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Oct 12th, 2020
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  1. 2b/vo_plffff_1.wav|Let's get going.
  2. 2b/vo_plffff_15.wav|Enough already.
  3. 2b/vo_plffff_24.wav|Ngh!
  4. 2b/vo_plffff_40.wav|9... S...
  5. 2b/vo_plffff_80.wav|I have to heal.
  6. 2b/vo_plffff_87.wav|What's this?
  7. 2b/vo_plffff_99.wav|9... S...
  8. 2b/vo_plffff_111.wav|Better!
  9. 2b/vo_plffff_112.wav|I can't be defeated here!
  10. 2b/vo_plffff_119.wav|Yah!!
  11. 2b/vo_plffff_154.wav|Commencing operation.
  12. 2b/vo_plffff_159.wav|N-no...
  13. 2b/vo_plffff_177.wav|Egh.
  14. 2b/vo_plffff_213.wav|Breaking in.
  15. 2b/vo_plffff_235.wav|We're done here.
  16. 2b/vo_plffff_239.wav|How amateur.
  17. 2b/vo_plffff_277.wav|Bring it on.
  18. 2b/vo_plffff_296.wav|Maybe I can use this.
  19. 2b/vo_plffff_310.wav|Egh!
  20. 2b/vo_plffff_314.wav|Huuuh!
  21. 2b/vo_plffff_323.wav|Is that all they've got?
  22. 2b/vo_plffff_351.wav|Better grab this.
  23. 2b/vo_plffff_360.wav|This looks useful.
  24. 2b/vo_plffff_370.wav|Let's wrap this up quickly.
  25. 2b/vo_plffff_424.wav|What's that?
  26. 2b/vo_plffff_458.wav|Starting to... Fade...
  27. 2b/vo_plffff_467.wav|Vitals declining.
  28. 2b/vo_plffff_499.wav|Next.
  29. 2b/vo_plffff_512.wav|I'll clear this out.
  30. 2b/vo_plffff_560.wav|Go away.
  31. 2b/vo_plffff_562.wav|They just keep on coming.
  32. 2b/vo_plffff_573.wav|Too slow.
  33. 2b/vo_plffff_574.wav|Hm?
  34. 2b/vo_plffff_577.wav|I can't... m-move...
  35. 2b/vo_plffff_592.wav|That was a waste of time!
  36. 2b/vo_plffff_598.wav|Ha... Ngh...
  37. 2b/vo_plffff_609.wav|Enemy located. I'm going to engage.
  38. 2b/vo_plffff_619.wav|Multiple enemies detected.
  39. 2b/vo_plffff_641.wav|Haaaaaaah!
  40. 2b/vo_plffff_668.wav|I better heal up.
  41. 2b/vo_plffff_700.wav|We should hurry.
  42. 2b/vo_plffff_705.wav|Enemy dispatched.
  43. 2b/vo_plffff_709.wav|I'm in trouble here.
  44. 2b/vo_plffff_781.wav|It's hard to breathe.
  45. 2b/vo_plffff_783.wav|9... S...
  46. 2b/vo_plffff_806.wav|Back off already.
  47. 2b/vo_plffff_808.wav|Haaah!?
  48. 2b/vo_plffff_810.wav|Such a hassle.
  49. 2b/vo_plffff_812.wav|I let my guard down...
  50. 2b/vo_plffff_836.wav|Something's here.
  51. 2b/vo_plffff_843.wav|Mission... Failed...
  52. 2b/vo_plffff_850.wav|Great, more junk to carry.
  53. 2b/vo_plffff_857.wav|Target acquired.
  54. 2b/vo_plffff_858.wav|Ready for combat.
  55. 2b/vo_plffff_869.wav|What's that?
  56. 2b/vo_plffff_882.wav|This won't take long.
  57. 2b/vo_plffff_915.wav|N-not like this...
  58. 2b/vo_plffff_928.wav|Not quite.
  59. 2b/vo_plffff_942.wav|Operational integrity critical.
  60. 2b/vo_plffff_988.wav|Ngh.
  61. 2b/vo_plffff_989.wav|That's that.
  62. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_28.wav|Be on alert.
  63. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_29.wav|Back me up.
  64. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_30.wav|Leave it to me!
  65. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_31.wav|Roger.
  66. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_32.wav|Understood.
  67. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_33.wav|Alright.
  68. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_34.wav|Will do.
  69. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_35.wav|On it.
  70. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_36.wav|Okay.
  71. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_37.wav|Take point.
  72. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_38.wav|Be careful here.
  73. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_39.wav|Close in.
