(AiE) The Great and Powerful NOPE (B+) *clop*

Dec 31st, 2012
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  1. >Ugh, another "glorious" night in Manehatten
  2. >This place sucks
  3. >When you're not bumping into the lowlifes trying to make a quick bit, you see the upper crust flaunting their wealth
  4. >Anonymous the human; that's you
  5. >The only human in this messed up world, and it has been that way for at least 3 years
  6. >These ponies didn't care that you stumbled into their world one day
  7. >As long as you weren't causing trouble, why bother?
  8. >Manehatten had many talking animals anyway, what would one more hurt?
  9. >You actually preferred it that way
  10. >They didn't bug you about the different species shit, and you didn't bug them
  11. >It got a little different one drunk night, but alcohol does weird stuff to people
  12. >You never even got that mare's name
  13. >This is your life now, and you're gonna waste some of it in this bar
  14. >The days go by well enough for a town full of apathetic selfish pricks
  15. >That's why you stay; Because it sucks just like everything else
  16. >You're not alone in your list of troubles
  17. >The Dirty Hoof had just the right amount of everything in that regard tonight
  18. >Everyon-PONY in the bar kept to themselves
  19. >You all had your own shit to deal with, and you all knew that
  20. >No sense in adding to it
  21. "Hey barkeep, pass me another," you raise your glass to the pony serving drinks
  22. >He nods to you, and gets started right away
  23. >A female voice suddenly speaks up
  24. >"I'll have whatever the hay the furless one had."
  25. >Who the...?
  26. >Where did the blue mare come from?
  27. >You'd comment on how she looks like the world just shat on her, but you also recall that you just said nop0ny sticks their nose in other people's business
  28. 1/16
  30. >She catches you looking her over
  31. >"What," damn that's a lot of venom, "do you also want to ridicule Trixie or something?"
  32. "Uhh... ridicule Trixie? Look blueberry, I don't know any Trixie."
  33. >She facehoofs
  34. >"You're looking at her"
  35. >Oh god, is she actually speaking in third person?
  36. "You've got to be kidding me. We randomly meet, and you think I'd just start adding to my list of problems by ridiculing a mare in a bar?"
  37. >"Wouldn't you?"
  38. >Seriously?
  39. "Look blueberry... Trixie, everyp0ny has their own problems. Nop0ny likes adding to them. Whatever issues you got, they're yours; not mine."
  40. >A "hmph" is all you get for your troubles
  41. >Good, you don't want to listen to anything other than the sound of alcohol flowing down your throat
  42. >A moment or so passes while you two sip your drinks in silence
  43. >"You've got good taste."
  44. >You barely catch that
  45. "Hmm?"
  46. >"I said you have good taste. This stuff isn't that bad."
  47. >Huh, she can talk normal. Praise the sun or whatever
  48. "Good for what ails you I guess," you say, raising your glass to her
  49. >She actually clinks yours with her own in toast
  50. >"So what are you?"
  51. "Making conversation now?"
  52. >"Just avoiding the topic of our troubles, and I need something to distract me from my own."
  53. "And you think being a 'furless one' isn't that much of a problem?"
  54. >She gives you a "seriously?" look
  55. >"In a town like this? Nop0ny cares what you are; just what you can do for them."
  56. "Fair enough I suppose. I'm a human if you're really curious."
  57. >"Hooman? Never heard of it."
  58. "Human. And I doubt you would have. I'm the only one around."
  59. 2/16
  61. >She quirks an eyebrow as she looks at you
  62. >"And you would consider that a problem?"
  63. "Back where I'm from, humans are pretty much the only sentient ones around. Given that, wouldn't you find it a little wrong to bed something like a dog or a cat?"
  64. >She puts a hoof to her chin in thought for a moment
  65. >"What about ponies, griffons, dragons, and minotaurs?"
  66. "There are ponies, but not the others. The ponies aren't sentient either."
  67. >This gets her attention as it does all the others
  68. >She wants to say something, but just shakes her head
  69. >This gets -your- attention
  70. "Go ahead and say it."
  71. >She looks back at you with surprise
  72. >"No, I was just curious about something is all."
