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Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. - removed the tutorial for now to fix performance issues
  2. - random patrols removed from random assignments
  3. - some fixes to improve server performance
  4. - removed forced encounters
  5. - Exit grids can now be used while in combat mode.
  6. - Changed Zone Control starting requirements to: at least 6 people, min lvl 5, no equipment needed.
  7. - Assignments now have a 10 minutes cooldown before you can take another one.
  8. - Spawn rate of patrols decreased in all Core maps except gates where it was slightly increased.
  9. - Core patrol sizes generally reduced for human groups:
  10. -> Human hostile groups have generally 2-5 members (those values are always randomized);
  11. -> Human neutral groups generally have 4-6 members;
  12. -> Faction patrols generally have 5-6 members.
  13. - Core resources generation is more randomized: now the whole map doesn't respawn things all at once anymore. The respawn rate has been slightly improved.
  14. - Crafting Tier 1 equipment can now improve your engineering skill, up to around 120% and then it stops increasing it. Crafting Tier 2 and Tier 3 improve your skill up to max (200).
  15. - Dogs speed slightly reduced.
  16. - Reduced merchant condition cut off from 60 to 20.
  17. - Greatly increased the amount of caps spawned on merchants.
  18. - Reduced restock time on merchants.
  19. - geckos spawn rate increased in desert & mountain encounters.
  20. - You no longer lose rep for shooting miners in mine mission.
  21. - Set combat timer to 1 second and made it so you can't use exit grids during combat again. Should fix many of the "black screen" issues.
  22. - Fixed "use on" mode for knives and possibly some other items as well. You can now properly use that to harvest fibers instead of selecting knife from the backpack icon etc.
  23. - Removed most of the low intelligence babbling.
  24. - Assignments rewards increase. (~20%)
  25. - Small buff to exp gained by shooting mobs. (~10%)
  26. - Multiple small changes to headquarter maps, hopefully for a better comfort.
  27. - Instantaneous elevators.
  28. - New patrol paths for Guards on Core gates, close to the exit grids.
  29. - Reworked Gates mob pools. Guards presence increased.
  30. - Help distance of faction guards increased to 40.
  31. - Reworked Random Encounters mob pools. Geckos are now more easy to find in deserts and mountains.
  32. - Geckos arrived on the Power Plant and are now more present on Verde Water Treatment Plant.
  33. - Green Grids now have a 8 second cooldown after 2 consecutive jumps.
  34. - Red Grids on Gates will have a 8 second timer for non-faction players.
  35. - Brahminboys fast travel improvements.
  36. - Blocked both dungeons entrances until the crazy respawn bug is fixed.
  37. - chem comps price lowered to 10.
  38. - armor crafting only requires 1 kevlar.
  39. - Lowered Alarm sensitivity in Assassination missions.
  40. - Increased max charge of stealth boy to 30 minutes, up from 20.
  41. - Added info about lvl and gear req when you are denied entry to zone that is being captured.
  42. - ZC payout (reputation and caps) has been boosted quite a bit.
  43. - All northern grids hiding spots blocked on Core maps.
  44. - All patrol routes revised to try to prevent spawn kill when traveling in the Core. The efficiency of that first fix varies from map to map but all in all, it should happen less often.
  45. - All random spawn pools revised: Human and stronger mobs presence in the Core has been reduced. Animal spawn has been increased. There are now more predictable animal types in each Core map.
  46. (For your information, out of Phoenix Fire geckos and brahmins show up mostly in desert random encounters, Deathclaws and golden/silver geckos in mountains, and humans in city maps.)
  47. - Mobs will spawn more frequently on Maryland Avenue, Sun City Grande, Paradise Valley and Warmart, less on Adams School, Vault-Tec Enterprises, Eastern Square and Central City Village.
  48. - Faction guards now spawn from time to time on Adams School, Vault-Tec Enterprises, Eastern Square and Central City Village.
  49. - Faction guards spawn more often on gate maps.
  50. - Strong mobs (Hellfire Geckos, Aliens Matriarchs, Ancient Floaters, Primary Centaurs, Patriarchs & Matriarchs & Grey Deathclaws) have received a boost to their hps, armors, speed and exp. All of them run as fast or faster than humans.
  51. - Mutants received speed, armor and hp boosts as well. Ghouls received hp boosts.
  52. - All the animals have been rebalanced and the experience gains have generally increased.
  53. - Many animals have received slight speed boosts. In general, stronger variants are faster than weaker ones.
  54. - New mutant equipment for all muties.
  55. - New ghoul equipment for all ghouls.
  56. - Children equipment for all children (rocks are going to fly once more!).
  57. - Phoenix Archives dungeon has received a few modifications and fixes:
  58. -> in general, animals are less numerous but more powerful. Albino molerats especially should be seriously focused.