  74. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_40.wav|Yup.
  75. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_41.wav|What?
  76. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_42.wav|Uh-huh.
  77. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_43.wav|Right.
  78. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_44.wav|Hn.
  79. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_45.wav|Pod.
  80. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_46.wav|Uh-huh.
  81. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_47.wav|Yeah.
  82. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_48.wav|I see.
  83. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_49.wav|Right.
  84. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_50.wav|What?
  85. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_463.wav|9S!
  86. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_464.wav|9S.
  87. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_465.wav|I see...
  88. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_466.wav|Let's say we go stock up over there?
  89. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_467.wav|Ahn.
  90. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_468.wav|9S.
  91. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_469.wav|Stop calling me ma'am.
  92. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_470.wav|There's no need to be so formal.
  93. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_471.wav|Is there something you forgot?
  94. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_472.wav|Yes, commander.
  95. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_473.wav|Understood.
  96. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_474.wav|Understood.
  97. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_475.wav|Orders are orders.
  98. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_476.wav|Roger.
  99. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_477.wav|Understood.
  100. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_478.wav|These machines are... talking.
  101. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_479.wav|Hmm...
  102. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_480.wav|What's with the weird looking outfits?
  103. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_481.wav|Ahh...
  104. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_482.wav|Ngh.
  105. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_483.wav|Yeah...
  106. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_484.wav|What's that?
  107. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_485.wav|Stay focused.
  108. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_486.wav|These are android bodies.
  109. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_487.wav|What is this?
  110. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_488.wav|Who is this guy?
  111. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_489.wav|What the hell just happened?
  112. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_490.wav|Alright, let's go back.
  113. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_491.wav|No, we should keep fighting.
  114. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_492.wav|Hm, I heard something about that back at the resistance camp.
  115. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_493.wav|Right.
  116. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_494.wav|Hm...
  117. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_495.wav|There's no point trying to work out unsolvable problems.
  118. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_496.wav|What are those?
  119. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_497.wav|What the?
  120. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_498.wav|If these are machines, why aren't they attacking us?
  121. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_499.wav|What's this?
  122. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_500.wav|We need a way through.
  123. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_501.wav|If they aren't hostile, fighting them is a waste of time.
  124. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_502.wav|Yeah.
  125. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_503.wav|What's this? Some kind of crystal?
  126. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_504.wav|A plant cell?
  127. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_505.wav|What the hell?
  128. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_506.wav|Are we seriously being attacked by dead androids?
  129. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_507.wav|Alright, this ends now!
  130. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_508.wav|You got it!
  131. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_509.wav|We have to save those androids!
  132. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_510.wav|Thanks for the assist.
  133. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_511.wav|Oh...
  134. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_512.wav|What is it?
  135. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_513.wav|The machines don't have feelings.
  136. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_514.wav|You said that yourself.
  137. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_515.wav|Hostiles!
  138. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_516.wav|What's with the flag?
  139. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_517.wav|What's that?
  140. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_518.wav|Surrender, huh?
  141. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_519.wav|Huh?
  142. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_520.wav|So why don't the machines or the aliens that created them attack the bunker directly?
  143. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_521.wav|They originally came here from outer space, right?
  144. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_522.wav|They all have white flags.
  145. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_523.wav|Let's follow it.
  146. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_524.wav|Let's go back to Pascal again.
  147. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_525.wav|9S, let's go back and get some data from the machines.
  148. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_526.wav|Fair enough.
  149. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_527.wav|We'll sort it out later, let's go!
  150. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_528.wav|On it.
  151. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_529.wav|Damn it!
  152. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_530.wav|Copy that.
  153. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_531.wav|What is this?
  154. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_532.wav|Guess we'll see once we get there.
  155. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_533.wav|If we're lucky.
  156. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_534.wav|What is this place?
  157. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_535.wav|You!
  158. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_536.wav|Wiped out?
  159. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_537.wav|Why them?
  160. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_538.wav|Assist you with what?
  161. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_539.wav|The aliens were already dead.
  162. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_540.wav|Stop complaining.
  163. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_541.wav|Care to fill me in?
  164. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_542.wav|You again.
  165. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_543.wav|So this has a transporter now, huh?
  166. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_544.wav|That concludes our report on the events surrounding the alien wreckage.
  167. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_545.wav|Of course.
  168. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_546.wav|Understood.
  169. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_547.wav|I'll rest if I feel like it.
  170. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_548.wav|We don't get to choose our assignments.
  171. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_549.wav|And you should work on keeping your opinions in check.
  172. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_550.wav|YoRHa aren't allowed to be emotional, remember?
