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Dadonequus Discord Part 298

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  1. >The three of you return to the party.
  2. >Hopefully, Twilight and Fluttershy understood what it meant to drop the subject entirely.
  3. >Because it donned on you that it meant not talking about it with Chrysalis, as to not rouse her suspicion entirely. At worst, she'll come after you to try to learn why things didn't escalate as planned.
  4. >But as you all returned to the room. You see, what first interests you, Discord speaking to the CMC. Hrnn, you could guess the CMC were probably interested in asking Discord a few details you haven't told them. or how things are on the other side of the dimensional border. You'd think they'd try to stay away from him. But given how events have gone, their curiousness probably piqued enough for them to go ask questions.
  5. >Fluttershy noticed it, but she didn't comment. She still looked so worried. Twilight had noticed as well and gave her a smile "Come on Fluttershy, it's going to be ok. It's nothing to worry about. By tomorrow, I promise, everything will be fine. Besides..." Twilight nudges her head towards Pinkie, who was busy setting up more snacks on the snack table "If you don't chin up now, Pinkie is gonna get worried...and you know how she gets when one of us looks sad."
  6. >"I do...I don't want her to be sad too. Ok, I think I can do this" Fluttershy sits up right, and gathers up all her positive aura and attitude "Just enjoy the party, and don't talk about what happened. Got it!"
  7. >You look back at Fluttershy when you realized she was still having issues. But dammit, there was something else that caught your eye. Lyra was with Chrysalis....you couldn't get a good view due to the other ponies in the way but...this worried you just as much as when she was with Twilight.
  8. >You smile at her and nod
  9. "That's the way Aunt Fluttershy, there's nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. in fact, watch me go...over there..so I too..can..mingle and have fun"
  11. >You had to get over there, you took a few steps to see if Fluttershy had anything more to say without going too far out.
  12. >She did of course.
  13. >"I believe you Anon, it's just...you know me" Fluttershy sighs, and looks towards Rainbow Dash and Applejack "Maybe a little practicing will help me get my mind off things. Rainbow Dash looks like she could use a little help"
  14. >Twilight stood by her side as she followed Fluttershy to the where Rainbow Dash and Applejack were. So now..it was up to you.
  15. >You proceeded to weave through the mingling ponies, as you drew closer to Lyra and Chrysalis. You could see small yet visible signs of Chrysalis cringing. She didn't look comfortable at all. Lyra however, looked like she was having a blast, she was talking near nonstop.
  16. >And as she spoke, other ponies started to crowd in to join on the conversation. Which is technically normal, given it was a party for Chrysalis.
  17. >But where was Bonbon?
  18. >You decided to make a detour. As you changed your path. You noticed ...Spoiled Rich..huh...she was by the snack table..what was she doing? She was alone at the moment.
  19. >You ducked around the other side of the table and went under the draping sheets. When you popped your head out from the other side and looked up. You could see her sneaking snacks into the frog of her hoof and putting it close to her mouth. No doubt eating it. Why was she hiding eating snacks? She didn't look to comfortable being here at all actually. eh, maybe it just wasn't high class enough for her. But she was doing it anyway because she was asked to or she's doing it for DT. which, considering who she is, is a nice enough gesture.
  20. >You duck your head back under the table and exit the other side as you resume your search. It didn't take long for you to finally notice Bonbon next to a bookcase, hiding herself next to a bunch of potted plants.
  22. >You walk over to her. Despite being alone. she seemed busy, speaking to herself. or rather, a small microphone...what was she up to?
  23. "Bonbon?"
  24. >Bonbon didn't hear you. It seemed she was busy giving instructions "Remember Lyra, she's very very cunning and is going to try to get out of there any way she can. Keep up the conversation with easy to understand small talk and some recent news."
  25. "..Hey, Bonbon..what's up?"
  26. >"And...huh?" Bonbon taps her ear, then looks at you in surprise "Anon? what are you doing here?"
  27. >....wut?
  28. "Uhm..it's a party?"
  29. >"No, I mean here here, right next to me here. We're busy helping you out using this" She points to her earpiece "you said you wanted bug breath to see the nicer side of ponies and our good will? Well, that's what Lyra is doing. She's much better at it than I am."
  30. "Yeah but...what exactly are you doing to help then? I'm not saying you're not helping or anything. I'm just curious"
  31. >Bonbon looked around and pulled the potted plant beside you to conceal herself better "I'm helping her stay focused and keep at it with any topics I can come up with. I know that Chrysalis has hypnotic abilities, she may try to use them to avoid everypony"
  32. "oh...well, she does have those abilities. But, it's really really weak when she's not at home. That pony form she has is forced after all, and it makes her pretty weak. even her hypnosis thing is just a subtle mind bend."
  33. >"Hrn..subtle, but can still be used. Anon, let me ask you something. Are you sure you can really reform her? Because this, what's happening now, what we're doing, even the fact the princesses know. This would have never flown before" Bonbon was clearly uncomfortable with the current situation. But despite that. She was still giving it her all.
  34. >You nod, confident that it can work.