  73. "I swear if you ask me about my love life-" she cuts you off
  74. >"What? Why would I ask about something like that? I don't want to hear about how many mares you've bedded or what size your dick is."
  75. >You cock an eyebrow
  76. "Then what was it?"
  77. >She looks down for a moment and sighs
  78. >"I was just going to ask how you deal with being... different."
  79. >Your eyebrow is about to come off your face if it arches any higher
  80. "I don't get what you mean. You said earlier that nop0ny in this town cares what you are. This sounds like digging into the pro-" you stop yourself
  81. >"Now you know why I didn't want to say anything. You make one rule, I abide by it, and you then try to break it."
  82. >She looks you up and down
  83. >"You look smarter than you actually are you know."
  84. 3/16
  86. "You're one to talk blueberry."
  87. >This gets a scoff out of her
  88. "You're not that bad a st-guy... umm."
  89. "Anon."
  90. >There's that eyebrow again
  91. >"That's your name?"
  92. "Problem?"
  93. >"Hmph, I suppose not. It -is- unusual though."
  94. >You only shrug in response and down your drink
  95. >Setting it on the bar, you fish out some bits
  96. >You wave to the bartender and get off the stool
  97. >"You're leaving?"
  98. "Uhh yeah? I'm not getting too drunk in a place like this."
  99. >You start walking towards the door
  100. >She finishes her own glass, levitates some bits to the table, and gives a casual wave to the bartender
  101. >"Wait for Trixie."
  102. >Again with the third tense?
  103. >She hops off the stool and trots up to your side
  104. "Something up blueberry?"
  105. >"I'll thank you not to call me that anymore."
  106. "Suit yourself, but what is it you want?"
  107. >She readjusts the hat on her head for a moment
  108. >"That conversation, I... enjoyed it, and would like to continue enjoying it."
  109. "Whatever, I suppose some company wouldn't be that bad."
  110. >She quickly looks up at you as the both of you reenter the world outside
  111. >"Company? You don't think Trixie is offe-" she cuts herself off when you facepalm
  112. "No, definitely not. If you want to crash, fine, but this isn't a flank call thing."
  113. >"Hmph, is Trixie not good enough for you?"
  114. >You fix her with a "seriously?" glare
  115. >"My, aren't we touchy. I was only making a joke Anon."
  116. >You opt not to respond and continue walking towards your apartment
  117. >There's no such thing as a "house" for anyp0ny here except the snobs in the upper class
  118. 4/16
  120. >The conversation continued the whole way home, but it wasn't that bad actually
  121. >Blu-Trixie could actually be interesting when she wasn't talking about herself
  122. >You tried to ask her about what she does, but she referred you back to your original rule
  123. >Work must be tough if it's enough to create trouble like that
  124. >Sure, it can suck, but the way she put a stop to that topic sounded like it was a sore subject
  125. >Judging by the way she looked, you assume there was more than an element of suffering to it
  126. >Not too hygienic, mane looked like a rush job or poor pony's job, and those eyes... hatred, torment, and what looked like a wish for revenge
  127. >She has definitely hit a rough patch somewhere along the way, but you don't care
  128. >It's not your place, and you don't want to hear about it
  129. >Finally reaching your door inside, you reach out for your keys
  130. >You notice what sounds like Trixie humming to herself
  131. "Something on your mind Trixie?"
  132. >"Hmph, not exactly. I'm just wondering what an apartment inhabited by a creature such as yourself would look like."
  133. "It's not a 5 star hotel, I'll tell you that much."
  134. >Weird, why did her ears fall for a second?
  135. >Opening the door, you immediately click on the lights and toss your jacket on the chair next to it
  136. >It was practically built for minotaurs, but the size suit you perfectly
  137. "Feel free to make yourself at ho-"
  138. >You don't get to finish that as she had already trotted in past you, set her hat and cape on the chair, and took a seat on your couch
  139. 5/16
  141. "No formalities huh? I like that."
  142. >"Hitting on Trixie again?"
  143. "Nah, Anon thinks Trixie is too drunk."
  144. >She starts laughing
  145. >"That was adorable."
