chat and this one it always goes to the top of each thread, which is annoying when I keep needing to scroll down. It makes it harder to make notes on things as I go along reading the thread, would it be possible to change it so it keeps your place in the thread when you switch between chats?
  410. 102 guljons Tue May 22 2012 06:43:17 PM
  411. Kai are you really doing the same thing you did in the last game which allowed coven to find their JW?
  412. Granted in this game it probably is a bit easier with what a 1 spy, that they dont need it, but really?
  413. I actually dont see you doing this twice in a row, but that is what you may be counting on.
  415. And what is up with everyone checking Kai again? This is like a deja vu.
  416. Chances him being JW fanatic again are admittedly pretty slim, but the start of this game is really pretty similar to last.
  418. 103 Sesc Tue May 22 2012 06:54:01 PM @Geabe
  419. I want to point out, @bob99, that last game, you checked the same person twice. Decent sniffing skillsß Whatß Also @Geabe #77.
  421. That said, I do not think bob is a witch, he#s just bob.
  423. *The ß is a question mark, # a contraction, and the *( are brackets, explanation incoming.(
  425. 104 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 06:57:40 PM @guljons
  426. foolish internation keyboards, am i right sesc.
  428. @guljons: if i was a jw who wanted to connect with the coven, you'd be none the wiser
  430. 105 Sesc Tue May 22 2012 07:00:43 PM
  431. @ChocolatePi, the same problem like last time. So unless ya#ll want to read posts like the one above, there needs to be something fixed. I#m not getting a different keyboard with an US layout just to play Mafia.
  433. 106 guljons Tue May 22 2012 07:01:17 PM
  434. Obviously, that is the problem. Coven finds out who the JW are, but town can only guess if a message got through.
  436. 107 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 07:04:11 PM @Sesc
  437. also guljons, seeing as you had a front row seat, my doing the JW-connecty thing was a completely different action to those questions.
  439. And. You. Should. Know. It.
  441. @Sesc So that's what happens when you type directly into the moscone chatbox, is it different if you write your post in say notepad or word then paste it over?
  443. 108 guljons Tue May 22 2012 07:16:20 PM
  444. Emm, no it wasnt.
  445. You did connect 2(menace and Bill Door) diffrently, but Sirion, Jwlk and your connection we got straight out of your questions. Same as these.
  447. 109 Sesc Tue May 22 2012 07:19:13 PM
  448. @Kai Yes it is *works that way(, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having an in-built client, doesn#t itß
  452. 110 Bill Door Tue May 22 2012 07:21:14 PM @guljons
  453. @guljons, we need questions like these to get the discussion going. Otherwise day 1 can be very quiet and that can lead to a no lynch. It will also allow the king to get some sort of a read on the players, so they aren't picking completely blind.
  455. 111 Sesc Tue May 22 2012 07:21:32 PM
  456. The fuck, Moscone ate my critique o.o
  458. Fuck you very much. I SAID I dislike very very much how twitter-y this looks. If Twitter were outlawed, the world would be a better place. Pro Forum-y look, with a large thread, and twenty posts per page.
  460. 112 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 07:23:11 PM @Sesc
  461. @guljons
  463. post #70 from wh 1 thread
  465. 'I'd priest check Lungs because I think his play has improved immensely recently, I'd kill OllieK to preempt any derp (!) and I'd protect sesc.'
  467. Sure is lots of lies in here.
  469. @Sesc eh can't win them all. I actually like to write posts in a editor so I have more chances to catch mistakes (by giving myself more time between writing post and hitting submit).
  471. 113 guljons Tue May 22 2012 07:49:13 PM
  472. @ KaiDASH
  473. It was not your own answers that gave us JW, it was theirs to your questions. The guy asking the questions does not even need to be scum as long as JW witches just use the situation.
  475. To move along. I think I could be useful on court , but I know that I wont be picked so I am not really throwing my hat in there.
  477. 114 Aekiel Tue May 22 2012 07:53:33 PM
  478. So yeah, I'm here. Bob looks like 50/50 Witch/Derp!Town so far. Besides, I can't remember the last time we caught a witch on day one. It just doesn't seem to happen with us.
  480. As for the court... I want to be on it, if only to try and prevent another scum court.
  482. 115 Aekiel Tue May 22 2012 07:56:22 PM
  483. As for the questions:
  485. Check: Either Kai or Eido. Both for the reason of being prolific town leaders.
  486. Protect: Either of the above, for much the same reason, and because I don't have a read on any roles yet.
  487. Kill: Nobody standing out at the moment, so I choose Stojil. Just because.
  489. 116 Aekiel Tue May 22 2012 08:01:53 PM
  490. Finally, I'm going to voice the idea that if Kai was a Junior Witch again (or even an Elder Witch) he wouldn't use the same strategy he did in that last Witchhunt game.
  492. And now for bed and sleep.
  494. 117 Moridin Tue May 22 2012 08:37:08 PM
  495. You never know, it would be a particularly daring gambit to try it. But tbh I agree, this kind of questioning opens up discussion - while it could be useful to the witches, it almost certainly is useful to town.
  497. So far, I'd check KaiDASH, protect... either Kai, Eidolonic or Sesc and probably kill bob99. His derpery and tone kind of reminds me of Klackerz in WH1.
  499. As for court, I think I'd be good for it. Aside from some stupidity in the last couple of days, I did a decent enough job with WH1, I think.
  501. 118 Menace Tue May 22 2012 09:18:29 PM
  502. Alright, I'm heading off to school, but I really don't like the way bob99 faded into lurk-scurity after that spat with Kai. So for now...
  504. #vote bob99
  506. Also:
  508. Check: Eidolonic, because fuck this guy.
  509. Protect: Probably KaiDASH, because he's been the most active in this thread while acting a bit differently than when he was mah JW buddy.
  510. Kill: StrikerLee. Because stuff.
  512. 119 Ashaya Tue May 22 2012 09:33:46 PM
  513. Well that's a lot of random fuckery.
  514. -Check if a player is in the coven: Eidolonic or KaiDASH
  515. -Protect a player: Sesc.
  516. -Kill a player: Castiel lololol
  518. 120 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 09:45:08 PM @Uncle Stojil
  519. @Uncle Stojil
  521. Talk about the bob99 wagon?
  523. 121 castiel Tue May 22 2012 09:57:02 PM
  524. #vote bob99
  526. Check: if he isn't lynched, Bob, if he is, Eido.
  527. Protect: Kai
  528. Kill: I was going to say no one but now, Ash (y u hate me? :()
  530. 122 castiel Tue May 22 2012 10:00:48 PM
  531. Also, @chocolatepi, how about showing newest messages first? Scrolling down on a laptop is a pain in the ass.
  533. 123 Ashaya Tue May 22 2012 10:02:37 PM
  534. @Castiel: always remember, never forgive ;p
  536. 124 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:05:45 PM
  537. ashaya is an elephant, trufax
  539. 125 Sesc Tue May 22 2012 10:10:59 PM
  540. No. Leave the messages in this order, and add the arrow keys and beginning&end key for scrolling.
  542. Also, I really, really doubt bob99 is a witch. Am I the only one remembers last gameß I#d rather look at the bandwagon, not at bob99, and in fact, that#s what I#ll do right now.
  545. & EQUALS slash
  546. ß EQUALS question mark
  547. # EQUALS contraction
  549. 126 Eidolonic Tue May 22 2012 10:11:02 PM
  550. Fucking internet.
  552. So, uh. I'd rather not get priest checked, since... I'm town. And. Yeah. That'd be a waste?
  554. I have a pounding headache and it's a pain in the ass to really read through this.
  556. Only thing that really jumps out at me is Aekiel saying he'd kill Stojil. Since when is it ever a good idea to kill potentially strong town assets night one. Especially in a game with... some of the players in this game. Who my headache makes me want to shoot just so I don't have to read their goddamn posts.
  558. Good news, anyways. I'm not the king. So maybe the court won't have multiple scum on it.
  560. Put me on the court if you want, I'll do useful things, but I'm probably also getting shot relatively early. So, whatever.
  562. Uh. No nun with 18 players is going to be potential fuckery. Inquisitor needs to make it to the halfway point, and not be scum, to verify bishop claims. Or maybe I'm a bishop lover or something, trololol.
  564. Uhhh. Fuck my head hurts. Ollie hasn't made me want to shoot him for being a derp yet, maybe he's lurking scum. If StrikerLee posts anything that makes sense, I want him shot for being coached (and scum). Bleh. Fuck all the things. Your show, Kai, I'm going back to work.
  566. 127 KaiDASH Tue May 22 2012 10:15:44 PM
  567. Just a note guys: If you're gonna request features/suggest changes, do it in your personal chat or in the DLP general thread rather than here.
  569. 128 Ashaya Tue May 22 2012 10:20:40 PM
  570. I'm going to bed. I hope you guys don't lynch bob99 while I sleep.
  572. 129 castiel Tue May 22 2012 10:31:40 PM @Ashaya
  573. @Ashaya I tried to kill you once, more than 10 games ago, and you did not even die. Learn to let go. :P
  575. 130 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 11:05:17 PM @Bill Door
  576. @Bill Door
  577. I am working on scrolling stuff at this moment, since that seems to be the main area of issue. Catching mouse scroll events is included in this, I was just reviewing the documentation on it now.
  579. 131 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 11:07:45 PM @Sesc
  580. @Sesc
  581. I have found the tools for keyboard locale handling, and will integrate accordingly soon.
  583. 132 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 12:18:01 AM
  584. To answer KaiDASH's questions way earlier.
  586. To Check: KaiDASH, or Eidolonic at this point.
  587. To Protect: KaiDASH, or Sesc, also at this point.
  588. To focus my Rifle on: Not too sure at this point. I'll get back to this question later in the Day.
  590. 133 StrikerLee Wed May 23 2012 01:10:13 AM
  591. Yeah, KaiDASH to answer your question
  593. Check: Either KaiDASH or Sesc
  594. Protect: Ashaya just cause I fell like it
  595. Kill: this is the easy one, bob99.
  597. I just got done going over the posts I missed from last night and I'm wondering wtf. bob99 you need to defend yourself better then that...
  599. 134 StrikerLee Wed May 23 2012 01:10:37 AM
  600. #vote bob99
  602. 135 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 02:01:41 AM
  603. @ChocolatePi: Thanks!
  605. c/p pasted from notepad, because wtf.
  607. Uh, 7 votes for bob99? Of 10? Isn't this way too easy? If you take Kai's vote as "let's put a vote out there" and Eidolonic's as his usual "vote for stuff to see what happens", then Geabe is already suspicious (the reasoning #58 #66 is bullshit, sorry). And the same goes for BillDoor & co.
  609. And Geabe's declaration of bob99's hunting skillz is ... wuuuuuuuut. So.
  611. #vote Geabe
  613. Just to make a point.
  615. 136 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 02:15:10 AM @Sesc
  616. @Sesc: Well, he did sniff out holy roles.
  618. 137 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 02:21:00 AM @Geabe
  619. @Geabe: He checked the same person for holiness twice.
  621. 138 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 02:22:04 AM @Sesc
  622. @Sesc: That aside, which was just plain dumb.
  624. 139 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 02:25:07 AM @Geabe
  625. @Geabe: Yes, derps aside, he was grandiosly free of derps, indeed.
  627. 140 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 02:28:53 AM @Sesc
  628. @Sesc: Didn't say he was. All I implied was that he managed to sniff out holy roles. Nothing more.
  630. 141 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 02:42:56 AM @bob99
  631. ...?
  632. No? You said he was good at it: "@bob99: While I agree that you have quite decent sniffing skills ..."
  633. ^ That's you.
  635. I'm saying, no, he does not. Do we have a different definition of "decent" (like, my decent means decent and yours the opposite)?
  637. And that's still not addressing the real problem, namely the stupid lynch vote on bob. The reason to vote for him is because you want the derps to go away, not because he could possibly have made an attempt to get Witch!bob onto court (that wasn't even an attempt to get Town!bob onto the court, it was just bits of random nonsense).
  639. 142 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 03:02:10 AM
  640. I didn't vote for bob because of his attempt to get on the court, I voted for him because he got uneccessarily over-defensive when Kai put a less than serious vote on him.
  642. 143 jwlk Wed May 23 2012 03:58:47 AM
  643. I'm gonna have to pull out guys. Sorry. My phone isn't compatible with the (latest?) flash version this client is using. And the phone is where I mostly play mafia from. How does the replacement thing work?
  645. 144 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 04:13:06 AM
  646. Yeah, I probably got a little bit over defensive. I just think that Kai's vote was bullshit, and was expecting a little more reasoning. @sesc. That was from inactivity. It was a shorter day and I was somewhat inactive, so my vote didn't get changed.
  648. 145 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 04:16:11 AM
  649. So anyway it looks like I'm the only person under suspicion here. Gaebe has one other vote, and I voted for Kai. So does anyone else have some strong reads.
  651. 146 guljons Wed May 23 2012 04:33:55 AM
  652. I could say StrikerLee just to be consistent.
  654. 147 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 05:16:02 AM
  655. Post 133, from StrikerLee.
  657. If it was anyone else, I'd completely dismiss it as being possible, but, uh.
  659. This doesn't make me feel very good about Ash this game.
  661. Unless he thinks she's still the priest.
  663. 148 Menace Wed May 23 2012 05:34:17 AM
  664. You mean roles don't carry over in games? :O
  666. 149 Aekiel Wed May 23 2012 05:40:07 AM
  667. @Eidolonic: It was a joke. I've voted for Stojil on the first day a bunch of times now so it's become kind of a habit.
  669. 150 StrikerLee Wed May 23 2012 06:00:26 AM
  670. Well I figured it would be a good place to start off. Protecting someone this early is always hard because we really have no idea who could be what. And my vote went to bob because of his over reaction to the original vote put on him. I dont feel she is the priest but I do have somewhat of a town read on her from previous games. Have to head to work now so will be back in a few hours.
  672. 151 Menace Wed May 23 2012 06:03:54 AM
  673. I think Eido's suspicious of you because Ashaya hasn't really posted all that much in this thread, and it wouldn't be necessary anyway. Why would scum kill her when she can troll town for them? :P
  675. 152 guljons Wed May 23 2012 06:09:42 AM
  676. @ StrikerLee
  677. You have a town read on her from previous games? As in you think she is town, because she was town before or do you think she has acted in similar way, she acted in previous game when she was town?
  679. 153 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 06:10:48 AM @StrikerLee
  680. @StrikerLee How can you have a town read on her from previous games? Other games have no relevnace on whether or not she's town in this one.
  682. 154 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:11:55 AM
  683. You do have a good point Menace. I really didn't read that much into it since Ash hasn't posted that much and it was early in the game. But I do see the coven wanting her in the game with her previous history of trolling.
  685. 155 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 06:11:55 AM
  686. ...and guljons stole the words out of my head.
  688. Crazy ninja.
  690. 156 StrikerLee Wed May 23 2012 06:24:19 AM @Bill Door
  691. @guljons Its because she was town before and acted it. I know she hasnt posted much, and yes I do agree with Menace in post 151 that it would be pointless for scum to kill her right now. I just answered a simple question, based on what I know from prior games I made a call on it. We dont know anything about anyone yet so we have to just go off our best judgement which is what I did.
  693. @Bill Door its not that I have a solid town read on her, its that due to lack of posting, and with seeing what happened last game. I would assume she probably has either a boring role that doesnt require much use and is town, or is scum just sitting back letting us go at each other. Either way right now its to early to tell.
  695. And yes you 2 are Ninjas cause I figured a question like that would come up. I have to go to work now so I will catch up on things later on when I get home.
  697. 157 Klackerz Wed May 23 2012 06:34:54 AM
  698. Hmm. The bandwagon on bob99 seems to be strong, But I really don't want on him just now. He seems to be the only suspect I currently have and I don't really know about the other people just now,
  700. 158 Klackerz Wed May 23 2012 06:36:51 AM
  701. "And yes you 2 are Ninjas cause I figured a question like that would come up"
  703. WTF does that mean?
  705. 159 Menace Wed May 23 2012 06:40:30 AM
  706. Really, StrikerLee? Ashaya is the person you'd protect over any of the people actually posting even though you've admitted the only reason you chose her is because she was town last game and she's acting the same way this game (even though she's only had a handful of posts so far)?
  708. Quit white knighting, bro.
  710. 160 Kalas Wed May 23 2012 07:00:23 AM
  711. "I would assume she probably has either a boring role that doesnt require much use and is town, or is scum just sitting back letting us go at each other. Either way right now its to early to tell."
  713. And your answer to the scum/unimportant player quesiton would be to blow Night 1 protection on her? Its like your thoughts did a complete 180 from your first couple of posts. Anyway:
  715. Check: Moving away from the Kai/Eid autoresponse I'd say Castiel. He can be a suprisingly good player when he isn't bandwagon'd to all fuck.
  717. Protect: Eid, no two ways around it. One of the best Town players I have ever met.
  719. Kill: Right now? Striker, for continuing the derp traidition.
  721. 161 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:08:56 AM
  722. @
  724. The wagon on bob99 looks clean to me at the moment. With the possible exception of Castiel (and his check-targets), all the other votes feel like bandwagoning town more than scum and at first, town trying to gauge reactions. What I don't like much is Kalas' interaction with bob99 and his non-vote.
  726. This said, I'm not sure on bob's scumminess. I had a derp-town-read on him but the fact I don't think there's scum piled on his wagon makes him reek more. Post #154 doesn't help. "Oh, you guys might be right. That was really scummy of Striker! Don't you agree?" *hint-hint*"
  728. @
  730. I call bullshit. I can't remember you voting to lynch me on the first day, ever, except maybe Dresden1, and that was my first game, it hardly counts (certainly not as a "habit"). I remember you mentioning me as your target for protection twice, instead.
  732. As for StrikerLee's coherence, I was his spy-buddy in last game and no one ever coached him as far as doctoring posts. If you've read our QT, his posts started making some sense when he decided to. To give him at least that much credit, he understood that DLP judged form as well as content and corrected it on his own (mid-game and scummily, I might add). It's still not close to good, but it has improved. It doesn't mean anything game-wise, IMO.
  734. As for the content, the mention of Ashaya is suspicious. The explanation for said mention is suspicious (and terribad). I would think it's just his derpiness carrying over to this second game... if the connection was to anyone but Ashaya. He really wanted her dead in WH. Sure, it could be that he was burned enough by her Priest role-reveal that he's overly cautious now, but this came so out of left field that it makes me more than a little wary.
  736. 162 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:10:46 AM @Aekiel
  737. I messed up, somehow.
  739. The first @ is directed at Kai, the second at Aekiel.
  741. Let's test it again.
  743. @KaiDASH
  744. @Aekiel
  746. @
  747. @
  749. 163 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:11:35 AM
  750. ;_;
  752. 164 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 07:23:47 AM @Uncle Stojil
  753. @Uncle Stojil So who do you have a strong scum read on if you think my bandwagon is clean? I'm curious because I think that there is a good probability the gravedigger will verify my status as town later, so I would find it very helpful if I could pick out the scum in my bandwagon now.
  755. 165 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:39:05 AM
  756. How did you do that @ thing?
  758. I'm... not sure I understand your post, but here's my answer anyway. If you were lynched and turned out to be town, I would look mostly into Castiel. After that, Striker (for other reasons as well) and maybe Geabe. Kalas would be scummy no matter what you are.
  760. 166 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 07:42:42 AM @Uncle Stojil
  761. You do @name
  763. e.g @Uncle Stojil
  765. It seems like you are the only person with the problem.
  767. 167 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 07:43:56 AM
  768. So what do you find so suspicious about Kalas then? I don't really have a strong read on him.
  770. 168 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 07:56:05 AM
  771. I have a scum read on Kalas from last game.
  773. StrikerLogic
  775. 169 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 07:59:10 AM
  776. Also, Stojil not calling me scum makes me wary of him. What is this madness.
  778. 170 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:59:21 AM
  779. ...
  781. I used and the player's name in between.
  783. Anyway, the interaction between you and Kalas is weird, mostly because of him. Go back and reread his posts, first accusing you, then talking with you about something that, frankly, was to be ignored in light of other things you had said and done, then interjecting in your fight with Kai and finally not voting.
  785. King Eido, pick me for the Court!
  787. /StrikerLogic
  789. 171 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 08:00:29 AM
  790. Fuck. The first sentence should be: "I used and the player's name in between.
  792. I'm starting to hate this.
  794. 172 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 08:00:54 AM
  797. Ignore me.
  799. 173 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 08:01:28 AM
  800. If I'd gotten King for the third time in four games, I'd have replaced out. Seriously.
  802. 174 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 08:06:17 AM
  803. Also, remember that nights are only 12 hours, folks. So if you have night actions, try to pre-queue them, so you don't miss out.
  805. 175 Ashaya Wed May 23 2012 08:52:46 AM
  806. #vote Geabe because Sesc is one of the few people I get a good feeling from, and bob99's wagon is dumb.
  808. 176 Ashaya Wed May 23 2012 08:53:33 AM
  809. Also, I'd like to be on court, so that scum doesn't fuck it up again. :3
  811. 177 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 10:00:28 AM
  812. What I'm missing is a handy way to see who posted how many times, or does that exist and I missed it?
  814. It seems, in any case, as if Ollie has yet to post, so wtf. Stop lurking.
  816. 178 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 10:02:08 AM @Ollie
  817. Make that @Ollie, to have it flash red in his face >P
  819. 179 Ashaya Wed May 23 2012 10:57:43 AM @Uncle Stojil
  820. This definitely feels too much like a chat for me. Also, wtf were you talking about, @Uncle Stojil?
  822. 180 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 11:19:00 AM @Sesc
  823. @Sesc
  825. It exists, but it's not an obvious thing.
  827. When you search for someone by name ('player from') and all other fields are default, you get only posts from that player. If you scroll all the way down, you get how many messages total (for example, atm you have 11 messages total)
  829. 181 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 11:23:57 AM
  830. Ashaya wants to be on Court because Court fucked up.
  832. OH, TEH IRONY!
  834. But to answer you question, I was just trying to use the (tag?) symbol before and after the name of the player I wanted to nickalert. Finally, I realized they don't appear in the log, not even when nothing is put in between them or when you separate them with a space. So that sentence in my mind should have been: "I used (tag symbol) and the player's name in between and that's why it didn't work" or something like that.
  836. 182 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 11:25:59 AM @Uncle Stojil
  837. @Uncle Stojil
  839. Tag works, just you can't tag more than 1 person per post
  841. 183 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 11:32:47 AM
  842. @
  844. Thanks. Methods to quote/link to other posts?
  846. 184 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 11:33:50 AM
  847. Why did it fail again? *sigh* I don't care anymore.
  849. 185 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 11:35:34 AM
  850. You're putting in @(name) right?
  852. Currently no way to link to a post, just mention post number or something like that
  854. 186 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 11:43:20 AM @bob99
  855. @bob99 Looks like you're getting lynched maybe! (Probably?)
  857. I don't really like that state of events, so bob, your job as a good and proper towny is to find someone else that is maybe probably scum!
  859. 187 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 11:44:39 AM
  860. I also want to hear more from
  862. Ollie, Castiel, Kalas, Menace and... strikerlee (because why not)
  864. Let's go with a town read, scum read and lynch vote on someone not bob99.
  866. 188 castiel Wed May 23 2012 12:15:58 PM
  867. @Kai
  869. Too early to tell, at best I can speculate. Last game I was so sure Ash was scum and she turns out to be the fucking Priest. I don't want to make a mistake like that again.
  871. Anyways,
  873. Town: Uncle Stojil
  875. Scum: either Striker (for the #Strikerlogic) or bob (for the derp at the start), but not enough on any-one to warrant a lynch.
  877. Since I don't like no-lynch, I will vote for whoever has the most votes already, hence: Lynch: bob
  879. 189 Kalas Wed May 23 2012 12:37:07 PM @Uncle Stojil
  880. I think we'd all like to hear from Ollie Kai, anway:
  882. Town: Stojil. He's trying to scumhunt with which is great to see, despite having me pegged as scum. Post 165 has me confused tho.
  884. @Uncle Stojil: If I'm scummy no matter what bob is wouldn't you be better off making a stronger case against me?
  886. Scum: KaiDash/Eid. Day 1 is, imo, developing how Day 1 of the last game did and that's understandably ringing some bells. The only real difference is no real second strong 'town' voice from another player.
  888. @Eid: Was it you who mentioned a correlation between scum and one long post then disapearing in Angel chat?
  890. Vote: Eid or Stiker. Some pressure on either of them would go a long ways to clarifying my thoughts on them.
  892. 190 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 12:52:20 PM
  893. If you think I've made a long post this game, you haven't actually read anything I've ever posted in other games.
  895. I've been on the goddamn phone with work faggotry all day and my head is fucking killing me.
  897. I want to shoot and strangle all the things, and that is not beneficial for mafia posting.
  899. Priest, don't check me. I'm town, and I'll prove my town-ness in coming days. Seriously.
  901. There is a notable correlation between infrequent carefully crafted posts and lurking for scum, yes. But that's generally something to note in the mid-game.
  903. If you're going to try and paint Kai and myself talking and generally trying to herd cats into doing things as inherently scummy, then nooses are going to surround your neck at some point.
  905. I don't like Bob, I don't like Striker, I don't... have a great read on Aekiel. But mostly I'm going to go crash before I start saying and doing things I don't mean. Eyeballs are leaking out of my skull, or so it feels. Night folks.
  907. 191 Moridin Wed May 23 2012 01:23:48 PM
  908. #vote bob99
  910. Outside of him, I'm a bit torn as to whether StrikerLee's protecting Ashaya is scummy, whiteknighting or just cautiousness because of her turning out to be the priest last game. Given how derpy he was previously, I wouldn't put any of them past him.