  35. "I'm sure, there was another Chrysalis in that dimension I visited. She was reformed. And since she was, I'm sure this one can be reformed too"
  37. >"Anon, that's terribly naive. But what do I know, I didn't even know ponies were capable of hopping through other dimensions. And...Woah woah, Lyra. Don't dig in too much. If we annoy her too much, she'll not only want to leave. She'll have a good reason too." Bonbon sighed as she relaxed back a bit "...This is so weird."
  38. >You move over and sit next to Bonbon, raising your ear to try to catch on to what Lyra and Chrysalis was talking about
  39. "So, is this anything like the work you usually do Bonbon?"
  40. >"Sorta, I mostly dealt with dangerous magical creatures. But standard training taught me to be ready for anything. Besides, stuff like this is easy to do. these mics are all standard issue stuff I've had for a long time" BonBon said as she kept listening in.
  41. "That's actually really cool. So, uhh..mind if I listen in?"
  42. >"Sure" Bonbon said as she brought her head closer so you could listen in on the conversation.
  43. >"...So, have you ever watched a hoofball game before? Their pretty exciting"
  44. >".....Ern, I don't think I have. But, perhaps you'd like to talk to a pony who has? I'm sure you'd have a lot to talk about"
  45. >"What? Nah, if you've never seen it then maybe we can plan a trip together to go and see one. Trust me, their wicked fun!"
  46. >"...yes but, I am...but..a delicate flower. such terribly brutal games aren't the kind I wish to see"
  47. >"You don't have to talk all fancy y'know. this is a party. Come ooonnnn. You can come with me and by bestie. It'll be a blast"
  48. >"I'll blast you you...erm...ahrm..it sounds like a blast. But truly, it's not for me"
  49. >"What "is" for you?"
  50. >"...nothing you'd like, I'm sure"
  51. >"Try me"
  52. >"...perhaps another time"
  53. >"Yeah, another time is fine..just...what do you want to do when that time comes?"
  54. >".....do you like jumping off cliffs?"
  55. >"You mean like basejumping?"
  56. >"...sure....that"
  57. >"Cool, I'm down for that. how about next week?"
  58. >"N-next week? I didn't agree to anything"
  59. >"But you just said "Sure" "
  60. >"...I didn't...uhm..."
  62. >"Soooooo, what day should we go basejumping?"
  63. >"........."
  64. >"C'mon, I'm down for next week. I promise it'll be fun."
  65. >"......."
  67. >"PINK NIGHTMA- er...Pinkie Pie, what a pleasure to see you. Quick, do you have anything you'd like to do that isn't here that maybe I could do by my own maybe?"
  68. >"Alone? But it's a party.."
  69. >"Oh Oh, I know. I meant something that didn't require...hmm, something that...hrnn..What I mean is, is there something I can do to enjoy the party but not think too much. All these topics are making me feel a little heavy headed."
  70. >"Sure! I was about to do this whole speech thingy where you're SUPER officially welcomed to Ponyville. and then we were gonna really turn up the music!"
  71. >"Ok, so can I just stand behind you while you do that?"
  72. >"Sure! Do you also want to speak a few words to everypony?"
  73. >".......yes....yes I'd like to do that. You say we'll be dancing afterwards? Good, that's perfect."
  74. >".......Bonbon....I didn't clench the deal"
  75. >"Drat!" Bonbon grabbed her mic and threw it on the ground in rage "That timing was too perfect!"
  76. >Ponk....dammit.
  77. "It'll be fine, thanks Bonbon for at least trying. And Lyra too"
  78. >"...yeah, well. if she's going to be up there. You should go up there too. just in case." Bonbon advises you as she quickly picks up her mic and hides it.
  79. "Gotcha. Wish me luck"
  80. >"Good luck" Bonbon gives you a quick salute
  81. >You head over to the small stage Pinkie had set up at the side of the room. Vinyl had set up at the side of it. Blasting a normal beat. But as Pinkie looked at her and nodded. Vinyl eased it down as Pinkie pulled out a mic.
  82. >But before she could even start speaking. She notices you heading up the stage. She gives you a huge happy smile "Hey Nonny! Did you come to make a speech too?"
  83. "Err, yeah. That's exactly it"
  85. >...you now had to think of something. But what, you didn't actually think this all the way through.
  86. >"Cool! you two should figure out who'll talk first while I really bring in the feel good feelings" Pinkie spun the mic along her hoof and tossed it up, caught it, and began to speak "HEYA EVERYPONY! YA'LL HAVING FUN!?"
  87. >Given the crowd's reaction, it was a resounding yes.
  88. >Chrysalis herself wasn't paying too much attention as she moved close to you and whispered "....I'm surprised you didn't run away, Didn't the purple monster chew you out?"
  89. >You scoff at her with a light smug chuckle
  90. "She did, but you forget that this is a party. You leave bad will and ill tidings at the door. We're here to have fun and make merry...remember?"
  91. >Chrysalis grumbled at you just for using those words "What do you think this is? Hearth's warming? Leave that drivel where it belongs. We all know you're not innocent...you're not here for fun. You're here to try to reform me. Keep an eye on me...a changeling you hide from those you say you care about"
  92. "That's because I care about them and you and don't want there to be any trouble. So deal with it. The least you can do is enjoy the party and actually mingle for ONE NIGHT. Are you telling me the queen of the changelings can't handle a little socializing?"
