Tales of Phantasia Boat Scene

Jan 11th, 2014
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  1. Tales of Phantasia - "The Boat Scene" (Nintendo translation)
  3. Cress:Arche?
  4. Arche:Hey, Captain. (love)
  5. Arche:Could you do me a favor?
  6. Arche:Please?
  7. Arche:If you do, I'll make it worth your while. (love)
  8. Captain:...
  9. Captain:Bah, how could a kid like you afford my services?
  10. Arche:Why, I'll have you know...
  11. Claus:Captain, we'll pay your price.
  12. Claus:Please, take us to Alvanista!
  13. Captain:Well... Fine.
  14. Arche gained the title of Negotiator.
  15. Captain:That'll be 200 Gald per person for passage, food, and insurance.
  16. Captain:The total cost will be 800 Gald for your entire party.
  17. Captain:Ready to go?
  19. Captain:Time to sail!
  21. Arche:I just love the sea breeze.
  22. Mint:Yeah, it feels great.
  23. Claus:Hey, Cress.
  24. Claus:Which one are you after?
  25. Cress:Huh?
  26. Cress:What are you talking about?
  27. Claus:Mint and Arche, who else?
  28. Claus:So, which one are you after?
  29. Claus:Mint...
  30. Claus:She's prim and proper, I like that in a girl.
  31. Claus:Arche on the other hand...
  32. Claus:She's a little firebrand. It's hard to turn your back on a girl like that!
  33. Cress:Now hold on a second!
  34. Cress:I've barely gotten to know them yet!
  35. Claus:Oh, come on...
  36. Claus:OK then... Shall I pick first?
  37. Cress:Claus!!!
  38. Cress:What about Milard!
  39. Claus:What are you talking about!?
  40. Claus:She's just my assistant!
  41. Cress:Oh, really?
  42. Arche:Hey, guys.
  43. Arche:Whatcha talking about?
  44. Claus:Oh nothing... Nothing at all.
  45. Claus:And it has nothing to do about you two.
  46. Arche:Oh come on, tell me!
  47. ???:Are you guys adventurers?
  48. Claus:Something like that...
  49. Claus:And you are...?
  50. ???:The name's Meia...
  51. Meia:The wandering Swordsman.
  52. Claus:Are you a mercenary?
  53. Meia:Nope.
  54. Meia:I'm gonna go explore the Morlia Mineshaft.
  55. Cress:The Morlia Mineshaft?
  56. Meia:Yeah, you know, the ruins of the Dwarven mine.
  57. Meia:You must've heard of it before.
  58. Meia:These days, you need permission from Alvanista to even enter.
  59. Claus:Do you think you'll get it?
  60. Meia:I have a contact over at the Adventurers' Guild, so...
  61. Meia:Oh...
  62. Meia:I suddenly feel really hungry...
  63. Meia:Well, see ya later.
  64. Arche:I'm hungry, too...
  65. Claus:OK, let's go get a bite to eat, too.
  67. Claus:Let's see...
  68. Claus:Where should we sit...
  69. ???:Hey guys!!!
  70. Meia:Come join me?
  71. Meia:We'll have a blast.
  72. Claus:OK.
  73. Claus:There really isn't anywhere else to sit, anyway.
  74. Meia:They have an all-you-can-eat special tonight.
  75. Meia:You in?
  76. Claus:Sounds great!
  77. Meia:Here's to new friends!
  78. Claus:Cheers!
  79. Meia:Hey, waiter.
  80. Meia:Keep it coming!
  82. One hour later...
  83. Cress:(How long can they keep eating like this?)
  85. Two hours later...
  86. Cress:Arche, you OK?
  87. Mint:Don't worry. The worst that can happen is a little heartburn.
  89. Three hours later...
  90. Meia:So I stayed up all night working, but...
  91. turned out to be all for nothing!
  92. Claus:Aha ha ha ha ha!!!
  93. Claus:What a great story!!!
  94. Meia:By the way...
  95. Claus:Yes?
  96. Meia:Just between you and me...
  97. Claus:Uh-huh...?
  98. Claus:Stop beating around the bush, already!
  99. Meia:I'm not really heading for the Morlia Mineshaft.
  100. Claus:You're not?
  101. Arche:Oh dear!!!
  102. Arche:Stop, Cress...
  103. Arche:We shouldn't... (love)
  104. Meia:My true mission is to sell some secret information about Alvanista...
  105. Meia:Through a contact of mine over at the Adventurers' Guild.
  106. Claus:Information...?
  107. Meia:Yup.
  108. Meia:Things may look peaceful in Alvanista, but in reality...
  109.'s already under the control of Dhaos for the most part.
  110. Meia:Bet ya didn't know that!
  111. Claus:What!?
  112. Claus:How's that possible?
  113. Meia:I'll tell you...
  114. Meia:It seems Prince Laird, the sole heir to the throne of Alvanista...
  115. under the control of one of Dhaos's minions.
  116. Meia:That's why Alvanista and the great kingdom of Midgards to the east...
  117. Meia:...have not openly opposed Dhaos's ambitions.
  118. Claus:Wow. I'm speechless...
  119. Arche:Stop...
  120. Arche:We really shouldn't... (love)
  121. Arche:Cress...
  122. Meia:Anyway...
  123. Meia:You can't tell anybody about this.
  124. Meia:Well...
  125. Meia:We should call it a night.
  126. Claus:Yeah.
  127. Claus:Arche.
  128. Claus:You'll catch a cold if you sleep there all night.
  129. Arche:Cress, you dummy...
  130. Claus:(What the heck is she dreaming about?)
  131. Claus:Guess I'll have to carry her back. Heave ho...
  133. Claus:Hey, Arche.
  134. Claus:We're back in our cabin.
  135. Arche:My stomach hurts. I think I ate too much.
  137. Cress:Oh, Meia.
  138. Cress:Good morning.
  139. Cress:Is something wrong?
  140. Meia:......
  141. Claus:Cress!
  142. Claus:Look out!!!
  143. Cress:Claus, what's going on!?
  144. Claus:Cress, out there!
  145. Claus:Meia's under someone's or something's control!
  146. Cress:Claus...
  147. Cress:Are you OK!?
  148. Claus:Uuuhhh......
  149. Claus:I think I'm gonna be sick...
  150. Claus:I ate too much last night...
  151. Cress:Claus, you just stay there and rest.
  152. Cress:I'll go check it out!
  154. Cress:Arche, we're under attack!
  155. Cress:Get up!
  156. Arche:No can do...
  157. Arche:I have an upset stomach...
  158. Arche:I think I have the flu...
  159. Cress:This is bad.
  161. Cress:Mint, Mint, we're under attack!
  162. Cress:Wake up!!!
  163. Mint:I feel awful... It's like I'm seasick or something...
  165. Cress:Meia!
  166. Cress:Get a hold of yourself!!!
  167. Meia:H-help me...
  169. Claus:Cress, are you OK!?
  170. Cress:Meia was possessed by a demon...
  171. Claus:One of Dhaos's minions, no doubt.
  172. Claus:He was trying to kill us because of what we learned about Alvanista.
  173. Claus:Meia...
  175. Claus:He's dead...
  176. Claus:We have to be more careful from now on.
  177. Claus:Dhaos knows about us now...
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