  912. Town reads I have on both Stojil and Eidolonic, though the latter's posts about not checking him are... well, I doubt scum Eid would be quite so blatant, though I suppose he could be a JW. So far he seems alright, though.
  914. 192 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 01:25:33 PM @KaiDASH
  915. From Kalas:
  916. "If I'm scummy no matter what bob is wouldn't you be better off making a stronger case against me?"
  918. My strongest (my only, really) case is against you. Tell me everything you can about bob99, please. You have avoided the (real) topic multiple times, now.
  920. I agree with you, though, on the similarities to last game. KaiDASH is doing exactly the same thing he's done in day 1 of WH1. Vote for Geabe/bob (second vote after his junior buddy instead of the first one here) and when it seems like it's going to happen, voice his displeasure with it (while never dropping off or attempting another bandwagon) to put some distance between himself and it. The exchange with guljons was slightly scummy too (mostly for the fact he got out of it leaving the impression he had "won" that, while he actually hadn't).
  922. Care to comment on thist, @KaiDASH ?
  924. 193 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 02:24:31 PM
  925. I rather doubt StrikerLee's protection of Ashaya is anything to consider noteworthy at this point in time. It sounds to me as though he is being his usual (semi-annoying) self.
  927. That said, I don't like his usual self.
  929. I also want to hear more from Klackerz. Please comment on some of your reads.
  931. 194 Aekiel Wed May 23 2012 04:32:56 PM @Uncle Stojil
  932. @Uncle Stojil: Guess I'm remembering it wrong then. I just recall voting for you when I had no other decent scum reads, just because. I don't actually have a scum read on you (I don't have any read at all so far, given how I know you're capable of seeming town even when scum).
  934. At this point I think it's inevitable that Bob is going to be lynched, and while I'm leaning to him being derp town more than scum at this point, it's important to lynch every day if only for info gathering roles such as the gravedigger. I'm not going to vote right now, so that we can get some more discussion in before the end of day, but consider my default vote to be Bob99 at this point.
  936. 195 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 04:44:34 PM @Uncle Stojil
  937. @Castiel 188
  939. very disappoint
  941. @Kalas 189
  943. Usually when I ask for a lynch vote I would actually, you know... like a lynch vote instead of a line about who you would lynch vote and why that vote would be beneficial
  945. @Eidolonic 190
  947. ... Are you doing what I think you're doing? because whelp
  949. @Uncle Stojil 192
  951. I'm doing the same thing I do basically every day 1 I'm in on DLP. Organize discussion, because nobody else ever does it and games that don't have it are almost universally a disaster.
  953. I don't personally need to win anything Stojil, I don't know why you'd think I would need to.
  955. 196 castiel Wed May 23 2012 05:03:29 PM @KaiDASH
  956. @KaiDASH
  958. Why?
  960. 197 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 05:21:52 PM
  961. Well my role would be a lot more useful if I survived a few more days and I kind of screwed that up. But it looks like I will probably end up dead. so anyway is there somewhat of a good consensus on a clear second lynch target? Because I'm not seeing one.
  963. 198 Aekiel Wed May 23 2012 05:34:03 PM
  964. Looks like we'll be reacting to whoever the witches kill tonight, rather than going off day one derps as we'd usually do. Shame, but nobody has really derped today other than you.
  966. 199 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 05:35:06 PM
  967. Yeah, and unfortunately I'm the DOB.
  969. 200 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 05:46:57 PM
  970. dob... is a pretty towny claim imo
  972. bob99, your mission is to find us an alternative lynch!
  974. 201 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 05:47:10 PM
  975. #unvote bob99
  977. 202 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 05:55:37 PM
  978. Well strikerlee's whiteknighting of Ash and his reasons are making me nervous. So I would be comfortable lynching him. But I don't have a strong read on him. Eid has been making me slightly nervous and I definitely want to keep a close eye on him. Mainly because the idea of a scum!Eid scares me. But he is definitely a bad target. I think my bandwagon is dirty so I am looking at targets in the list of people who voted for me.
  980. 203 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 06:13:50 PM @bob99
  981. @bob99 I believe your claim, but it doesn't really convince me of your innocence. All of your early post semed very scummy, they reminded me of the kind of posts I made in the last game, when I was a JW. But it does convince me to give you another chance, but I'll be keeping a very close eye on you.
  983. So #unvote bob99
  985. And #vote StrikerLee Some of the things he's said have been just wat, he's the one only person I think that we have the time to be able to get a majority to vote on. Although I woudn't be adverse to voting for someone else if neccessary, I'm not happy with either Menace or Castiel
  987. 204 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:21:35 PM
  988. #vote StrikerLee
  990. 205 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:29:28 PM
  991. I also could go with Castiel. I don't have anything big on him but I don't really like his defense of Ash. Sure town was wrong about her last game but I don't really see why we should treat her any differently. She screwed around in the game and the town went after her. I think town handled that fine. So I don't think that she should get a pass on derpy behavior this game. Not that she has really done anything yet. But again, that's the only thing that I have against Castiel. That and he voted for me, so I'm assuming that there is a higher probability that he is scum.
  993. 206 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:31:35 PM @Bill Door
  994. @Bill Door What's the reason for for mentioning Menace?
  996. 207 Aekiel Wed May 23 2012 06:42:50 PM
  997. I reckon I'd be down with a Strikerlee lynch and I'd suggest that if he does turn out to be scum then it's quite likely that Geabe would be scum too. Post 193 is the one that makes the connection, and his praising bob's 'skill' in being the Inquisitor is suspect at best.
  999. Stirkerlee may or may not be part of it, and I'm decidedly on the fence about which I suspect him of, because he is known for being derp town as well as the occasional white knight, iirc.
  1001. 208 Aekiel Wed May 23 2012 06:43:19 PM
  1002. #vote StrikerLee
  1004. 209 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 06:44:38 PM @bob99
  1005. @bob99 I didn't particularly like the way he got on the bandwagon for you, and his answers to the questions seemed a bit odd to me.
  1007. 210 castiel Wed May 23 2012 06:47:32 PM @Bill Door
  1008. @bob99 When did I defend Ash? Neither did I ask that she be treated differently.
  1010. @Bill Door If you can tell me why you are not happy with me, it will help.
  1012. Regardless, #vote StrikerLee (because I doubt we will reach a majority with bob now.)
  1014. 211 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:49:14 PM
  1015. Anyway, I'm confining my top four targets right now to the people who have seemed to give off scum vibes to other people and who have voted for me, since I'm assuming that my bandwagon has a higher percentage of scum than the rest of the population. I have a good idea for a primary target but I'm not annoncing it because if it ends up to be town a night kill activates it then the coven will get an easy double kill if they know who will die.
  1017. 212 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 06:57:31 PM @castiel
  1018. @castiel
  1019. quote:
  1020. @Kai
  1022. Too early to tell, at best I can speculate. Last game I was so sure Ash was scum and she turns out to be the fucking Priest. I don't want to make a mistake like that again.
  1024. That statement. I'm not worried about making that mistake. If Ash hadn't rr'd I would have been fine with lynching her. It would have been a defendable move, although bad for town. So I'm saying that if Ash plays the same way this game I'm happy getting rid of her if she doesn't do something drastic again like rr. I wouldn't be concerned about making a mistake in her case, I would lay the blame for a bad lynch on her if she's town, not the town.
  1026. That said, it really wasn't a strong defense at all, it just gave me some scummy vibes. I'm easily willing to change my about you as the game progresses. I'm not going on much here.
  1028. 213 Geabe Wed May 23 2012 07:00:36 PM
  1029. #unvote bob99
  1031. #vote StrikerLee
  1033. I'm not happy with Menace. Neither am I too happy with bob99, though I can give bob the benefit of the doubt, at least for now.
  1035. I'm also not too decided on a scum StrikerLee, because of his history of derp. Maybe this was the part you somehow didn't make the connection with, Aekiel.
  1037. 214 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 07:03:40 PM
  1038. @Castiel This is what KaiDASH asked you:
  1040. "Let's go with a town read, scum read and lynch vote on someone not bob99"
  1042. This is your answer for the last one:
  1044. "Since I don't like no-lynch, I will vote for whoever has the most votes already, hence: Lynch: bob"
  1046. Are you telling me you fail to see the problem here?
  1048. 215 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 07:04:21 PM
  1049. Not to say I told you so, but I told you so. So what now, we're switching one derp for the other? StrikerLee is hardly better than bob. Why the fuck don't we put some pressure on the really odd people?
  1051. I pointed out Geabe ages ago. BillDoor is hardly inconspicious either, #203 trying to reason why not to lynch bob all the while trying to reason why he still is scum is pretzel logic at its finest (finished with obligatory catch phrase which by itself gives a +1 scum boost).
  1053. And you want to lynch StrikerLee?
  1056. In-line Edit -- And both have by now jumped onto StrikerLee like whoa. LMFAO.
  1058. 216 Ollie Wed May 23 2012 07:04:59 PM
  1059. so I'm just checking in, will use night to read up more on all the conversations, I've been up and running for 25 hours and it was fucking terrible, I'll be active tomorrow.
  1061. 216 Ollie Wed May 23 2012 07:07:05 PM
  1062. oh and since court hasn't picked yet? OH FUCK YES I AM SO IN really now....
  1064. 217 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 07:07:38 PM @Aekiel
  1065. @Aekiel what do you mean about Geabes's praise of me suspect at best? He seemed to be attacking my post for court in the previous post and in that same post. So he definitely seemed not to be agreeing me. I can see the logic in your point about his defence of strikerlee though.
  1067. 218 bob99 Wed May 23 2012 07:11:49 PM
  1068. Well, I probably won't be around until the night.
  1070. 219 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 07:14:50 PM @bob99
  1071. @bob99: What you wrote was a bunch of nonsense, and Geabe disliked it for all the wrong reasons. But on top of that, he did agree with you in the very next post that you were decent a finding out stuff, which made no sense whatsoever. That's what Aekiel meant (post #77).
  1073. 220 castiel Wed May 23 2012 07:15:15 PM @Bill Door
  1074. @bob99
  1076. I wasn't defending her in any form, I was just saying that because someone who I was 100% sure was scum, turns out to be the priest (which I dearly paid for since everyone went nuclear on my ass afterwards), I was wary of labelling someone as scum very early in the game (though I did share two suspects, you and striker for the obvious reasons).
  1078. I wasn't specifically talking about Ash but everyone in general.
  1080. @Bill Door
  1082. No, I don't see a problem. I hate no-lynch. Unless of course I know 100% that the person being lynched is town, I will vote for whoever has the most chance of dying. Since the bandwagon switched to Striker, I switched my vote to him. Every night we don't lynch is a plus for the scum.
  1084. Also, I did not notice Kai's "isn't bob99" part. But then I don't have enough on anyone to warrant a lynch.
  1086. 221 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 07:24:58 PM
  1087. You were asked for a lynch vote on someone other than bob. A lynch vote is a nice thing early in a game, who you vote for and how they react to the vote can tell us a lot about the person and which team they're playing for. Kai even specifically removed the option of the easy answer that tells us nothing. And what did you do? You took the easy answer that tells us nothing. A vote on literally any other player in the game would have been more benificial to us at that point. Do you still not see the problem?
  1089. Hmm... Do you guys think we have enough time to get a lynch on Castiel? Because if so then I want to vote for him. He's leapfrogged both Striker and bob in scumminess for me now.
  1091. 222 castiel Wed May 23 2012 07:42:07 PM @Bill Door
  1092. @Bill Door
  1094. You did see where I said I did not notice the "not Bob" part, right?
  1096. I really don't get where this agression is coming from.
  1098. At that point I did not have any answer to that question, what do you expect me to do? Pick someone random?
  1100. 223 Bill Door Wed May 23 2012 07:48:09 PM
  1101. Yes actually, picking someone at random would be better. A perfect example of this is when Kai voted for bob, he horribly overreacted to a single vote, making him seem scummy. Say you voted for klackerz, not only would your vote on him tell us something about you, his reaction to the vote would tell us something about him.
  1103. You chose the option that was in no way helpful to town, which makes you seem scummy to me.
  1105. 224 Moridin Wed May 23 2012 07:48:45 PM
  1106. #unvote bob99
  1108. #vote StrikerLee
  1110. I don't think it would be likely we'll get a lynch on Castiel, and frankly I find StrikerLee a bit more suspicious than him. I'd still have preferred bob, but if his RR is genuine it's best to give him another chance to prove his towniness. As far as Castiel goes, he is acting a bit odd, but he does tend to get defensive so I'd rather go for StrikerLee if I had to choose.
  1112. 225 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 08:56:24 PM @StrikerLee
  1113. @bob99
  1115. If you do get killed tonight (hey, maybe it could happen if scum think you're definitely shooting town) don't shoot me, sesc, eidolonic or bill door because various shades of townreads.
  1117. #vote StrikerLee
  1119. I think it's unfortunate that we've gone from bob to strikerlee (who likely isn't even going to be online again prior to deadline) but it's preferable to 1. lynching bob and 2. no lynch.
  1121. @StrikerLee: If you're town, probably flip a coin or something to decide between protecting me, eidolonic, sesc. If you're scum, obviously scum have a free shot at whoever they want.
  1123. 226 KaiDASH Wed May 23 2012 08:59:59 PM
  1124. i want to say don't hammer before some more people (stojil, sesc, kalas, eido, etc) can come on and chat, but i kind of view a no lynch as somewhat likely :\
  1126. So I guess, if you know you'll be on in ~4 hours, maybe vote then instead of now, but if you won't be on in 4 hours, vote now
  1128. 226 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 09:05:54 PM
  1129. Ehhhh.
  1131. You're right that DoB isn't a bad claim to make in most cases, so I'm alright switching over to StrikerLee.
  1133. I'd probably suggest setting Castiel as your top target to shoot in the face at this point, unless you have a genuine strong scum read on someone. I don't find Geabe quite as suspicious as most seem to right now.
  1135. Striker is a derp. He might be a town derp, he might be a scum derp. And so help me god if he's a spy derp again. I have zero problems with shooting him in the face on day one, even if it's not 100% informative. Because, really. What scum isn't going to jump at the chance to bus a striker scumbuddy.
  1137. #vote StrikerLee
  1139. Priest - I'd strongly consider an Ashaya check tonight. Just don't check me. Like Moridin said, I'd never pull a ploy like that a an Elder Witch, so you'd be wasting your check.
  1141. p.s. Sorry for the angry rants yesterday. Had a miserable day with work and a splitting headache, and fuck all the things. Long day ahead of me, but I'll try to chime in with some last minute thoughts before he gets hammered, if I think of anything else.
  1143. 227 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 09:11:00 PM
  1144. Actually, hnng.
  1146. Check Geabe tonight, Priest.
  1148. He's soft defending Ash and Striker - possible JW's to his EW? He's been found suspicious by some, and it'd be hilarious to have a genuine link early in the game.
  1150. Or, just... do whatever.
  1152. King - pick me for the court if you want. I'll do useful things, or something.
  1154. You know the pros and cons to picking people like myself/Kai. We're generally active, but we're also pretty likely to get shot in the face in the first couple nights. Well. Unless we're a witch. But I think Kai's clean this game, so there's that.
  1156. But uh. Don't take my day one reads as gospel, for the love of fucking god.
  1158. 228 castiel Wed May 23 2012 09:45:23 PM
  1159. I don't really get why everyone is going against me all of a sudden. >_>
  1161. And I'd like to be on the court too. :D
  1163. 229 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 09:54:23 PM
  1164. I feel like I'm talking with myself. Regarding a StrikerLee lynch: I said everything I had to say, and a whole lot more. Additionally, his wagon, like bob's, took of far too easily, especially with those people I don't really like atm.
  1166. But whatever, I'll be on around two hours before deadline and I'll vote then if neccessary. So feel free to count a +1 virtual vote; I don't think no lynch is an issue.
  1168. 230 Kalas Wed May 23 2012 09:58:06 PM @Uncle Stojil
  1169. Back. Little catch up post then hitting the hay.
  1171. @Uncle Stojil: To answer your question from 192, he was one of the first people online and opened up the game with some questionable posts. Nothing concrete but worth joining in with Kai in putting some pressure on him. I didn't feel he responded well and my read started moving into scum territory.
  1173. That was about when I felt his and Kai's discussion of the voting mechanic had reached to high a level of distraction. Did my best to understand what they were talking about (still a stupid arguement imo) but bob started responding/posting better so I held off throwing a vote on him. Went to work, slept and came back to a near lynch on him.
  1175. Of course, that was suspicious as fuck and I mostly spent the day looking at who had dogpiled on him. Worked again and came back to a, believable, role reveal and a wagon on someone I have a much easier time getting behind.
  1177. That said #vote StrikerLee later man.
  1179. 231 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 10:29:21 PM
  1180. Yes, everyone always can get behind StrikerLee :/
  1182. Anyway, I just realised I am not entirely sure that my Uni has the latest Flash installed, so I might not make it before deadline. Thus, I am considering to call it a day right now. In 10 minutes I have to leave, if anyone wants to get a word in, now is the time.
  1184. 232 guljons Wed May 23 2012 10:32:47 PM
  1185. I think a reason why StrikerLee wagon build so easily is that he is StrikerLee. If it was somebody else I dont think so much people would have jumped in him so fast. That said I dont have a problem with lyncing him.I admit it is more because of the general feel of him and how he plays than what he has said.
  1187. But nobody could stop this if they even wanted at this point, so Sesc you can not vote now. I will be around to make the last vote if nobody else shows up. We could get some more posts in these hours.
  1189. 233 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 10:37:46 PM @guljons
  1190. @guljons -- If you are +definitely+ there, I will leave it as is, and try to get online when I am at Uni. There are a few people that have not reacted yet to this lynch wagon, maybe they will want to, in the last three hours.
  1192. 234 guljons Wed May 23 2012 10:41:34 PM
  1193. I will be. Just got home and dont have nothing planned for next 3 hours.
  1194. If something would come up, then I would vote before going, so no worries there.
  1196. 235 Eidolonic Wed May 23 2012 10:42:25 PM
  1197. I can also unvote and then put the hammer down, if you want. I'm working, but I work from home, and it's no problem to just tab in 3 hours from now and go BANG. YOU DEAD.
  1199. 236 Sesc Wed May 23 2012 10:44:29 PM
  1200. Alright. Later then.
  1202. 237 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 10:55:37 PM @KaiDASH
  1203. @KaiDASH
  1205. I was more interested in a comment on this:
  1207. "Vote for Geabe/bob (second vote after his junior buddy instead of the first one here) and when it seems like it's going to happen, voice his displeasure with it (while never dropping off or attempting another bandwagon) to put some distance between himself and it."
  1209. As for the "win" thing, maybe I wasn't very clear. Does it help if I change "win" to "come out ahead"? Like, in the argument. And I didn't say you need to win the argument. I said that you got out of the exchange leaving the impression you had won it. Anyway, it's not very important, but stop twisting others' words. It's scummy.
  1211. You immediately backtracking after bob's role-reveal could be interpretable as scum trying to protect himself from the DOB's revenge kill since you had that squabble with him and started his wagon. But I agree that the role-reveal is believable and realistic so... I don't know. How you left the rebound-lynch up to others was very town, but I can see scum doing it in the right situation. But yeah... leaning on town for you at the moment.
  1213. The bandwagon on Striker looks ominous and has changed the view I had of the one on bob quite a bit.
  1215. There's no trace of self-righteous!Castiel in Castiel's defense.
  1217. Aekiel is messing up meta-reads like woah. That's a Thing.
  1219. Ashaya has lurked a lot and that stinks more than usual considering how she's been pulled in multiple discussions because of others and despite herself.
  1221. I think I'm okay with Eido (stunning, I know) and what he's doing.
  1223. Kalas,
  1224. "but bob started responding/posting better so I held off throwing a vote on him."
  1226. ...
  1228. Like when he claimed not-holy?
  1230. 238 StrikerLee Wed May 23 2012 11:53:40 PM
  1231. give me time to post some stuff before you kill me off
  1233. 239 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:03:36 AM
  1234. Wow, I go off t owork and the bandwagon forms on me. Great work killing a town yet again lmao. The funny thing is I didnt even give a reason for anyone to vote for me.
  1236. Guys, your lookiong to into my protection thing. I randomly picked a name because as I had said before its day 1. It could be anyone and I get slammed for who I picked.
  1238. KaiDash, to answer your 187 post, town read is Eido because he always just seems like town to me, scum read bob/castiel due to the vibe im getting from their posts. And to lynch right now I would probably say Kalas because he screwed me last game.
  1240. Bob, as to your 202 post. I wasnt whiteknighting anyone. I throw up a random name and it gets mistaken for something its not. I can sit here and throw out a role claim, its fuckin day 1, come on people. Bob you are an idiot for a day 1 role claim, that in itself is scummy and you should put more attention on him.
  1242. Aekiel your 208 post, yeah I have nothing to do with that, Joys of being at work when all this goes down. And I havent whiteknighted anyone before so dont know why it keeps getting brought up.
  1244. Gaebe, post 213...I pointed out a random opinion and im considered scum, this is just liek the whiteknighting bullshit dude.
  1246. Castiel, I agree that you keep jumping back and forth on your lynch, thats more scummy then anything so if I'm going to die I'll make sure to point out every scummy detail just like you guys do to me.
  1249. Within the next 2 hours you guys are goiong to kill me, your also going to kill a town. Several others have said this and I agree, like bobs wagon this one on my took off to fast for the wrong reasons. Its fun to see how answering a simple question can get you killed in this game. With scum having less members theres always more town to kill and you guys are off to a great start killing yourselves off. I'm not going to do the stupid role reveal because it wont matter but I am for sure town.
  1251. 240 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:05:21 AM
  1252. Since it doesnt really matter what happens now, I'm going to throw my vote over on Castiel because he just says and does what everyone else does.
  1254. #unvote bob99
  1255. #vote castiel
  1257. 241 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:08:35 AM
  1258. So I found a working flash plugin after all.
  1260. And ... yeah, I don't much like StrikerLee's defence post. That's about it though, just a feeling. Off to classes, and yay, I can type properly again :)
  1262. 242 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:08:56 AM
  1263. Someone (Strikerlee? Eidolonic?) hammer?
  1265. I don't think we're going to get anything more out of today and the sooner night starts the sooner it can end
  1267. 243 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:10:07 AM
  1268. alright well im town, and im the entertainer lol. just like last game you guys killed off a town role. great work you everyone...
  1270. 244 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:10:30 AM
  1271. Well, I'd have liked Ashaya to drop in, considering much of this was about her :/
  1273. 245 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:11:27 AM
  1274. she's on a plane or going to be on a plane shortly so I doubt she's going to check in
  1276. 246 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:12:04 AM
  1277. Yeah I would like to have her come in and say something as well, although it wont help me at all. Im about to drop myself off. But yeah theres my roleclaim before I die. Nice work killing a town.
  1279. Remember last game, we killed Fenrellis off 1st, he was the hunter lmao and town..This game you managed to do the same thing, kill off the 1st town role.
  1281. 247 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:13:14 AM
  1282. this just in: mislynches happen
  1284. more breaking news at 11
  1286. 248 Bill Door Thu May 24 2012 12:13:54 AM @StrikerLee
  1287. @StrikerLee Nothing you are saying is making me think thatyou are town. Literally nothing. What does your role have to do with whether or not your scum?
  1289. 249 castiel Thu May 24 2012 12:15:51 AM
  1290. @Striker, Bill Door was the first to switch vote to you. bob and Aekiel followed. Then I did. I don't see you saying anything to them.
  1292. And I also died game. I was also town. That means nothing.
  1294. I have nothing personal against you. I switched vote to you because I knew there was no way bob would be lynched, and there was a possibility I might not have been able to check in before day end so I wanted to get my vote in.
  1296. 250 castiel Thu May 24 2012 12:16:38 AM
  1297. also died last game* >_>
  1299. 251 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:20:09 AM @Bill Door
  1300. and Sesc, what about my defence post did you not like? Did I not go into enough detail about the random bullshit? I got accused of whiteknighting someone (which to be honest this is my 2nd full game so not really sure what you mean by that..I heard it last game but didnt pay attention to it cause it didnt have to do with me...) And I havent said anything that would make me seem scummy to be honest, the wagon formed just as fast and bobs did when he did his little role reveal to save himself.
  1302. @Bill Door Im not scum thats the thing, 2nd game in a row I didnt get on that team when I wanted to be.
  1304. either way it doesnt matter, I doubt anything I say at this point is going to save me, and this being a game I'm not going to take it as serious as some of you here would.
  1306. Yes Castiel I looked into that a few mins ago, I wanted to see how the voting started and yeah, Bill Door was the one who threw me out there. Thats scummy in itself due to not really having a reason for it.
  1308. The point I was trying to make is that you guys made a bandwagon which I joined in due to the way bob was posting, I made that clear, then all of a sudden he role reveals and you all switch focus to me for my apparent whiteknighting of Ash who was a random name I picked for protection on night 1. I wouldnt protect anyone night 1 to be honest I was just throwing a name out there for people to think about. So within the last 10 hours this wahgon formed on me and people just switching votes because its the easy lynch but your not even looking at the people who started the wagon. Priest check into Bill Door, KaiDash, Geabe but not in that order, just make sure you get all 3 of them.
  1310. 252 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:27:51 AM
  1311. strikerlee, don't be silly.
  1313. You're flipping coins (or using some other random method) and protecting one of me, eidolonic or sesc.
  1315. this is quite seriously, the most town thing you can do at this point.
  1317. Also, there is real value in going down silently and not claiming a role, especially one as meaningless (in this context) as entertainer (incidentally, that goes for everyone).
  1319. --
  1321. Not strictly related to the game, but posting giant walls about how not scummy you are is basically the most scummy thing you can do.