  146. "I aim to please milady," you say with a small bow
  147. >Got ya, she blushed at that comment
  148. >"Stop that. It's too much."
  149. "You like it and you know it."
  150. >"Hmph, I meant it was too funny. Did you not hear my laugh?"
  151. "Was that a laugh? Sounded like blushing to me."
  152. >She puffs her cheeks
  153. >"Blushing does not have a sound, and I did no such thing."
  154. >After a sinister chuckle, you flash her a grin
  155. "Then why did your face become red? Looks nice on you."
  156. >There it is again
  157. "Easy Trixie, I'm only teasing. I had to get you back for the 'look smarter than you actually are' comment."
  158. >She decides to turn her nose up at you, but this only makes you laugh
  159. "Look, I don't know what you've been through, and I don't really care. You're free to sleep here tonight, but let's not add to each other's problems. Deal?"
  160. >Her ears perk up, and she looks at you curiously
  161. >"Where did that come from?"
  162. "You looked like you were taking the whole thing seriously. You did blush you know."
  163. >"Well, perhaps I did find it flattering that you said 'milady,' but I refuse to admit that you and I could be serious."
  164. >She's good
  165. "Who said anything about being serious? I mean, who gets together like that after a drunk night like this?"
  166. >"Who indeed."
  167. >You both look at each other
  168. 6/16
  170. >After a moment of staring into each other's eyes, you both break out in a fit of laughter
  171. >"That was... haha thank you Anon. I haven't laughed that much in a while."
  172. "I never got to say it earlier, but you're not that bad yourself, Blueberry."
  173. >That fiery hatred could melt the ice caps back at home
  174. >"Did Trixie not say that she didn't want to be called that?"
  175. "Maybe."
  176. >You stand up as she continues glaring at you
  177. "Well Trixie, I think I'm going to bed. The couch is all yours."
  178. >Those ears stand straight up, and she actually looks surprised
  179. >"You expect Trixie to sleep on the couch?"
  180. >Really?
  181. "I've only got one bed, and that couch isn't really big enough for me. It's only wide enough for you and I to sit next to each other."
  182. >It was virtually the size of a loveseat, but it was all you could get a hold of
  183. >"Trixie doesn't... move in her sleep."
  184. "Trix, listen to yourself. What is it that you want?"
  185. >She shifts uncomfortably for a moment
  186. >"I don't really know, but I just can't sleep on a sofa."
  187. >You rubbed your fingers along your temple in frustration, slowly migrating down to the bridge of your nose.
  188. "Fine, If we lay back to back, then there shouldn't be a problem. Just stay on your side."
  189. >She looks at you with what seems to be a hint of gratitude, but it's marred by those glimmers of negativety you noted earlier
  190. >"That is... acceptable."
  191. >She sounded like she was trying to hide the fact she was grateful, but at the same time she almost implied that you were there for her
  192. >Whatever, as long as she doesn't cause trouble
  193. "Just come on Trixie."
  194. 7/16
  196. >The two of you enter your 'luxurious' bedroom
  197. >It just has a bland grey color scheme, simple queen size (for your world) bed with white sheets, and basic nightstands on both sides
  198. >There's also the closet near the doorway to the bathroom that's also connected to the hallway
  199. >It doesn't really matter to you since you don't spend too long in here anyway
  200. >By the time you usually get in here, you're dead tired from the day
  201. >That's pretty much why it's left undecorated, but it seems Trixie doesn't know that
  202. >"Your bedroom..." she doesn't finish that sentence as she looks over to you
  203. "I don't spend much time in here, why do anything with it?"
  204. >One of her ears falls to the side as both of her eyebrows try to touch her horn
  205. >"You don't bring a lot of mares home often hmm~?"
  206. "Out."
  207. >"Hmph, fine. Trixie apologizes."
  208. "Can we just get some sleep? Morning won't exactly come easy after how much I had tonight. I might not be full on drunk, but I can feel the buzz."
  209. >Trixie nods as the two of you get prepped for bed
  210. >This involved you stripping down to your boxers which made Trixie quickly turn her head
  211. "You're joking right?"
  212. >"Your garments... they don't hide... you very well."
  213. >You shrug and settle in under the blanket
  214. "Deal with it sweet cheeks. Good night."