  173. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_551.wav|I'm heading to the transporter.
  174. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_552.wav|We need to talk.
  175. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_553.wav|Pascal.
  176. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_554.wav|Aside from this village, are there any other machines that are cut off from the network?
  177. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_555.wav|Forest kingdom?
  178. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_556.wav|Where is it?
  179. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_557.wav|No getting through here.
  180. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_558.wav|More meaningless conjecture.
  181. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_559.wav|You're getting distracted!
  182. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_560.wav|Good idea!
  183. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_561.wav|I'm aware of how to fight.
  184. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_562.wav|You just be careful.
  185. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_563.wav|These machines.
  186. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_564.wav|What is with these guys?
  187. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_565.wav|Let's go, 9S.
  188. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_566.wav|Nn...
  189. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_567.wav|She's gone...
  190. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_568.wav|Yeah?
  191. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_569.wav|Alright.
  192. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_570.wav|9S, why did you ask Pascal about A2?
  193. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_571.wav|It's not recommended to interface with machines without consulting command.
  194. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_572.wav|Though I suppose such intense curiosity can be admirable, in its own way.
  195. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_573.wav|Still, machines are the enemy, don't forget it.
  196. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_574.wav|Let's stay sharp and head back to the resistance camp.
  197. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_575.wav|We should run a check on our consciousness data and resupply.
  198. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_576.wav|Seriously?
  199. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_577.wav|Is that what we need to protect?
  200. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_578.wav|Androids don't need to bathe.
  201. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_579.wav|As long as you perform regular cleaning and maintenance, bathing is unnecessary.
  202. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_580.wav|If she didn't order others around, what kind of leader would she be?
  203. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_581.wav|Enemy aerial unit destroyed.
  204. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_582.wav|Reverting back to area recona-
  205. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_583.wav|Didn't I kill that already?
  206. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_584.wav|Is that, a machine?
  207. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_585.wav|Oh, is that all?
  208. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_586.wav|Go ahead.
  209. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_587.wav|So basically, if this thing reaches land, we're screwed.
  210. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_588.wav|Got it.
  211. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_589.wav|Ngh, this thing's armor is too thick. We need more firepower!
  212. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_590.wav|Direct? Oh right!
  213. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_591.wav|Huh...
  214. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_592.wav|What?
  215. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_593.wav|No!
  216. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_594.wav|He has a plan, just hold on!
  217. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_595.wav|On it!
  218. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_596.wav|2B to bunker, come in, over.
  219. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_597.wav|Running system diagnostics. Core functionality appears intact.
  220. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_598.wav|Nevermind that, I need a status report.
  221. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_599.wav|8 hours?
  222. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_600.wav|Where's 9S?
  223. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_601.wav|If you found something, that means he must be alive.
  224. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_602.wav|Put in a request to the commander for immediate approval to begin a search.
  225. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_603.wav|Will do, 2B out.
  226. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_604.wav|Pod, I need you to scan for any nearby black box signals.
  227. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_605.wav|Never heard of it.
  228. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_606.wav|Let's go.
  229. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_607.wav|I'm looking for something called a dynamic scanner that can detect black box signals.
  230. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_608.wav|Yes?
  231. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_609.wav|I need a scanner that can detect faint black box signals.
  232. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_610.wav|No, not really.
  233. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_611.wav|I picked up a response on the scanner.
  234. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_612.wav|Huh, this might be useful.
  235. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_613.wav|Got it.
  236. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_614.wav|It's funny.
  237. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_615.wav|You're oddly chatty today.
  238. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_616.wav|Proposal denied.
  239. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_617.wav|Pod, employ a check module and a logic virus vaccine.
  240. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_618.wav|Easy, I have contacted the bunker. They should be here soon.
  241. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_619.wav|Please, anything will help.
  242. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_620.wav|Thank you, you should stay here until the rescue team arrives.
  243. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_621.wav|9S should have landed around here.
  244. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_622.wav|Wrong route, better go back and see if there's another one.
  245. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_623.wav|Would 9S have made it this far inside?
  246. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_624.wav|Don't care.
  247. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_625.wav|Why are there dead androids here?
  248. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_626.wav|What is this?
  249. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_627.wav|I know, let's move.
  250. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_628.wav|Who built it?
  251. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_629.wav|What's with the corpses?
  252. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_630.wav|You know nothing about humanity!
  253. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_631.wav|Bastard..!
  254. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_632.wav|I know!
  255. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_633.wav|I don't have time for you!
  256. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_634.wav|I need, to find 9S!
  257. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_635.wav|Ughh..!