  93. >"Not with these degenerates. They are annoying and simpleminded. And that green one expected me to go basejumping with her. I already know the thrill of flight, and even then. My car is fifty times, no, a thousand times more enjoyable than anything a pony can suggest"
  94. "You mean the car I gave you?"
  96. >"That you owed me, yes, that car. I don't know why Twilight didn't drill into you as much as I thought she would. But just know that the night is FAR from over. I still have one or two things I can do to show you how terrible ponies are"
  97. "And you know what? Every single one of these ponies have something to show. that having friends and being good can have much better benefits than being an evil loner. You should have said yes to that green pony. You may have had fun. Hell, if you wanted. you could have been all cocky about it and make it a contest. I'm sure you would have loved to show her how it's done and then maybe share a drink afterwards."
  98. >".....disgusting"
  99. "Ok...would you basejump with me then?"
  100. >"Perhaps...would we be able to toss down sludge at the hapless passerbys beneath us?"
  101. "....no"
  102. >"Then most likely no. But if it's any consolation, I wouldn't join anypony else for it at all."
  103. "Y'know...Discord would actually like that. and I'm sure that maybe theirs a few prankster ponies about who'd do that, just not with sludge. Maybe eggs...not sludge"
  104. >"Discord is an incompetent boob who's given up on world conquest. And as I said, ponies are insufferable simpletons. They'd be all good will and nice about it. It's terrible. I wouldn't have any fun at all."
  105. "You would if you at least tried"
  106. >"Only with you...and only with sludge. the kind that makes the skin itchy. The kind that makes the skin break into bumps"
  107. "You're a sadist, you know that?"
  108. >"I try. so then, you don't want to budge, hrn?"
  109. "Same to you. You don't even want to try. At least I actually dealt with Twilight. You don't even want to try at all"
  110. >"Because ponies, as I said a million times, are a terrible thing. They need somepony such as myself to rule them."
  111. "And you need me to make it happen..."
  113. >"You, or some inexplicable way of getting to my hive without being obliterated. But don't fret, given the latter. I'd still let you into my hive. You'd just not have the full benefits as you would just giving in and helping me"
  114. "Heh, that's not a very good motivator anyway. I'm not helping you subjugate the pony race."
  115. >"And I'm not giving in..."
  116. >"And now! A speech from the super awesome siblings who found each other through the power of love,friendship, and preseva...presevere...presun...staying the course!" Pinkie called out, then turned as she held out the mic to the both of you "So who's going first? Nymy, or Nonny?"
  117. >You both stop your conversation quickly and stare at the mic. Shit..you didn't even think of what'd you say!
  118. >"I think my brother should speak first. He so does look like he has many things to say" Chrysalis gives you a love tap to the cheek with her muzzle "Right?"
  119. "E-erm..maybe you should go first sis"
  120. >"Hrm..maybe. But I don't want you to feel as if I'd never give you any opportunities. As your older sister, it is up to me to show you just how much I truly love and appreciate you, so miss Pinkie. Could you please give him the microphone?" Chrysalis was being subtle with that smug grin. She could already tell you had nothing.
  121. "But, it is her party? Isn't it? I want to hear what she has first."
  122. >"Yes, it is a party for me. So, I would guess that it'd be my decision to say who goes first. And that first would be you Anon"
  123. "But..."
  125. >Pinkie holds the mic towards you as she grins "Sorry Nonny, looks like you're going first. She's right. Her party, her say. But don't worry, I'm sure whatever you have to say. Everypony is going to love! So don't be shy, you're the hero colt, I know you got a lot more spunk than that." She gives you an encouraging hoofpump "I know you got this. So get out there, and show everypony your super speech skillage!" She gives you the mic and gives you a gentle push forward as a spotlight falls on you.
  126. >...god fucking dammit.
  127. >All eyes were on you now...
  128. "Hello everypony..."
  129. >They all say hello to you.
  130. >Ok, that's some progress.
  131. "How are you all doing?"
  132. >They all reply that they are doing great
  133. >...ok...more progress
  134. ">...come on Anon, think. The spotlight is on you. You have to show an act of goodwill.
  135. >You look around...and notice Discord in the far back. not even paying attention. Good...maybe you can use him.
  136. "I'd...I'd like to say something. I've been the son of chaos for a while now. I've been a citizen to Ponyville for the same amount of time. But most importantly, I've been friends with many of you. and It makes me happy that you all have accepted me as on of your own. But...hey, this isn't about me really is it? It's about my sister. Who is loving, caring, she makes me feel as if there's no wrong in the world whatsoever"
  137. >Another spotlight comes down on Chrysalis, which prompts her to smile and wave.
  138. "But, it makes me think. There's one individual. One, who is in this very room. That without him. This wouldn't be possible. I know a lot of you don't like him. Or are afraid of him....but, I think he's more deserving to give a speech than I am. Because without him....I would just be a lonely colt trapped in a infintium of sadness. He's the most important guy to me. You know him, you love him. Dad! Why don't you come and say a few words, huh? I think you deserve the rightful recognition you deserve for being the best dad ever!"
  140. >A spotlight then hits Discord, who was busy picking his nose. When he noticed all eyes were on him. He quickly pulled his talon out and warped onto the stage. bent over, and whispered to you as he smiled to the crowd. "You could have waited until I was done doing important work"
  141. >You whispered back
  142. "what, digging for gold?"
