Theory to end all theories.

Apr 12th, 2014
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  1. [DDE]
  3. Given recent clues and information being discovered, much like Erika solved it, I believe I have come up with a theory as to what happened with this ARG. As we all know, Yotsumoe went back in time before being shot, in order to not die, and to save the world from the great death, which had happened 3-4 years prior to Yotsumoe being shot. He was a scientist, working on a solution, but an assassin was of course sent to kill him. For now, let's call that person "person X".
  5. Yotsumoe was sent back in time by Maddie, the devil who he had contracted earlier on. They then set up shop in the woods somewhere, in a warehouse. Taking a while to become more accustomed to the world in 2012, Yotsumoe visited /moe/ in order to know more about the internet culture they would be targeting with their anime. From there he was able to learn about the inside jokes and about the weeb culture that he needed in order to appeal to them. Yotsumoe then went and invited their only ally, his friend from the future's past form, Sam, to come help out with the lab and the research. Together, with phi in there somewhere, they made up the damedame. Of course there was also June, the princess from the village nearby who was Yotsumoe's primary love interest as well as an pretty cool guy. There was one more person involved, making it 7 + their pet pidgenyan, but I'll get to that in a moment.
  7. For some background on the great death, what we know is that it's a death of a very large portion of the people on the planet. It is most likely caused due to environmental disaster brought on by too much carbon emissions. Part of the reason the damedame wanted to sub anime and become popular and spread the happy was to also teach how to live life better. We can gather this from Yotsumoe's tumblr, the various posts he makes regarding living life healthy, and how the mp5 compresses files to make them use less data (less power needed right?). This was one of the damedame's ultimate goals. Yotsumoe also had another goal, which involved the hidden files. On a shallow scale, this can be seen as him trying to tell the damedame's story. To whom? It could be his future self, somebody in the future, or somebody of this time in order for them to stop it. However, we were able to find it due to Phi releasing the first hidden file found. This means that phi had betrayed them. The motive for phi betraying them was because he had found the papers on 'operation phi', which is Yotsumoe's alternate 'goal'. He saw the papers, and decided that the damedame was evil, so he betrayed them, hoping people would find it on /a/ and put a stop to the damedame, or at least expos their evils. Alternatively he had suspicions they were evil and did it anyway. When everyone was looking at the hidden files and the damedame in a positive light, he decided to intervene himself. He created the persona of Battlering Damedame in order to tell people about the evils of the damedame. Unfortunately, nobody would believe him then either.
  9. Later on, after being kicked out for the betrayal he had committed, or possibly he was never kicked out at all, he went to the lab in order to get paper X, and other dirt. When he was there hiding, Yotsumoe was also there, performing tests. After trying to kill Yotsumoe and eventually getting back to the lab after the events of gameboard 4 (The only one in red. What happened there was the absolute truth), he was trying to find the papers. Yotsumoe rushed back to the lab, in order to get the papers first. BKITNY may have done it, or it may have happened naturally, but Pidgenyan was woken up. While Yotsumoe claimed that the earlier object found was a hairball, it's not even known if Pidgenyan knew that, or if he was telling the truth about it. Pidgenyan saw phi with the egg, or possibly even just saw him and got that he was doing a bad thing. This prompted Pidgenyan to kill phi. Yotsumoe got back, and saw the scene, and walked over to the body, taking the papers (or maybe he didn't). At nearly the same time, Sam and Maddie returned. Sam saw the mangled body, and being that he didn't sign up for that shit, got freaked out and scared. He didn't act out too terribly, but saw Yotsumoe's uncaring face at a body, as well as Maddie's curiosity rather than disgust or fear, and he himself was afraid. After Yotsumoe and BKITNY worked on him, he lost his memories of the damedame and was sent back to his real life. This was for the best, Yotsumoe thought. This explains why Maddie and Yotsumoe weren't sad to see him gone- it couldn't have been helped.
  11. This is the point that Yotsumoe starts the game, along with the Tumblr. The reasons he did it, well, it could have been a distraction like is said in the letter, or it could have been to get a message across. This was also to make sure nothing got out of hand with the plan. His mood swung back and forth, due to losing Sam and Phi, and so he wasn't his usual self sometimes. There were a few spies along the way, the only one to be successful being June. The game went along, with people joining the ride, and a lot of fun being made. There was laughter, anger, sadness, lewdness, and good times and bad. Everyone had something. Yotsumoe started the corpsegame and Maddie started the investigations so that people had the ability to grasp the truth, but honestly, we're all incompetent, so we weren't able to find the truth even in the end. Maddie also had her special nakama, who were to aid her in being free from the regular contracts in order to exist on earth. They completed this mission a month or two ago, if I recall correctly.