  258. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_636.wav|Shut up!
  259. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_637.wav|You shut up too!
  260. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_638.wav|Thanks.
  261. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_639.wav|What?
  262. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_640.wav|Mnh...
  263. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_641.wav|Got it!
  264. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_642.wav|This is 2B. Patch me through to the commander.
  265. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_643.wav|What's going to happen to 9S?
  266. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_644.wav|Thank you.
  267. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_645.wav|Understood.
  268. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_646.wav|Analyze current trends among the machines, huh?
  269. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_647.wav|Something tells me this is going to involve a lot of killing.
  270. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_648.wav|Hm, I suppose he might know something.
  271. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_649.wav|Pascal, can you hear me?
  272. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_650.wav|I need to know if you have seen any new trends or behaviors among the machines.
  273. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_651.wav|No kidding?
  274. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_652.wav|If that's what they want, why don't they move in?
  275. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_653.wav|You don't say?
  276. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_654.wav|Please.
  277. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_655.wav|Sounds good.
  278. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_656.wav|Even you?
  279. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_657.wav|It certainly does.
  280. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_658.wav|So why are you still here?
  281. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_659.wav|Appreciated.
  282. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_660.wav|Damn it!
  283. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_661.wav|Less talk, more running!
  284. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_662.wav|2B to bunker!
  285. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_663.wav|The connection's too unstable to use the transporter.
  286. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_664.wav|We've had a run in with hostile machines in the abandoned factory.
  287. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_665.wav|We need an immediate escape route!
  288. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_666.wav|Loop a distress signal.
  289. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_667.wav|Damn it!
  290. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_668.wav|We're locked in!
  291. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_669.wav|Ugh..!
  292. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_670.wav|9S!?
  293. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_671.wav|Appreciated.
  294. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_672.wav|Oh, now what?
  295. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_673.wav|9S!
  296. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_674.wav|That goliath we just encountered.
  297. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_675.wav|Do it!
  298. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_676.wav|Will do.
  299. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_677.wav|Alright.
  300. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_678.wav|Thanks.
  301. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_679.wav|No thanks.
  302. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_680.wav|I'm heading back to the resistance camp.
  303. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_681.wav|What about you?
  304. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_682.wav|I see.
  305. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_683.wav|Say again? I'm not receiving.
  306. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_684.wav|Let's move.
  307. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_685.wav|Why are their numbers increasing like this?
  308. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_686.wav|Try contacting the bunker via laser relay system.
  309. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_687.wav|The machine lifeforms are getting more violent.
  310. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_688.wav|Let's get to the resistance camp, now.
  311. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_689.wav|You okay?
  312. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_690.wav|There are still enemies here. We can't just leave!
  313. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_691.wav|Got it. You get the other androids out of here.
  314. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_692.wav|What's going on here?
  315. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_693.wav|Huh?
  316. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_694.wav|You again?
  317. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_695.wav|This is never going to end.
  318. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_696.wav|I'm fine.
  319. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_697.wav|Let's take this bastard down.
  320. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_698.wav|We need to get back.
  321. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_699.wav|Let's get to the village.
  322. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_700.wav|Shit!
  323. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_701.wav|Let's take these guys out first.
  324. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_702.wav|What happened here?
  325. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_703.wav|If we destroy this presiding unit, will it stop the rest?
  326. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_704.wav|Pod, I need you to locate Eve's current position.
  327. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_705.wav|We'll take care of Eve.
  328. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_706.wav|What is this?
  329. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_707.wav|On it!
  330. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_708.wav|He's absorbing the lifeforece of whatever's left on the network.
  331. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_709.wav|On it!
  332. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_710.wav|9S!
  333. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_711.wav|Protecting unit 9S, while he hacks the system!
  334. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_712.wav|Shut up!
  335. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_713.wav|If 9S says he can do it, then he will!
  336. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_714.wav|Nngh... Ugh!
  337. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_715.wav|9S, take him down! Ngh.
  338. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_716.wav|No...
  339. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_717.wav|But you'll lose you, the you that exists at this very moment.
  340. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_718.wav|9S...
  341. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_719.wav|Will do.
  342. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_720.wav|I will, and thanks.
  343. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_749.wav|No...
  344. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_750.wav|Wait, what?
  345. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_751.wav|Attack functions aren't working!
  346. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_752.wav|Do it!
  347. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_753.wav|Pod, report our status to command!
  348. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_754.wav|God damn it!
  349. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_755.wav|Got it!
  350. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_756.wav|Pod, send an emergency distress signal to command!
  351. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_757.wav|Pod!