  143. >"Digging for lunch actually. I've been on a bit of a "garbage" taste lately. So then, what are you on about?"
  144. "What does it look like? I'm giving you the mic while praising you. I wanted everypony, now that their gathered up, to see you as the greatest dad a pony like me could ever have"
  145. >at first, he didn't seem too interested
  146. "Also you'll impress Fluttershy"
  147. >Discord stopped, and audibly choked up for a moment as his eyes glistened. "Really?"
  148. "Yep...."
  149. >You drop the mic onto his open paw
  150. "Get em tiger"
  151. >You step back as you smirk at Chrysalis
  152. "See? See what a simple gesture can do? Not only does it produce the food you need. But, it just feels nice to make somepony happy."
  153. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes "Or I can place them all in a cocoon and trap them in a sweet dream. A dream I'd never have to see, but could feast upon it's fruit"
  154. >.....creepy as fuck
  155. ".......do you have a counter to everything?"
  156. >"Only when it comes to proving you wrong. Besides, are you going to tell me being trapped in a realm of dreams is a terrible thing? I'm sure the moon princess would agree that it would be nice...of course" She chuckles evilly "It's not like she'd have a choice anyway"
  157. "Is being evil...like...a fetish to you?"
  158. >"It just feels nice Anon. I won't tease you this time since we're in public. So I'll just let you know. The things I enjoy? would utterly destroy you mentally....oops" Chrysalis brings her hoof to her mouth cutely "I suppose that is teasing a little. leaves something for the imagination to wonder about, doesn't it?"
  159. >....it...did make you wonder what she meant.
  161. "..egh...whatever"
  163. >You were starting to feel like this wasn't actually working. The night was still young. But dammit. not even close to budging. You just had to keep at it.
  164. >"Hello friends!" Discord grins as he pins the mic about. "I'm so happy we're having this party" Discord snaps his talons. dragging Chrysalis over as he picks her up and hugs her to his side. You could already hear her sudden yelp as she was pulled.
  165. >...you wanted this and not wanted this. You hoped Discord didn't go too far. Pissing her off would undo any work you may have done. But dammit, she deserves a good trouncing at this point. Just to put her in her place.
  166. >"My adopted daughter here, sooo cute" He gives her a pinch on the cheek and kisses it, making her struggle to escape even more "She has had a rather rough life, indeed. She pretty much has been treated like an insignificant bug!" He squeezes her tightly and then puts her down as she pats her head. "But now? Now we're all celebrating. Celebrating on the simple fact that she's here with us." Discord starts walking left and right across the stage, sneakily keeping her in place with his magic "It's a bit fearful, I know. Me as a father? I'm sure some of you have your doubts. But if my son, the hero colt himself, is any indication. I'd say I'm doing a fine fine job. Especially since Fluttershy, an element of harmony, seems to think so. Yes, that's right. And....and" He smirks as a halo appears above his head "I can say this...All I wish is to be a family guy. To raise my new children right. And while I have, as some has heard, been teaching my son the way of chaos. My daughter here is a bit too dainty for such a thing. Dainty, cuddly, emotional, and much much too soft for it" The way he says those words, he makes sure to emphasize each one. "So all I can do is wish and hope and lead on the best I can to bring her to a happy life."
  168. >Discord sighs, as the lights dim, and the hue of everything turns blue "But alas, I make mistakes sometimes...ohhhhh" He leans on her, his back stretched across her as he laments. She was trying to keep a normal expression, but she was twitching, twitching with rage. "And when I make a mistake...ahh, the princess of friendship makes me feel like such a terrible failure"
  169. >......
  170. >You slam your hoof on your face. Goddddddammmiiittt Discord.
  171. >You could see Twilight make a sour face at him as he "lamented" on this fact.
  172. >"But, she does mean well of course. I can't fault her for that. But Ponyville....I must ask. Do you think I'm doing a good job? Think hard" He grins a big arrogant toothy grin "Remember, the "Hero Colt" is my son"
  173. >you could hear the crowd murmuring and whispering, trying to come up with a decision.
  174. >"I believe you have been doing a good job, Mr.Discord" That voice....was vaguely familiar. It was a side pony you couldn't even remember if you ran into yet.
  175. >Mayor Mare stepped up on stage. Yeaaaaahhh, you can't really remember meeting her at all. Which was weird since the portal door's first setting dropped you off near town hall.
  176. >"Ahh, Mayor Mare. a pleasure...." Discord holds the mic over to her "Here, I do believe you wish to say some kind words correct? I'm pretty much done anyway and I do so would loooove to hear what you have to say"
  177. >Woah, yeah. This could be your first official meeting with her.
  178. >also, this could be beneficial. Discord didn't go too far aside from a few pokes and prods.
  179. >"I do, thank you Mr. Discord" She takes the mic, and prepares to speak
  181. >"Hello Everypony..Oh" Mayor Mare gives a light chuckle as Discord himself teleports near Fluttershy to sit and watch with her.
  182. >She walks over to Chrysalis, who was now just realizing she was free to move, but just sat there and gave a fake smile as Mayor Mare Approached.