  1323. Anyway, someone get in here and hammer.
  1325. Strikerlee, try not to spill more of your guts before someone can hammer you.
  1327. 253 StrikerLee Thu May 24 2012 12:33:46 AM
  1328. Lmao, I'm going to end it now cause I have work and all. You guys have fun, Ill check in a few days from now and see how the games going.
  1330. 254 chocolatepi Thu May 24 2012 12:34:03 AM
  1331. It is now Night 1!
  1332. See the game log for the results of the previous lynch.
  1334. 255 chocolatepi Thu May 24 2012 06:14:59 AM
  1335. It is now Day 2!
  1336. See the game log for the results of last Night.
  1338. 256 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 06:33:34 AM
  1339. Huh, that was interesting. At least the coven ended up giving us one confirmed town memeber.
  1341. 257 Menace Thu May 24 2012 06:46:07 AM
  1342. So, uh, I missed the whole switch from bob99 to StrikerLee, but could somebody enlighten me as to why exactly bob's claim did anything to prove his innocence?
  1344. The way I see it, if he's scum, claiming with that role is a win/win. If he dies to a lynch anyway, he gets a kill off on a prominent towny. If he lives, his scum team is better off for it and he'll get to use his kill later anyway. I mean, you could argue that he'd be wary of Martyr interfering or something along those line, but I dunno. Doesn't seem good enough to completely clear his name.
  1346. 258 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 07:00:41 AM
  1347. I think the general consensus was that my claim was believed. And if I was town then I would have more time to choose a good lynch target. I still think a lot of people are suspicious of me. As to why the coven didn't take me out, I'm certain it is because they were convinced there was a good chance of me taking out scum.
  1349. 259 Menace Thu May 24 2012 07:02:52 AM
  1350. I never said I didn't believe your claim. I said it didn't make you town by itself.
  1352. And, uh, maybe the Coven didn't take you out because you're one of them? :S
  1354. 260 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 07:09:54 AM
  1355. It doesn't, but I thought I was more of a derp/first day lynch then a confirmed scum lynch.
  1357. 261 chocolatepi Thu May 24 2012 07:11:27 AM
  1358. jwlk has replaced dhulli. (jwlk may not be able to post immediately)
  1360. 262 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 07:25:52 AM
  1361. I'm taking off, I'll probably be gone for awhile.
  1363. 263 Bill Door Thu May 24 2012 07:47:11 AM
  1364. Well that's a good result. Unfortunately it doesn't tell us all that much, just that the scum tried to off a prominent town member.
  1366. Anyway,I'm still suspicious of bob and Castiel. Castiel slightly more so then bob.
  1368. I'm off to bed now, won't be around for 16~17 hours or so.
  1370. 264 guljons Thu May 24 2012 08:08:21 AM
  1371. We cant be sure Kai is 100% town yet. He may very well be Coven Recluse or Survivor.
  1372. If he was Coven recluse then this would be masterful play to get himself townconfirmed for many.
  1373. If he is Survivor, then the probabilty is smaller for Coven going for this plan. They would not want to waste an extra life probably.
  1375. Other possibilty is that Kai is town recluse, survivor , was protected by Striker or he is fanatic who was also checked tonight by priest.
  1377. 265 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:29:54 AM
  1378. ... Or maybe StrikerLee took Kai's advice and protected him, and the Coven isn't full of complete retards. Because that plan is pretty damn stupid.
  1380. 266 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:31:58 AM
  1381. I'd argue coven is still full of complete retards. Since they'd know whether or not StrikerLee was town or scum - and if he's town, why would they shoot into the cluster of 3 people he asked Striker to protect? 33% failure ratio.
  1383. Kai - consider saying if it was protect that saved you or role. Townfirming Striker means we'd be foolish to pursue any links between him and others from day one, and can just write him off as 100% derp. You know whether or not it's worth the risk.
  1385. 267 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:33:39 AM
  1386. In before Kai reveals as Gravedigger. D:
  1388. 268 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:22:36 AM
  1389. I'm the priest, Uncle Stojil is in the coven.
  1391. #vote Uncle Stojil
  1393. 269 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:24:10 AM
  1394. oh man, i really shouldn't post 2 minutes after i wake up (all the shenanigans i could have done) ,_,
  1396. 270 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:24:43 AM
  1397. I really am the priest and stojil really is coven though
  1399. 271 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:27:47 AM
  1400. So me being priest wasn't quite the unmitigated disaster I expected, that's cool (even though I was shot night one)
  1402. 272 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 09:29:04 AM
  1403. Why did you just rr as the priest in the second day? And what made you check Stojil?
  1405. 273 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:30:41 AM
  1406. 1. Someone tried to kill KaiDASH during the night, but KaiDASH survived!
  1408. 2. Manstinct
  1410. 274 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 09:32:08 AM
  1411. well, I'm taking off again. Won't be back for awhile.
  1413. 275 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:32:48 AM
  1414. No martyr in this game, either. Unfortunate.
  1416. 276 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 09:33:08 AM
  1417. #vote Uncle Stojil
  1418. for right now unless something else major happens when I'm gone.
  1420. 277 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:34:11 AM
  1421. Well shit.
  1423. #vote Uncle Stojil
  1425. 278 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:36:19 AM
  1426. Well. Kai. Hm. I believe you, don't worry.
  1428. But uh. As you're going to die tonight, mind checking me? For reasons. Things happen simultaneously.
  1430. 279 Geabe Thu May 24 2012 09:38:24 AM
  1431. Hold on - don't we have an acolyte to confirm KaiDASH's claim?
  1433. 280 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:39:49 AM
  1434. Do you need one?
  1436. Is getting shot in the face night 1 not townfirm enough?
  1438. ???
  1440. 281 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:39:51 AM
  1441. Well. Yes. But... it's not really something I'm worried about, heh. They can speak up whenever they check in, can't hurt having another townfirm around.
  1443. 282 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:40:50 AM
  1444. Pretty much what Kai said. Wouldn't make much sense for Coven to gank one of their own, and seeing as Priest can't be JW/Spy... Yeah.
  1446. 283 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:41:28 AM
  1447. Well. I can see worlds in which you'd shoot yourself in the face night one as scum and fakeclaim priest, but it'd involve survivalist type roles, and scumbuddy gravedigger. But, uh. Yeeeah, I don't think we're in those worlds.
  1449. 284 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:44:02 AM
  1450. (incidentally, good job strikerlee)
  1452. 285 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:46:45 AM
  1453. Does have the benefit of townfirming StrikerLogic, yes. Which means I feel marginally better about Ashaya.
  1455. 286 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 09:47:48 AM @Geabe
  1456. @Geabe: Kai was NK and survived because of StrikerLee. That gives us two Town for the price of one. And only if your profession includes the word Witch and your name sounds like guljons do you try to come up with schemes where the witches try to kill themselves in an attempt confuse everyone.
  1458. So, will you be one?
  1460. 287 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 10:03:29 AM
  1461. So, uh.
  1463. Castiel, Bob99, and Aekiel are the interactions to note, in regards to Stojil.
  1465. Would like a couple different people to use the search function and look over Stojil's posts, and Castiels, and Bobs, and Aekiels, and share their conclusions. And then I'll give mine!
  1467. 288 jwlk Thu May 24 2012 10:28:38 AM
  1468. hi go check thread kk thx
  1470. 289 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 11:34:38 AM
  1471. By the way. I absolutely want an Acolyte claim. I like having townfirms, and there's zero reason to remain hidden at this point.
  1473. 290 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 11:45:17 AM
  1474. .. isn't that you?
  1476. :mspa:
  1478. 291 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 11:50:47 AM
  1479. Post 278, Kai. That should tell you what I am.
  1481. 292 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 11:53:11 AM
  1482. well yeah.
  1484. but i thought you were the acolyte like all of day 1 because reasons
  1486. 293 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:04:40 PM
  1487. Heh, yeah. I can totally see that in retrospect. Throw me a check on your way out the door, and then doc us to victory, I guess.
  1489. Mind looking at the stuff I mentioned in 287?
  1491. 294 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:13:47 PM
  1492. Witch!Stojil makes me feel better than ever before. He was the one that claimed bob's lynch wagon was just spiffing. Also reverse reasoning on Castiel says he's Town, then >_>
  1494. What about Kalas? (#165, #192)
  1497. Also, is it an idea to use the B.O.D. and get her to give Kai +1 life? We'd trade her for one more check, effectively.
  1499. 295 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:15:32 PM
  1500. Ehhhhh. Unless Kai has a solid target in mind, I don't think it would be worth it.
  1502. 296 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:17:03 PM
  1503. I don't think it's worth it at this point? That can be extremely powerful in mid-late game. Taking our 2 town for 1 elder trade is... reasonable, I guess. BOD would be 3 town for 1 elder and a very slim shot at a second.
  1505. 297 castiel Thu May 24 2012 12:17:39 PM
  1506. Stojil, post 161
  1508. The wagon on bob99 looks clean to me at the moment. With the possible exception of Castiel (and his check-targets), all the other votes feel like bandwagoning town more than scum and at first, town trying to gauge reactions. What I don't like much is Kalas' interaction with bob99 and his non-vote.
  1510. Stojil, post 165
  1512. I'm... not sure I understand your post, but here's my answer anyway. If you were lynched and turned out to be town, I would look mostly into Castiel. After that, Striker (for other reasons as well) and maybe Geabe. Kalas would be scummy no matter what you are.
  1514. If we were scum and on the same team I doubt he would have done this, or I would have let him do this. I was already enough of a target that 2 people suggested I should be lynched instead.
  1516. Also,
  1517. #vote Uncle Stojil
  1519. 298 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:24:55 PM
  1520. I actually like the BoD idea.
  1522. Assuming that today and tomorrow witch kills are successful, then we're down me and some other role
  1524. Almost every other role is more mechanically useful than the BoD.
  1526. But if we lynch the BoD today, then tonight's kill is me again, and tomorrow's kill is me... again.
  1528. Court can kill stojil (unless something crazy like the dhulli slot was king lolo) and we can talk about nice people like geabe and aekiel tomorrow.
  1530. Incidentally, this totally screws witch target prioritization since they can't exactly leave me alive.
  1532. Also a BoD that claims is super town so having another townfirm will be good for vote/action analysis (me, strikerlee, acolyte, BoD)
  1534. thoughts?
  1536. 299 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:26:20 PM
  1537. The biggest bonus imo is screwing with the ability for witches to kill who they want to.
  1539. 300 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:30:12 PM
  1540. Hm.
  1542. Hnnng.
  1544. Yeah, okay.
  1546. I'm officially on board with a BOD reveal, and lynching them, giving the life to Kai. The court will kill Stojil tonight.
  1548. I stillll want an Acolyte claim as well, though. But am proceeding as if Kai's legit. (he is, I just want another townfirm, dammit).
  1550. 301 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:30:38 PM
  1551. Something along those lines was what I thought, yeah.
  1553. 302 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:37:22 PM
  1554. So, we're looking for BOD claim and Acolyte claim, with the BOD needing to happen pretty soon.
  1556. The only exception to BOD being lynched today is if it's a court member, I think. Well, or if they're scum and refuse to claim. That too.
  1558. 303 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:39:59 PM
  1559. i'm still in utter amazement that you aren't the acolyte btw
  1561. 304 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:40:38 PM
  1562. But guys! What if the Acolyte is scum!?!?
  1564. 305 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:40:39 PM
  1565. I was trying shenanigans assuming a potential paranoid/derp priest. But it fits pretty well in retrospect.
  1567. 306 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:46:08 PM
  1568. btw I think that even a court BoD should claim BoD and let us lynch them.
  1570. 307 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:46:50 PM
  1571. (obviously without saying anything about the court in public chat)
  1573. 308 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:46:57 PM
  1574. Um. And what if, hypothetically, they have to shoot one of their own members, as well?
  1576. 309 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:47:53 PM
  1577. oh. right. maybe not then if you think you need to do some courtly cleansing
  1579. well if we went with my town reads as the court (me, sesc, eido, bill door) this wouldn't be a problem
  1581. =p
  1583. 310 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:51:56 PM
  1584. ...
  1586. Gah. That just had to happen, didn't it?
  1588. 311 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:52:34 PM
  1589. Don't blame me. I'm not the scum king this time. That honor goes to Menace. (Another townfirm!)
  1591. I'm obvioustown, Stojil is obviousscum, and Sesc and Moridin round out the court.
  1593. There's no point in not publicly revealing this information, because, uh. It's confirmed that Stojil is, y'know. An Elder Witch.
  1595. Lynch the BOD today, we'll shoot Stojil tonight.
  1597. 312 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:54:26 PM
  1598. lol
  1600. 313 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:56:39 PM
  1601. Lick my boots, peasants!
  1603. 314 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:57:54 PM
  1604. whelp.
  1606. I guess I feel even worse about prematurely blowing my info on Stojil now. Since something good would have came out of court. OH WELL
  1608. 315 castiel Thu May 24 2012 12:58:20 PM
  1609. And in the scenario where BOD doesn't come out?
  1611. 316 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 12:58:49 PM
  1612. then we lynch stojil.
  1614. 317 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 12:59:22 PM
  1615. -_-
  1617. Yes, very nice. I try to play, and Eidolonic comes along and takes away the ball. What about the Junior Witches that wouldn't have known shit or other Elder Witches that shouldn't have known shit, so potential hints on who is not friendly by observance of who seems to know stuff?
  1619. 318 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:59:25 PM
  1620. I'd think you were getting used to prematurely blowing your... info, Kai.
  1622. Trollface.jpg.
  1624. 319 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:00:01 PM
  1625. or hm. well maybe it would be beneficial for everyone to do a round of 'I am not the BoD', and if this completes early enough then we can maybe pressure geabe or aekiel or someone and leave stojil to the court.
  1627. 320 castiel Thu May 24 2012 01:00:49 PM
  1628. I am not BOD.
  1630. Eido: "I'd think you were getting used to prematurely blowing your... info, Kai."
  1632. Where the fuck are my thumbs up???
  1634. 321 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:00:54 PM @Sesc
  1635. @Sesc, Eidolonic doesn't play well with others. I thought we knew this much already :D
  1637. 322 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:02:27 PM @KaiDASH
  1638. @KaiDASH
  1640. > Be scum!BOD
  1642. > "I'm not BOD guys."
  1644. > ????
  1646. >PROFIT!
  1648. 323 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:02:28 PM
  1649. Ok, well let's try to minimize non mission critical chat while the BoD claim/non claims happen
  1651. 324 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:04:44 PM @Menace
  1652. @Menace it's so we can 'know' that the bod is either willing/not willing to be lynched, and if everyone posts as not bod then we just continue with the day as normal, pressuing people if theres enough time or just lynching stojil.
  1654. Without the game wide bod claim, we'd be sitting around waiting for a bod claim that maybe never even happens, so we basically have to lynch stojil.
  1656. 325 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:05:10 PM
  1657. Well, yes, Menace. That's what will happen if it's scum. And then we either pressure someone else, or we just outright lynch Stojil. These retardedly short days don't leave a lot of breathing room, unfortunately.
  1659. But, yeah. I am not the BOD.
  1661. p.s. Sesc - there's a button labeled 'Court' on the side of the client. You're welcome to come chat.
  1663. 326 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:06:24 PM
  1664. also this gives my acolyte time to pop in and say hi
  1666. 327 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:07:42 PM @Sesc
  1667. @Sesc
  1669. What Eido said. Three's a party and all that.
  1671. 328 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:07:53 PM
  1672. Watch Jwlk be the acolyte or BOD, and unable to read the thread.
  1674. 329 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:08:19 PM
  1675. D:
  1677. 330 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 01:08:34 PM
  1678. Yes well, I feel annoyed. I was looking forward to looking for hints in posts about court stuff where there should't be any knowledge about court stuff.
  1680. NOT COOL.
  1682. And I'm not the B.O.D. either.
  1685. Also, uh ... I wondered about that, I have no court tab on the right. I just figured that would appear next night, but maybe it's a moscone glitch?
  1687. 331 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:10:00 PM
  1688. Hm. How many tabs do you have in the top right corner of the client?
  1690. 332 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:10:43 PM
  1691. You should have three right now (as long as you're town). General, Court, and Personal. 'S what I have.
  1693. 333 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:11:15 PM
  1694. He might have four!
  1696. 334 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 01:12:20 PM
  1697. ... If I tell you that, you can figure out what I'm not. The number of tabs depends on your role.
  1699. In-Line Edit -- Stop saying that!
  1701. 335 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:12:35 PM
  1702. True, he /could/ be the Inquisitor. :3
  1704. 336 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:13:19 PM
  1705. try with a different browser?
  1707. 337 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:14:06 PM
  1708. It was a tongue in cheek reference to him potentially being a witch. But on a more serious note - no Court tab? That's... odd.
  1710. 338 Menace Thu May 24 2012 01:15:10 PM
  1711. Why, Eido! *gasps*
  1713. Are you saying you don't trust my Court picks? I am shocked and appalled, good sir.
  1715. 339 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:16:15 PM
  1716. hey guys can we stop throwing pies at each other for a while.
  1718. nobody else is posting, probably because they take one look at this and go 'whelp, i'm clearly not needed here'.
  1720. 340 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:19:06 PM
  1721. Yeah, I'll leave one last refresher post:
  1723. We are looking for an Acolyte claim, and a BOD claim.
  1725. If you are 'not' the BOD - make a post saying 'I am not the BOD'. If you are the BOD, vote for yourself, claim, and thank you for your service, sir.
  1727. 341 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:22:29 PM
  1728. Also set your +life taget to me.
  1730. 342 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 01:46:48 PM
  1731. Current rollcall
  1733. Eido - Not BOD
  1734. Sesc - Not BOD
  1735. Menace - Not BOD
  1736. Castiel - Not BOD
  1738. Everyone else - Not posted yet
  1740. 343 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 01:51:11 PM
  1741. You can probably include bob99 and stojil in that, to be fair.
  1743. 344 Geabe Thu May 24 2012 01:58:15 PM
  1744. I'm not the BOD.
  1746. 345 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 02:07:25 PM
  1747. Not the BoD, no. To be honest, I'd lol if Stojil was, though.
  1749. 346 guljons Thu May 24 2012 02:07:44 PM
  1750. I am not the BOD too.
  1752. 347 bob99 Thu May 24 2012 03:19:58 PM
  1753. I'm not the BOD.
  1755. 348 Aekiel Thu May 24 2012 03:34:32 PM
  1756. Not the BOD either.
  1758. Feel free to pressure me though, I'd like, just once, to be townfirmed early rather than going through being suspected every day. >_>
  1760. 349 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 03:40:35 PM
  1761. Ok what in the fuck happened just because I accidently lost my
  1763. 350 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 03:41:01 PM
  1764. Stojil - Elder Witch
  1765. KaiDASH - Priest Reveal
  1766. Strikerlee - Entertainer (Town) - Dead
  1767. Eidolonic - Not BOD
  1768. Sesc - Not BOD
  1769. Menace - Not BOD
  1770. Castiel - Not BOD
  1771. Geabe - Not BOD
  1772. Moridin - Not BOD
  1773. Guljons - Not BOD
  1774. Aekiel - Not BOD
  1775. Bob99 - Not BOD
  1777. That leaves six people yet to check in, or otherwise be confirmed as not BOD (or Acolyte):
  1778. Ashaya
  1779. Bill Door
  1780. Kalas
  1781. Klackerz
  1782. Ollie
  1783. Jwlk
  1785. Mind you, one of the names that have checked in could be the BOD. Just, y'know. Scum.
  1787. 351 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 03:43:03 PM
  1788. @klackerz
  1790. readers digest version
  1792. 1. bob99 claimed DoB so we didn't lynch him
  1793. 2. The lynch was instead directed onto Strikerlee who had a complete meltdown and claimed entertainer
  1794. 3. The witches killed me in the night, but strikerlee protected me
  1795. 4. I'm the priest and uncle stojil is coven
  1796. 5. currently we're waiting on BoD and Acolyte claims and we're going through the entire playerlist having everyone claim 'not bod' (or bod if you are that)
  1798. 352 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 03:44:39 PM
  1799. Moscone are my post :|
  1801. Ok So I am not the BOD.
  1803. Reading through the thread again,
  1805. 353 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 03:55:19 PM
  1806. So much day2 shenanigans. The BOD plan is pretty much OK in my book though I'll lol if Uncle Stojil was the BOD.
  1808. 354 Ashaya Thu May 24 2012 04:49:03 PM
  1809. I'm not the BOD. And I'm really tired because I just spent fucking 4 hours in a car with Ollie.
  1811. 355 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 04:53:29 PM
  1812. A reminder that we want the Acolyte to claim as well as BOD. Down to like, four people who haven't checked in, now.
  1814. 356 Bill Door Thu May 24 2012 05:22:27 PM
  1815. Yo guys, I'm acolyte and stuff. Kai's priest,.
  1817. Now I'm definitely off for a while.
  1819. 357 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 05:44:08 PM
  1820. Bleh. Already had a strong town read on Bill, was hoping to clear up one of the other slots.
  1822. Alright, so just need uh. Ollie, Jwlk, and Kalas to check in in terms of BOD or not BOD.
  1824. 358 Ollie Thu May 24 2012 07:27:22 PM
  1825. Nopes, not BOD, sorry guys.
  1827. 359 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 07:29:28 PM
  1828. So Jwlk, Kalas, or one of the five scum, for the BOD. Odds are reasonable that the scum have it, but still two more to go.
  1830. 360 Aekiel Thu May 24 2012 08:36:16 PM
  1831. I'm off to bed now. I'm with Eido on thinking we have a scum BOD. That's a major annoyance we're going to have to contend with later, since we'd have to kill them at some point. The best we can hope for is that they're the very last scum we lynch, thus rendering their power useless, but I'm not optimistic that would be the case.
  1833. 361 Aekiel Thu May 24 2012 08:37:34 PM
  1834. #vote Uncle Stojil
  1836. Might as well put my vote in now, lets try not to hammer until we've gotten another round or three of discussion in though.
  1838. 362 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:49:36 PM
  1839. We have 33 hours left in the day. And we're 2 votes away from the hammer. Get some votes off him, dammit, especially until both Kalas and Jwlk check in about being the BOD or not.
  1841. 363 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:03:31 PM @guljons
  1842. @guljons, Moridin, Klackerz, castiel.
  1844. 3 town reads, two scum reads, and share thoughts on who bob99's default DoB target should be and why (no reason needed for the reads).
  1846. #unvote for now
  1848. 364 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:06:18 PM
  1849. Also, any of the confirmed town are off limits.
  1851. That's me the priest, menace the king and bill door the acolyte.
  1853. 365 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:12:07 PM
  1854. I'd rather they not use me as a town read either, to be honest. Or if they do, include 4 town reads.
  1856. 366 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:13:16 PM
  1857. now now eido, no need to be hasty
  1859. 367 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:19:24 PM
  1860. And just because you probably do need to clarify, you can't use Stojil as a scum read, either.
  1862. 368 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 09:44:30 PM
  1863. Damn your manstincts!
  1869. 369 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:46:28 PM @Uncle Stojil
  1870. @Uncle Stojil
  1874. 370 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:47:22 PM
  1875. wow my second line got eaten
  1879. 371 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 09:48:20 PM
  1880. and again.
  1882. time to spam up my personal qt to see what it is
  1884. (also ilu stojil)
  1886. 372 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 09:50:31 PM
  1887. NO U!
  1889. 373 guljons Thu May 24 2012 09:52:48 PM
  1890. Scum: Aekiel and Kalas
  1891. Town: Sesc, Geabe, Ash.
  1892. Bob99 default target should be Kalas, because of the two scum reads I feel he is more likely to be a witch while Aekiel is JW. Why I think Kalas is scum, because of him talking about scum loosing chances to infiltrate court and his town read on Stojil.
  1894. 374 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 09:53:24 PM
  1895. 3 town reads:
  1896. Sesc, Castiel, maybe Guljons if I was pushed to it but I'd say I've got nobody for the third spot.
  1898. 2 scum reads:
  1899. Aekiel, Kalas.
  1901. I think bob should target Kalas.
  1903. I have reasoning if you want it.
  1905. 375 Kalas Thu May 24 2012 10:00:33 PM @Moridin
  1906. What a clusterfuck to walk into.. not BoD guys, sorry to say. Though Kai being Priest does make my role a bit more relevent.
  1908. @Moridin I'd like to hear it. Your the third person to call me scum and I've yet to see an actual arguement.
  1910. 376 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 10:10:12 PM
  1911. My main reason for suspecting you is your clash with Stojil on day 1. It felt... scripted. Your answers were very nice and reasonable, and there was a decent amount of confrontation between the two of you. It felt like you were setting up a bus if it was ever required in the future. If someone fingered you as Stojil's scumbuddy, you'd point to that convo and say 'Hey, he wouldn't have pushed so hard against me if we were mates!'. Despite him saying his strongest case was against you, neither did he ever actually make a case against you nor did he vote for you - in fact, in the post where he says this, 192, he asks you to talk about bob99 (a suspicious person and thus an easy diversion) and then shifts targets to KaiDASH. After that, aside from a throwaway line berating you for letting up on bob, he didn't bother with you again.
  1913. Would have been perfectly innocent had Stojil not been revealed as an EW. As it is, it just looks pretty bad.
  1915. Fwiw, my reasoning with Aekiel follows similar lines, because of the whole thing at the start of day 1 with Aekiel (jokingly) naming Stojil a kill target and Stojil going after him for that - an issue that is inconsequential enough to be swept under the carpet, but enough for either one to point fingers and distance themselves in the future.
  1917. 377 Kalas Thu May 24 2012 10:21:49 PM
  1918. Honestly Stojil being outed as scum really paints me in a bad light, but there wasn't anything scripted about that. I listed Stojil because to me it felt like he was making an honest effort to scumhunt. Looking back at it.. I guess he either felt I'd made enough questionable statements/was an important enough role that setting the groundwork for a lynch was worth the effort.