  215. >You roll to your side facing the opposite direction and close your eyes
  216. >She climbs up on the bed as well, and settles herself in from what you can feel from the movements of the bed
  217. >There's a bit of shifting from her side, but you ignore it
  218. >Suddenly you feel her back against your own
  219. "Trixie?"
  220. >She pushes a bit harder
  221. >You roll over and catches her pushing herself into you
  222. "What are you doing?"
  223. 8/16
  225. >"Please Anon..."
  226. >wut
  227. "What do you mean?"
  228. >"Just for tonight, I want to forget everything..."
  229. "Whoa dollface. I thought we agree-" a hoof silences you
  230. >She has rolled over and is looking into your eyes
  231. >"I know, but we're not talking about adding to our troubles. We both just want to escape them right? If even for one night?"
  232. >Why do you have to be curious?
  233. "I know I'm gonna regret this, but what do you want?"
  234. >She lifts her head up and pecks you on the nose
  235. >"One night where Trixie doesn't have problems. They don't exist for either one of us."
  236. "And here I thought you didn't want a one night stand," you flash a grin at her
  237. >It doesn't matter; you're not home anymore
  238. >They don't mind, so why should you?
  239. >It's not like you're just gonna wake up again back in New York
  240. >Even if you did, where does it say that you have to tell them?
  241. >"It won't matter after tonight will it? We'll both go about our business, but we'll both be refreshed. Consider it a fair trade, and we both get what we both need."
  242. >You place your hand on her shoulder, and she looks at it
  243. >"There's just one thing."
  244. >Here we go
  245. >"I want to know if you'll be committed to seeing this all the way through. Trixie has to know you'll go all the way."
  246. "Lemme guess, you have some sort of crazy fetish or something?"
  247. >She grabs your hand with a hoof and pulls it down under the covers
  248. >Eventually she pushes your hand down to her nethers, and you feel it
  249. "Trixie? You'r-" silenced once again by her other hoof
  250. 9/16
  252. >"Just for tonight. Nop0ny has to know, and we can both go about our business."
  253. >After she pulls her hoof away from your mouth, she reaches up and plants her lips to yours
  254. >You don't fight it; you can't
  255. >Instead, you decide to rub the spot she pulled your hand to, and it elicits a moan from her into the kiss
  256. >She was right; what would be so wrong about two random individuals refreshing each other's spirits and going about their business
  257. >She scratches your back, and you scratch hers
  258. >You take initiative, pushing yourself up
  259. >Not breaking the kiss, you pull her underneath you
  260. >If this is truly what she wants, then you'll give it to her
  261. >You don't even stop rubbing her down below
  262. >Tongues meet quickly, and they swirl around one another
  263. >They trade saliva and messages from their respective owner
  264. >Soon, you let her explore your mouth as you rest the unoccupied hand on her cheek
  265. >You hold it in order to secure her to you and add to the sensations you're assaulting her with
  266. >She, in turn, wraps her hooves up around your neck
  267. >They pull you into her more and more as you force her tongue back into her own mouth
  268. >Unable to fight it due to you working her lower body, her mouth is forced to accept your tongue
  269. >The taste, the feel of her moan vibrating the air of her mouth, and the welcoming feeling from her jaw all begin to excite you in 'that' way
  270. >You make no small effort to mark every territory your tongue could reach, and hers guided yours about her mouth
  271. >They essentially tangled together, but at the same time they moved about as if they were two animals frolicking in a field
  272. >It quickly becomes too much as you both break for air
  273. >Nothing but pants can be heard in the room while the strand of saliva still connects your tongues
  274. 10/16
  276. >You're incredibly aroused, but so is she
  277. >The 5th leg has fully emerged from its sheathe between your bodies, and rubs against yours as well as your stomach
  278. >You said it didn't matter, and you're too buzzed to really find a fuck to give
  279. >Maybe you won't remember it in the morning?
  280. >Running your hand along it you reach your head down to whisper in her ear
  281. "I hope you don't mind receiving since I -do- mind."