  183. >"I almost forgot, before I speak. Anon, can you step here next to your sister?" Mayor Mare asks.
  184. >You nod...good. Now you could stick by her in case she tries anything.
  185. "Yes ma'am"
  186. >She nods with that half eye slitted, sweet smile. Looking at her up close. For an old mare, she was still....doable. "Thank you, and Mr.Discord..can y-oh" She notices he already vanished back into the crowd. "Well, I suppose that's alright. I can give him his medal late-"
  187. >Discord immediately teleports back, hovering above the three of you with a big smile "Did I hear the word. Medal? As in, a medal that shows just how great I am? hmmm?"
  188. >"In a sense, I wanted to present the entire family with a medal. There's a lot to praise and..oh!" Mayor Mare giggled as Fluttershy appeared next to you and Nymous with a snap of Discord's talons.
  189. >"U-Ummm...hi?" Fluttershy smiles sheepishly, feeling shy as she waved. "Umm..Discord?"
  190. >"Don't worry Miss Fluttershy. As I was saying, I wanted to use this opportunity to commemorate your family for everything you all have done. Anon may have stopped foalnappers,griffons, Saving another universe, and from what I understand, even had a hoof in the banishment of the changelings. Though of course, our princesses definitely deserve praise for that for braving the wilderness to get that done.I feel that you all deserve some recognition as well. For it's very very unheard of for a pony so young to do so many great things. A young mare who braved the world to find her family. A being of chaos whose heart had warmed up to be able to take in one who was lost. And of course, an element of harmony who no doubt keeps it altogether." Mayor Mare went up to Fluttershy first.
  192. >She pulled out a box that had four medals. Fluttershy's was a golden butterfly with a small red heart on it. Mayor Mare held it up to her, making her back up a little. "Is something wrong?" Mayor Mare asked.
  193. >"...well..no" Fluttershy rubbed at her own shoulder, nervous about the whole thing "It's just so sudden."
  194. >Discord could sense his friend was buckling under the sudden pressure. In his mind..well, aside from wanting to show up Twilight. As usual. He actually had caring thoughts in his head. He wanted to be there for Fluttershy, and actually try to keep on with your objective. As much of an asshole he was. He couldn't let Fluttershy down. And you? You were his wingman. So it only seems natural to him at this point to help out when he actually felt like it.
  195. >He plucks the medal and pins it on Fluttershy's chest "Excuse me, but let's just plant the medal and move on to me please. We don't need the theatrics. Besides" Discord shrugs with a grin "We already know Fluttershy is the most amazing fully grown pony in the room. Nymous is just about grown, but seeing as she isn't. She would be my best daughter. And for Foal...well, that's between Twilight and Anon here." Discord grabs the mic and tries to make a joke "I'm sure everypony noticed that they both tend to wig out often, am I right?"
  196. >...crickets...well...not even crickets.
  197. >"......right" Discord looked pretty disheartened that his joke didn't go through. But, he was internally smiling. the attention was away from Fluttershy. And despite her looking a little displeased. She was at least not nervous.
  199. >"Ahrm..well, yes. erm. Moving on...." Mayor Mare then moves on to Discord, pulling out a medal with jagged edges randomly placed. "Mr.Discord, you have shown so much improvement since you first became a pseudo resident of Ponyville. Becoming a fine father and raising a brave colt..and now a beautiful and young mare. It takes a lot of responsibility to be a father. And for you to have raised a hero at such a young age. Well, such exploits cannot be unrewarded. So, without further ado. Mr.Discord, I present you with a medal best representing you're phenomenal yet chaotic fathering practices." Mayor Mare plants the medal on Discord. And..he doesn't crack a joke. or do something silly. instead..
  200. >"Ahh, thank you Mayor Mare. You're too kind" He bows, being very polite.
  201. >He just didn't want to cause any problems for Fluttershy.
  202. >...but then you started to have thoughts on yourself.
  203. >Did you want this medal?
  204. >It'd be nice. But you were working hard not to look too much like a huge hero. Because everytime you gave in. everytime you got too cocky. Everyone else would pile on you, wanting a piece of you.
  205. >But if you accept the medal. Fluttershy would probably feel proud. and you'd have at least a memento to show off to your kids if you do end up being hitched to Diamo-..oh shit.
  206. >You scanned the room with your eyes.
  207. >And there she was, her eyes glued on you as Mayor Mare approached you.
  208. >You could see Spoiled Rich whispering to her husband as well as they both looked upon you.
  209. >...ahh fuck.
  210. >There was no way you couldn't accept it now. If you didn't, you'd look like a shmuck in front of the riches. And you'd disappoint Diamond.
  213. >Mayor Mare then moves on to you, holding out a medal that shone a bright gold. in the shape of a circle with a star in the center, straight edged wings spreading out from both sides of the medal. "Anon, this medal represents your bravery, honesty, and heroism in the face of danger. You are a young colt that faces down danger not for yourself, but to protect your loved ones, your friends, and indeed...all of Equestria, no matter what Equestria that may be. Though, I must admit, it does seem irresponsible for a colt to do such things. It would appear that chaos, while being beyond us all, can in fact be used for the betterment of pony kind. And with that, I present you with this medal symbolizing that heroism." She gently plants it on your chest.