  59. -> Bosses (Blindfang, Tom Ankhs, Harshskin) have received boosts to their stats.
  60. -> Harshskin bossroom has received some modifications, and many molerats have been removed.
  61. -> ghouls have received a boost to their hps.
  62. - All Squad members can see one another now.
  63. - Medicinae Doctor perk now allows you to use manual defibs (if you have FA >= 150).
  64. - You should now see item perks you unlock with Medicinae Doctor perk properly.
  65. - Added Dodger perk back in (25 AC while running).
  66. - Changed cooldown for dungeons from 1 minute to 6 minutes.
  67. - Heart merchant only accepts true tier 3 weapons now
  68. - New platoon names added for each faction
  69. - Assassination missions: VIPs wandering depends on difficulty, Alarming the camp will result in the VIP attempting to fleeing the zone.
  70. - Miners no longer give EXP.
  71. - First aiding and Doctoring message no longer obscure user's name.
  72. - Zone Control Finish message now tells how much experience, reputation and caps you gained.
  73. - Mob stats tweaks: aliens, deathclaws, primary centaurs, ancient floaters, ghouls and mutants are slightly stronger.
  74. - Deathclaws speed increased.
  75. - Decreased price of MK I armors but increased price of MK III.
  76. - Increased price of hightier BG and EW weapons (Minigun, RL, .50cals).
  77. - Increased 40mm grenade box price from 40 to 100 caps.
  78. - Increased stock of low tier ammo merchant.
  79. - Decreased kevlar cost for crafting Mk III armor from 6 to 2.
  80. - Moved all Grenade crafts from Workbench to Scientific Instruments.
  81. - Decreased crafting cost of normal Stimpaks.
  82. - Increased experience gain for some chemical and explosive crafts.
  83. - Howitzer Shells are now sciencable.
  84. - Persuasion factor removed from Zone control payout reward. (payout increased)
  85. - Friendly fire in platoon base no longer results in rep loss
  86. - Corelife spawns no longer spawn infinite children
  87. - Less nodding npcs
  88. - Can no longer be defibed by faction who killed you
  89. - Secondary skill cap reinstated. Can only raise them to your lowest secondary tagged skill.
  90. - dungeons are now no log out
  91. -Sneaking with big guns will result in a malus of 25% total sneak skill
  92. -Running while sneaking with a big gun is an additional 25%
  93. -Sneaking with rifles will result in a malus of 15% total sneak skill
  94. -Running while sneaking with a rifles is an additional 15%
  95. -Stealth energy cell cost now factors carry weight.
  96. -Going into stealth takes 200 energy units.
  97. -Smoke now blocks LOS with 2 hexes of smoke (3 before)
  98. -Smoke grenade buffed in duration to base of 18 seconds up to 24 (max throwing)
  99. -All Assault Rifles have burst damage increased by 5 damage and range is single - 5 hexes
  100. -DSR damage reduced by 20, increase bleed by 50.
  101. -AS50 damage change to 75-75, increase bleed by 50.
  102. -Increase SAW fire-rate by 50%, bullets fired upped from 15 to 18.
  103. -LSW burst damage increased by 3 and range increased by 3.
  104. -Defibs now resurrect target with less health
  105. -Molotov and Incendiary nade damage now uses the min and max dmg
  106. -Remove bleed limit of 300, raised max bleed damage per second (30 -> 60).
  107. -Optimized the fuck out of smokes! [No more server lag I hope]
  108. -Stealthboy energy cost is now kg/5 starting from 10kg.
  109. -Added 40mm Incendiary and Smoke to ammo merchant
  110. -Added Boxes of 7.62x39MM to ammo merchant
  111. -Fire now credits ZC score
  112. -Plasma Cannon 5th perk now Greater AOE (+1 Radius)
  113. -SAW 5th perk now Rapid Fire (20% more bullets per burst)
  114. -Changed Fire sprite (Run Updater)
  115. -Diminishing EXP from mobs removed.
  116. -Added Lighting to the Fire
  117. -Thrown Spear now hit in a line near the targeted hex
  118. -Thrown Spear speed coefficient increased with strength
  119. -.50 BMG availability in shops halved.
  120. -New ground item and inventory graphics(Run Updater)
  121. -"Nerfed" the gatling laser
  122. -Deterioration of items have been quartered for new mechanics. [ A Quality "Normal" item will have the old rate of deterioration ]
  123. -Entering Stealth only drains 200 energy if suffering from sneak debuff
  124. -Throwing spears can crit [ Except Plasma, Energy, Dynamite ]
  125. -Melee Damage on Dynamite Spear 80 - 120 => 40 - 60
  126. -Doubled ZC rewards ( Until we completely revamp ZC system, more info on this later )
  127. -Poison now reduced to -27 healing rate but healing rate bonus from food & leadership is no longer in effect when poisoned.
  128. -Unpowered Power Armor unable to get movement speed boosts.