  282. >You pull back, stare into her eyes, and continue rubbing along her shaft with your hand
  283. >"W-what do you mean? Unnngh~"
  284. "I'm not a fan of butt play, but I don't mind playing with yours."
  285. >You accentuate this by letting your fingers dance across her full, furry rear; but not before teasing her puckering hole buried deep within the fleshy mounds
  286. >She lets out a gasp at the feeling of your warm digits coming into contact with her back door
  287. >You press in for one more quick kiss as you stop teasing her to ready yourself
  288. >Sliding your boxers off, both your members come in contact for the first time
  289. >The strangest feeling you have ever felt in your life
  290. >A good buzz seems to be helping you keep your cool
  291. >Pulling back, you wait for her to recognize what needs to be done
  292. "Trixie?" you say as you stop rubbing her fleshy hose
  293. >She looks up to find you sitting back on your butt in front of her
  294. "We can't do this dry..."
  295. >"I suppose I can help."
  296. >Still the same, even to the end
  297. >She sits up, and moves to take care of lubricating your length
  298. >Her muzzle is mere inches from your rod, and you can feel her warm breath tracing along the skin of your shaft
  299. >It's soothing in a way
  300. 11/16
  302. >Wasting no more time, she proceeds to run her tongue around the tip
  303. >This elicits a moan from you that could not prepare for
  304. >Her tongue continues to apply a sufficient lubrication to your tip before she moves lower
  305. >A long lick runs from the base near your reproduction storage center up to the head once more
  306. >You let your head lean back and look up towards the ceiling
  307. >She then proceeds to let her tongue curl around one side of you and around to the other side
  308. >This continues as she slowly works her way back down to the base
  309. >Another reverse course takes her back to the head, but she's not done
  310. >A warmth surrounds your length as she takes you into her mouth
  311. >Once more, a moan escapes your throat as the feeling of her mouth wrapping you like a warm gloves arouses you further
  312. >A "mph" is emitted from Trixie as you believe you just became harder
  313. >"Maybe it's too big for her," you silently snicker to yourself
  314. >It isn't as she takes you to the back of her throat and then pulls back
  315. >A simple oral session begins as she rocks her head back and forth
  316. >In and out you go as she coats the sensitive appendage with her saliva
  317. >Resting a hand on her head, you can feel your loins getting tighter
  318. >It has been too long, and you actually do need this
  319. >A few more moments pass, but you believe the stretch of time since your last encounter along with the booze has made you a little less than eager to prolong the ride
  320. >Enough is enough as you lightly grab a hold of her mane and release into her mouth
  321. >She takes it all like a champ as you fire as much as you can down her throat
  322. >Not. One. Gag
  323. >She releases you with a slight pop after making sure you're through
  324. 12/16
  326. "That was pretty good Trixie, but we should prepare it for the main event," you say after a contented sigh
  327. >No more words from her as she lays down on her back and raises her flank towards you
  328. >You assume she just wants to get the fun started as quickly as possible
  329. >Unusual for what seems like a possibly chatty mare... or is it stallion now?
  330. >Crawling into position, you reach down to your own length and begin prodding her rear entrance
  331. "Are you ready Trixie?"