  214. >You accepted it...oy..you accepted it. And after doing so, the applause came. It felt great and terrible at the same time.
  215. >At least Diamond looked pleased. She was smiling so wide, she was looking at you like you were some unobtainable god....despite you already being hers....ehhh..thinking of it that way was kinda....oy.
  216. >But you did do it. It's done. And....as you looked to your right towards Fluttershy, she was looking back at you with happy tears in her eyes.
  217. >Fluttershy...
  218. >Mayor Mare then moved on to Chrysalis...here we go
  219. >Chrysalis so far, was acting the part, looking proud and all.
  220. >Mayor Mare took out a medal that was a plain red heat made of a gem. almost like the cutie mark that Chrysalis herself had. "Nymous, although you haven't been here long. Your tale of how you came to our town touched my heart. And the heart of everypony here really. Such bravery, such heart. Well, I suppose that is why the medal I present to you is in the shape of one. You worked very hard to get here Nymous, and I think your inspiring adventure to find your brother is worthy of this medal." Mayor Mare gently pinned the medal onto Chrysalis's chest.
  222. >"Mayor Mare, if I may. I'd like to say a few words" Chrysalis said in a kind and rather inspired voice.
  223. >......wut?
  224. >Not only you, but Discord as well looked to Chrysalis with varying amounts of worry. Fluttershy just looked on with a smile of starry tears. wondering what she could want to say.
  225. >"Of course." Mayor Mare stepped aside as Chrysalis stepped forward towards the crowd.
  226. >You actually started to sweat. You couldn't say anything standing so publically. but your mind was screaming.
  227. >"I'd like to thank everypony for this wonderful award. And this beautiful show of good will. It inspires me, really it does. That is why I have a request." Chrysalis looks back at you with a cruel smirk, then back to the crowd looking all sisterly and nice "My brother, my loving brother, I know his sweetheart is among the crowd. Can I please have a spotlight on dear dear Diamond Tiara?"
  228. >And just as sudden as she said it. a spotlight fell upon Diamond. She gasped, and wondered what was going on with wonderment as the rest of the crowd gave her room.
  229. >There was no wonder here,only death.
  230. >"N-nymous?" Diamond said in a quiet voice, in a trance like state just from being called.
  231. >"Yes my dear. You are needed for the request I'll make. And that request? It would fill my heart with joy, if we had a romantic song played so that you..." She then looks back at you with a pleasant smile "And my brother could share a dance together. I feel kind of bad that this party is all for me. And with all the things brought in to make it spectacular, I thought it would be nice to have it shared among you and him. This would be alright...wouldn't it?"
  232. >..........
  233. >...........
  234. >Your mind went blank as every pony unanimously agreed it'd be a nice idea.
  235. >Diamond was excited and immediately ran to her parents to ask if she could.
  237. >"Daddy, Mother..can I..Can i..CAN I?!" She was hopping about all spritely and cutely.
  238. >"Ahrm, Diamond Tiara, you're in public! I will not have you hop-" Spoiled Rich was about to tell her to calm down, that she was embarrassing herself, but then Filthy cuts in as he pats his daughter's head.
  239. >"Of course you can sweetheart."
  240. >"EEEEEEEEEE!THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" Diamond Tiara span about, hugged both Spoiled and Filthy, and ran up to get on the stage.
  241. >Spoiled rich just planted her hoof to her forehead and shook her head "You don't think she could have been a little less embarrassing about it?"
  242. >"Come on Darlin'" Filthy gives his wife a gentle nudge "Are you telling me you don't want to see are little princess happy?"
  243. >"......" Spoiled Rich sighed "She better be happy, if he missteps even once I'll make sure to throw him into the best dance school money can buy. I swear it"
  244. >That fucking bitch....
  245. >Chrysalis passed by you, carefully whispering so only you can hear "Good luck my dear brother, no help this time. And once they see you fail. You'll not only have crushed your lovers heart. But you'll be seen as the silly colt who made his marefriend cry. It's a shame I had to sacrifice her...but. I need this victory...oh so badly.....good luck" Chrysalis hopped off stage as spotlights hit both you and Diamond as she climbed up the small steps to get to you
  246. >You look at Discord, pale white.
  247. "W-what do I do..help"
  248. >You whisper to him.
  249. >He doesn't say a word. All he does it tap at one of his horn, gives you a wink, and walks off with Fluttershy to observe the show.
  250. >His horn
  251. >....The horn.
  253. >Hhehehehehe...oohhhh...this is good. So what if you didn't have her hypnotic ability to get you through this. You had your horn. And with the horn..you can cheat.
  254. >Oh yes...you hid your smirk. But you could see the surprise on her face when she realizes she failed. Ahh, to have such power truly was the best.
  256. >And y'know? You would make sure to make this dance legendary A dance of elegance and poise. So much so that you'd show up even that princely prick version of yourself. Even if he couldn't see it. You could live knowing that he'll never have the power to outdo this.
  257. >Yeah, as Diamond drew near. Confidence filled your very veins as you calmed yourself and faced her encroachment with a gentle smile.
  258. >When she finally got up to you. She was blushing, and suddenly felt a little shy. "Anon..a-are you really going to dance with me? I-in front of all these ponies?"