  352. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_758.wav|Damn it, they're still jamming us?
  353. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_759.wav|Shit, what happened to the bunker?
  354. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_760.wav|I can't keep doing this forever!
  355. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_761.wav|Sounds good.
  356. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_762.wav|Are you done yet?
  357. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_763.wav|We have to report back to command.
  358. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_764.wav|Commander!
  359. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_765.wav|We're telling you, YoRHa has gone berserk!
  360. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_766.wav|That's not the operator, it's--
  361. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_767.wav|They're still, conscious.
  362. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_768.wav|Egh..!
  363. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_769.wav|Commander, the bunker is lost!
  364. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_770.wav|We have to evacuate!
  365. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_771.wav|I don't know!
  366. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_772.wav|Commander, we need to get some flight units from the hangar and get out of here!
  367. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_773.wav|Commander...
  368. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_774.wav|But 9S can hack into your systems and--
  369. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_775.wav|...
  370. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_776.wav|Commander...
  371. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_777.wav|Hostiles?
  372. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_778.wav|It's YoRHa!
  373. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_779.wav|Nn.. ngh!
  374. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_780.wav|Alright, enough of this shit.
  375. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_781.wav|9S, I need to take over your controls!
  376. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_782.wav|I'm getting us out of here!
  377. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_783.wav|Stealth function released!
  378. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_784.wav|Gotta find a way to land this thing.
  379. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_785.wav|God damn it.
  380. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_786.wav|Remove the contamination and reset.
  381. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_787.wav|Nngh!
  382. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_788.wav|Bunker's gone, there's no point in backing up anyway.
  383. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_789.wav|Ngh! Ugh! Ugh...
  384. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_790.wav|9... S...
  385. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_791.wav|My body has... Ngh!
  386. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_792.wav|Ngh! Haa.. Haa...
  387. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_793.wav|I can't, eliminate, the virus!
  388. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_794.wav|I have to keep it, from spreading to, other androids!
  389. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_795.wav|Pod, give me a location that's low on android signals.
  390. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_796.wav|You don't say? Ngh.
  391. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_797.wav|Almost... There!
  392. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_798.wav|A... 2... Ugh..!
  393. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_799.wav|It's just a statue.
  394. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_800.wav|It moved!
  395. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_801.wav|What was that?
  396. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_802.wav|What?
  397. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_803.wav|That's certainly one way to put it.
  398. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_804.wav|Maybe you should ask him.
  399. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_805.wav|Who knows?
  400. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_806.wav|Maybe you should ask him.
  401. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_807.wav|We can't seem to locate the required material.
  402. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_808.wav|Hm?
  403. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_809.wav|So destroy it.
  404. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_810.wav|I remember seeing large two-legged machines in the desert.
  405. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_811.wav|Finding this stuff is proving tougher than I'd hoped.
  406. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_812.wav|Let's look around.
  407. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_813.wav|You know, I'm still unsure any of this is a good idea.
  408. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_814.wav|Did you learn anything from the factory data?
  409. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_815.wav|We know we can find pristine screws on big bipedal machines, but what about large gears?
  410. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_816.wav|There's still a lot about machines that we don't understand.
  411. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_817.wav|Gather as much data as you can, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.
  412. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_818.wav|Right, let's go take out some small fry.
  413. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_819.wav|We still don't have what we need.
  414. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_820.wav|Surely just a little damage won't hurt.
  415. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_821.wav|We're no different.
  416. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_822.wav|We've destroyed machines beyond counting.
  417. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_823.wav|Perhaps someone sees that as a sin.
  418. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_824.wav|No idea.
  419. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_825.wav|Your scientific curiosity is getting out of hand, 9S.
  420. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_826.wav|Over there.
  421. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_827.wav|We should leave before more enemies arrive.
  422. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_828.wav|You got me.
  423. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_829.wav|I'm on it!
  424. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_830.wav|We must have lost him somewhere.
  425. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_831.wav|Oh, that's unfortunate.
  426. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_832.wav|Nice shack.
  427. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_833.wav|So we're vets now? That's new.
  428. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_834.wav|I assume you have at least some idea where to start looking for animal medication.
  429. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_835.wav|We have no right to judge.
  430. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_836.wav|We're soldiers that were created to kill.
  431. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_837.wav|Is that?
  432. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_838.wav|I've been thinking about the machine who was leading that pack.
  433. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_839.wav|It seemed less like imitation and more like actual animal behavior.
  434. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_840.wav|Perhaps?
  435. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_841.wav|Yeah...
  436. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_842.wav|I suppose.
  437. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_843.wav|Indeed.
