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Nov 8th, 2019
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  1. [12:54 AM]
  2. scratchh:
  3. hey, thanks for adding me to talk. I think you already know why ive added you, but I do also want to discuss some stuff with you that ive heard from other players, and id like to clear up whatever misconceptions you have about me. you can ask me whatever you want ill be truthful about it.I also want to say I've done what you've asked of me, (atleast what you told boxcar). I contacted stephanie and wrote her a private and personal apology on my behalf inside of TFTV DM's. To which I added YumYum to contact her so she knows i sent her it. She acknowledged it on twitter.
  5. [12:54 AM]
  7. to twitter i go
  8. was it in twitter dms?
  9. can you send me the message if so?
  11. [12:55 AM]
  12. scratchh:
  13. nonono it was on tftv
  14. yes i can
  15. she just posted on twitter that she got a dm or something
  16. boxcar showed me it
  18. [12:55 AM]
  20. i mean her acknowldgement
  22. [12:55 AM]
  23. scratchh:
  24. oh
  25. yeah let me scroll up in boxcars chat and try and find it
  28. [12:56 AM]
  30. I don't care about seeing it, I care about her accepting the apology
  31. Did she say anything back?
  33. [12:57 AM]
  34. scratchh:
  35. as far as I know she hasnt, I said at the end if shes willing to talk it out with me she can respond to the DM, but she never did
  36. Since thats really my only way of communicating with her as it stands
  37. I also want to say I havent done anything malicious in any way to her or any streamers in recent times, It's usually been people in our discord doing it but I've never joined them in doing it because i havent been talking to them as much to begin with, Usually i just hang out in a mumble with a few people like lolguy, aestro, and yoona.
  38. That furry pound stuff was all my friends, and I wasnt in any communication with them when i joined the server, I was talking to lolguy in our mumble and playing with him since he was in the server, and I wasnt trying to purposely focus her in any way, but I was choosing to taunt whenever I did kill her. I apologized about that in the DM aswell because I realize it still upset her. I didnt even know she was in the server until I connected and played
  39. animus told me that he told you I was moving as of recent and havent been playing much besides ringing and I havent been talking to much of my "circlejerk" which is also true. I moved from florida to west virginia
  40. as far as I know my friends have been trolling/sniping Yight, Alfa, b4nny, and occasionally stephanie. and I havent contributed or helped them in any way what so ever I only know this because its a discord server and I can see all the clips and what not they're posting
  41. I dont know if they've done it to anyone else
  42. If you want to know anything you can ask but I've been truthful in every statement here.
  45. You should take this time to consider who your friends are and what type of shit you're willing to sit by and watch them do
  46. You know it's wrong, don't you?
  47. It's not hard to make new friends if you're worried about that
  48. Or you're worried that they may some mean things about you
  49. Which just leads back to why you value being around them
  50. I'm sorry scratchh, but when I read things like this all I see is you name dropping people and you're just upset of being caught and you finally decided you wanted to play the game again and now you want to come get the ban out
  51. I'm not trying to look down on you, sorry
  52. I've been in your shoes before
  54. [1:07 AM]
  55. scratchh:
  56. I've already limited my communications as I said previously, because I've realized this entire situation is just going to wrap around my own name and people are going to blame me for the shit that happens
  58. [1:07 AM]
  60. Then get rid of them entirely honestly
  61. They are not good people according to what I'm reading
  63. [1:07 AM]
  64. scratchh:
  65. I'm not trying to purposely name drop anybody, im just being truthful to you as to whos been being affected by people stream sniping
  66. No they arent, they are volatile people and i understand that
  67. hence why ive been hanging out with an entirely different group of people 90% of the time
  70. But you still help them enable their behaviour 10% of the time
  71. If you want to prove you changed TO ME you know what to do
  72. But that's just for personal satisfaction
  73. If stephanie says it's all right I will unban you
  75. [1:09 AM]
  76. scratchh:
  77. Why do you think I help them enable their behaviour?
  79. [1:09 AM]
  81. Even being around them and being silent is the same thing as enabling them
  82. If you truly think it's wrong, you would try to stop them from doing bad things if you're their friend wouldn't you?
  84. [1:10 AM]
  85. scratchh:
  86. I've told them before that I didnt want to get involved with anything their doing, because I realize its a fucked up thing. but me telling them to stop isnt going to stop the 4-5 people doing this shit, they think its entertaining and will continue doing it with or without me
  87. even if I completely wipe my friendslist they will continue to be assholes to people
  88. They have always been even before I knew who they were
  89. People call it the scratchh circlejerk because my name is the most prominent of everyones there, I dont own them by any means nor do I even have power in the discord they hang out with
  91. But hey if you got rid of them
  92. That proves you don’t wanna be associated right?
  94. [1:13 AM]
  95. scratchh:
  96. Yes, that is a good point, but a lot of them still are mostly good people (animus, shuckle, etc etc) and I'm not willing to dump my friendships with these people ive grown with as a person. Dont get me wrong though, I know who you're referring to when you say this, and I will happily remove them off my steam and anything else and further not contact them
  98. [1:13 AM]
  100. Then you should do that
  101. Friends are like you know
  102. People
  103. Their own people
  104. Just because you aren't in a circlejerk doesn't mean you can't be friends with individuals from there
  105. And you should probably pass the same logic to those people then
  106. Because they are just as enabling as you are
  108. [1:16 AM]
  109. scratchh:
  110. thats a fair point and I agree, I'll get rid of the volatile ones. but if you want me to further prove myself and get stephanies approval, I once again cant really contact her and I'm not going to send a tftv dm saying to please accept the apology because that is begging and pretty cringe. If I can ask one thing of you. I would like you to bring what I've said to you and show it to stephanie and talk to her on my behalf
  111. because I dont think theres really any way I can get this info to her on my own
  112. and I dont want to sound like im bribing her by any means, but if she wants, she can have my tradable unusual from the exploit that happened recently as a final seal. Think of it as a reperations payment for the shit ive done to her in the past? Its up to her to accept it or not but im completely willing to if thats what it'll take.
  113. It's not anything fancy but if it'll help her in any way to gain some sort of trust from me then so be it im completely fine with her having it
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