  259. >You take her right hoof, raise it, and give it a kiss as you look to her with a cavalier's grin. "I would dance with you for any reason my dear. Any reason to grace you with the art of the dance, to grace our onlookers...it is in fact, an honor and a pleasure"
  260. >"o-ohhh...." she couldn't respond.
  261. >You looked down at the crowd as Chrysalis took position, the rest of the crowd finding the whole scene sickly sweet.
  262. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes, awaiting your "inevitable" defeat.
  263. >Meanwhile, a beautiful, long maned grey pony steps over to Vinyl. bringing along her cello as she mutters "Finally, a moment to add a little class."
  264. >When she steps over to Vinyl, she gives her a nod "You wouldn't mind providing the rest of the orchestra, would you?"
  265. >Vinyl shrugged, and pulled out a very very dusty and old record and blew on it before putting it on her turn table as Octavia readied herself to play.
  266. "It looks like it's about to start...diamond, my dear Diamond."
  267. >You take your horn and place it on your head as you give her a bow
  268. "I promise to make this dance a truly magical and unforgettable experience"
  269. >you say this to her, but you gave a glance to Chrysalis.
  271. >Chrysalis mouth was agape, she never EVER guessed or even considered you had another charge. In her head, she was now wondering if she was being rused the whole time if you could use the horn more than once. First the door, now this?!..in her mind, at this moment, she couldn't figure out what was going on.
  272. >You were fine with this. You couldn't think of a time where you felt you were in total control the whole way. She can't beat you. And for once, with suggestion from Discord, you were on top. It was...kind of delicious.
  273. >Yeah, even as she looked at Discord with a quick vicious glare. He caught on fast enough to just wave at her, and throw her a kiss. She was pissed. Good, now maybe she'll come to understand that being a prick is wrong.
  274. >As the music starts, you cast your spell to make the dance oh so magical. First thing's first. You slowly stand upright like a human and take Diamond by the hoof, and start dancing rhythmically along with the waltz. Your focus never leaving Diamond, your eyes never looking away from hers.
  275. >She gave a surprised yelp when you pulled her up to dance along with you, but as you lead her along with your sudden expert skill in dancing. She became entranced once more. "A-Anon, y-you're so much better than last time..a-and we just started." She was so into you, she didn't even realize you were getting help from the horn.
  276. "Ahh my dear"
  277. >You spoke in the tone that a prince would speak to his princess.
  278. "For you, everything must be perfect...now come along, and join me on our journey of dance"
  279. >You lean close to her, even over her and then pull back as you change directions.
  280. >"P-perfect?...Anon..." She brought her head close as you guided her along "Why are you so nice to me? Sometimes I think back to how awful I treated you when I first met you and..."
  282. >You gave her a quick peck to stop her from speaking as you lead her into a small spin, then gazed upon her eyes, slowing your dance for a moment in tune with the music.
  283. "And..you needn't worry. That was only the past when we did not understand who we were. In fact, my princess, without those circumstances happening. we would not be together now."
  284. >Meanwhile, while this was going on. Filthy, who was first ok with this. was starting to sweat in worry. "hrn, ya don't think this is a little much do you?"
  285. >Spoiled scoffs at him as she looks on "You're the one who went all in without discussing things with her first. Besides, if he's the one then he's the one. At least he has class, nopony else in this castle is capable of dancing like that, not even Princess Twilight."
  286. >It was then Filthy, who planted his hoof to his forehead "I really hope I didn't jump the barn on this one"
  287. >As you continued to dance, Diamond sighed, feeling a bit of regret about her own haste to dance with you. "yeah...I just wish it was the future...we're dancing in front of everypony. But, we're not even married yet or have our own kingdom."
  288. >As you slowly step along with her in a gentle spin then turn. You gave her a sweet arrogant smirk
  289. "Maybe so, but can we not be prince and princess still?"
  290. >God you felt your dialogue was cheesy..but hey..it worked.
  291. >"....but we're not..." she sighs
  292. "....no?....why don't you take a look again."
  293. >She was confused by those words, but when she looked at you with her confusion. She noticed you wearing a princely shirt, red in color, adorned with a yellow sash and with a white undershirt. You also had a crown on. There was also mirrors magically placed along and around the stage. as you danced close to them. Diamond could see herself in a beautiful red flowing dress. Her small tiara replaced with a beautiful gem encrusted crown.
  295. >She was near speechless "A-Anon..h-how..."
  296. "Shhh, no questions my princess. Just dance along with me, I will keep you safe and I will love you always."
  297. >Chrysalis couldn't believe it.
  298. >"Good, isn't he?"
  299. >She looked to her left, Discord with sitting next to her, enjoying the show...on Chrysalis's face.
  300. >"....You gave him unlimited power just to one up me? Are you a fool? Have you not seen what happens when he has so much power?" She scowls
  301. >Discord shrugs "I have, he gets a little too..hrn...what do they keep saying? "High...and Mighty" " Discord snickers "I'm surprised you care"
  302. >"I do when you're interfering in OUR game" Chrysalis keeps from growling or raising her voice, the ponies around her were all fixated on the dance.
  303. >"A game to determine who buckles under the pressures of good and evil? That game? A particular game that doesn't seem to have either budging?...eh, so booooring. Watching you writhe when you realize you've already lost is so much more fun" Discord was doing his best just to keep from bursting in laughter.