  332. >A nod is all she can muster right now
  333. >Her ears have flattened themselves against her head, and her eyes have shut tight
  334. >Tense doesn't begin to describe it as she is clearly bracing for what's about to happen
  335. >Positioning yourself, you take a moment to prepare yourself as well
  336. >You take it slow as you begin to try and force that hole to expand
  337. >She grunts, and you ever so slowly increase the amount of pressure you put against her
  338. >Finally, it gives way and you slide inside which brings forth a throaty moan from her
  339. >Tight, warm, and incredibly soft are the only ways you can describe her colon as you push inside
  340. >You press all the way to the hilt and relish in the feel of her rear pressed against your hips
  341. >Giving her time to adjust, you take note of the squeezing her rectum is doing to your length
  342. >Taking it slow once more, you begin pulling out of her, and she lets you know that she's enjoying it with another grunt
  343. >You don't give her time to relax once you nearly pull out and slide in at an increased pace
  344. >Bumping your hips against her flank again, you hit start to the instinctual thrust command in your subconscious
  345. >It reacts normally, and you begin to pound away at her increasingly tight rump
  346. >Slaps, moans, grunts, and bed creaks all add to the tune of your service to one another
  347. 13/16
  349. >That fleshy rod of hers seems to flop up and down as you penetrate her butt over and over
  350. >Her head shakes this way and that, and her ears almost melt into the furry skin of her head
  351. >That horn of hers lights a little, sending a feint amount of sparks here and there
  352. >You imagine that she's really enjoying it so much that her magic is responding involuntarily
  353. >Since it has no spell to direct it, the magical energy just spews out like a sparkler
  354. >It's nothing dangerous because the sparks fizzle out just a millimeter after escaping her horn
  355. >"A-Anon, T-Trixie is about t-to..." she can't seem to finish her sentence as her hooves reach out to grab something
  356. >The side of the bed and the pillow she lays on are where they end up
  357. >Whatever it was must not have been important if she couldn't spit it out
  358. >You don't stop, but you look down at her rod as it seems to be tensing up as well
  359. >Also noticeable is her sack which seems to fluctuate a bit
  360. >Her head pushes itself into the bed, her back arches, and she lets out a scream
  361. >"spit it out," could not have been a worse thought
  362. >You don't have enough time to move as a torrent of liquid plasters itself to your face like a facehugger
  363. >She continues to coat your face for a second or two, but you don't make one move to avoid it
  364. >How much worse could it get now that you had the first layer covering your appearance?
  365. >You have long since stopped thrusting, and can only watch as her member falls limp
  366. >Her body also goes limp as the only sound is her pants
  367. >She just released all over your face, and all thoughts have ceased
  368. >It's as if your mind has just shut down entirely
  369. 14/16
  371. >A moment or so passes before she looks up at you
  372. >You can see her suppress a giggle, but it quickly turns to concern
  373. >"A-Anon, I'm s-sorry. I wanted to warn you, but..."
  374. >A strand flows down along your lips, and you involuntarily catch a bit of a taste
  375. >Curiosity once again strikes as you bring a finger up to the facehugging goop
  376. >Running that finger along your cheek, you pull another strand off
  377. >You just look at it for a moment, and then look towards her
  378. >Her face betrays the curiousness and worry in her eyes
  379. >It tastes like blueberries with a bit of a salty flavor
  380. >You pull your finger back out of your mouth, gather another strand, and offer it to her
  381. "Blueberry," is all you can utter since your ability to think is still offline
  382. >Hesitantly she gives it a lick, and her eyes and ears display her surprise
  383. >Those ears quickly fall back down when you begin thrusting once more
  384. >Your mind has been restored, and you're gonna finish this
  385. >You cannot seem to care that your face sports her release
  386. >It's just another trouble, and the two of you are not looking to add to your own lists
  387. >Quite a few more thrusts is all you need to find yourself ready to empty yourself once more
  388. >The pace is intense, Trixie resumes moaning heavily, the bed creaks, and you grunt each time her rear clenches down around your length
  389. >The feeling of her warm glove squeezing down on you is all you can take
  390. >With a moan from you, your body ejects all of your reproductive seed into her rectum
  391. >There is no fanfare, and there is no celebration
  392. >The only thing that happens is you let her go, and slowly slide out after you're spent
  393. 15/16
  395. >Taking a moment to breathe, you finally get up off the bed
  396. >Trixie makes no move to get up
  397. >She just lays there exhausted, and it seems the buzz has also taken its toll on her
  398. >That body of hers has nothing left to give, and a light snore begins to make itself known
  399. >Once in the bathroom, you begin to clean your face
  400. >Splashing some water on yourself while holding your head down near the sink is your process
  401. >Satisfied with the cleanliness, you rub your face down with a towel as you look at your reflection
  402. >Staring into the mirror, there's nothing in your mind concerning what happened
  403. >Like you said, it's just another trouble
  404. >Content that your face is fine, you make your way back to bed
  405. >You spare one last look at Trixie before climbing in
  406. >She'll be gone tomorrow, and you'll both have what you wanted
  407. >Will you see her again? Probably not
  408. >That's your last thought as you lay down, cover up, and close your eyes
  409. 16/16
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