  1920. 378 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 10:27:18 PM
  1921. Kalas, if not you, then who?
  1923. 379 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 10:41:26 PM
  1924. hmm,
  1925. 3 town reads are Ash,Eidolonic and Sesc
  1927. 2 Scum reads.
  1928. Aekiel and Castiel
  1930. Bod should currently target Aekiel imo. I will reserve judgement on Kalas for some more time after seeing his last post.
  1932. 380 Kalas Thu May 24 2012 10:42:30 PM
  1933. For BoD? jwlk hopefully. Otherwise its in the scum camp. If jwlk doesn't claim I'll have to do something. Keeping a player like you alive is something of a priority.
  1935. 381 KaiDASH Thu May 24 2012 10:43:40 PM @Kalas
  1936. @Kalas
  1938. For the default DoB target (aka: If you aren't scum, suggest someone who could be! Also aekiel is offlimits)
  1940. 382 Kalas Thu May 24 2012 10:53:45 PM
  1941. Oh, sorry. misread what you posted.
  1943. Reasons are mostly meta based, but I'd say Menace. There's flippant and then there's too flippant.
  1945. 383 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 11:23:21 PM
  1946. ... wat. You just killed our King.
  1948. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Seriously -_-
  1950. 384 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 11:27:38 PM
  1951. lolKalas. Try again, please. Perhaps you meant to say KaiDASH? Or how about StrikerLee? :p
  1953. 385 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 12:06:41 AM
  1954. .... Tht claim was serious? 0.0
  1956. 386 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 12:10:08 AM
  1957. I don't even understand what's going on with this game anymore. Has Bishop claimed to?
  1959. 387 castiel Fri May 25 2012 12:32:05 AM
  1960. @klackerz 379
  1962. Why do you think I am scum exactly?
  1964. 388 Bill Door Fri May 25 2012 03:54:13 AM
  1965. Right then, I'm back. Not much going on at the moment, still waiting on jwlk (i think) to claim BOD/notBOD before we can decide on a lynch.
  1967. One thing I noticed, after re-reading a bit is that Castiel, Kalas and Moridin all mention Scumjil as a town read. In posts 188, 189 and 191 respectively. It's a bit odd to see them all so close together, it might mean something.
  1969. 389 Aekiel Fri May 25 2012 05:11:30 AM
  1970. Good point there, Bill Door. I'd be hesitant to label them all as scum though; it would be stupid of all of them to post him as a town read within such a short space of time. Could be though, scum have done stupider things before.
  1972. 390 Ashaya Fri May 25 2012 05:19:50 AM
  1973. Leaving within the hour for a festival for the weekend, will likely not be on again till Monday, though I'll try to get on on Saturday or Sunday. Good luck :3
  1975. 391 Menace Fri May 25 2012 05:37:19 AM
  1976. Maybe you should go over the chat again, Kalas. Flippant or not, I am thine King, and that is purest truth!
  1978. Also, my reads:
  1980. Scum- Kalas and Guljons. Bad vibes, man.
  1982. Town- My court besides Stojil (I fucking hope), KaiDASH/Bill Door (Trololol), Aekiel, and Ollie.
  1984. 392 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 07:05:37 AM
  1985. Menace, how the fuck is Ollie a town read. Go to 'search', click it. Click on the drop box that says 'Player from' and select Ollie. And then hit 'okay'.
  1987. Do you still think he's town based on that? Null, fine, sure. But uh. What the fuck. If you weren't the confirmed king I'd want to string you both up for that.
  1989. 393 bob99 Fri May 25 2012 08:56:04 AM
  1990. Ok, I'm looking over the posts for DOB targets right now.
  1991. Here's my notes:
  1992. Eid: Court
  1993. Stojil: Target #1, but will probably get lynched
  1994. Sesc: Court
  1995. Moridin: Court
  1996. Menace: King/holy
  1997. Kai: Priest
  1998. Bill: Acolyte
  2000. Mentioned scum reads: Aekil, Kalas, castiel, guljons. Anyone else have any suggestions? It seems like Kalas and Aekiel have been focused on as potential. So I'll be looking over the posts of potential scums. Also, Eid pointed out that Stojil was close to getting hammered, so I temporarily removed my vote.
  2002. 394 bob99 Fri May 25 2012 08:57:21 AM
  2003. I meant to add that I wouldn't exactly be shocked if another scum was on the court, but I don't see any reason why I should target them right now, court hasn't made any kills yet.
  2005. 395 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 09:13:06 AM @KaiDASH
  2006. Looking back over your posts Menace you were hinting at it sure but.. a Day 2 reveal? really?
  2008. @KaiDASH Honestly I can't answer that right now. A situation where 3 of 4 Holy roles have already been RR is screwing with my head. Looking at this impartially I'd say I'm the best target atm. Which tells you a lot about how this game is going for me.
  2010. 396 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 09:22:46 AM @Kalas
  2011. @Kalas
  2013. Stojil is coven. Stojil is on the court. Thus, coven knows who is on the court and who the king is. Thus there is no benefit to keeping the information of court and king hidden.
  2015. 397 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 10:32:46 AM
  2016. hm.
  2018. I think guljons, klackerz, moridin, ollie, aekiel, kalas are worth looking in to further?
  2020. I guess I'll check Eidolonic to give him the +life, failing jwlk popping up and saying he is the BoD (this seems.. unlikely?)
  2022. 398 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 10:43:44 AM
  2023. I largely agree with your list. And I'll lump Ash and Jwlk into it too, because, well. Yeah.
  2025. The Moridin/Kalas thing sort of bothers me. Stojil and Moridin both pressuring the same person, Moridin calling Stojil a town read. I'm just getting bad vibes from it.
  2027. 399 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 10:47:43 AM
  2028. They also both called you a town read
  2030. ;)
  2032. 400 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 10:48:28 AM
  2033. Uhhh yeah. There actually are benefits Kai. Longshots but they make more sense then just flat out revealing.
  2035. 401 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 10:49:46 AM
  2036. well since we c an't take back the court reveal, you can talk about what cool things the court could have done by not revealing.
  2038. 402 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 10:58:35 AM @bob99
  2039. townreads are
  2040. sesc, castiel, bob99, eido (i can see eido maybe being a junior, but not coven)
  2042. @bob99 you should set your dob kill to one of Aekiel, Kalas, Moridin, chances are good that at least one of those 3 is scum, and scum probably shoot you if you say 'I WILL DEFINITELY KILL AEKIEL' and aekiel turns out to be town (as an example) whereas saying 'i kill one of 3' introduces doubt. though not that a level of doubt seems to deter this coven.
  2044. 403 bob99 Fri May 25 2012 11:00:15 AM
  2045. @Kai of course, the only reason I announced that my primary target is Stojil is that he is confirmed scum, otherwise I'm never going to announce my primary target, just potentials.
  2047. 404 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 11:02:10 AM
  2048. The usual stuff you do when scum have access to more info then they should? Watch for a slip, see if someone switches Menace/other court members to town reads or tries to emphasive questionable posts. I don't know, something other then a flat out reveal.
  2050. 405 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 11:05:58 AM
  2051. That could have worked if I didn't accidently (?) reveal Stojil as scum 5 minutes into day.
  2053. 406 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 11:16:39 AM
  2054. Which is why I said longshot. I just think.. trying something is better then just a flat out reveal.
  2056. 407 Menace Fri May 25 2012 02:05:17 PM
  2057. Hurr durr, meant Castiel, not Ollie. Always mix you two up. :s
  2059. 408 castiel Fri May 25 2012 03:00:16 PM
  2060. From what I see, our current plan is to lynch Stojil since BOD is not coming forward.
  2062. Let's hammer, or are we waiting for someone/something?
  2064. 409 Aekiel Fri May 25 2012 03:36:44 PM
  2065. Stuff is being discusssed. Let discussions of stuff continue.
  2067. 410 Aekiel Fri May 25 2012 03:47:48 PM
  2068. Also, since it looks like I may be killed by Bob, I'll say this to try and ward it off. I have a role that can prove my innocence, I just need a day or two for it to be useful. Check me if you must, though I'd suggest going for people more likely to be coven than I, or give Eido that extra life if you think he's town.
  2070. 411 jwlk Fri May 25 2012 04:25:20 PM
  2071. not the bod. i reqlly wish days werent so fast, i think ill just be getting home wehen day ends , i read most of the first logs, so not much sorry guys. i understand kai is priest. not feeling very comfortable with eido and i hope hes not what i think he is. uhhhh what else, we are lynching stojil, lol @kai getting priest. thats pretty much all i got, i doubt i can get an extention for another 8hours?
  2073. 412 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 04:42:34 PM
  2074. So the BoD is scum. that's... good to know? Yeah let's go with that.
  2076. Kalas floundered pathetically on my 'if you aren't scum then who is' question, so that's a thing.
  2078. Aekiel seems somewhat smug. Aekiel, if you aren't scum then who is?
  2080. guljons is bleh. Geabe town read is... interesting
  2082. I guess I'll check and give +life to Eidolonic since I'm getting bullets anyway :\ (But it's still... possible, for Eido to be a junior, so definitely don't treat him as townfirmed)
  2084. 413 bob99 Fri May 25 2012 05:28:18 PM
  2085. Probably going to bed soon, so I'm voting for stojil.
  2087. 414 KaiDASH Fri May 25 2012 06:17:36 PM
  2088. whelp this is going to be my last post probably (i'm here for another ~90 minutes then out for the night) so yeah
  2090. eido, you know what to do, as do menace and bill door.
  2092. my town and scum reads are known, and I feel suitably bad for revealing 5 minutes into day (ops!).
  2094. so unless you have any pressing questions in the next soon, bye and good luck!
  2096. #vote Uncle Stojil
  2098. 415 jwlk Fri May 25 2012 06:47:38 PM
  2099. dont hamner yet please D:
  2101. 416 Bill Door Fri May 25 2012 06:51:41 PM @Ollie
  2102. Yeah, we've stil got time left. I'd like to hear some more from Ollie as well...or anything from Ollie really. @Ollie
  2104. 417 Aekiel Fri May 25 2012 07:04:59 PM @KaiDASH
  2105. @KaiDASH: At the moment I'm thinking Geabe.
  2107. Geabe because of brownnosing of Bob early on in day one, which reads to me as an attempt to ingratiate himself to Bob. Could be he had an idea of Bob's role that early (or suspected an info-role), though that's a long shot, I'll admit. More likely is that he was trying to split the bandwagon that had already formed, perhaps to force a no lynch?
  2109. A second guess (and it's definitely a guess) at scum would be Castiel. Stojil mentioned him as his prime suspect if Bob was lynched, and given that he's a high profile player (and good with long term strategy) he would expect to be checked by the priest at some point. Thus he would want his Junior Witch buddies to be shielded from that backlash of that. Of course I doubt he expected to be outed on day two, but no plan lasts first contact with the enemy.
  2111. Yeah, it's soaked in WINE and too vague to be much more than grasping at straws, but that's all I've got so far.
  2113. 418 Geabe Fri May 25 2012 07:58:24 PM @Aekiel
  2114. @Aekiel: I want to remind you of two facts.
  2116. First, I voted for bob to be lynched at that time. Sesc mentioned that I voted for him for all the wrong reasons. Those posts (by bob) read wrong to me at the time.
  2118. Second, how in the world was I going to force a no-lynch, when it is very clear that a lynch has to be made every day?
  2120. Maybe I'll take the chance to explain what I did Day 1 with regards to bob. When people pointed me out for seemingly whiteknighting bob, what I actually did was say that his sniffing skills were decent. The only thing I meant by this was that in the first test game on moscone, he managed to hit upon several holy players as inquisitor.
  2122. I haven't been around much. I apologize. I also will not be around very much for the next 24 hours or so, though I will check occasionally.
  2124. 419 Kalas Fri May 25 2012 09:37:20 PM @KaiDASH
  2125. floundering pathetically = nothing to add without thread diving
  2127. Anyway @KaiDASH what's worth more a night's information or a day of a strong town voice?
  2129. 420 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 09:50:31 PM @Kalas
  2130. @Kalas.
  2132. Then go thread diving.
  2134. Give me reads on Geabe, Guljons, Klackerz, Moridin and Sesc.
  2136. There's a court kill tonight, I shouldn't have to remind you. And it seems we're lynching Stojil.
  2138. 421 Klackerz Fri May 25 2012 11:05:45 PM
  2139. Oh god. The thread is too fucking long. Really need the day tab as someone suggested in the thread.
  2141. Hmm, I will vote for Uncle Stojil once some more time passes. There's still some 7 hours.
  2143. 422 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 11:16:39 PM
  2144. How about some content, Klackerz? That'd be nice.
  2146. Same question I posed to Kalas, but switch your name and his.
  2148. 423 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 12:56:02 AM
  2149. @ Klackerz I'd particularly like to hear your thoughts on Kalas. You mention him as a town read D1, which was a And then you avoided talking about him in post 379. You've also ignored requests to post some more content on two previous occaisions, so please do give us some thoughts.
  2151. 424 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 01:28:50 AM
  2152. lol Ok Ok
  2154. Kalas seems scummy mainly because of his Day 1 defense of Stojil. I'm still not convinced he is a scum because of that. I want to wait till he posts more content and anyway he's not behaving like the last time he was a scum with me.
  2156. Rest of my thoughts are incoming once I read the thread.
  2158. 425 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:56:28 AM
  2159. 4 hours and 3 minutes left in the day.
  2161. I will put the hammer down near deadline, if one more person wishes to put it at 8.
  2163. 426 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 02:06:09 AM
  2164. #vote Uncle Stojil
  2166. Die Scumjil!
  2168. 427 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 02:11:46 AM
  2169. Word. No more votes, folks. I'll hammer it in 3.5 hours or so.
  2171. 428 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 02:16:33 AM
  2172. Uh. Carry on talking, though? I want opinions on people. Lynching a confirmed scum does not mean we should just... not talk, dammit.
  2174. 429 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 02:19:41 AM
  2175. First of all,the reason I was lurking was because I ran into some troubles with my laptop/net. It's solved now and I will be around more regularly
  2177. I am not that happy with Gaebe at the movement. He has not posted that much and his first day was filled with the bob99 issue fighting.
  2179. Sesc seems towny. He was the one who gave the BOD idea and I doubt that a scum will willingly give such an idea.
  2181. Moridin seems a little scummy now after I read the thread. He's lurking just enough but not so much to warranty suspicioon.
  2183. guljons seems innocent though I am not that sure about him. He may be a JW but I doubt he is an Elder.
  2185. @Eidolonic. Are you sure that you will lynch him before the end of the day. I don't want a potentail Judge!JW taking advantage.
  2187. 430 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 02:35:47 AM
  2188. I'm sure.
  2190. 431 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 02:36:49 AM
  2191. Although, it does bear mentioning that you didn't include Elder Witches as a possible Judge. You already know what their roles are?
  2193. 432 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 03:04:16 AM
  2194. lol That does paint me as scummy, doesn't it. meh, It was an honest mistake. I always consider witches as one group and consider them as JW in my mind unless I am really thinking about what I am typing.
  2196. 433 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 03:19:13 AM
  2197. Kinda tempted to all bullshit on that, considering you made the distinction between the two groups in the line above. And I can see no conceivable reason why you would think of them all as juniors, rather than elders, unless of course you are a junior.
  2199. Of course it could be innocent, and you just have a very...strange way of thinking about such things.
  2201. Also would you mind responding to Castiel in post387. You never did answer him.
  2203. 434 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 03:28:25 AM
  2204. Castiel's post? I didn't even see that.
  2206. OK I see Castiel as scum because of post no 188,210 and 220
  2208. In 188, he sees Striker as scum but in 210 and 220 he says he's switching to Striker mainly because he see's there's no lynch forming on bob.
  2210. 435 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 03:31:19 AM
  2211. About the Judge thing. It seriously was a derp because I don't think while typing. Believe it if you want to.
  2213. 436 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 05:37:03 AM
  2214. Hammering in ~13 minutes.
  2216. If people want any last words, it might be wise to make 'em.
  2218. 437 Uncle Stojil Sat May 26 2012 05:41:05 AM
  2219. Balls.
  2221. 438 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 05:43:11 AM
  2222. You like 'em, I know.
  2224. And... I can almost feel a disconnect coming on.
  2226. So, uh. That's a STOP.
  2230. 439 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 05:43:41 AM
  2231. It is now Night 2!
  2232. See the game log for the results of the previous lynch.
  2234. 440 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 12:29:59 PM
  2235. It is now Day 3!
  2236. See the game log for the results of last Night.
  2238. 441 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 12:44:06 PM
  2239. Hmm... I'm going to throw a wild guess out there, and say that guljons was the attempted court kill. So he's either the gambler or the survivalist. Actually, thinking about it, it might even have been angel protection. If Stojil and striker voted to protect different people, then they both would have been protected I think.
  2241. But one of the extra-life roles does seem much more likely.
  2243. 442 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 01:09:58 PM
  2244. Looking back I can definitely see why you decided to go for him, just got unlucky with his role. We still don't know for sure either way if he's scum or not, so I'll reserve judgement until I see what he has to say for himself.
  2246. 443 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:23:25 PM
  2247. Yeap. Striker or Gambler.
  2249. Kai wasn't the scum priest, I don't think, so I managed to talk Menace out of shooting him.
  2251. I'm the Fanatic, and I got an extra life from Kai's priest check last night. So, uh. If witches want rid of my mildly annoying loud voice, they're going to need to blow two kills on me. Which... they aren't going to want to do. So, that's neat.
  2253. Going to sleep now - been up 60 straight hours, and just finished up my work deadline. I want people's thoughts on Guljons, Geabe, Kalas, Klackerz, Moridin, Sesc.
  2255. 444 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:24:04 PM
  2256. *Survivalist or Gambler. Bleh. It's apparent how much I need sleep after that typo.
  2258. 445 Aekiel Sat May 26 2012 03:23:33 PM
  2259. You can't have a scum priest. O_o
  2261. 446 Aekiel Sat May 26 2012 03:24:49 PM
  2262. Could be an Angel protect for guljons too, though I'd doubt it at this point.
  2264. 447 jwlk Sat May 26 2012 04:17:21 PM
  2265. ....Stop making me think you're a witch @Eidolonic
  2267. Just... stop it.
  2269. hmm, I can easily see Stojil protecting guljons if he's a scum/jw buddy, and striker not even noticing it (even if he did he can't stop it since its just stojil and striker.)
  2271. Uh, so.. who directed the kill on guljons? I'd like it if Menace confirmed, since I trust none of you. If he's the gambler, i'd be looking hard at people who wanted to hit him. for obvious reasons. (though now Guljons won't claim gambler, oh well.) Yah, looking thorugh his posts, I see nothing I like. He said Kai might be survivalist, so i'm thinking thats not him.
  2273. 448 jwlk Sat May 26 2012 04:19:52 PM
  2274. Also, apologies for not being able to post earlier, went camping and no internet, then pased out when i got home. I understand dhulli was a null spot. Anyone have some questions for me?
  2276. 449 guljons Sat May 26 2012 06:04:24 PM
  2277. what the hell guys. Nice going, throwing away the Court kill.
  2278. All I needed to do, was get night killed from scum to throw away their kill, but as soon as I saw Court members saying that they have scum read on me, I knew that coven wont try to kill be anytime soon.
  2279. If I had to guess I would say that Menace and Sesc were the ones who drove this kill attempt. Menace obviously just had a wrong read, but if Sesc was the other one then there could be something there.
  2281. So yeah, I would also like to hear from Menace how this went down.
  2283. 450 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 07:11:09 PM @jwlk
  2284. Okay then guljons, who do you think the court should have killed, and why?
  2286. @jwlk give us your thoughts on the people Eido mentioned in his last post.
  2288. 451 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 07:37:01 PM
  2289. Menace wasn't around at all to give any input, unfortunately.
  2291. I wanted to choose from the pool of Geabe, Klackerz, and Guljons, and Guljons is what we went with.
  2293. I think we managed to avoid discussing who we were going to kill until Stojil left the court, so I suspect Guljons is either gambler or survivalist. Insert some extreme paranoia, etc etc.
  2295. Basically, I took the 15 players on list, removed the townfirms, removed relatively strong town reads, and was left with ~8 people. I crossed off complete nulls and court members, and was left with that clump of three. So, I uh. Want to continue looking pretty hard at Guljons, Geabe, Klackerz, Moridin, in particular. Sesc is making me slightly uneasy, too. Ashaya also has been mentioned as a town read by people that cause me to raise an eyebrow far too often, when SHE HASN'T BEEN POSTING.
  2297. Problem is, it's Ash, so uh. You never know if it's because she's a scumbuddy, or if because she has tits.
  2299. Or because she was town last game (#StrikerLogic).
  2301. 452 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 08:30:46 PM
  2302. @Eidolonic here's your thoughts.
  2304. guljons - I can definitely see why the court went for him. His aggressiveness againstr Kai early on looks bad with hindsight, but was reasonable enogh at the time. Not really a masive amount of content posted, mentions Sesc, Geabe and Ash as town reads, all of which are a bit...strange. Then questions Sesc with his last post, which was needlessly aggressive. All in all, he doesn't look great.
  2306. Geabe - Very quick to jump on bob99 on D1, but then he wasn't the only one. Got in a debate with Sesc over the bob lynch, but there wan't really much in that. Mentioned how he was alright with Striker, but then voted for him in his next post. After that he was inactive for most of D2. Probably just a null read, I'd like to see some more from him.
  2308. Kalas and Klackerz - I'm doing these two together because I think they're teammates. Let's start with Kalas, his answers to the D1 questions were very unusual. Says he'd check Castiel, which was rather out of the blue. Then in his next post he has Kai and Eido as scum reads, which was I actually think his interaction with Stojil, that other people have mentioned, was innocent but everything else he's done puts him as a scum read. Then I think klackerz is linked to him. His D1 town read was Kalas, which I can kinda see why he'd say that, but then his refusal to say anything about Kalas just looks wrong. Twice he says he'll wait until Kalas posts more content, even when I specifaically asked him for his thoughts on Kalas he didn't give me anything. So yeah, I have those two down as my junior witches.
  2310. Moridin - Town reads on guljons and castiel, both of whom have looked a bit suspicious. He got on both D1 bandwagons, with some rather minimal jusification. Then he really goes after Kalas, so if they're both scum then they aren't on the same faction. Eh...I wouldn't go as far as to call him scum, but he does bear watching.
  2312. Sesc - First few posts all about problems with moscone, then attacks the bob bandwagon. Throws a vote at Geabe for his vote on bob. Has suspicions for the bandwagons. Then comes up with the BOD idea, which I can't imagine scum doing. I like his suspicions on ythe D1 bandwagons, shows that he's been trying to scumhunt. Town read.
  2314. 453 Bill Door Sat May 26 2012 08:32:28 PM
  2315. On a sidenote, I think #StrikerLogic should become a more widely used mafia terminology.
  2317. 454 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 12:07:26 AM
  2318. Now now people, don't all post at once.
  2320. 455 castiel Sun May 27 2012 12:11:22 AM
  2321. Not posting much because I don't really have anything. I am waiting to hear from people who have posted very less (Ash) and the ones high on the scumread-chain. We do have 1 day and 13 hours before day end, if we don't hear anything in another 13 hours, let's decide on a lynch target.
  2323. Also, I am town because I was town last game. #StrikerLogic
  2325. 456 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 12:13:52 AM
  2326. You're waiting on the same Ash who said she wouldn't be here again until monday?
  2328. 457 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 12:33:13 AM
  2329. @Castiel While you're waiting, perhaps you could respond to Eido's post443.
  2331. 458 castiel Sun May 27 2012 12:47:40 AM
  2332. I sat down and started reading their replies but soon realized that I am way too fucking tired to do this right now. I am going to bed and will answer that in the morning. Hopefully more people would have spoken by then.
  2334. For now, Moridin is the only one among those who is a town-read for me. But then again, Stojil was my town-read too so I wouldn't count on it.
  2336. 459 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 01:00:17 AM
  2337. Interesting that Moridin is the one you pick. When he's mentioned you as a town read, and supported you over Striker on D1. Maybe a connection of some sort there.
  2339. 460 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 01:50:25 AM
  2340. It's a strange dichotomy. One of my strongest town reads having a town read on one of my strongest scum reads. Hnnng.
  2342. 461 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 01:52:11 AM
  2343. Also! I am requesting the Twilight Pagan to skip tonight.
  2345. The Priest is dead, and the court does not kill. With no henchman, and 3 of the 4 holy roles outed, inquisitor and oracle losing one night of checks is not a big deal, compared to skipping a coven kill, and gaining an extra lynch.
  2347. 462 guljons Sun May 27 2012 02:39:38 AM @Bill Door
  2348. @Bill Door
  2349. court should have killed Aekiel or Kalas in my opinion.
  2350. Aekiel because of post 348, where he says to feel free to pressure him. To me it seems lika a JW play., trying to look as town as possible, knowing that if he plays it right, there wont be much to connect him with Coven.
  2351. So I might as well vote
  2352. #vote Aekiel
  2354. 463 guljons Sun May 27 2012 02:43:32 AM
  2355. Kalas later posts where he seems to be confused about what is going on and not noticing Menace claim as King real, would seem to indicate that he is not Coven, because witches would probably be more observant and already know these things, because of Stojil.
  2356. Or it is a clever play.
  2358. 464 Moridin Sun May 27 2012 04:14:09 AM
  2359. Twilight Pagan skipping night is a good idea. Perhaps we should do a runthrough of claims again, similar to what we did with the BoD?
  2361. Also, confusion can be a very useful scum ploy, since it hides behind the reasoning you mentioned (witches being careful in their posting), can allow genuine slips to hide among a general atmosphere of derp, and allows for a decent amount of noncontent.