  438. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_844.wav|Maybe.
  439. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_845.wav|Got it.
  440. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_846.wav|Right, let's get her back to Pascal's village.
  441. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_847.wav|9S, where's the girl?
  442. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_848.wav|Don't know, don't care.
  443. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_849.wav|Huh? You're the chatty one, work it out.
  444. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_850.wav|Hnnh.
  445. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_851.wav|Yep.
  446. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_852.wav|The resistance is a valuable ally to YoRHa.
  447. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_853.wav|By helping them we also help ourselves.
  448. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_854.wav|So no, I don't think they are a pain.
  449. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_855.wav|Look! A corpse.
  450. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_856.wav|Let's bring this back to her friend.
  451. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_857.wav|She wants intel on A2, does she? Where should we start?
  452. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_858.wav|Look!
  453. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_859.wav|Pod, help me out here.
  454. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_860.wav|What's the data?
  455. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_861.wav|Why do a bunch of machines have A2's data?
  456. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_862.wav|Pod, analyze and collate the information from those chips.
  457. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_863.wav|No kidding.
  458. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_864.wav|Some things just aren't easy to talk about.
  459. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_865.wav|Especially for a soldier who has been fighting that long.
  460. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_866.wav|9S, you...
  461. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_867.wav|You might understand yourself someday.
  462. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_868.wav|Well, aren't we generous?
  463. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_869.wav|All this help for no personal gain? I know she's pretty, but...
  464. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_870.wav|Whatever.
  465. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_871.wav|Gifts are such a useless ritual.
  466. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_872.wav|It's rude to give a person something without their permission. What if they don't want it?
  467. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_873.wav|Feelings are prohibited.
  468. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_874.wav|One affirmation will suffice.
  469. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_875.wav|Stay alert, she could be our killer.
  470. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_876.wav|Let's ask that guy over there.
  471. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_877.wav|Let's go talk to her.
  472. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_878.wav|Uh.
  473. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_879.wav|Some things are better left unknown.
  474. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_880.wav|9S!
  475. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_881.wav|Pod, analyse this machine.
  476. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_882.wav|Call it professional curiosity,
  477. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_883.wav|Are you saying this thing wanted revenge?
  478. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_884.wav|I guess the weaker one lost.
  479. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_885.wav|It's the truth, she has to know.
  480. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_886.wav|Mhh.
  481. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_887.wav|Understood.
  482. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_888.wav|2B to operator 6O. Material hand over complete.
  483. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_889.wav|How do you know all this?
  484. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_890.wav|2B here.
  485. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_891.wav|Understood.
  486. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_892.wav|Yeah.
  487. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_893.wav|I have some information about that commander.
  488. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_894.wav|The access point went offline because machine lifeforms were jamming it.
  489. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_895.wav|Understood.
  490. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_896.wav|I read you operator, go ahead.
  491. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_897.wav|Will do.
  492. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_898.wav|Understood.
  493. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_899.wav|Is that all of them?
  494. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_900.wav|Let's check this thing out.
  495. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_901.wav|I don't see any damage.
  496. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_902.wav|This is YoRHa unit 2B, connect me to bunker unit 6O.
  497. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_903.wav|The transporter was being jammed by machine lifeforms. It should be working now.
  498. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_904.wav|Roger.
  499. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_905.wav|I see.
  500. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_906.wav|Pod?
  501. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_907.wav|I didn't say anything yet.
  502. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_908.wav|That's right.
  503. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_909.wav|You think?
  504. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_910.wav|Alright.
  505. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_911.wav|Pod, take a photograph of the desert rose and send it to operator 6O.
  506. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_912.wav|2B here, go ahead.
  507. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_913.wav|Some yes, I've seen lillies, cherry blossoms, daffodils and even lunar tears.
  508. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_914.wav|I'll try to send more if I can.
  509. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_915.wav|Machines attacking indiscriminantly.
  510. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_916.wav|Agreed.
  511. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_917.wav|Watch out! They're still alive!
  512. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_918.wav|What's it saying?
  513. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_919.wav|What was with that thing?
  514. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_920.wav|They'll find out in the end.
  515. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_921.wav|And so will we.
  516. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_922.wav|A lunar tear?
  517. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_923.wav|Are you remembering something?
  518. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_924.wav|Uh.
  519. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_925.wav|Where are we?
  520. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_926.wav|Emil, what is this place?
  521. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_927.wav|Interesting...
  522. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_928.wav|Hm?
  523. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_929.wav|Nn... Thank you.
  524. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_930.wav|Everyone has memories that are precious for one reason or another.
