kunori - Episode 19 Commentary (SAO II)

Oct 6th, 2018
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  3. The 24th floor has a laidback design, huh. The next floor has a particularly dangerous atmosphere and was a source of trauma for Kirito, Asuna, and the rest, destroying half of the clearing group back in SAO, but in New Aincrad, (cont.)
  4. exceptionally strong bosses are every 10 floors, so the 25th wasn't all that. The 30th floor was terrifying instead, but with that rule change from old SAO, any mighty boss will be downed eventually, however long it takes.
  6. The difference in sensation upon ending full-dive's represented well, huh. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to get up for a while…
  8. There's an integrated environment control from Rect in Asuna's room, so adjusting the AC or lights is just a touch away.
  9. I thought it was futuristic when I wrote it in the web version, but homes controlled via smartphones are now common enough, and capable of that much..
  11. The OP's totally Mother's Rosario from this time round. Adachi-san gave me a peek at the freshly-made storyboard when I intruded on A-1, and the power he injected into it was oozing out!
  13. Every cut here is to invoke a "so that's that…!" as you watch the anime, so please watch it over and over again, and remember it all! I've done it 50 times myself! Next goal, 100!
  15. The song's "courage" from Tomatsu Haruka-san like in Caliber, but it's strange how a different impression's conveyed… The CD's coming soon on 3rd Dec, so please show your support there, too…!
  17. Sada-san's the housekeeper. Never seen a housekeeper in real life, so this conversation's entirely fictitious. I did think they would be more candid in reality, though…
  19. Dining hugee! Table massivee! Indirect illumination's dimm!
  21. Asuna's mama, Yuuki Kyouka, makes her debut here. She's an economics professor at a particular major university. She sure looks severe at first sight… still, there's always a teacher like this around…
  23. Kyouko-san's voice actress! That's right, she's that Hayashibara Megumi! There was a certain air of tension beyond the glass during the recording!
  25. Hayashibara-san asked many questions about Asuna mama never covered in the books, let alone the script, and just how deeply she delved into her character was firmly conveyed through the studio's speakers.
  27. By this point, Kyouko-san looks unapproachable enough, seemingly thinking more about herself than her daughter with her speech, but do watch on and see if that changes.
  29. Be it about schoolwork or full-dive, she does have a point… It's been close to a decade since I wrote this on my homepage, but it sure does give a different impression watching it now.
  31. The school Kirito and such attend includes compulsory counselling sessions, and prescribes hospital visits and medication, too. Asuna, Lisbeth, and so on do realize it's a form of surveillance, but they refrain from discussing that topic.
  33. This 《Yuuya-kun》's the one talking with Asuna in her flashback in episode 18. It's a marriage meeting, but of course, Asuna had no such intention.
  35. Kyouko-mama comes from a rice farming family in Miyagi. Her parents have already departed for the next world, with their assists sold. Her origins are complicated, having faced adversity from the main Yuuki family due to her background.
  37. Asuna thinks that "Kirito holds the same strength in the real as in SAO", but Kirito's suffering (on a worse degree) inside as well. It's still far before that comes to light, though…
  39. It's nostalgic, seeing this composition of Asuna standing beside Kirito, taking his afternoon nap. Well, she's not peeved this time, though, heh.
  41. Though that does bug me somehow…
  43. A black rabbit! More ingredients, def! Thank goodness Kirito didn't try hunting it by reflex, lol.
  45. Asuna's question about Zekken was
  46. "So she's an addict?"
  47. in the web version, but that seemed too far, so I edited it to
  48. "So she's addicted to the game?",
  49. but the anime went a step further with
  50. "So she's a heavy user?", hehe.
  52. Kirito's reaction when Liz and the rest came… that suave reaction…! That's unforgivable, now…
  54. Zekken-san debuts! Looking fairly different from in Asuna's imagination…! V!
  56. I love Asuna's echo-infused "jii~" line, lol. I want to clip it out and use it for something! (Something…?)
  58. Voicing Zekken, a.k.a. Yuuki, is Aoi Yuuki! It came up during "Kiriko's Room", too, but we didn't cast her because they're both Yuuki! (naturally)
  60. Yuuki's personality's bright, strong, and somewhat ephemeral; Yuuki-san portrayed those nuances perfectly. Her strength's a thing to watch in this episode!
  62. I thought abec-san's asymmetrical character designs were done well, and all the more so for Yuuki's design. I love her metal neck protector and the accent on her skirt. And those slits.
  64. The standard rules in ALO duels allow for magic and items in a fight between swordsmen, and that's the default, so they're just confirming here.
  66. In SAO, the only real choice is the 《First Blood Mode》 with the victor decided after the first clean hit, but the 《HP to Zero Mode》 fight-to-the-death's the norm in ALO.
  68. Still, dying still means you need to be revived or return to a save point, so it's common resigning when things look hopeless. Eugene's a true man, fighting to his death, in season one! Though he was revived by his enemy, Sakuya, lol.
  70. Yuuki's completely at ease during their first exchange. If Asuna slipped up, that'd have been a clean hit on her chest.
  72. This battle scene's storyboard is from Shikama Takahiro-san who was in charge of the first season's action, too! I can sense the velocity and drag in their movements…
  74. Also, Konno Yasuyuki-san was stickler for the sound effects and acoustics in this swordfight. The clear "koiin" rather than "giin" sure are distinctive.
  76. Yuuki's reaction speed exceeds even Kirito's, but her techniques are direct. Meanwhile, Asuna has more experience, and she makes sure to use her sword skills only after her opponent's thrown off-balance.
  78. A body blow from her 《Kenjutsu》 skill followed by her 4-hit sword skill, 《Quadruple Pain》! And yet Yuuki repels all four thrusts. Try watching this part frame-by-frame!
  80. Yuuki's OSS takes the stage with Asuna petrified after her large sword skill was dodged! "Five hits from the upper right!"
  82. With her stiffness dispelled from the first five hits, Asuna brings out her 5-hit OSS, 《Starry Tear》 as well. It's a draw with Yuuki's "Five hits from the upper left".
  84. But Yuuki's OSS has yet to finish! This cut with Yuuki's final hit is utterly beautiful…
  86. The phrase "I wouldn't mind losing to something of this caliber" was just narration in the book, and I never thought they would drag it out the way they did!
  88. Asuna stands, prepared for death, but the finishing blow stops before the end. They exchange a refreshing handshake… followed by a kidnapping!
  90. Still, thinking about it, 《avatar size》's certainly significant in a VRMMO duel. The harder it is to land a hit the smaller you are. That said, STR and such should have restrictions in such a case. Ah, I'm just talking about height!
  92. Erm, Sigsawa Keiichi-san's spin-off novel, where avatar size is a main theme, "Gun Gale Online Squad Jam" release on 10th Dec! The 3rd volume of "Progressive" will be out, then, too, so we hope for your support!
  94. And that's it for the 19th episode! Episode 20 will be broadcasted immediately after, so please stay tuned!
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