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An Introduction to #OpNov5

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Oct 21st, 2012
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  1. An Introduction to #OpNov5
  3. "WELCOME TO Operation Defend Freedom - Operation November 5th
  4. #OpDefendFreedom #OpNov5 #OpIndect #OpTrapwire #OpV #OpVendetta"
  6. What follows is a small quote from a public chat between two Anons regarding the upcoming #OpNov5 , If you dont know what #OpNov5 is, perhaps this will help you and hopefully others understanding very briefly what TrapWire and the NDAA are about and the scope of them.
  8. To chat with us simply visit and enter channel name: #OpNov5
  9. -----------------------
  10. <Spl4sh[anon]> haaaaiii
  11. <Spl4sh[anon]> lets talk bros
  12. <Spl4sh[anon]> pretty quiet in here
  13. <Derpina> proposed subject of aforementioned talk ?
  14. <Spl4sh[anon]> OpNov5th?? maybe? ;)
  15. <Derpina> I dont really know anything about it yet
  16. <Derpina> I joined this channel out of curiosity from the /list , haven't seen any promotional material yet
  17. <Spl4sh[anon]> o reli?
  18. <Derpina> <Anon_Error_> we are working on the videos right now | <Anon_Error_>
  19. <Spl4sh[anon]> there is a pastebin out there somewhere for it
  20. <Spl4sh[anon]> i'll see if i can find it if you like
  21. <Derpina> <Anon_Error_>
  22. <Spl4sh[anon]> ok i just assumed you hadnt seen it because you said you didnt know much about it?
  23. <Derpina> I dont :P and i havent seen anything
  24. <Derpina> i just pulled this links from my window buffer
  25. <Derpina> didnt even click them until now
  26. <Derpina> ended up here
  27. <Derpina>
  28. <Derpina> also this
  29. <Derpina> TheAnonMessage ?@TheAnonMessage
  30. <Derpina> IRC: Channel: #OpNov5 | We need more Anons in the channel. Organize, Mobilize, and Make It Happen. #Anonymous
  31. <Derpina> and this
  32. <Derpina>
  33. <Spl4sh[anon]> ahhhh okay
  34. <Derpina> this seems to be the video of the day
  35. <Derpina>
  36. * Derpina gets up to speed quick
  37. <Spl4sh[anon]> yeahhhh thats the one
  38. <Derpina> Shiny, Piratepads!
  39. <Derpina> North America:
  40. <Derpina> South America:
  41. <Derpina> Europe:
  42. <Derpina> Asia:
  43. <Derpina> Middle East:
  44. <Derpina> Africa:
  45. <Derpina> Australia:
  46. <Spl4sh[anon]> its about INDECT and TRAPWIRE systems
  47. <Spl4sh[anon]> and alot of other things too
  48. <Spl4sh[anon]> there are alot of reasons for it, varied depending on person, acts such as the NDAA are a big issue
  49. <Spl4sh[anon]> And the Monetary system is being prolonged by our governments who have let it bleed our countrys dry.
  50. <Derpina> Is everyone supposed to dress up like Guy Fawkes and storm their local Government Offices ?
  51. <Spl4sh[anon]> The Guy Fawkes mask represents what anonymous see's itself as, for the most part
  52. <Derpina> INDECT is Europe's National Surveillance program ?
  53. <Derpina> And Trapwire is Canada/United States?
  54. <Spl4sh[anon]> we are nameless, faceless people trying to change the way our governments work
  55. <Spl4sh[anon]> yes.
  56. <Spl4sh[anon]> systems already installed, waiting to be turned on. that monitor everything and everyone within the country, constantly.
  57. <Derpina> Like...that show Person of Interest. Where every camera and microphone with a network connections is simultaneously spied on and parsed and flagged in real time
  58. <Spl4sh[anon]> yes
  59. <Spl4sh[anon]> exactly like that.
  60. <Derpina> I definitely saw the parallels
  61. <Spl4sh[anon]> yeah
  62. <Spl4sh[anon]> also the NDAA gives Obama the right to detain anyone they deem to be a threat, anywhere in the world, indefinitely, without even having to let them see their family's ever again
  63. <Spl4sh[anon]> it also gives the us military the right to mobilize on us soil against us citizens under order of the president.
  64. <Derpina> Its also allows for more specific actions against journalists as well does it not ?
  65. <Derpina> I recall an Amber Lyons poster saying 'Fuck the NDAA' or something to that effect
  66. <Spl4sh[anon]> yes
  67. * Derpina locates source
  68. <Spl4sh[anon]> it basically kills real journalism by restricting that they can and cant report on massively
  69. <Spl4sh[anon]> *What
  70. <Derpina>
  71. <Derpina> So sweeping global surveillance is bad, NDAA is more offensively bad. And on Nov. 5th we are going to be doing what about it? :)
  72. <Spl4sh[anon]> we are trying to spread the word and start protests in major citys around the world
  73. * Derpina checks PiratePad
  74. --------------------------
  76. We Are Anonymous
  77. We Are Legion
  78. We Do Not Forgive
  79. We Do Not Forget
  80. Expect Us. Nov 5th
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