  2363. My top scum pick would still have to be Klackerz, though. His reasoning for the castiel suspicion is flimsy at best - while the switch is odd in that it was relatively early into the StrikerLee bandwagon, he did provide adequate reasoning, especially since the bob wagon was falling apart in the wake of his RR, and voting for a weaker scumread because the stronger scumread won't get to majority is not particularly suspicious, imo. His refusal to reply could genuinely be because he missed the posts, or it could be him getting coaching on what to say (which might help explain why it's so flimsy, if it's a construct) in order to avoid what happened in the previous game. The rest of his townreads/scumreads based on that 3 town/2 scum thing were pretty much reads from previous posts - except the Ashaya one, but I'm not sure what exactly is going on there.
  2365. Kalas... I'm not so sure on anymore. I was pretty certain he's scum, but his later posts have seemed reasonable - maybe he's just being careful, or maybe I was reading too much into stuff. I'd like to see more from him before I make up my mind, but he takes a backseat to Klackerz either way.
  2367. And yeah, Bill Door, castiel is a townread for me. A tentative one, and I'm waiting on his analysis coming in whenever he gets it in, but he feels way less suspicious right now than a number of people who have moved against him (such as Klackerz and Aekiel).
  2369. 465 Menace Sun May 27 2012 04:28:03 AM
  2370. "If I had to guess I would say that Menace and Sesc were the ones who drove this kill attempt. Menace obviously just had a wrong read, but if Sesc was the other one then there could be something there.
  2372. So yeah, I would also like to hear from Menace how this went down."
  2374. - Guljons
  2376. Well, as Eidolonic said I wasnt around for the majority of the night phase, but I have basically a null read on you. Sesc /was/ the first to vote for you, though. He quoted some stuff and said he disliked it.
  2378. 466 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 04:29:34 AM
  2379. Unless my reads are completely off a mass pagan yes/no claim will be unnecessary.
  2381. 467 Aekiel Sun May 27 2012 06:50:52 AM
  2382. Just posting to say I'm here and thoroughly hungover. I'll respond to shit when my brain doesn't feel so full of fuck.
  2384. 468 bob99 Sun May 27 2012 07:43:09 AM
  2385. I'd go along on the pagan claim, we might as well use it while the court has a lot of members and when the court isn't active.
  2387. 469 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 08:19:34 AM
  2388. I just don't see a reason not to use it, realistically. Town loses nothing from skipping the night (aside from inquisitor taking a shot in the dark at the last holy... which the inquisitor could be scum anyways), so uh... yeah. If you're town, just pop the ability tonight. If you're scum, well. I'd appreciate you popping it, too!
  2390. 470 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 08:28:40 AM
  2391. Hm. So Guljons thinks we should have killed the person who stated they can townfirm themselves in a day or two, or the person that he notes seemed genuinely confused and probably isn't in the coven.
  2393. Hng.
  2395. #vote Guljons
  2397. 471 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 08:29:24 AM
  2398. Door, there is some things I don't like with your post. For instance, what you said about Sesc. Clearly the BOD is scum. Sesc suggests an idea that has only +things for town? Seems pretty townie, right? Now, think about it this way; Sesc suggests an idea that he knows won't work... since BoD is scum. Not so townie anymore. Also, surprise surprise, he started the guljons wagon on court? I'm thinking sesc and guljons might be scums together, guljons being gambler.
  2400. However, I also agree with your reads on Klackerz, for the most part (not so much on Kalas, those don't make any sense to me, (what self respecting witch would call eido and kai both scum, lol)). TBF, klackerz read is on his derp earlier, but he seems to derp a lot. I don't see sesc and guljons being team mates with Klackers though... so I don't know.
  2402. What I do know, is that I don't like guljons or sesc. I wouldn't be upset with a klackerz lynch, but prefer Sesc. Do court people have problems with this? If so i'd rather lynch guljons, I guess, and then klackerz. I don't know about Aekiel, but the fact that Guljons wants him dead makes me want him alive. so for now, #vote Sesc .
  2404. I'll need to re read some other people's posts, but those are my reads right now. Also guys stop being gay and put votes down, srsly.
  2406. Next, don't forget to reveal pagan!
  2408. 472 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 08:31:50 AM
  2409. I'm uneasy about Sesc, especially with him being a town read of some other people I find suspicious, but I'm... more uneasy about Moridin? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry if it turns out Skum King Menace picked 3 witches (out of 5 total) for court.
  2411. 473 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 08:34:40 AM
  2412. it seems like a lot of coincidences, but i'm not to rigid on my reads, havn't looked at moridin at all yet, tbh.
  2414. People need to vote though. I hate people at DLP because they just don't vote. Really annoying. You don't only have to vote for the end wagon, you vote for people who you think are suspicious. gah
  2416. 474 guljons Sun May 27 2012 08:51:30 AM
  2417. @ Eidolonic
  2418. Anyone could say that they can prove that they are town in 2+days. The thing is you wont know until that day comes. And really the only way for sure that you could know is if he was town is if is he is Bishop confirmed by town inquisitor. All other things could be scum throwing one of their own under bus to get a solid town read on themselves.
  2419. And I pretty much took back my kill suggestion on Kalas in my second post.
  2420. But feel free to throw away not just the court kill, but also a lynch.
  2422. 475 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 08:57:07 AM
  2423. Right, I'm too tired to think about this properly at the moment. I'll throw a vote at guljons, for now, because I can get behind that lynch. And I'll look at Sesc again in the morning
  2425. #vote guljons
  2427. 476 Menace Sun May 27 2012 10:18:15 AM
  2428. I'm just following in your footsteps, Eido. :P
  2430. In regards to the guljons lynch, I'm going to abstain for now and go over the thread again. I'm not entirely sure on him being a witch, but I'll be back in to hammer the lynch tomorrow if it comes to that.
  2432. 477 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 10:59:06 AM
  2433. Menace, stop that dumb behavior. Look through the thread now, find someone you want to lynch, be it guljons or not, and vote them. And make a case, of course.
  2435. Same goes for Aekiel, and bob. Don't just come here and post nothing. Aekiel is drunk, whatever. Come back and vote someone, bob, you have no excuse. You're not automatically off the hook of being scum, so start scum hunting
  2437. 478 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 11:32:00 AM
  2438. Your first vote doesn't have to be the person your last vote is on. But if people don't put some kind of vote down, nothing fucking happens, ever. And we just sit around waiting for something to fucking happen, like an awful last minute bandwagon.
  2440. 479 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 11:35:55 AM
  2441. exactly like that. and it happens every single time in DLP games, and its annoying. So stop saying "i'll do this later" and putting it off. I don't know why there is this fear of votes, but do this:
  2443. 1) Find a person
  2444. 2) Throw a vote at them
  2445. 3) ???
  2446. 4) PROFIT.
  2448. K, go. Moridin, Aekiel, Kalas, and bob.
  2450. 480 Aekiel Sun May 27 2012 02:02:06 PM
  2451. Okay, I'm here and my brain is unfucked.
  2453. I can dig the guljons bandwagon, but I'm not sure if my opinion has been biased because of his attacks against me. That said, I'm still suspicious of Castiel and I've grown a bit more certain that he's scum. My bet would be on him being a Junior Witch at this point.
  2455. Also, since nobody has claimed Twilight Pagan, I noticed something odd about Moridin's list of available roles in the DLP thread. He did it in reverse order, suggesting that he went through the list from the back (Twilight Pagan - Priest). Now I know this isn't a clear cut case, but it made me think that his role is somewhere back there too. I narrowed it down to five roles, because otherwise I think he'd have gone to the front to start the list, then Strikerlee came out as the Entertainer, narrowing it down to four. The guljons survived the night, suggesting he may be the Gambler. Down to three.
  2457. That would potentially leave Moridin as either the Recluse, the Hunter or the Twilight Pagan. Since the assumption at this point is that the Pagan is scum, there could be a case made that he is the scum!Pagan.
  2459. #vote Moridin
  2461. 481 Moridin Sun May 27 2012 02:08:21 PM
  2462. Fair enough. Paraphrasing what I said in court.
  2464. Klackerz, now, is my strongest scumread. Early on, around post 97 or so, he marks down Kalas as a townread, saying that he was the only one who looked townie up to that point. Kalas hadn't really said all that much to distinguish himself from the others by that point, and there were plenty of other people who were about equal in townness. True, Kai did ask who we'd protect, but plenty of people managed to give much better reasons for their protects. If he had even said something about people being null reads but him going for the best of those - but he specifically mentions Kalas as not guilty, a pretty strong assertion to make so early in the day. Also, in post 157, despite earlier saying he would lynch bob99, he says this:
  2466. "Hmm. The bandwagon on bob99 seems to be strong, But I really don't want on him just now. He seems to be the only suspect I currently have and I don't really know about the other people just now,"
  2468. Which means what I don't even know. 'Bob99 is the only one I suspect, so I don't want to lynch him.' :S
  2470. As for his Day 2 reads, he has Eid, Sesc and Aekiel as town town scum respectively, all of whom have made appearances in previous posts, and so are 'safe' choices - Eidolonic especially so. His townread on Ashaya seems a bit... out of nowhere, I don't see where he gets it from (but, again, something that can easily be hidden behind meta/derp/whiteknighting), and he took ages to justify his scumread on Castiel, the justification even then being rather lacking (as I pointed out above).
  2472. Of course, then there's the Judge!JW thing. Also, if he is indeed an EW, then his read on guljons looks somewhat suspicious - it could well be some sort of signal if guljons is indeed on the JWspy list the Coven has. Again, something that could easily be covered as a derp, which is why I'm reluctant to dismiss derpers.
  2474. #vote Klackerz
  2476. 482 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 04:06:23 PM
  2477. Klackerz, do it too.
  2479. 483 Bill Door Sun May 27 2012 07:49:45 PM @Aekiel
  2480. @Aekiel That is quite possibly the worst reasoning I've ever seen. Ignoring the use of somethig from outside the game itself as evidence, which is very questionable at best, where are you getting the idea that the pagan is scum? None of klackerz, Sesc, Ashaya, Geabe, Kalas and Ollie have posted since that idea as suggested. That's almost half the playerlist. And considering the person that I'm convinced is the pagan is in that list, then I wouldn't be saying there's a scum pagan just yet.
  2482. But seriously, that is the worst justification that I;ve ever seen for qa lynch vote. I meanthere are a few reasons why Moridin is a viable target, but that is not one of them.
  2484. 484 Eidolonic Sun May 27 2012 09:05:27 PM
  2485. Aekiel.
  2487. You just made my brain leak out my eye sockets.
  2489. It's 7 am and I havent' slept, I'll be around this afternoon to post and herd cats. But that logic is uh. Questionable.
  2491. 485 Kalas Sun May 27 2012 10:41:01 PM
  2492. Go re-read the thread Aekiel. Big, gaping holes in your logic right there.
  2494. @Eidolonic Still want those reads from the last post you directed at me?
  2496. 486 Sesc Sun May 27 2012 11:28:43 PM
  2497. Yes, tell me all about how I am not Town, jwlk and guljons. I'd like to hear more. Especially how you reconcile
  2499. "Town: Sesc, Geabe, Ash." (#373)
  2501. with
  2503. "there could be something there." (#449)
  2505. And then you want to lynch Kalas, when ... Well. jwlk, in your world I kill guljons the gambler to Townfirm him, and then the next day, he opens up a case on me (so basically, guljons will appear Town, but I do no longer)? How does that make sense?
  2508. Also, this reminds me of someone else that was nearly killed and since then is apparently Townfirmed. bob's wagon looked like this:
  2510. KaiDASH, Geabe, Eidolonic, Bill Door, Menace, castiel, StrikerLee, Moridin
  2512. The only ones unaccounted for are Geabe, Eidolonic, castiel, and Moridin. Castiel I have a Townread on (this is simple reverse-reasoning from Stojil), so only three remain. How many witches do you think would have voted for him? They must be part of {Geabe, Eidolonic, Moridin}. If you say none of them are witches, no witches voted for bob. If so, why not? We were only two votes away from a lynch at one point.
  2515. And finally, I like the Twilight Pagan plan. Why do we have no reveal? :/
  2517. 487 Sesc Sun May 27 2012 11:33:32 PM
  2518. Also, vote #guljons, to get this going somewhat. Momentum is decidedly lacking.
  2520. 488 Sesc Sun May 27 2012 11:34:48 PM
  2521. Derp.
  2523. #vote guljons.
  2525. 489 Kalas Sun May 27 2012 11:35:50 PM
  2526. lol. Is the extent of the TP plan just a RR for an extra day?
  2528. 490 guljons Sun May 27 2012 11:52:15 PM @Sesc
  2529. @Sesc.
  2530. You ask how you go from town read to "there could be something there" ?
  2531. Hmm, I don't know.. Maybe because you tried to kill me? That may be it.
  2532. You speak as in a thing you say in day 2 must hold true in the subsequent days.
  2534. 491 Sesc Mon May 28 2012 12:05:52 AM
  2535. #461 by Eidolonic, Kalas. Though thinking about it, who would you lynch, @Eidolonic? We' d need two options (today and tomorrow), not just one. Doing this without it is pretty much pointless.
  2538. guljons: Except for the part where you guessed/knew/suspected I had started the thing in court before anyone had said anything, you mean?
  2540. 492 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 12:08:35 AM
  2541. @ #461 Seems pretty legit. Court only kills once every two then? Just asking as the Court section in the Rules mentions every night.
  2543. 493 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 12:10:57 AM
  2544. It was mentioned in the changelog in the DLP post that the Court only kills once every two nights - specifically, even nights only.
  2546. "The King's Court now only kills on even Nights. This is the biggest change, and means that the Witches get 40% of the kills, up from 33%. Note that the informational and leadership advantages of the Court for town are unchanged."
  2548. 494 guljons Mon May 28 2012 12:11:58 AM @Sesc
  2549. @Sesc
  2550. I thought it was one of you two, Menace being the other one, because of what you and the other court members posted at the end of day 2. You two being the only ones who where negative against me.
  2551. So I guesed it was one of you two. And turns out I was right.
  2552. Doesn't mean you are scum, but definitely not a solid town read any longer.
  2554. 495 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 02:05:15 AM
  2555. Hmm... we only have twelve hours left, and we are a long way off a consensus on a lynch. With the levels of inacticity, we might struggle to get a lynch through.
  2557. 496 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 02:23:26 AM
  2558. I could get behind a guljons lynch, but I'd much prefer to take out Klackerz or, failing that, Aekiel. Think you could go for a Klackerz lynch, Bill Door?
  2560. 497 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 02:26:59 AM
  2561. Also, guljons, why do you say it was Sesc's pushing for a NK on you that shifted your views on him away from him being town?
  2563. 498 guljons Mon May 28 2012 02:35:45 AM
  2564. Because I am town.
  2565. So either he is scum and knows that I am town or he is confused townie. That is 50% chance and that is enough to shift my views.
  2567. 499 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 02:44:08 AM @Moridin
  2568. @Moridin I could get behind klackerz, but all that would do is put us even further from the lynch. I also think that he's a junior, rather than an elder, so we can afford to leave him a bit longer.
  2570. 500 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 02:44:41 AM
  2571. ... no. That's not a 50% chance. 13 village players, 5 witch players. Subtract the confirmed holy roles and yourself (this is all from your point of view ofc) and Sesc is still likelier to be a villager than a witch. Confused villager/Witch isn't a straight up dichotomy, and I don't like your attempt to portray it as such.
  2573. Sesc certainly isn't townfirmed, though I do have a townread on him. But the fact that you are painting him as scum solely because he finds you suspicious? That is scummy as hell, especially with your 'anybody who votes for me has a good chance of being scum' justification. Let's be honest, I'm hardly the most awesome!town player either, but you haven't exactly played townie enough to warrant that kind of statement.
  2575. 501 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 02:47:40 AM
  2576. I'll be on later, so I'll be ready to switch to guljons if needed to. I'm feeling a hell of a lot better about lynching him after that last bit, but I'd rather read over the thread again and see if he's really scum or just stupidly indignant at being suspected.
  2578. 502 guljons Mon May 28 2012 02:51:48 AM
  2579. I havent said that Bill Door(he even cant be) or Eido is scum, so where do you get that anybody who votes for me is automatically scum for me?
  2580. All I have said is that Sesc is not a solid town read and that he could be scum. I have not even tried to paint him as such.
  2582. 503 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 03:23:42 AM
  2583. "Because I am town.
  2584. So either he is scum and knows that I am town or he is confused townie. That is 50% chance and that is enough to shift my views."
  2586. This is what you said. And you are right, the logic could be applied equally well to Bill Door or Eido, which is why this push against Sesc in particular (after labelling him a townie) looks bad.
  2588. I haven't said that you think anybody who votes for you is automatically scum. I have said that you think anybody who votes for you has a good chance of being scum (which, as I said above, is just stupid), and then used that logic (solely that logic, nothing else to justify your suspicions) to note suspicions on Sesc alone, not the other people who pushed for your kill/lynch. That's what I don't like.
  2590. I admit, you didn't push for him as a scumread. I misread that. But the 'there could be something there' still comes out of left field, and I'd really like a clarification on that front.
  2592. 504 Geabe Mon May 28 2012 04:14:25 AM
  2593. Okay, I'm sorry I haven't been around. Busy yesterday, went to bed immediately, and this is me posting before I go to bed. I want to bring up points now.
  2595. Before I get into the current game, I want to go back to Uncle Stojil. Recall in the early game, he defended StrikerLee. Across several paragraphs, I might add. Now because StrikerLee was a well known derp, this didn't ring bells at the time. Now considering Stojil being EW, I would think that StrikerLee is actually NOT a confirmed Town, but rather a potential JW or EW.
  2597. Then Eidolonic made post 266, where he mentioned (I paraphrase) the obvious question: Why would StrikerLee protect KaiDASH? So I came up with a totally rubbish scenario then in which EW!KaiDASH self-targets, and Sesc called me out on that.
  2598. Looking back, I now can present a likely scenario, which would fit. The premise of this scenario is JW!derpyStrikerLee.
  2600. So StrikerLee gets lynched for being a huge derp. Now before getting lynched, KaiDASH mentions to StrikerLee to "flip a coin and protect either me, Eido, or Sesc". Now the EWs think StrikerLee is a JW. They already know, in other words, and hence do not hesitate to shoot KaiDASH down. Now, StrikerLee, on the other hand, may have happened to think KaiDASH was an EW, for whatever reasons (speculation: similarities between WH1 KaiDASH and now). Because KaiDASH suggested it, the natural protect target is...KaiDASH himself. And hence the protect.
  2602. Putting that aside, Stojil specifically called for people to look into Castiel. He also specifically mentioned Kalas as a Scum read. Based on this, I think Castiel and Kalas are actually innocent. (Because what EW would send a EW or JW onto the chopping board that early?)
  2604. On to Ashaya. Here's the interesting thing, guljons said that Ashaya was a Town read recently. As did StrikerLee way back. Interesting thing is, Stojil also defended StrikerLee using Ashaya. I don't know if I'm seeing things about this - I may be - but I do not have a very good feeling about guljons. He seems to be trying too hard to claim Town.
  2606. Now, Eidolonic went after StrikerLee quite strongly, I feel. This pretty much Townfirms him. Why? Because, as an Elder, he wouldn't do that. And as JW, he could be coaching StrikerLee. And from his posts, I can't see him being an Elder or a Junior.
  2608. StrikerLee calls Castiel out sometime in Day 1, which strengthens my Townread on Castiel, actually.
  2610. Kalas...I admit he made me uneasy on Day 1, for reasons already said by Bill Door in post 452. But his later posts, combined with Stojil's "read", suggests innocence to me.
  2612. Aekiel pings my radar. Just because of his Castiel scum read, and flimsy excuse for a lynch vote. If he is scum, then by reverse reasoning, Moridin is Town.
  2614. Sesc is a sure Townread. BOD plan, combined with scumhunting actions.
  2616. Klackerz is the last person I want to discuss. Moridin in posts 464 and 481 mentions about Kalas. jwlk (assuming Town agrees with Klackerz read of post 464). Again, going back to Bill Door in post 452 as well. These three posts all have Klackerz as scumreads. Here's the thing. jwlk mentioned another reason why Kalas isn't likely to be scum (calling out Eidolonic and KaiDASH as scum in post 189), though agreeing with the Klackerz read. My personal opinion on this is that Klackerz is choosing to align himself with a sure Town player. Which just happens to be Kalas. Hence, the apparent connection drawn between the two.
  2618. The above paragraph lends credibility to a Town!Moridin and Scum!Aekiel.
  2620. It seems like guljons may be using the same aligning ploy here, given how he aligned with me in WH1.
  2622. In conclusion, here are my player reads (based on the above):
  2623. Town: Castiel, Kalas, Eidolonic, Ashaya (Weak reasoning), Moridin, Sesc, bob99
  2624. JW: StrikerLee, guljons
  2625. EW: Uncle Stojil, Aekiel, Klackerz
  2627. 505 Geabe Mon May 28 2012 04:17:57 AM
  2628. PS: Long posts don't really work on IM-style chatboxes. Now, time for me to get some rest.
  2630. #vote guljons
  2632. Also, I'll be on my phone for the whole of tomorrow, likely. My phone supports the flash that Moscone runs on, but is a real pain to scroll. I'll try to weigh in when I can.
  2634. 506 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 04:25:24 AM
  2635. #unvote
  2637. #vote guljons
  2639. I am going to sleep, and might not be on again until day ends. Let's get this done, people.
  2641. 507 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 05:08:26 AM
  2642. I don't... really see a world where StrikerLee is a witch. I really, really don't. I understand that it's mechanically possible, but uh. That's not the world we live in.
  2644. And now I'm suspicious of people I had light town reads on, after that Geabe post. Bluh.
  2646. As to who I'd lynch tomorrow, if the Pagan fires tonight (I would still like them to do so), I'm not entirely sure yet. Someone in the Geabe, Klackerz, Aekiel, Ashaya, Ollie'sreplacement batch. Aekiel promised he'd be able to townfirm himself at some point, and uh. I'll hold him to that, for now. But that post earlier was all kinds of awful logic.
  2648. 508 guljons Mon May 28 2012 05:21:48 AM @Moridin
  2649. @Moridin
  2650. What clarification do you need?
  2651. Court tried to kill a town player. He is the one who started the case on me. Thus 'there could be something there'.
  2653. And what is up with Geabe logic. Assuming you believe everything you wrote, why are you voting fo JW over Elder? Cant be the vote count, because when you voted I had 3, Aekiel and Klackerz 1. Still close to to switch everything around.
  2655. 509 bob99 Mon May 28 2012 05:27:04 AM
  2656. I guess I could get behind a guljons lynch. I really don't like the read on Ash. She hasn't really played this game, so I'm not sure what he's going on.
  2658. 510 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 05:30:28 AM
  2659. Problem with people calling Ash town, is that it could be scum links, or it could be because she has tits. White knighting faggotry isn't a new thing. It's frustrating trying to get reads because of it.
  2661. 511 Aekiel Mon May 28 2012 06:40:06 AM
  2662. My brain isn't co-operating with me this game. >_>
  2664. 512 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 07:18:20 AM @Geabe
  2665. Hmmm. Geabe makes some very good points.
  2667. @Geabe Who do you think should be the lynch target tomorrow? (Barring some Coven kill shenanigans)
  2669. 513 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 07:30:40 AM
  2670. Oh he's asleep.. hum. Geabe posts are good posts and I'd like to see as much of them as possible sooo.. I'm the Pagan. Gogo Night skipping powers.
  2672. 514 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 08:06:05 AM @Geabe
  2673. @Geabe That post isn't terribly far off Aekiel's in terms of weird logic. Mostly, how the hell would the elders know that Striker is a junior? A lot of your reasoning seems to be based on Stojil knowing that Striker is a JW, and that's just wrong.
  2675. 515 Klackerz Mon May 28 2012 08:06:57 AM
  2676. Ok. So hi. It's 3.30 in the morning here. So I am keeping it brief
  2678. guljon's lynch seems good to go. Reading through the posts were lulzy especially seeing Aekiel's post. Many people seems to think I am a scum which does not bode well for the town/me in the next day as I'll most probably be lynched.
  2680. Ok so yeah,Kalas apparently used his pagan powers. Does that mean the day 4 will start directly after day 3.
  2682. Anyway yeah, off to sleep now.
  2684. 516 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 08:34:43 AM @Klackerz
  2685. @Klackerz Do you not want to vote?
  2687. 517 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 08:56:26 AM
  2688. Call people scummy.
  2690. Don't vote for them.
  2692. Pray lynch doesn't happen.
  2694. Profit?
  2696. 518 Geabe Mon May 28 2012 09:12:17 AM
  2697. Okay, I have a bit of time. And also a lot of suspicion about me pegging StrikerLee as JW.
  2699. Roleclaim: I am the Gravedigger.
  2700. And believe me, my jaw dropped when I saw that StrikerLee was a Junior Witch and that KaiDASH survived.
  2702. Here are Gravedigger info.
  2704. Day 1: StrikerLee was JW, Entertainer
  2705. Day 2: Uncle Stojil was EW, Oracle.
  2707. 519 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 09:30:04 AM
  2708. Well. That's interesting.
  2710. Mind you, the gravedigger is perfectly capable of being scum - but if you are town, they won't want to leave you alive for long, so I have zero problems with simply letting you report information each day, and taking it with a significant grain of salt.
  2712. I don't even have words for what kind of #StrikerLogic had to have occurred in such a scenario. I guess he wanted to hide the fact that he was a witch from dead chat. Or... something. I don't even know, but it's hilarious.