  525. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_931.wav|It's not for us to judge their value.
  526. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_932.wav|They're important to her. That's all we need to know.
  527. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_933.wav|Huh? That's new.
  528. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_934.wav|Engaging! Pod, analyze the enemy.
  529. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_935.wav|Haven't I fought this thing before?
  530. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_936.wav|Understood.
  531. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_937.wav|Engaging enemy.
  532. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_938.wav|Brother? So there's another one?
  533. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_939.wav|There's another one of those strange machines.
  534. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_940.wav|Roger.
  535. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_941.wav|A machine seeking revenge for its family?
  536. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_942.wav|How absurd.
  537. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_943.wav|That's a YoRHa unit.
  538. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_944.wav|So this is where you landed.
  539. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_945.wav|Pod, can you access her black box?
  540. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_946.wav|Hmm..?
  541. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_947.wav|She was planning to go AWOL.
  542. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_948.wav|I'll bring this weapon back to 16D in the bunker.
  543. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_949.wav|Hm, don't need this.
  544. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_950.wav|So it's junk, basically?
  545. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_951.wav|Makes sense.
  546. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_952.wav|A library? Must be that long narrow room.
  547. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_953.wav|What's this?
  548. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_954.wav|Some kind of writing?
  549. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_955.wav|Is this the treasure?
  550. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_956.wav|Pod? Scan this bio code and run a positional search.
  551. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_957.wav|Got it.
  552. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_958.wav|Don't ask me.
  553. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_959.wav|That should be enough deer and boar meet. Let's get it back to the trader.
  554. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_960.wav|Nnn...
  555. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_961.wav|They're from YoRHa?
  556. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_962.wav|You're both currently wanted by command for desertion. Disengage and surrender immediately.
  557. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_963.wav|Ngh!
  558. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_964.wav|...
  559. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_965.wav|Let's find out.
  560. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_966.wav|Let's go.
  561. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_967.wav|We're here to fight, that's all.
  562. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_968.wav|Relics from the old world, eh?
  563. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_969.wav|Enemies?
  564. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_970.wav|These enemies.
  565. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_971.wav|Explain.
  566. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_972.wav|Warfare was... entertainment?
  567. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_973.wav|Understood.
  568. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_974.wav|Oh?
  569. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_975.wav|A YoRHa only chip?
  570. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_976.wav|Roger.
  571. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_977.wav|Chips with classified data, is it?
  572. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_978.wav|You mean, stamp it?
  573. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_979.wav|Easy for you to say.
  574. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_980.wav|Deluxe, huh?
  575. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_981.wav|What do you mean?
  576. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_982.wav|Emil sure is acting odd.
  577. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_983.wav|Pod!
  578. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_984.wav|Nice work!
  579. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_985.wav|Are these? Emil?
  580. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_986.wav|Emil!
  581. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_987.wav|Ngh, what?
  582. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_988.wav|What--?
  583. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_989.wav|Damn it!
  584. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_990.wav|Sound advice!
  585. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_991.wav|No!
  586. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_992.wav|Enough!
  587. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_993.wav|Eughhh!
  588. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_994.wav|Emil...
  589. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_995.wav|You'll be alright. We can repair you.
  590. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_996.wav|Emil?
  591. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_997.wav|Is this, a pod?
  592. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_998.wav|Why was it abandoned?
  593. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_999.wav|Pod, reactivate it for me. If it's usable, try to overwrite the original owner with my ID.
  594. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1000.wav|I caught a pod?
  595. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1001.wav|Pod, reset it and try to overwrite the original owner ID.
  596. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1002.wav|Yes?
  597. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1003.wav|Oh.
  598. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1004.wav|Of?
  599. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1005.wav|I'm good.
  600. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1006.wav|What?
  601. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1007.wav|9S works just fine.
  602. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1008.wav|Roger that nine--s.
  603. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1009.wav|Roger that 9S.
  604. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1010.wav|Cut the chatter and engage the enemy.
  605. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1011.wav|No complaining about your work.
  606. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1012.wav|Exchanging information with the resistance is a vital part of our mission.
  607. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1013.wav|Beside, being a gofer is safer than being locked in combat all the time.
  608. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1014.wav|Not dying beats dying, any day.
  609. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1015.wav|A general idea is good enough.
  610. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1016.wav|This is 2B, nothing to report.
  611. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1017.wav|It's fine. Does that question have anything to do with our operation?
  612. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1018.wav|Feeling nice has no bearing on completing missions.
  613. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1019.wav|2B here. What's wrong?
  614. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1020.wav|I am definitely not the person to discuss this with.