  304. >"You're such a nuisance..." She muttered as she went back to looking at the dance
  305. >"I know, it's so good to be one too, but I wonder Chryssy. Despite him one upping you, you seem to be fixated on that adorable little waltz. Anything in particular catch your fancy?" Discord asks, actually enjoying the fact that you and Diamond seem so happy.
  306. >She hesitates for a moment, then answers with a sigh "Only that he could have all this and more if he just chose to join my side. And yet he chooses not to...I just don't understand"
  308. >"It's because he has other friends he doesn't wish to betray. A very very hard lesson to learn. Oh yes....quite the lesson indeed..." Discord didn't sound jovial at all when he said this, he sounded serious, as if recalling a painful memory."And besides, he's not betraying you by not helping you. Since you're still friends and you really have nothing better to do at this point than either sit around or walk about Ponyville"
  309. >"No thanks to you..." She nearly growled, but kept herself in check "I will never see what he likes about these goody two shoe idiots."
  310. >"Some of them can be pleasing to the spirit Chryssy my gal.Not all of them, but enough of them.Either way, it doesn't really matter, You're stuck as a pony and as my daughter until something...well...ridiculous happens. But I doubt THAT will ever happen." Discord shrugs with a confident grin.
  311. >Chrysalis was disgusted by those very words "ugh, you're such a pitiful idiot. I've always succeeded before Discord, and I will succeed again. I'm not like that failed version of myself. I am...Q-sdfmd" Chrysalis is hushed as Discord puts a paw over her mouth.
  312. >"Let's not get over excited shall we? Other ponies are present" He smirked at her.
  313. >Chrysalis pulled away and mumbled to herself. She was angry, so angry she nearly spilled out a secret she couldn't let anyone know. "....what a terrible night to have a curse..."
  314. >She then looked up to you, the dance, still feeling aggravation of being defeated. But she also sensed something else, a powerful arrogance emanating off of you. It made her think. Of what? even she couldn't figure it out yet.
  316. >The dance resumed, Diamond enamored at this point, she didn't think it couldn't get any better. "My prince...you're...so wonderful. It's just like a beautiful dream"
  317. >She was tearing up at this moment. It really was like a dream. Each expertly guided step, each twirl, each close hug and movement felt like an eternity of love. She couldn't get enough.
  318. "A dream you say? No..I don't think it is...not yet"
  319. >Oh hohohoh, if this didn't top anything. nothing would.
  320. >"N-not yet?..what do you mean?" She was brimming with curiousness, she didn't know how this could get any better.
  321. >But as the music picked up, you started leading a little more aggressively as you used the same charge that gave you this grace, and the clothes, to do something else.
  322. "Look around my dear princess...."
  323. >She did, and when she did. she could see clouds all about. she looked down, and she saw that you both were rising into the air as the crowd disappeared into a sea of sky and clouds. each step leaving golden sparks that drifted downwards.
  324. >Of course, this was an illusion..though you both were stepping up higher as if on invisible steps. That was real.
  325. >The crowd could only see you both rise, with the sky being transparant and the sparks being bright as they lit the room.
  326. >At first, Diamond felt a tinge of fright as she hugged close to you "A-anon! W-we're! We're!?"
  327. "Shhhhh"
  328. >You gently rubbed your hoof across her mane and held her close as you continued to dance.
  329. "I will never let you go...our dance? It will be a dance in which even the kingdoms of old will never be able to match as the stars themselves look upon us with envy"
  331. >The illusionary sky started to become filled with shooting stars. What was fright became pure bliss as she was wowed by it all. "I never...I never knew you could do all this.."
  332. "For you my princess, I'd do anything. I just want you to be happy..."
  333. >And that did it, she was now lost in the romance. And nuzzled close, almost barely losing her rhythm. But your own magically enhanced skills keeping it all together.
  334. >The dance, the music, the magic. it captivated everyone in the room, just as it captivated her heart.
  335. >As the music drew to a close. You and Diamond slowly descended as the illusions slowly vanished.
  336. >And right at the end, you leaned over her, looked into her glossy lost eyes, and go to give her a three second kiss on the lips.
  337. >However, both your focus is immediately lost, missing your kissing oppurtunity when fireworks start bursting above you as the crowd begins to cheer.
  338. >You look down at Discord, who gave you a thumbs up with his paws as his talons each shot it's own type of rocket or firework above the stage.
  339. >The crowd was just completely amazed.
  340. >And Diamond Tiara, she nuzzled into you, smiling the whole way.
  341. >She was blushing, still lost in the magical moment.
  342. >Though, the noise of applause was getting her out of it little by little. But, the lasting effect was enough for her to kiss you on the cheek and whisper "I love you..forever" as she smiled and hopped down on stage to talk with her parents to tell them just how magical it all felt.
  343. >the horn plopped off your head as you stood there, in your own daze. You really went all out there.
  344. >you put your hoof to your heart...it really was romantic...wasn't it?
  345. >The entire crowd was cheering and clapping. Stomping their hooves on the ground with glee.
  346. >Except for Chrysalis, who just faked a smile as she slowly clapped her hooves together.
  347. >...what a moment indeed.
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