  2714. 520 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 09:33:27 AM
  2715. Huh. That's interesting.
  2717. It kinda worries me that the only role who could back your claim up is the oracle, and well... apparently that can't happen.
  2719. Also, just when I thought he might not have derped for once, he breaks out the #StrikerLogic. Lol, just lol
  2721. 521 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 09:39:22 AM
  2722. I uh. Yeah. Not feeling good about Stojil being the oracle, good catch.
  2724. Still, they won't leave him alive for long if he's town, so I'm content with lynching the other mess of non-townfirmed people.
  2726. Guljons, Klackerz, Ashaya, in particular.
  2728. 522 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 09:49:09 AM
  2729. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Someone better be dead when I wake up.
  2731. And I'm a fan of a Klackerz lynch tomorrow, by the way.
  2733. 523 Geabe Mon May 28 2012 09:49:39 AM @Kalas
  2734. Eidolonic and Bill Door: Total agreement on all points of 519-521.
  2736. I probably won't survive the next night, though.
  2738. @Kalas
  2739. I'd lynch Klackerz first, after guljons.
  2741. Okay, I have to head out now. Will try to check on my phone.
  2743. 524 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 10:11:20 AM
  2744. Guys please leave the hammering to me. There's some kind of moscone issue with me activating my abilities, ie it won't come off standby, I've sent chocolate an email so it should be fixed asap.
  2746. 525 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 10:21:23 AM
  2747. You can't use the twilight pagan ability until the start of night, I don't believe? You can queue it, but you can't fire it during the day like you could in versions past.
  2749. 526 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 10:29:30 AM
  2750. It seems like a cue ability, but I can't switch off of Standby which makes it a moot point. In other news we do need another vote for a majority :/
  2752. 527 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 12:35:27 PM
  2753. Yeah, uhhh.
  2755. Where the fuck are people.
  2757. I know Ollie asked to be replaced, and Ashaya said she wouldn't be around until Monday, but uh. Aekiel? Menace? Castiel? Jwlk?
  2759. Not counting Klackerz because, uh. Don't really expect him to vote, heh.
  2761. 528 Aekiel Mon May 28 2012 12:39:22 PM
  2762. Okay, I'm here but I'm busy with other stuff as well so I'll just pop in to change my vote.
  2764. #vote guljons
  2766. 529 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 12:41:03 PM
  2767. Cool. So, uh. Kalas.
  2769. Hammer whenever, and try to skip the night, once it starts, or whatever.
  2771. If you can't, then save it for night 5, I suppose.
  2773. 530 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 12:47:17 PM
  2774. I'll give it a bit longer, chocolate might message me back yet.
  2776. 531 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 12:49:20 PM
  2777. email him. he gets that before anything else.
  2779. chocolate dot pi at gmail dot com
  2781. 532 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 12:50:09 PM
  2782. I did, thanks tho.
  2784. 533 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 01:17:00 PM
  2785. Nothing from choco and I;m headed to bed soon.. so Hammertime. Will try to activate once night begins.
  2787. 534 chocolatepi Mon May 28 2012 01:19:35 PM
  2788. It is now Night 3!
  2789. See the game log for the results of the previous lynch.
  2791. 535 chocolatepi Mon May 28 2012 10:00:00 PM
  2792. It is now Day 4!
  2793. See the game log for the results of last Night.
  2795. 536 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 10:03:48 PM
  2796. They tried to hit.. Moridin? Nice job angels.
  2798. 537 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 10:04:54 PM @Geabe
  2799. Well that's good. Moridin is town then. Question is it due to extra life (recluse or survivalist) or angels. Probably the extra life as the town angels should be outnumbered. @Geabe what is the result on guljons?
  2801. 538 Kalas Mon May 28 2012 10:11:15 PM
  2802. Huh. Your right, at the very least they'd be tied probablly outnumbered. Extra life makes more sense. Or.. hmm.
  2804. @chocolatepi When coven/JW have a member die is the chat closed or is it like last game where dead witches have full viewing access to current discussion?
  2806. And pagan issues ps.
  2808. 539 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 10:18:31 PM
  2809. I think this makes Aekiel's post 480 look even worse now. Also Klackerz post 429, where he has both Moridin and Geabe as scum reads doesn't exactly look great. I'd like a lynch on one of those two today. I think Klackerz first, so #vote Klackerz although I'm open to switching if neccessary.
  2811. 540 Geabe Mon May 28 2012 10:34:56 PM
  2812. Everyone.
  2814. Guljons is Town. He was the Survivalist.
  2816. 541 Klackerz Mon May 28 2012 10:35:47 PM
  2817. Oh god. I am so fed up of this game. I have a fever and a headache and an exam on Wednesday and I don't know what is happening in this game.
  2819. I know I didn't vote. That's because I am the judge, I wanted to use my powers atleast once for good and judge lynch Guljons which could have atleast confirmed me as a possible town. Now I'll probably get lynched which fankly bodes well for my studies.
  2821. Also wtf? Shouldn't Kalas have used his twilight pagan powers. I am so confused
  2823. My current judge target is Aekiel.
  2825. #vote Aekiel
  2827. 542 Sesc Mon May 28 2012 10:50:04 PM
  2828. What the fuck is up with random role reaveals o.o
  2830. Also, yes, I want to put some pressure on Aekiel. #vote Aekiel
  2832. 543 Bill Door Mon May 28 2012 10:58:50 PM
  2833. #unvote Klackerz because I just dunno what this shit is.
  2835. Okay, can everyone, and I mean everyone, please give me their thoughts on Eidolonic. Because looking back... let's just say i'm more than a bit worried.
  2837. 544 Kalas Tue May 29 2012 12:21:38 AM
  2838. Personally I don't find him as.. towny as I have in previous games. He's much more the player that pops in with a few interesting comments then the face of the town he usually is. On the other hand there are a lot of out of games reasons that could be and Kai did trust him enough to throw him an extra life so.. hmm. Time to take a long look over his posts.
  2840. 545 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 03:23:17 AM
  2841. Yeah, I haven't been quite as active this game as usual.
  2843. But, to be fair, I'm sort of in 8 mafia games right now (I got sweet talked into replacing into some, and yeah. It just spiraled).
  2845. I'm just going to say, Kalas, if you are scum, and intentionally feigned mechanical difficulty in an attempt to make yourself look more town, that's.... a giant douche move. Like, fucking massive. And I don't think you're a giant douche. So I'll tentatively say you're town. I thought you were anyways early on, due to Stojil interactions, so there's that.
  2847. Let's see. Aekiel does not feel like scum to me? Because he does not fit as scum in a world where StrikerLee was scum (third vote on that bandwagon? Eh, no), and he mostly does not fit in a world where Geabe is scum? It's possible that we have Junior Geabe and Elder Aekiel, though.
  2849. Klackerz is sort of feeling like town derp at this point, but that's relatively easy to fake. If Klackerz and Kalas are both witch buddies again faking all this derp, I'm going to just shake my head. I guess it's technically a valid strategy, but jesus. Have some pride.
  2851. I freely admit that the witches shooting Moridin makes very little sense to me. I guess he dropped hints to being a strong information role and angels (and witches) picked up on it. Or something. I don't even know.
  2853. Ollie and Ashaya both at LIB, but... Ollie replacing out, and Ashaya not replacing out is... maybe a thing?
  2855. The funny thing is, I can see town Ashaya replacing out more freely than I can scum Ashaya, but on the flip side, I can see scum Ollie replacing out more freely than I can see town Ollie. So, it doesn't tell me much, other than it doesn't make me feel all that great about either slot.
  2857. Jwlk is... quiet. I don't like quiet Jwlk, considering I can barely fucking read him when he's actually posting. He's pretty firmly null, with maybe the tiniest lean towards town.
  2859. Castiel still feels like a town read to me after the Stojil interactions, but that could have been a thing. I don't want him alive the whole way to end game if I can help it.
  2861. Menace is scum king. Wish he'd participate a bit more when townfirmed, instead of lurking as much as he did as a JW. But confirmed alignment is confirmed, so yeah.
  2863. Uh. Bob99 is still.... I don't know. I felt like he was town with the reveal, because that's a thing scum would have just kept to themselves and then fired at the strongest town player? But I'm not entirely averse to killing him and pointing him at someone else that could be scum, just to narrow down the process of elimination.
  2865. Who haven't I touched on...Bill Door is confirmed town, and I like most of what he's been doing. I actually like paranoia of me, that's a good thing for town, heh. Scum don't like poking me with a stick in general.
  2867. I poke back. And I poke harder.
  2869. I'm uncomfortable with Sesc. This does not feel like town Sesc. It could be a function of the client, and that's probably what he'd argue - but he just feels off and it's difficult to fully articulate. If Geabe is actually town, I'm almost convinced that Sesc is scum. But I'm nowhere near convinced of Geabe being town.
  2871. 546 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 03:43:29 AM
  2872. Still want those thoughts on Eido, by the way. From all of you.
  2874. 547 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 04:19:28 AM @Aekiel
  2875. Bill Door --
  2876. That's pretty simple. Eidolonic is posting giant-ass TL;DRs -- and not the sort from last game, where people took a big batch of nothing, a metric ton of hot air and a fan, and blew it up to 100% more substance than it had. Real analysing posts just doesn't work for witches.
  2878. If you're already looking for more court!witches, I think Moridin'd be the more likely alternative, but only slightly -- you'd really, really think that witches had better things to do than to waste NKs with fake attempts in order to Townfirm someone that never really was under heavy suspicion anyway. Especially if Geabe isn't lying, and we really cleared 2/5 of all witches already.
  2880. It's just so improbable. But then, other things are too -- why did you vote for one of your own, Aekiel? Did you think StrikerLee was the spy?
  2881. @Aekiel
  2883. 548 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 04:28:14 AM
  2884. It was either an extreme turbo-bussing, or, y'know. Aekiel is town. Or Geabe is a witch, and trying to get Aekiel lynched... in which case Aekiel is town.
  2886. I don't really see a way that makes a whole lot of sense for Aekiel to be a witch of any kind, unless it's town strikerlee, junior witch geabe, and elder witch aekiel?
  2888. 549 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 04:50:13 AM
  2889. @Eidolonic --
  2890. Court.
  2892. 550 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 07:39:15 AM
  2893. @Eidolonic what's wrong with a town Geabe, Junior Striker and Elder Aekiel scenario? I can't see how that's impossible.
  2895. 551 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 07:40:47 AM @Geabe
  2896. Don't trip over yourselves, people :p Can we get a few more votes? And Aekiel, I'd still like my question answered.
  2898. Also @Geabe I re-read your post #504 and didn't quite get what you wanted to say here --
  2900. "Now the EWs think StrikerLee is a JW. They already know, in other words, and hence do not hesitate to shoot KaiDASH down. Now, StrikerLee, on the other hand, may have happened to think KaiDASH was an EW, for whatever reasons"
  2902. The EW think StrikerLee is a JW, right, and what does your next sentence mean? Prolly just a little tired, sorry -- they know what and NK Kai why?
  2904. 552 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 07:58:49 AM
  2905. Been at work, hadn't seen this.
  2907. The simple answer for yesterday is that I derped. I derped harder than I've ever derped before.
  2909. I think the hit on Moridin was less him being an info-role with Angel protection and more him being Recluse/Survivalist with the scum aiming to waste a town lynch on me.
  2911. It makes sense for the scum to want to do this since we don't seem to have any viable candidates for lynching at this point (beyond me, apparently, though I obviously count myself as town). Even Eido is less decisive than normal, which means the scum can get away with going for less important roles and attempting to frame people. As well as that, court seems to be in town hands this game, so the scum need to work extra hard to take out as many people as possible; meaning they have to try and get town to do their job for them. Best way to do that is to frame people through kill attempts like this.
  2913. 553 Geabe Tue May 29 2012 10:30:01 AM @Sesc
  2914. @Sesc
  2916. EWs think StrikerLee is a JW, and think that Striker would not protect the three people that KaiDASH mentioned (KaiDASH, Sesc, Eidolonic).
  2918. But Striker may have thought that KaiDASH was an EW. It's either this, or Striker just doesn't care about the Witches.
  2920. Bill Door, I'll answer you next post; re-reading.
  2922. 554 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 12:27:08 PM @Bill Door
  2923. @Bill Door
  2925. Aekiel was the third vote on the Striker Lee lynch. I don't see that as being plausible at all, especially considering how quick it formed. No, I don't think Town Geabe and Witch Aekiel exist at the same time.
  2927. Junior Witch Geabe and Elder Witch Aekiel is possible, as is Witch Geabe and Town Aekiel.
  2929. Frankly, I think that either Geabe is a witch, or Sesc is a witch. I really don't see many worlds (if any) in which both are town. That's part of my indecision at the moment, because part of me just wants to kill both of them, and be virtually assured that one witch dies. But gravedigger for one, and on court for the other. So, I'm conflicted.
  2931. And Aekiel isn't exactly helping his case, although I do agree it's possible it was Moridin the EW self shooting. But it's possible that it was confirmation bias - Moridin was my strongest scum read before last night, and I can't wrap my mind around why the witches would actually shoot him. Especially over Sesc, who was more widely thought of as town, and also is on the court. I can understand them not shooting me, because it's guaranteed to take two tries, and I'm 100% confirmed vanilla aside the extra life. But, I just... don't know.
  2933. I wish I was more decisive and could just point fingers and go you are scum, and you are scum, and either you, you, or you is the last scum. Good game, town wins. But with me being uncertain as hell about the gravedigger's alingment, and therefore the alignment of the people we have lynched, it's difficult to maintain certainty over what world we are in.
  2935. Aekiel, a few days ago, you said you could townfirm yourself in a day or two. Is that still a thing you are claiming to be able to do?
  2937. 555 castiel Tue May 29 2012 01:10:28 PM
  2938. Sorry for the lack of posts. I will try to be more active now. Anyone got any specific questions that they want me to answer?
  2940. Also, there wasn't a courtkill last night?
  2942. 556 Moridin Tue May 29 2012 01:26:55 PM @castiel
  2943. @castiel, BillDoor wants our opinions on Eidolonic. Also, court only kills once every two nights.
  2945. Eidolonic... I thought he was town, but my read is moving to the scummy side of null now. He's taken the time out to make the point that he will be left alone by scum due to multiple lives a few times now, almost like he's trying to press the issue and confirm why scum aren't hitting him, when it could simply be that he is scum. That, combined with his strong support for Aekiel, who could easily enough be an EW to Striker's JW and have thought Striker to be the spy. He's also been pushing hard against both me and Sesc, perhaps to lay the foundation of one of us being the chief suspects if a scum on court is revealed.
  2947. All that said, he is posting a fair amount of content, and seems to be readily analysing posts, even if I disagree with some of his conclusions. He is also pushing on Aekiel's claim to be able to townfirm himself, so that makes me a little more okay with him.
  2949. 557 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 02:11:18 PM
  2950. Ugh. Elder Aekiel is not going to hop aboard Junior Striker wagon that readily even if he thinks he might be a spy. There just wasn't enough content posted prior to that to have any justification for even thinking he might be the spy. It was early on day one.
  2952. I freely admit to completely dismissing Aekiel scum in worlds where Geabe is town. It's quite possible that Geabe could be a Junior to Aekiel's Elder, though! Or Geabe could be a witch, and Aekiel town.
  2954. 558 Geabe Tue May 29 2012 03:16:20 PM @Bill Door
  2955. @Bill Door
  2957. Eidolonic is more of 50/50 to me now, after re-reading. But if he is a witch, I call Elder.
  2959. Taking a look back, early Day 1. He says he'll shoot StrikerLee, calls StrikerLee out on the Ashaya protect. I don't know whether he'd actually do that and bus a teammate if he was a JW; I just can't see him doing that. If Eidolonic was an EW, then I suppose it could be possible that he initially thought StrikerLee was a derp!Spy. Which would imply...
  2961. Possible Klackerz "protect" Kalas interaction?
  2963. Up to post 99 where Eidolonic wanted to shoot StrikerLee,
  2964. StrikerLee posted one post. Post 95, I think. Klackerz-Kalas started at post 97. And I can't see StrikerLee's first post giving away anything, honestly.
  2966. It could also be Townie paranoia (because I see paranoia in Eidolonic's posts), but...the above actions just
  2968. 559 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 04:08:06 PM
  2969. Your logic is just.. bad, Geabe. All your assumptions seem to be that Elder Witches think Striker was a spy, before he even made any posts with content.
  2971. If I wasn't so goddamn suspicious of Sesc as well, I'd already have rammed this lynch down your throat. And I think one of you is scum, but it's not likely to be both. Mayyyybe if you're an Elder and Sesc is a Junior? I'd have to re-read from that perspective.
  2973. If Striker was actually a witch, I'd look strongly at the people who did not vote for him, or who hopped aboard that lynch train once it seemed inevitable. Aekiel was one of the people that practically helped start that lynch, and there's just... zero chance they're both witches.
  2975. Striker/Ashaya Junior team? I can see that, sure. Stojil/Sesc/??? Elder team? I can see that, too. Maybe Ollie slot, Moridin... Bob99 is vaguely possible? He's certainly disappeared since the initial pressure.
  2977. There are three people alive that I know are town - myself, Menace, and Bill Door.
  2979. That leaves 11 players for either 3 or 4 possible witches, depending what you believe - town Geabe, or witch Geabe. Unfortunately, we realistically don't have any means to truly verify any alignment, with the Oracle dead (and scum, so lol), and the Priest dead. Until halfway point, bishop reveal, etc.
  2981. I want everyone to make a coven and junior team that makes sense for town Geabe, and for witch Geabe. We're in one of those worlds (obvious), and I'm split almost 50/50 on which it is. Keep in mind that it is highly likely that whichever he is, Sesc is likely the opposite.
  2983. Just go back through their posts, go back through the thread, and think. I want some actual content posted by people, instead of serial lurking and no effort posts. We're at a divide that determines which way we head down for the rest of the game, and it's critical we come to a decision.
  2985. And Aekiel, I'm still waiting for you to respond to that post where you said you could confirm yourself to be innocent. Is that still a thing you can do? Because... there are not very many roles that can make such confirmation.
  2987. 560 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 04:18:21 PM
  2988. Striker Lynch: (10: Bill Door, bob99, Aekiel, castiel, Geabe, Moridin, KaiDASH, Eidolonic, Kalas, and StrikerLee)
  2990. People that were not voting for him: Ashaya, Ollie, Jwlk, Sesc, Uncle Stojil, Menace, Klackerz, Guljons
  2992. If we assume JW StrikerLee, and Geabe town, that also makes Bob, Aekiel, and Castiel all very likely town as well. Moridin and Kalas are possible scum in this world, maybe, as are all the people that didn't vote (except Guljons, since we're assuming Geabe is town here).
  2994. If we assume Town StrikerLee, and Geabe witch, then...a lot changes? I'd probably call Guljons a more likely witch in that scenario, and I'd most definitely want to revisit Bob99 once more. Moridin still looks shaky (I just can't shake the feeling that Moridin looks bad, and is an Elder that shot himself knowing he's survive. Bleh). Jwlk also seems like more likely town than scum in worlds where Geabe is a witch, due to it making Sesc more likely town.
  2996. Klackerz is someone that I don't really have a clue on. I'm getting genuine derp vibes from him, but his vote for Aekiel makes me go 'ehhh' considering it's not a vote that makes a whole lot of sense to me from the current gamestate.
  2998. Geabe, I want a full read wall from you, I think.
  3000. Same goes for Sesc.
  3002. Thougths on every single player in this game (that is alive) and their alignment.
  3004. 561 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 04:20:30 PM
  3005. That fourth paragraph should read '....due to it making Sesc more likely scum.' at the end, sorry.
  3007. 562 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 04:44:00 PM
  3008. You guys.. ..... are making me not want to play. Seriously.
  3010. Geabe, your claim is shit. Town would not do that. Want to lynch you based on JUST THAT.
  3012. First off, I don't buy that EVEN striker would be derp enough to pull that shit with Kai.
  3013. Second, your claim, if town, is horrible timing. HORRIBLE. Like, what the fuck was the point in that. I think you're a junior who thought "HEY EVERYONE WHO CLAIMS GETS TOWNFIRMED" and maybe got a spy result from striker, and wanted to send a message to coven. Thats pretty easy if you lie about the EW's role (oracle).
  3015. just.. ugh. horrible. Every single part of what you have done and what you are doing. ALSO klackerz!?!??! What in the fuck is with these retarded role reveals?? I do not understand. Like, at all. You're lucky I can't see scum revealing as JUDGE of all things, or i'd want you lynched just as bad as Geabe.
  3017. Uhh, Sesc. Stop being so smug. Yes, i think that is something he would do because, guess what... it was done right after the post when I said you guys are both scum. Holy shit.
  3019. Yes, I mad.
  3021. #vote: Geabe
  3023. 563 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 04:55:48 PM
  3024. also, where are all the votes? JESUS CHRIST
  3026. 564 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 06:54:30 PM @jwlk
  3027. @jwlk thoughts on Eido. Go.
  3029. 565 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 07:06:44 PM
  3030. As much as I think some of the stuff he has been doing is very... not townie (the asking for priest checks while fanatic... so super scummy, only here can he get away with this...) i'm going to say i grudgingly think he's town. I... don't think that court is scum controlled, and I don't see eido/sesc together. And i'm 99% sure sesc is some sort of witch.
  3032. 566 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 07:07:11 PM @Bill Door
  3033. @Bill Door
  3035. 567 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 07:08:55 PM
  3036. btw, door. Why are you not voting anyone. Vote someone.
  3038. 568 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 07:33:13 PM @jwlk
  3039. @jwlk
  3041. If you're 99% sure Sesc is a witch, why are you voting for Geabe? It's theoretically possible for both to be witches, but not extremely likely.
  3043. What do you think is the more likely gamestate we are in right now?
  3045. Town Geabe, with Witch Sesc extremely likely, and Witch Aekiel very unlikely.
  3046. Witch Geabe, with Witch Sesc moderately unlikely, and Witch Aekiel unlikely.
  3048. Look back over both of their posts, and also look at StrikerLee/Stojil's posts again, from both mindsets. I'm having trouble deciding. Sheer logic and probability dictates that Geabe is probably a witch. Because that claim of StrikerLee being a junior is just... difficult to process. But, I mean... it's StrikerLee. So I'm having trouble fully dismissing it, either.
  3050. Give me worlds that make sense in both scenarios - Town Geabe and Witch Geabe. Also want your thoughts on Moridin.
  3052. There's so much fucking inactivity in this game.... Castiel and Bob are light town reads because of day one stuff, but they've largely just vanished. Ollie has asked to replace out, but that hasn't happened yet. Ash said she'd be back Monday, but I guess she hasn't caught up yet. Menace disappeared, but... it's Menace. I guess he lurks hardcore as town, too.
  3054. We're looking at the following gamestate, I think:
  3056. Town:
  3057. Eidolonic
  3058. Menace
  3059. Bill Door
  3060. Castiel
  3061. Kalas
  3062. Jwlk
  3064. The Rest:
  3065. Aekiel
  3066. Geabe
  3067. Ashaya
  3068. Klackerz
  3069. Moridin
  3070. Ollie
  3071. Sesc
  3072. Bob99
  3074. 569 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 08:09:17 PM
  3075. Because it would disband court, I figured you wouldn't go for it.
  3077. Out of those two game states? The second one. Geabe's everything is just wut. I don't like him, at all. He's JW calling out to coven. (TBH, even Elder!Geabe makes sense, just not as likely I don't think). why would gravedigger reveal??
  3079. Going from purely content, Sesc is less likely to be a witch than Geabe. Namely, because Sesc hasn't done much? (which is.. something since iirc, sesc usually likes to participate..). I could definetly see Sesc's elder to Geabe's junior, easily. Hmm, he didn't even acknowledge Geabe's claim. I don't know if that makes it more or less likely...
  3081. Lets look at guljons.. he has town reads on both Sesc and Geabe early on.. I can see... Sesc/guljons/Stojil coven, with Junior Geabe... I think... that might be to convinent brain requires more posts from people..
  3083. Aekiel: I don't think is scum
  3084. Moridin: It'd be some very impressive wine! Since he was shot, i'm really inclined to think he's more townie than scummy. Definetly more townie than Sesc, anyway. Not discounting the "recluse gets shot on purpose" thing... but meh
  3085. Ollie:null
  3086. Klackerz:... don't know what to think, you're on hold.
  3087. Ashaya:null
  3088. Bob:wanna lynch but probably town... so null
  3089. Sesc: Scummy, want him dead.
  3091. Okay... if Geabe is town, he really needs to think things through, most of his reads on make sense either. If he's town... I think Sesc can still be a witch. With Moridin as a scum buddy? In that case... who would be the other jw? No one defended striker.. lol, maybe a null read, like ashaya/ollie/bob..
  3093. Fuck, i'm tired. I need to go to bed and re look at this in the morning. You get to read my rambling! yay~
  3095. 570 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 08:19:36 PM
  3096. The only person who even nearly defended Striker was Sesc, where he criticised the bandwagon. But then he diid that for bob too. Honestly, I kinda want to kill Geabe and Sesc both. They're my two strongest scumreads at the moment, even though it's hard to see a world where they're both scum. Would you be averse to lynching one, court killing the other?
  3098. 571 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 08:29:33 PM
  3099. Okay, I'm here again (yesterday was a clusterfuck due to my mother going into hospital), and yes I can confirm that I'm innocent. But not yet. I'll do it before day is over, but as it is right now I need to gather my thoughts and such.
  3101. As it is right now, I'm almost certain Geabe is an Elder, with Sesc following in his footsteps. Moridin is still tingling my scum senses, but I can't see a world where scum would purposefully target their own people when the court almost certainly set against them. Then again, it could be that he is on the list of JW/Spies and the Elders thought he was the spy.