  615. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1021.wav|You leaving would be bad for me. It would affect mission efficiency.
  616. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1022.wav|All model B combat units require the assistance of an operator.
  617. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1023.wav|So...
  618. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1024.wav|That's all. Closing this channel.
  619. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1025.wav|This is 2B. Nothing to report.
  620. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1026.wav|Flowers?
  621. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1027.wav|Don't need it.
  622. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1028.wav|I don't need to hear about--
  623. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1029.wav|*sigh*
  624. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1030.wav|Nh, this is YoRHa unit 2B.
  625. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1031.wav|If anyone is listening to this, there is something I need you to do.
  626. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1032.wav|If you ever meet up with YoRHa unit 9S,
  627. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1033.wav|I want him... I mean.
  628. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1034.wav|I'm sorry. Please just give him the following message:
  629. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1035.wav|9S... The time I was able to spend with you... Ngh...
  630. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1036.wav|It was like, ngh... Memories of pure light.
  631. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1037.wav|Thank you... Nines.
  632. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1038.wav|2B here.
  633. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1039.wav|Understood.
  634. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1040.wav|We don't need such things.
  635. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1041.wav|A t-shirt?
  636. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1042.wav|Hmm...
  637. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1043.wav|When that day comes, I'm all for it.
  638. 2b/vo_plffff_0_000_1044.wav|Yep.
  639. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_6.wav|Everything that lives is designed to end.
  640. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_7.wav|We are perpetually trapped.
  641. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_8.wav|In a never ending spiral of life and death.
  642. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_9.wav|Is this a curse?
  643. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_10.wav|Or some kind of punishment?
  644. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_11.wav|I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle.
  645. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_12.wav|And wonder if we'll ever have the chance to kill him.
  646. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_13.wav|2B here. All units have penetrated the stratosphere.
  647. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_14.wav|Autopilot systems green across the board.
  648. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_15.wav|We've passed the 50 km threshold and are proceeding toward the target.
  649. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_16.wav|Understood.
  650. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_17.wav|12H down.
  651. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_18.wav|All units, activate manual mode and rely on visuals to evade.
  652. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_19.wav|Requesting permission to engage.
  653. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_20.wav|1D down. Assuming captain's duties.
  654. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_21.wav|Multiple surrounding enemy air units confirmed. Requesting permission to assume mobile configuration.
  655. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_22.wav|4B down.
  656. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_23.wav|2B to operator 6O.
  657. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_24.wav|All allied units down.
  658. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_25.wav|The operation is compromised. Awaiting further orders.
  659. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_26.wav|Understood.
  660. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_27.wav|Ugh.
  661. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_28.wav|9S.
  662. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_29.wav|Thank you.
  663. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_30.wav|For uploading my data to the bunker.
  664. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_31.wav|I see.
  665. 2b/vo_plffff_1_000_32.wav|I'm fine, 9S. There's something about your voice that calms me.
  666. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_0.wav|Is that our target?
  667. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_1.wav|You don't say?
  668. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_2.wav|Copy that.
  669. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_3.wav|No, just another defensive system.
  670. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_4.wav|Alright, I'll work my way inside from the ground.
  671. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_5.wav|I know.
  672. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_6.wav|What is it?
  673. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_7.wav|Do it!
  674. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_8.wav|So open it!
  675. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_9.wav|Nothing's ever easy.
  676. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_10.wav|Why?
  677. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_11.wav|Emotions are prohibited.
  678. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_12.wav|And another thing:
  679. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_13.wav|Stop calling me ma'am.
  680. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_14.wav|It's unnecessary.
  681. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_15.wav|This place sure is big.
  682. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_16.wav|So if we don't destroy it, they'll just keep coming.
  683. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_17.wav|What?
  684. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_18.wav|That city...
  685. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_19.wav|No!
  686. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_20.wav|Is that?
  687. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_21.wav|I surveyed the entire factory, but couldn't find anything resembling our target.
  688. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_22.wav|Hmm.
  689. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_23.wav|I wouldn't bet on that.
  690. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_24.wav|Doesn't matter, I will just take him out.
  691. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_25.wav|This is the target. I'm going to destroy it.
  692. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_26.wav|9S!
  693. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_27.wav|I'm going after him!
  694. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_28.wav|Send a support request to command.
  695. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_29.wav|I have to help 9S!
  696. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_30.wav|It talks? I didn't know the machines had that kind of intelligence.
  697. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_31.wav|I told you to shut up!
  698. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_32.wav|Seize its control system!
  699. 2b/vo_plffff_2_000_33.wav|Got it!
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