  13. Many things happened over the months. An IRC was created for damedame discussions, people joined and left the ride, theories were created, and it was a blast. Fun things don't last forever, however.
  15. A spy came along who Yotsumoe told to be Erika, and gave her the reaction images, leading to the damepitaph tumblr. Erika was competent, and only recently joined the ride- in fact, it was probably a puzzle or something Erika had solved that had gotten her to be the spy in the first place. So she became a spy, and decided to stir the threads up. It worked. While some of what she said was helpful sometimes, she generally created chaos in the threads, keeping anything to be done. Whether that was just how Erika liked to do things, or instructions from Yotsumoe is unknown. Whatever the case, she was a helpful jerk. But the one we needed.
  17. Yotsumoe had chronic headaches, and would sometime disappear. This would be him being pulled back to his own time. This meant that in his own time, he would be shot. There is no escaping fate. That is why June was so sad, and the subject of the letter. Yotsumoe was being sent back to the future so he would be shot and die. Who shot him, however?
  18. Well...
  20. There was a seventh person referred to in the letter. It wasn't Phi, Yotsumoe, Maddie, June, Sam, or BKITNY. It was a spy for them, and also the person that would grow up to shoot Yotsumoe.
  22. Yes, this person was a person that was present from the start. The one that later became Zehn and caused all of the problems. A person who knew what was going on, a second person who had seen the files on operation phi. It's ironic, how the very reason Yotsumoe was shot in the future was because of the things he did after traveling to the past.
  24. Is there any way of telling who this person is that had done it? Yes. We know that it was a spy, a person who was a spy in the IRC. A person who had known about what was going on backstage and had not publicly betrayed the damedame like phi had. Maddie may have known, but following knox's rules, it was impossible for her to intervene, as supernatural methods can't be used as a tool for detectives. This person had to be someone who was in the prime position, who would never be discovered.
  26. But... "how can that be? The only spy that was never found out was June!"
  27. That's exactly the point. This person was a spy, and a person that WAS found out.
  29. It fits all of the conditions. A person who was a spy, who later knew what was going on inside (in regards to Erika, for one), a person who could have been Zehn easily (Their reward for not being incompetent), and a person who was in the prime position to do it. This person was RAL!
  31. Ral was found out early on in spying due to his "incompetence"! This means that he was "found out", but he had been a spy for long before that! He created the impression that he had failed so that he was not suspected of being the actual threat. We all fell for it hook, line, and sinker. We believed he was actually incompetent, and believed he was not but an underage fool who had no actual relevance, but we were wrong. He became Zehn and took out many people. He was a pseudo-member of the damedame, who helped out much like June did. He was invited to the lab some time (could have been on the 15th of march), and had found operation phi and was determined to kill Yotsumoe later in life. Ral is the original [DDE] who knew about Erika being a spy! He also let out hints that he knew about operation phi! 14 years from now, he's the reason Yotsumoe has to go back in time in order to speed up his plans. It fits! There is nothing it conflicts with!
  33. However, I won't stop here. No, the next part of this theory extends into what happened in the future, after Yotsumoe gets pulled back to the future!
  35. [Blue]Yotsumoe didn't die![/blue]
  36. [Blue]Yotsumoe was shot at, but it missed![/blue]
  37. [Blue]The shooter was blind!!![/blue]
  39. Yes, the person who shot at Yotsumoe, Ral, had become blind and shot at him anyway! The deep grudge couldn't have been stopped even after he had lost his eyesight. He went to the lab Yotsumoe was at, and shot at him. Yotsumoe (pre time travel) couldn't have known that the shooter was blind, or that Ral was the shooter (hell, he didn't even know who Ral was at the time), so he (or maddie) issued the time travel command. When going back to the future, he had his memories of this time, and Ral misses every shot due to being blind. Yotsumoe quickly took care of the problem (possibly getting injured in the process) and exists 14 years in the future fine and dandy! He may be temporarily incapacitated due to being shot once or twice (nowhere vital, I mean, Ral was blind), and may either find a way back, or try to fix the world from where he is.
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