  3103. That said, if Geabe is scum and we lynch him we'd have no way of knowing if we were right or not. Kai really shouldn't have RRed on Day 2. God damn that was a bad idea. We also have no idea whether he's telling the truth about Strikerlee and Stojil. I expect that the roles are correct, given that it's early enough for fakeclaims to be caught out by counterclaims, but we have no idea whether Strikerlee was indeed a Junior Witch.
  3105. 572 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 08:34:04 PM
  3106. Uh, Aek. Are you missing the part where Kai was shot night one by the coven? He had to reveal, especially considering he had a guilty check.
  3108. 573 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 08:35:43 PM
  3109. And in Town Geabe worlds, my most likely Junior Witch is Ashaya. Remember the post where StrikerLogic said he'd protect her above more obvious targets like Kai or Myself? It's a small thing, and might be nothing, but uh. Yeah.
  3111. 574 castiel Tue May 29 2012 08:41:51 PM @bob99
  3112. Let us look at all the players one by one in order of the list on the left.
  3114. Aekiel
  3116. His Kill suggestion (115, Stojil) threw me off.
  3118. Aekiel: Kill: Nobody standing out at the moment, so I choose Stojil. Just because.
  3120. Trying to distance himself from Stojil? Let's see.
  3122. Stojil followed up (161) a little too harsh.
  3124. Stojil: I call bullshit. I can't remember you voting to lynch me on the first day, ever, except maybe Dresden1, and that was my first game, it hardly counts (certainly not as a "habit"). I remember you mentioning me as your target for protection twice, instead.
  3126. This is not how your scum-team counterpart talks to you. Considering the randomness of first day lynch someone might have read this and gone "trololol, Aek scum, sick 'im".
  3128. This pretty much confirms for me that Aekiel is not Elder Witch (assuming Stojil was, and that is without a doubt true.)
  3130. So Aekiel: Probably town, Possibly JW
  3132. ---------------------------------------------------
  3134. Gaebe
  3136. The in-famous post 77.
  3138. Gaebe: @bob99: While I agree that you have quite decent sniffing skills, that doesn't mean we should trust you. You could just as easily be scum and using your personal qualities and/or claims to try and steer the King's decisions on whether or not to choose you for the Court.
  3140. Honestly I don't know what the fuss was about. Weird? Yes. Scummy? Not so much.
  3142. His post 504 was pretty good and while I did find myself agreeing on most things it doesn't tell me if he is town or not.
  3144. While post 77 isn't much of a problem by itself, what follow is. (Go read bob99)
  3146. ---------------------------------------------------
  3148. Ashaya
  3150. Yeah. Let's move on.
  3152. ---------------------------------------------------
  3154. Bill Door
  3156. Post 203 says he in unhappy with me. Post 214 points out how I answered a question incorrectly. (I wasn't supposed to say bob when I did.) And post 221 goes like:
  3158. Bill Door: Hmm... Do you guys think we have enough time to get a lynch on Castiel?
  3160. lolwut? At that point I really thought that there was a Striker-Bill scumteam and he was trying to get Striker off the deathbed and put me there instead. But later events show the unlikeliness of Striker being scum and subsequently Bill's acolyte claim + support of Kai cements him as a townie.
  3162. So Bill Door: Town.
  3164. ---------------------------------------------------
  3166. Eidolonic
  3168. Gets props for using #StrikerLogic in 158 and 451.
  3170. Eido (545): Castiel still feels like a town read to me after the Stojil interactions, but that could have been a thing. I don't want him alive the whole way to end game if I can help it.
  3172. That hurts. [IMG][/IMG]
  3174. There is too much stuff to go over it individually but his posts seem townish. At this rate I expect him to be targetted by scum soon or I will look more into it.
  3176. So Ediolonic: Leaning towards town.
  3178. ---------------------------------------------------
  3180. Kalas
  3182. His interactions with Stojil paint him in a bad light. Especially since those are the only few posts in which he goes into detail. His Day 3, 4 posts have been one/two liners with too little info.
  3184. But then again, I have gone through an entire day without a single post. Also, it can be argued that Stojil was a town-read for me Day 1. So for now,
  3186. Kalas: No fucking clue.
  3188. ---------------------------------------------------
  3190. Klackerz
  3192. I really think we have a scum!Judge. (if his reveal is to be believed) He went after me and Aekiel Day 1. I have quite a bit of support from other people as compared to Aekiel so he is now trying to get him lynched. This is pure speculation but it feels right. I don't know. >_>
  3194. I will wait and see if he is targetted or not.
  3196. So Klackerz: Leaning towards scum.
  3198. ---------------------------------------------------
  3200. Menace
  3202. Town >_>
  3204. ---------------------------------------------------
  3206. Moridin
  3208. He has supported me since Day 1, which is not something I see a EW doing. A JW thinking I am an EW? Maybe. But doubtful. (HINT: Likely because I am not an EW.)
  3210. So Moridin: Leaning towards town.
  3212. ---------------------------------------------------
  3214. Ollie
  3216. Way too many posts to go through, I will just skip this one.
  3218. ---------------------------------------------------
  3220. Sesc
  3222. Much like Moridin, he has supported me since Day 1 but unlike Moridin I don't have the townie feeling from him.
  3224. So Sesc: No fucking clue.
  3226. ---------------------------------------------------
  3228. bob99
  3230. I don't like how his DOB claim was accepted so easily. The fact that he has gone down in inactivity makes me think that he is trying to hide since he is already under suspicion from day one. His posts from today and yesterday have no real info at all. He just pops in agrees with everyone and goes back out.
  3232. However I would not put him down as EW but JW. And looking into this, Gaebe was the third guy to unvote from bob. And his previously-mentioned post 77 links Gaebe and bob. I think we might have a JW team at our hands. (Pure speculation.)
  3234. So bob99 & Gaebe: Possible JW. (Very less chance, but still there.)
  3236. ---------------------------------------------------
  3238. castiel
  3240. Town (HINT)
  3242. ---------------------------------------------------
  3244. jwlk
  3246. His most recent posts seem fairly townie, but like many others not enough to go either way.
  3248. So jwlk: No fucking clue.
  3250. ---------------------------------------------------
  3252. And, Who is this No Lynch? He has made no posts at all.
  3254. 575 castiel Tue May 29 2012 08:42:49 PM
  3255. And with that #vote Gaebe
  3257. 576 castiel Tue May 29 2012 08:43:56 PM
  3258. Fucking Moscone fucked my formating, I had them all bold and italics. :(
  3260. 577 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 08:45:59 PM
  3261. @Eidolonic
  3263. Hmm, good point. I should start typing with the gamelog open, rather than the vote tally.
  3265. 578 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 08:50:24 PM
  3266. @Castiel
  3268. Formatting is same as in quicktopics - tags, etc.
  3270. Also, uh. Your posts mostly seem to be relating to day one things, and what they think of you. Which, remember - if you are town, scum are going to know that you are town.
  3272. So, can you tell me what you think about Geabe's Gravedigger reveal, and create possible worlds for both town Geabe and scum Geabe? If Geabe is town, and StrikerLee a Junior witch, who is his Junior partner, and who are the two elders with Stojil?
  3274. If Geabe is a witch, is he a junior? An elder? Who make the most likely scum along with him, based on the gamestate where StrikerLee was town? (You've mentioned Bob99, and that's cool - but looking for more, too.)
  3276. 579 castiel Tue May 29 2012 09:01:31 PM
  3277. Formatting is same as in quicktopics - tags, etc.
  3279. I know. It showed up perfectly which I previewed the post using the button on the right. But then when I submitted it vanished. :(
  3281. Also, uh. Your posts mostly seem to be relating to day one things, and what they think of you. Which, remember - if you are town, scum are going to know that you are town.
  3283. I went through the posts of each guy individually usin ghte search function on the right.
  3285. So, can you tell me what you think about Geabe's Gravedigger reveal, and create possible worlds for both town Geabe and scum Geabe?
  3287. I don't know how the fuck I missed that.
  3289. What do I think about it? Convinient. Even if true, could be scum!GD. And honestly I did not see this post earlier(his gravedigger info) and I pegged him as JW with bob99. Him saying StrikerLee is JW only makes me think he is trying to shift focus of him being a JW by hanging Lee in the balance. Also, why would JW!Lee protect Kai?
  3291. If Geabe is town, and StrikerLee a Junior witch, who is his Junior partner, and who are the two elders with Stojil?
  3293. Honestly, no idea. I will go through the posts again later. My mind is fucked right now.
  3295. If Geabe is a witch, is he a junior? An elder?
  3297. Junior.
  3299. Who make the most likely scum along with him, based on the gamestate where StrikerLee was town? (You've mentioned Bob99, and that's cool - but looking for more, too.)
  3301. bob99 and Gaebe interaction is the main thread connecting them as JW. If that is broken Gaebe is no longer scum for me. (or at least not for the current reasons)
  3303. 580 castiel Tue May 29 2012 09:02:37 PM
  3304. Testing. Ignore
  3306. 581 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 09:06:41 PM @Aekiel
  3307. @Aekiel
  3309. Upon further review, uh. I'm okay with you not necessarily proving your innocence today. If you want to claim your role, that's okay, but I think we're on the same page regarding things. Don't pull a Red.
  3311. And my sincerest hopes that your mother is doing better, dude. This is just a game, and family comes first.
  3313. 582 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 09:10:12 PM
  3314. @Eidolonic
  3316. Gotcha, though I'm thinking today is a good day to do it. It would provide some clarity to the discussion at hand, and if that helps town I'm all for it.
  3318. 583 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 09:12:03 PM
  3319. Oh, and it was just a minor operation my mother was undergoing, she's back now resting up while high as a kite on painkillers. It just meant I was stuck doing a load of stuff that took me away from my usual routine and prevented me from spending much time on this.
  3321. 584 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 09:12:44 PM
  3322. The fact that you are willing is enough for me for the time being. If that changes, then I'm perfectly fine with having you activate. I might as well clarify. You are the loose cannon, yeah?
  3324. 585 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 09:15:27 PM @castiel
  3325. @castiel You thought I was in a scum team with striker? The fuck? When I was the first person to vote for him. Threre's a few places in that post where I disagree with your logic, but eh... I alreay have a town read on you so that's alright.
  3327. 586 Aekiel Tue May 29 2012 09:16:14 PM
  3328. Yes I am.
  3330. 587 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 09:22:03 PM
  3331. Don't use your ability unless asked later in the game. By people that are actually, y'know. Town. The fact that you are willing to use it is enough for me, considering the current gamestate made zero sense for you to be a witch, regardless.
  3333. Mind sharing your thoughts on Geabe vs. Sesc? If you need to re-read their posts and get some context, take your time, I understand you haven't been able to pay a ton of attention to the game. Just sometime before day end.
  3335. Although, admittedly, it'd be sort of hilarious to have you fire onto bob99, who fires onto klackerz, or something... triple death. Even if I suspect that's most likely killing three town. I'll pass on that explosion of death, since I'd rather focus on people who are actually scum. Or might be.
  3337. Geabe, Ashaya, Klackerz, Moridin, Ollie, Sesc? I think the scum are likely in that grouping.
  3339. I've heard enough for now that I'm alright with a #vote Geabe, however. Sesc frankly bothers me a little bit more, but that claim was just... the percentages favor Geabe being scum.
  3341. 588 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 09:30:02 PM
  3342. Hm. Alright, that works for me, Aekiel. And Eidolonic, I don't know which game you are playing (aside from your worst ever), but even with your completely off-base logic, you have to see that we are down to a game of numbers. Even if we simply lynch everyone that has even the slightest chance of being a witch, we still have enough people left to win. If it brightens your day, include me in that list (though I cannot even comprehend what is going through your brain, especially after I responded to and debunked every point you made).
  3344. #vote Geabe
  3346. 589 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 09:30:02 PM
  3347. A large part of me sort of wants to just kill off the Ollie and Ashaya slots, though. They're completely null, but... that's sort of telling in its own regard. I won't, not until they can swing by and chime in, but bleh
  3349. I'm heading out for most of the day, I have a work meeting, and then work work work. I'll be around later this evening to answer any questions and respond to thoughts people may have. Klackerz, if you are town, set your Judge target to Geabe. If you are scum, it'd be nice if you set it to Geabe, too. Or maybe Sesc, I'm not picky. Whichever one of them is scum. I'm hoping that a no lynch doesn't happen, but hey. You never know.
  3351. 590 Bill Door Tue May 29 2012 09:39:15 PM
  3352. Eeehhhh... Yeah I can get behind this. #vote Geabe. There are just too many worrying things in what you've said.
  3354. 591 Moridin Tue May 29 2012 09:43:00 PM
  3355. Personally, I think that if Geabe is a witch, he's likely an Elder. There's just no easy way to RR as a JW gravedigger and pass some kind of covert message - if he lied about Stojil's role, then there'd be a living Oracle out there who would know he is scum. Unless he or his teammate is the Oracle... that's always a possibility, I suppose. Still, it's likelier he is an Elder.
  3357. In that case, I'd say his teammates could be guljons, possibly, or (as castiel pointed out) bob99 (and Stojil ofc).
  3359. I still don't like bob, especially since he claimed DoB, which a) could easily be scum and so is hardly worthy of having slipped under the radar as he did. The bit about scum DoB staying quiet and shooting some random townie on death is stupid - look at what happened instead, bob lived and Striker, who was presumably town if bob is scum, died instead. Rather than an exchange of one scum for one town dead, we have just one town dead. Plus the DoB lives on to do more damage when he has a better understanding of roles and reads (see how it went down the last game).
  3361. If he's a JW, on the other hand, it becomes dicier. I think it's likelier that he's on a team with bob in that case, but then that makes his whole rolereveal a bit of a gamble. Though that's true whichever of the two are his teammates, which is why I don't like JW!Geabe all that much.
  3363. If he's town, then of course we have JW!StrikerLee with Ashaya as a possible teammate, or maybe... hmm. It could have been some sort of covert (lol) attempt to pass a message to the EWs that the two of them are the Juniors, or it could have legitimately been whiteknighting (or just general #Strikerlogic, of course).
  3365. Either way, I still think Klackerz is scum. So that's something. If Geabe is scum, then I'd consider Klackerz as JW, possibly with Kalas (though I'm not as certain of that as I was), or possibly with Ashaya, explaining his random townread. If Geabe is town, then I'd say Klackerz is an EW with Stojil and, again, Ashaya maybe - it would explain his derps, he has no teammates around to reign him in. In that case, the guljons non-vote would legitimately be an attempt to prove himself town (by 'rescuing the lynch'), though it still wouldn't have made me believe him (since guljons is town in this world).
  3367. Since I like Klackerz and bob for scum, I think I prefer the world where Geabe is scum. But I'm hesitant to lynch a potential town gravedigger, so I'll hold off on voting, since it would put him one away from majority. I'll be here, and will vote if I can't, so I'd prefer to take some more time for this.
  3369. 592 castiel Tue May 29 2012 10:12:58 PM
  3370. Why does a JW!Striker protect Kai?
  3372. He does not.
  3374. Which throws Gaebe's GD!claim out of the window. And makes him scum.
  3376. Right?
  3378. 593 Geabe Tue May 29 2012 11:08:38 PM
  3379. Because I'd be so stupid as scum as to claim StrikerLee as scum, and draw massive amounts of attention to myself by going against town!StrikerLee consensus, right?
  3381. I'll do that readwall later requested by Eidolonic, in a few hours, when I have more time.
  3383. Though, after the game you'll see what kinds of #Strikerlogic occured.
  3385. 594 castiel Wed May 30 2012 01:38:57 AM
  3386. As opposed to Striker being stupid as JW to protect someone when he knows only the coven will make a kill and not the court?
  3388. 595 Geabe Wed May 30 2012 01:55:44 AM
  3389. Like I said, Castiel, after the game you'll see what kinds of #Strikerlogic occured.
  3391. Readwall incoming, I'll type it out now.
  3393. After the readwall, I won't have time to be on (except to just pop by for a few short moments in the last 8 hours or so) for the rest of Day.
  3395. 596 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 03:25:17 AM
  3396. I'll have to reveiw Gaebes posts a little bit before I vote, but I have a question for castiel:
  3398. Klackerz
  3400. I really think we have a scum!Judge. (if his reveal is to be believed) He went after me and Aekiel Day 1. I have quite a bit of support from other people as compared to Aekiel so he is now trying to get him lynched. This is pure speculation but it feels right. I don't know. >_>
  3402. I will wait and see if he is targetted or not.
  3404. So Klackerz: Leaning towards scum.
  3408. Why are you so concerned about day 1lynch targets now? You should have a lot more info to go on then day one actions.
  3410. 597 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 03:31:37 AM
  3411. I definitely think that witch!Strikerlee saving KaiDASH is horrendessly bad luck though. It could be just a huge derp, but the whole angel mechanic seems kind of useless for scum.
  3413. 598 Geabe Wed May 30 2012 03:34:15 AM
  3414. Radical changes to my reads largely because it isn't 3AM in the morning like the last read-post. And yes, I'm using Gravedigger info in my wall.
  3416. Aekiel: Started off quite normally, and nothing of note. He suspects me, but then again, many people have placed me in suspicion, so that is normal. The only thing that pinged my radar about his posts was the reasoning to vote for Moridin in 480, and he claimed derp. I'm willing to put it down to that, now. And I can't see scum claiming Loose Cannon, too. Looking for his Townfirm, still. And if that doesn't come, I don't want him survivng to the end in case he's scum claiming roles.
  3418. Ashaya: Basically, null. Except StrikerLee said he'd protect her, which kind of still irks me.
  3420. Bill Door: Townfirmed Acolyte. (Also, Bill, at last count it was 2 Scum dead and 2 Town dead, in response to 537.)
  3422. Eidolonic: I'm leaning more for the Town side of him, now. Its...just hard for me to imagine him being a witch given the paranoia he displays.
  3424. Kalas: Leaning towards Town for the moment. Would a scum Twilight Pagan claim and try to skip a Night where only Scum has a kill? I...don't see that happening, unless he lied about basically everything about contacting chocolatepi, and that's
  3426. Klackerz: Little real content, I think. I don't get how he had a town read on Ashaya...(that's post 379) or anyone else having a town read on Ashaya, for that matter. He says that BOD should target Aekiel, when he gave Aekiel as a scumread, and that kind of statement I'm willing to attribute to a typo error. The way he planned to confirm himself as a possible Town, though - by judgelynching guljons - sounds to me as though he's scum looking to claim Town. Especially in light of guljons being Town.
  3428. Menace: Lurking King.
  3430. Moridin: his reads and thoughts, to be honest, except for the part about pointing to me as scum. I have this idea about Moridin being targeted; namely that EWs are trying to hit the Spy. I don't see EWs hitting EW!Moridin to Townfirm him, so he could be a JW. Also, his lynch votes look pretty safe in the sense he joins bandwagons midway. But that's not a definite tell, far from it.
  3432. Ollie: Null.
  3434. Sesc: Don't know much about him, really. He doesn't feel like Town!Sesc like in previous games, but I honestly don't see a Scum!Sesc on board those BOD/TP plans. It's technically true that the BOD plan wouldn't do much damage to scum, and the TP plan wasn't taking off, so that could be a Thing. If I was pushed, I'd label him tentative scum.
  3436. bob99: Not liking how he faded into the shadows. Lurkerscum? Possible, since he used his claim to get out of lynch.
  3438. Castiel: by reverse-reading on Stojil, I call Town. While technically possible that Stojil could have said Castiel was a scumread to throw pressure off him, I don't really believe he expected to be outed so soon. And if he didn't expect to be outed so fast, mid/late game would be the time when he could have been found out and by then, reads on Castiel would have been far better.
  3440. jwlk: Believes both myself and sesc are witches. While I'm inclined to think he's Town, I don't have a particularly good feeling about him. I always have trouble reading jwlk, so...
  3442. Okay, that's my readwall. I'm going to sleep now. I'd rather live through this Day/Night cycle with a lynch for more information, but I agree it's immensely hard for people to believe a JW!StrikerLee claim, due to an unbelievable level of derp needed..
  3444. 599 Menace Wed May 30 2012 03:43:58 AM
  3445. Gah. Spontaneous vacations for the mafia loss. I should be good for the rest of the game, though, so there's that.
  3447. #vote Klackerz
  3449. Because what the fuck are you doing? "Hurr durr, I was trying to force a no lynch so I could use my Judge powers to kill the guy that was getting lynched anyway and Townfirm myself." Right.
  3451. Also, I'm gonna bring back up a topic that's been largely ignored: Why are we accepting bob99 as town?Eido brought it up a little while back in the thread, I think, and he's been mentioned a couple times in read walls as being suspicious, but nobody has followed up on it.
  3453. What we need to realize is that revealing as the DOB does nothing to prove his allegiance. /Nothing/. In fact, as I mentioned a earlier, it's a better idea for a scum!DOB to claim their role in the case of being bussed Day 1, especially with such a small scum team, as there's literally no way you can lose by doing so. If you die, oh well, you tried and you still get a free kill out of it. If you live, like he /did/, then you can still use your kill later when you have a better idea of power roles, and in the meantime your scum team doesn't have to deal with the loss of a fifth of their number.
  3455. At this point Klackerz is scummier to me, but hot damn people, it's not like bob99 claimed King.
  3457. I'll be back to hammer Gaebe if that's what it comes to, but yeah. Stop role revealing for no reason, faggots.
  3459. 600 Menace Wed May 30 2012 03:45:46 AM
  3460. And is it just me, or does the format of this game make nearly everything a helluva lot more tedious? No offense to Chocolate Pi, but if this format sticks, I probably won't be participating in anymore Moscone games. Ugh.
  3462. 601 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 05:41:45 AM
  3463. Oh for fuck's sake. Yes, of course klackerz is on the list of people to lynch if we want to win the game. You have to look no further than here (#429):
  3465. "Are you sure that you will lynch him before the end of the day. I don't want a potentail Judge!JW taking advantage."
  3467. "Moridin seems a little scummy now after I read the thread. He's lurking just enough but not so much to warranty suspicioon."
  3469. and here (#541):
  3471. "I know I didn't vote. That's because I am the judge, I wanted to use my powers atleast once for good and judge lynch Guljons which could have atleast confirmed me as a possible town."
  3473. to see what is going on, emphasize mine. What you have is klackerz the Junior Witch trying to reach the Elder Witches, possibly coupled with a hinting at Spy!Moridin. I'm not too fussed about the order in which we tick down the list, as long as we go by that list. And I brought up bob in #486 again, when I pointed out that on his lynchwagon only Geabe, Eidolonic and Moridin were unaccounted for, and that this made no sense with Town!bob if you assumed all three of them were Town.
  3475. So if you want to lynch the JW first, by all means let's do that. Gives us another day to listen to Geabe. IOh for fuck's sake. Yes, of course klackerz is on the list of people to lynch if we want to win the game. You have to look no further than here (#429):
  3477. "Are you sure that you will lynch him before the end of the day. I don't want a potentail Judge!JW taking advantage."
  3479. "Moridin seems a little scummy now after I read the thread. He's lurking just enough but not so much to warranty suspicioon."
  3481. and here (#541):
  3483. "I know I didn't vote. That's because I am the judge, I wanted to use my powers atleast once for good and judge lynch Guljons which could have atleast confirmed me as a possible town."
  3485. to see what this looks like, emphasize mine. What you have is klackerz the Junior Witch trying to reach the Elder Witches, possibly coupled with a hinting at Spy!Moridin. I'm not too fussed about the order in which we tick down the list, as long as we go by that list. And I brought up bob in #486 again, when I pointed out that on his lynchwagon only Geabe, Eidolonic and Moridin were unaccounted for, and that this made no sense with Town!bob if you assumed all three of them were Town.
  3487. So if you want to lynch the potential JW first, by all means let's do that. Gives us another day to listen to Geabe. I'll be around to change votes. Just don't let's hand the lynch to klackerz.
  3489. 602 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 05:48:41 AM
  3490. Well, that seals it, Klackerz is scum. Lets lynch him. I'm voting for Klackerz.
  3492. 603 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 06:05:37 AM
  3493. And referring to post #486, there is at least one confirmed scum in that bandwagon. Geabe said StrikerLee was scum, so one of those two has to be scum.
  3495. 604 Aekiel Wed May 30 2012 08:39:18 AM
  3496. Don't forget that Geabe could be lying. While his readwall has done something to assuage my suspicions of him, there is still a decent link between him, Sesc and Strikerlee. His actions on day one read very much like an Elder Witch trying to contact the Juniors. The only real hitch in that connection is him outing Strikerlee as a JW. It's possible he was the Spy, but I don't think so. Sesc defended him too hard and too often (even up to post 300) for me to not see them as scumbuddies. Look back through Sesc's posts on day one and notice how pretty much every argument he makes is tied into 'proving' Strikerlee's innocence.
  3498. I'm actually beginning to think Geabe was just derp town when he made that hilarious faux pas about Bob. In that case we could also tie Sesc and Bob together, since Sesc was the first to attack Geabe over that statement.
  3500. So... While Geabe was my primary choice for Elder Witch in this, I think he's convinced me (or I've convinced myself) that he's town. While this isn't a particularly good thing for hunting the Elders, it's at least given me a Junior team of Strikerlee/Sesc/Bob99.
  3502. As well as that, Uncle Stojil's post 161 defends both Strikerlee and Bob; declaring Bob to be derp town and defending Striker somewhat via meta reads. This adds another layer of connection between them all. Enough, I think for me to advocate a lynch on Sesc.
  3504. #unvote Geabe
  3506. #vote Sesc
  3508. 605 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 08:59:36 AM @Sesc
  3509. ...and lol, look who came out of the wood work? That is... certainly interesting, bob. I am no longer as certain of your townmenship as I was.. back to you later.
  3511. @Sesc, yes... that is very interesting. Thanks for digging it up. On the one hand, trying to get 'actual' lynches is not a -EV thing... in fact its the opposite. On the other hand.. what he said is kinda weird? So yes, that is interesting. Would scum!judge out himself? hm.. the fact that this is coming from Sesc also makes me weary. Also weird that you're trying to townfirm Moridin, lolol... uhhh, he's pretty up there already, and JW's don't know Spies. Very weird Sesc, very weird... And now i'm not so sure on Moridin. That might be a clever witch tactic though... ugh
  3513. Aekiel, your post is confusing as fuck. First of all, you never voted to lynch Geabe, thats weird that you unvoted him. Second, it makes no sense to kill Sesc if you think Geabe is a witch... If you kill Sesc, court disbands. If court disbands, they can't kill. If anything, we should lynch Geabe, and then Court kill Sesc, which would get rid of 2 problems in one... Instead of wasting two lynches.
  3515. Anyway, i no longer in any way feel comfrotablt with Klackerz touching the lynch. I say we kill Geabe now, i'm not going to tell court how to run their shit, but yah. So, can we get a little closer to hammering Geabe?
  3517. 606 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 09:14:40 AM
  3518. @aekiel 'm also kind of confused with the logic in your post. I think you are over stating those connections. Also there are only two junior witches in the game, so of course a jw team only has two members. Which makes that team impossible if you assume that Geabe is telling the truth.
  3520. 607 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 09:35:13 AM
  3521. Yeah, uhhh. Why would anyone assume Geabe is telling the truth if we're lynching him? StrikerLee was almost certainly town, or the derpspy, again.
  3523. I certainly advocate killing Sesc sometime before the game ends, just in case we're dealing with Town Geabe, and StrikerLee somehow is the derpiest person on the planet, sure.
  3525. 608 Aekiel Wed May 30 2012 10:16:16 AM @jwlk
  3526. Oh God damn it. I'm definitely not on form this game. I was under the impression, for some reason, that we had three Junior Witches.
  3528. Forget everything I said in that post; it onyl works when there are three Junior Witches, and Geabe is back to number one on my scum list. Also @jwlk - I thought I'd voted for Geabe. I'd intended to, but hadn't actually done it at that point.
  3530. #unvote Sesc
  3532. #vote Geabe
  3534. 609 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 10:48:52 AM
  3535. I don't really have a problem with this being hammered early. We all know what to do.
  3537. Anyone who is not scum, feel free to move your votes over now
  3539. 610 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 10:49:35 AM
  3540. (real day ends at an unreasonably late time, and i feel like people will miss all their actions in shortnight, anyway)
  3542. 611 bob99 Wed May 30 2012 11:04:30 AM
  3543. I guess I'll switch over too Geabe then since most are wanting it hammered. I would be interested in a Klackerz lynch the next day though.
  3545. 612 Menace Wed May 30 2012 11:38:56 AM
  3546. BOOM BITCH
  3548. #vote Gaebe
  3550. HAMMERED
  3552. 613 Menace Wed May 30 2012 11:39:34 AM
  3553. Oh motherfucker
  3555. 614 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 11:40:51 AM
  3556. It is now Night 4!
  3557. See the game log for the results of the previous lynch.
  3559. 615 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 10:00:00 PM
  3560. It is now Day 5!
  3561. See the game log for the results of last Night.
  3563. 616 Bill Door Wed May 30 2012 10:05:52 PM @Ashaya
  3564. Klackerz was the court kill, right?
  3566. We really need those lurkers to satrt talking @Ashaya. Maybe you'll actually start playing.
  3568. 617 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:06:19 PM
  3569. Hey guys.
  3571. We're lynching Bob99 today, and Bob99 is setting his target as Ollie.
  3573. Ollie has 50% chance of being scum, and I'd like to clear up Bob's alignment.
  3575. Bob, if you're town, set Ollie as target, and confirm in the thread once that happens.
  3577. If you're scum, uhhh. I'd highly suggest you set Ollie as your target anyways. Because if you don't, I know exactly who the rest of the scum are, and it's game over.
  3579. 618 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:22:38 PM
  3580. I don't want Bob99 accidentally hammered before he can confirm that he has Ollie set as his target, though. So not going to vote just yet.
  3582. It's safe to say that town is in an extremely good position at the moment.
  3584. One of Ollie or Ashaya is scum BOD. The other is... very possibly scum, too! Process of Elimination is fun.
  3586. 11 people remain:
  3588. Aekiel - Town
  3589. Ashaya - Unknown - Suspected Scum
  3590. Bill Door - Town
  3591. Eidolonic - Town (+1 life)
  3592. Kalas - Unknown - Suspected Town
  3593. Menace - Town
  3594. Moridin - Unknown - Null
  3595. Ollie - Unknown - Suspected Scum
  3596. Sesc - Unknown - Null
  3597. Bob99 - Unknown - Null
  3598. Jwlk - Unknown - Suspected Town
  3600. So, removing the Towns, we're left with:
  3602. Jwlk - Suspected Town
  3603. Kalas - Suspected Town
  3604. Moridin - Null
  3605. Sesc - Null
  3606. Bob99 - Null
  3607. Ashaya - Suspected Scum
  3608. Ollie - Suspected Scum
  3610. Any of these players 'could' be scum. It's just going to be a matter of removing them efficiently until the game ends. The best way to do that is to have Bob take out Ollie (my preference, since Chocolate Pi has had a family emergency and isn't around to do any replacements anyways), and then we lynch Ashaya tomorrow. That may very well end the game, if it does not end with Ollie's death.
  3612. Either way, we're in good shape. Process of Elimination is so good.
  3614. 619 Bill Door Wed May 30 2012 10:33:37 PM
  3615. Yeah, I'm happy with this.
  3617. #vote bob99
  3619. Would Kalas skipping this night mess up the DOB kill? Or possible bishop information?
  3621. 620 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:37:15 PM
  3622. Hm.
  3624. I don't think it will mess with the DOB kill, and it shouldn't mess with bishop information either - they would just obtain it the following night (night 6).
  3626. But I'll try to get confirmation on both points before the day ends.
  3628. 621 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:41:48 PM
  3629. I guess theoretically we could have the bishop claim, and Aekiel trigger, shooting Ollie - and angels protect the bishop claim tonight? But there are more things that can go wrong that way, including needlessly throwing away a town player's life (Aekiel).
  3631. I think the current plan (lynch Bob99, have him take out Ollie if town, and well. Whoever, but probably still Ollie if he's scum) is the optimal one, though.
  3633. If he chooses to shoot anyone but Ollie, well, heh. That tells us pretty perfectly who the rest of the scum are. So, there's that.
  3635. 622 Bill Door Wed May 30 2012 10:46:16 PM
  3636. Yeah, the current plan is probably the best.
  3638. 623 Kalas Wed May 30 2012 10:52:48 PM
  3639. Twilight Pagan activation skips the Night entirely. DoB should go off at the end of Day while Bishop would just get moved to the next night. chocolate said he'd have to manually activate it though so try not to hamme before I can confirm.
  3641. 624 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:00:08 PM
  3642. Hrm. You actually talked to Chocolate Pi? No one has been able to get hold of him recently. Huh.
  3644. 625 Kalas Wed May 30 2012 11:06:48 PM
  3645. Well he sent me the email after Night 3 sooooo :/
  3647. 626 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:24:11 PM
  3648. Ah, so still been a few days, alright.
  3650. 627 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:42:16 PM
  3651. We don't really have a ton to discuss right now, I suppose.
  3653. We can discuss who we think the most likely witch is between Moridin, Sesc, Kalas, and Jwlk, sure. But there might not be any witches in that group, so uh. Yeah.
  3655. It's basically a coin toss for me between Sesc and Moridin, and then Kalas, and then Jwlk, in terms of likely witches, once we kill Bob, Ollie, and Ashaya. Moridin was my strongest town read before he got shot by the witches.... and survived. Which.... normally would townfirm someone, but uh.... I just have trouble wrapping my brain around witches shooting my strongest scum read. I mean... I'm known for being a tiny bit pushy in terms of lynching people I want dead.
  3657. 628 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:44:18 PM
  3658. Errr. *Moridin was my strongest scum read before he got shot by the witches...
  3660. That makes a whole lot more sense that way. :D
  3662. 629 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 01:03:39 AM
  3663. I'm pretty sure jwlk is town, so put him last on the list. Kalas and Moridin are about equal, in that some of the things thay've said have seemed a bit scummy, but I can't imagine Scum!Kalas volunteering the TP powers or scum shooting one of their own. So if the games still going at that point maybe go for Sesc next.
  3665. 630 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 01:43:53 AM
  3666. sure whatever, I'm not quite sure why you are focusing on someone who's not playing and at a festival, but I'll set my target to Ollie.
  3668. 631 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 02:34:38 AM
  3669. We're focusing on them becuase it's almost impossible for one of them not to be scum.
  3671. 632 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 02:52:27 AM
  3672. This is a good plan, so yeah. Will vote once bob and Kalas confirm re: their respective roles.
  3674. 633 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 02:55:08 AM
  3675. I already confirmed I was targeting Ollie.
  3677. 634 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 03:20:58 AM
  3678. Right, my bad, missed that. Kalas, then, since it makes sense to skip the night and get an extra kill in.
  3680. 635 Menace Thu May 31 2012 05:01:14 AM
  3681. #vote bob99
  3683. Die, fucker.
  3685. 636 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 06:03:02 AM
  3686. Tad uncalled for, Menace. :P
  3688. It's reasonably likely that Bob is town, we're just using his ability to help clear up some uncertainty efficiently!
  3690. 637 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 06:08:29 AM
  3691. Well to be fair, he is a Dirty Old Bastard.
  3693. 638 Ashaya Thu May 31 2012 06:44:45 AM
  3694. So, kinda around, still recovering from my weekend. Expected to be dead by now, honestly.
  3696. 639 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 07:25:06 AM
  3697. You are still alive, and it looks like Ollie is going to die unless something drastic happens.
  3699. 640 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 07:39:13 AM
  3700. Kalas should be able to skip tonight. Talked to cpi on IRC, so it looks like all systems are a go?
  3702. #vote bob99
  3704. You're probably getting lynched tomorrow unless you can claim holy, Ash? It's sort of a process of elimination thing where either you or Ollie is a witch, and maybe both. So... yeah.
  3706. 641 Aekiel Thu May 31 2012 08:23:14 AM
  3707. #vote bob99
  3709. Sounds like we've got this one pretty much wrapped up.
  3711. 642 Aekiel Thu May 31 2012 08:24:57 AM
  3712. Also, if Ollie is the BoD and scum, there's a decent chance we'll have to kill the second scum (if he's alive) twice to finish. This... could be a problem if the last scum isn't one high on our suspect list.
  3714. 643 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:02:03 AM
  3715. It's also possible that he'll give the extra life to town in order to Wine us. I'd largely stick to the list in order, and not make too much in the way of assumptions based on where the life goes.
  3717. 644 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:05:35 AM
  3718. Moscone announces who gets the extra life from the BOD, I should clarify. So he can't secretly slip it to a scumbuddy.
  3720. 645 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 09:20:03 AM
  3721. lets hammer it then.
  3723. 646 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 09:42:20 AM
  3724. Wowzers, town taking charge? I like it. Lets goooo~ hammer time. Should still be day though, cuz kalas
  3726. 647 bob99 Thu May 31 2012 09:45:11 AM
  3727. Why didn't I get hammered?
  3729. 648 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 09:45:30 AM
  3730. uh, game should be hammered. BUT ITS NOT. Broken game! DOB BREAKS IT. Or maybe Twilight pagan breaks it. Or maybe Twilight pagan!BOD!DOB BREAKS IT
  3732. 649 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:46:15 AM
  3735. 650 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 09:50:41 AM
  3736. Someone how email chocopie, i would but i'm on my phone :(
  3738. 651 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 09:51:20 AM
  3739. investigating
  3741. 652 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 09:57:20 AM
  3742. it's just the minimum deadline--I will significantly shorten them
  3744. 653 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 10:01:42 AM
  3745. The current minimum deadline for this Day has been shorten to an hour from now; all future Day minimum deadlines have been reduced to 6 hours.
  3747. 654 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:02:55 AM
  3748. That works. Thanks for the prompt response, and sorry for our mild overreaction.
  3750. For future reference, we can click the clock to see the minimum deadline for the day! New things, yay.
  3752. 655 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:09:37 AM
  3753. Well. That was a fast day. #vote bob99
  3754. Just because.
  3756. 656 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:11:34 AM
  3757. Future planning things.
  3759. >Bob99 dies.
  3760. >Ollie dies. Ollie may give life to someone else, town or scum.
  3761. >Kalas skips night
  3762. >Ashaya dies. Ashaya may give life to someone else, town or scum. Or have an extra life, in which case she gets shot again night six.
  3764. The game may end at this point. If it does not, it means we have a witch in the Sesc/Moridin pair, most likely. And I'm leaning towards Moridin ever so slightly at the moment.
  3766. 657 chocolatepi Thu May 31 2012 11:00:00 AM
  3767. It is now Day 6!
  3768. The previous Night was skipped by the Twilight Pagan.
  3770. The Bishop, Hunter, and Entertainer will continue waiting for the next Night to activate. (If alive)
  3772. 658 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:34:46 AM
  3773. Okay.
  3775. So.
  3777. Here's the deal.
  3779. We have 9 people alive.
  3781. 3 of them are 100% townfirmed from my perspective.
  3783. That leaves 6 people.
  3785. There are three people who are not effectively confirmed in terms of roles.
  3787. All three of you are possible scum.
  3789. I want you to role reveal, IN ORDER.
  3791. Remember that if you are a role that needs to survive the night, that angel protection is a thing. And town has to have majority, or game would be over.
  3793. So.
  3795. Jwlk - claim.
  3797. Once he claims.
  3799. Ashaya - claim
  3801. Once she claims.
  3803. Sesc - claim.
  3805. Do not lynch anyone until all three claim. I know what I said yesterday, but I was not really expecting both Bob to shoot Ollie, AND Ollie to not give someone a life.
  3807. LIKELY TOWN - Aekiel - Loose Cannon
  3808. UNKNOWN - Ashaya - ???
  3809. TOWN - Bill Door - Acolyte
  3810. TOWN - Eidolonic - Fanatic (+1 life)
  3811. LIKELY TOWN - Kalas - Twilight Pagan
  3812. TOWN - Menace - King
  3813. UNKNOWN - Moridin - Recluse
  3814. UNKNOWN - Sesc - ???
  3815. UNKNOWN - Jwlk - ???
  3817. Our witch BOD is in that group of three people somewhere. All three are possible.
  3819. Ashaya hasn't been around.
  3820. Sesc proposed the BOD plan.
  3821. Jwlk claimed not BOD, but fuck if I can read him, ever.
  3823. So. It's showtime
  3825. 659 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 11:59:26 AM
  3826. Hm, okay. So can ollie have just not chosen a target? Regardless, today is the day to claim.
  3828. So yah, i'm the bishop. Protect me tonight.
  3830. Also, lynch ashaya? she has to be the BOD if ollie couldn't not have chosen.
  3832. 660 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 12:43:44 PM
  3833. also, lol @ Ashaya. If we're waiting for her, it'll be a long wait >_>
  3835. 661 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 02:29:06 PM
  3836. I'm alright with that. I don't mind taking the full day today, if we need to, to cover all paths. Sort of a critical day!
  3838. 662 Kalas Thu May 31 2012 03:33:50 PM
  3839. So waiting on Ashaya then?
  3841. 663 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 05:22:20 PM
  3842. Yeah, pretty much. Hopefully Ashaya can be in asap and put this thing to rest.
  3844. 664 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 09:08:20 PM
  3845. To the absent eminence Your Holy Grace,
  3847. After a thorough investigation We have determined that jwlk is full of shit. We poked him with a stick and he did not twitch. We floated him in wine, and he did not sink. Having thusly concluded that he is a witch, We most humbly ask Our beloved holiness Bishop Ashaya I. of Mosconera, to burn the heathen at the stake. May he rot in eternal damnation and his soul etc. pp., kiss your feet, yadda yadda, olé.
  3851. Respectfully-o,
  3853. El Sesco
  3854. Inquisitoro
  3855. #vote jwlk
  3857. 665 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 09:17:28 PM
  3858. Yeeeahhhh, I don't buy it.
  3860. This just reeks of a Hail Mary.
  3862. On an amusing side note, your post about burning heathens was post no.666. Which means you are clearly the devil trying to corrupt our minds with your witchery.
  3864. 666 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 09:22:29 PM
  3865. I should note that this was mentioned in Court by Sesc last night, so it isn't an on-the-spot counter to Jwlk's reveal, fwiw. He mentioned the Inquisitor thing a while back, and revealed his finding on Ashaya to us last night.
  3867. 667 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:25:57 PM
  3868. Confirming. The reveal was why I asked Jwlk > Ash > Sesc to claim, to trap a possible witch Jwlk into the enticing holy role claim.
  3870. It's also entirely possible that Jwlk 'is' the Bishop, and Ashaya and Sesc are Witches.
  3872. But with superior numbers, it... really doesn't matter who it is.
  3874. Lynching Jwlk today, Lynch Ashaya tomorrow after she gives her information.
  3876. Court will shoot one of the other possible scum tonight, likely Sesc or Moridin.
  3878. Angels, protect Menace tonight, not the possible Bishop. Because if she gets shot, I'm cool with that.
  3880. 668 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 09:28:40 PM
  3881. But no. You can see from the very few psots she's made that Ash has a connection to Sesc.
  3883. Look at post 119, "-Protect a player: Sesc." When Sesc had said basically nothing at this point.
  3885. Or how about "#vote Geabe because Sesc is one of the few people I get a good feeling from, and bob99's wagon is dumb."
  3887. I'm just not buying it.
  3889. 669 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:30:11 PM
  3890. I did note that, yeah. But to be fair, Sesc is a fairly strong player, and Ash is notoriously suspicious of both myself and Kaidash, especially early in games.
  3892. 670 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:41:21 PM @Bill Door
  3893. @Bill Door
  3895. Look at the livelist.
  3897. Look at who the possible scum even are:
  3899. Aekiel is almost 100% town because... what scum is willing to kill themselves to prove they are town?
  3901. You're town.
  3903. I'm town, with an extra life, to boot. I can understand being paranoid, but uh. This is pretty vintage town!Eido, after the first day or two.
  3905. Kalas is... probably town? But it's possible he tried to use his twilight pagan power to townfirm himself and lurk to end-game as scum.
  3907. Menace is king.
  3911. That leaves 4 people, really.
  3913. Jwlk, Ash, Sesc, Moridin.
  3915. We have competing bishop claims in Jwlk and Ash/Sesc.
  3917. Moridin is possible, or even probable self-shooting Recluse. Because... witches shooting my strongest scum read is just a thing that does not happen.
  3919. Do the math. Keep in mind my extra life, and angel protection, and court being able to kill at least one more night (tonight).
  3921. We can kill all four of the possible witches in short order.
  3923. The only way town has a realistic chance to lose is in worlds where Kalas is an elder witch. And even then that only can happen if they don't shoot me or get an angel protect bounce somewhere along the line.
  3925. I'm willing to lynch Ash and shoot Sesc, and then lynch Jwlk tomorrow, sure. Or we can Lynch Jwlk, shoot Moridin, and lynch Ash/Sesc next two days. It amounts to roughly the same thing.
  3927. 671 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 09:48:49 PM
  3928. It doesn't really matter what order we kill them in I suppose, but I'm much more inclined to believe jwlk over Sesc.
  3930. 672 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:14:34 PM @Bill Door
  3931. Lol. Look at how jwlk went after me, after Menace revealed that I was the one to start the guljons courtkill, @Bill Door. That was a court thing to see how people reacted, and jwlk jumped on that like whoa.
  3933. But sure, believe jwlk (one claim) over me and Ashaya (two claims). Did you even make a list to see how many witches can be left? I suggest you do so.
  3935. Also, I'm off on a trip. Prolly will have nets in the train, if you really need something.
  3937. 673 Bill Door Thu May 31 2012 10:18:12 PM
  3938. Let's just get this over with. It will be easier to hammer jwlk so #vote jwlk.
  3940. If the game's still going then court kills Sesc. We lynch Ash tomorrow. Which should end the game. If it's still going we lynch Moridin the next day.
  3942. 674 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:19:39 PM
  3943. Well, uh. There's three witches left, at absolute most.
  3945. Stojil, and either Geabe or StrikerLee account for two of them. (If Geabe is town, Striker was a Junior. If Striker was town, Geabe was a witch).
  3947. But we have no way of knowing if there is 1, 2, or 3 left.
  3949. Killing Jwlk could end the game.
  3951. Killing Ash + Sesc could end the game.
  3953. Or it could be Jwlk + Moridin combo, or even Ash + Sesc + Moridin combo.
  3955. Or even a scenario involving Kalas. Kalas scenarios are unlikely, and mean there's a fair chance we lose, admittedly. So I'd rather not have that be the case.
  3957. 675 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:23:55 PM
  3958. Yeah, alright. Lets get this moving.
  3960. #vote jwlk
  3962. 676 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:27:21 PM
  3963. Angels: Kai in particular. You know what has to happen for town to win. Be intelligent with protections. Don't burn them on people that they'll be needed on in end game, but use them on people who are likely to be shot here and now.
  3965. 677 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 11:29:31 PM
  3966. #vote jwlk
  3968. It's honestly just a numbers game at this point, so order matters little. The bishop is hardly likely to give us all that much information we don't know, especially since we'd have serious difficulty trusting them.
  3970. 678 Kalas Fri Jun 1 2012 12:40:42 AM
  3971. Can I hammer jwlk or do you guys feel we'd make us of the rest of the day?
  3973. 679 Bill Door Fri Jun 1 2012 12:59:48 AM
  3974. I don't think there's anything to discuss. Go ahead and hammer.
  3976. 680 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 01:22:53 AM
  3977. hmm, thays fine qith me. court kill sesc, lynch ash tomorrow
  3979. 681 jwlk Fri Jun 1 2012 01:44:04 AM
  3980. in case you guys decide not to mislynch bishop, lol. just look at sesc last post, not greatest play if you look back at the interaction. only certain people can be yhe bishop at thia ppint with all the claims, i guess it juat so happened to be eldera!sesc and juniora!ash
  3982. 682 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 02:01:16 AM
  3983. It is now Night 6!
  3984. See the game log for the results of the previous lynch.
  3986. 683 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 11:05:00 AM
  3987. It is now Day 7!
  3988. See the game log for the results of last Night.
  3990. 684 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 11:57:39 AM
  3991. Well.
  3993. Either Jwlk was the last Elder Witch, or the Elder Witches chose to not make a kill last night. Both are possibilities.
  3995. If they chose to not make a kill, Moridin would be the prime suspect, as him self-shooting would require him to be an Elder.
  3997. Juniors... Kalas is possible? Aekiel is mechanically possible, but we could clear that up by just having him activate.
  3999. Ashaya is still a very possible witch, and not selecting a target was a way to get junior(s) to join early, and frame Jwlk as the last Elder. I'm inclined to leave her until last at this point, however, as if she is a witch, she is the BOD - and I don't really feel like letting her give a life to one of the other potential scum.
  4001. So. Rough plan that I'm making up as I go!
  4003. Day 7 - Lynch Kalas - 6 remain
  4004. Night 7 - Witches kill a holy - 5 remain
  4005. Day 8 - Lynch Moridin - 4 remain, court disbands, if it didn't night 7
  4006. Night 8 - Witches kill other holy - 3 remain
  4007. Day 9 - Aekiel activates on Ashaya - 1 remains
  4009. This leaves me alive, and town wins? I have an extra life, so there's zero chance the witches shoot me, because, uh... lol. If they do shoot me, everything gets even easier, with a holy role surviving to the end.
  4011. Unless Moridin is actually somehow the BOD and a witch with Ashaya and was protected by angels.... I think town wins, and there's nothing that can be done to stop it?
  4013. Someone look for flaws in the above plan.
  4015. I don't think there are any, so, uh. #vote Kalas
  4017. 685 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 12:01:52 PM
  4018. Another flaw would be Aekiel and Ashaya witches, I suppose. But I consider that sort of extremely unlikely? And there's also angel protects that could work out in town's favor.
  4020. 686 Kalas Fri Jun 1 2012 01:26:01 PM
  4021. Well that was a stupid end to an annoying game. Lets get this over with.
  4023. 687 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 01:52:06 PM
  4024. Yeah, sorry. It was just... numbers at this point.
  4026. And oh god, StrikerLee.
  4028. I don't even know.
  4030. 688 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 02:21:55 PM
  4031. Aekiel - feel free to activate your power and kill Kalas.
  4033. That'd be a lulzy end to the game. Well. When the minimum deadline passes in 3 hours.
  4035. 689 Menace Fri Jun 1 2012 02:27:38 PM
  4036. Yeah, no way the scum team won all three test games of this. This one was stacked way too heavily in town's favor, I think. Scum team was just too small and the town team too large.
  4038. Though who knows- maybe the numbers /are/ perfectly balanced and it was just StrikerLogic.
  4040. 690 Aekiel Fri Jun 1 2012 02:30:25 PM
  4043. 691 Menace Fri Jun 1 2012 02:31:20 PM
  4044. *French accent*
  4046. Three hours and twenty-eight minutes later...
  4048. 692 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 02:53:49 PM
  4049. I think the setup was pretty balanced.
  4051. Just. When you lynch a junior day one, who protects the priest night one, who gets a guilty on an elder night one.
  4053. Witches are kinda fucked up the ass from the word 'go'.
  4055. 693 Ashaya Sat Jun 2 2012 05:49:30 AM
  4056. Well, I woke up and the game was over. I seriously never even had a chance to roleclaim, yay being out in the desert near the Mexican border with no internet. Glad we won.
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