  129. -Diminished returns of CHA on receiving leadership buffs (50% less effective at 10CHA : 20DR => 15DR)
  130. - CTF Flags no longer have collision
  131. - CTF EXP reduced ( The exp reward was only temporary till the advanced faction system is setup )
  132. - Removed reputation requirements for platoon invites / entry into the heart
  133. - Removed reputation trade for relics
  134. More ZC Revamp!
  135. - Score gain rate scales with conflict size
  136. - Zones now take 3600 points AND no enemy presence to capture
  137. - Gain 1 point per person per second (Max 6 / second)
  138. Beginning of the ZC Revamp!
  139. - All zones now capturable (minus the gates)
  140. - Zones Captures automatically begin when enough faction members are present to contest the territories.
  141. - Timer is removed when opposition arrives, it is a fight to the death now.
  142. - Uncontested Zone Capture time brought down to 10 minutes.
  143. -Added item camouflage kit (obfuscates nickname for 1 hour)
  144. -Amount of client hot keys increased to 20 ( from 8 )
  145. -Throwing grenades from utility slot while moving now more responsive
  146. -Hex firing while moving now more responsive
  147. -Needler HP ammo now does poison and bleed (40/60%) and lowered damage multiplier to 0.5 (from 1).
  148. -Reworked Spray and Pray weapon trait burst mechanics.
  149. Old Method:
  150. At X distance you will always hit with % of bullets.
  151. New Method:
  152. The further the target the less LIKELY bullets may hit but CAN be possible. So I put the pray into spray n pray ( RNG bullets! ).
  153. -Added Single Loading weapon trait ( Loads 1 ammo at a time )
  154. > Given to revolvers that are non-speed loaders and Remington
  155. -Added Moving Reload weapon trait ( Costs 20% more ap to perform )
  156. > Given to most handguns and smgs, some assault rifles
  157. - Zone Captures no longer display which factions are present.
  158. - Weapon deterioration rate inline with new armor deterioration rate.
  159. - ~rerolls are unlimited
  160. - Actions with item screens now require click to perform per each item
  161. - Traits in description now stacks to numbers instead of repeating itself
  162. - Psycho now gives -20 to Bleed Resist instead of AP Regen Malus
  163. - Grenade costs now reduced in price
  164. - Djibooti Shooti added to all DMR sniper rifles ( Semi-auto sniper rifles )
  165. - Reloading hotkey stops all action to prioritize reload
  166. - Reloading hotkey works on WM
  167. - Changed Weapons:
  168. Pulse Grenade
  169. Plasma Grenade
  170. Frag Grenade
  171. Laser Rifle
  172. Mageneto Laser Pistol
  173. Electro Rifle
  174. Turbo Plasma
  175. Needler
  176. - Removed reputation check from all merchants
  177. - Spears increased AP ( 15 ), new spear image links
  178. - Increased SuperSledge Swing AP cost to 50, thrust to 90, changed all perks to BROF
  179. - Lowered AK47 (Burst) min/max damage by 3
  180. - Disabled sciencing in the core
  181. - Reworked stats, traits and perks of Colt m1911, .223 Pistol and 14mm Pistol to give them a special playstyle, most notably the addition of Djibouty Shooty
  182. - "Nerfed" machineguns:
  183. Full auto mode: Decreased burstcount from 15 to 12 and decreased Ap cost to a smaller extent
  184. Burst mode: Unchanged
  185. Ammo: Generally decreased DTmod while increasing bleed. Dont use the wrong ammo in the PK
  186. - UKM-2000p deals less damage than M240 but has greatly reduced deployment cost in order to make that an option as well
  188. M60 remainds unchanged but has been "buffed" in perspective.
  189. -Lowered LSW damage
  190. -Raised SAW Damage
  191. -Lowered M21 fire rate/increased AP
  192. -Lowered DSR/AS50 Firing Rate (not AP)
  193. -Reworked Super Cattle Prod
  194. -Reworked Electro Rifle
  195. -Increased AP to fire/reload grenade pistol
  196. -Lowered Barbed, Festering Spear AP cost
  197. -Raised Dynamite Spear damage
  198. -Lowered Concussion Grenade damage (slightly)
  199. -Fixed Plasma Pistol traits to reflect ext capacity
  200. -Do Or Die Perk buffed to 4/aps
  201. -Shotgun Ammo revamped
  202. -More Criticals Weapon Perk changed from 2 to 5%
  203. -Finesse now adds 10% base critical
  204. -Nerfed Better Bleeds Leadership Buff (20 -> 10)
  205. -Nerfed Reload Leadership Buff (20 -> 10)
  206. -Nerfed Armor Bypass Leadership Buff (20 -> 10)
  207. -Removed Bleeds Chance Leadership buff
  208. -Payouts increased by about 2.6x
  209. -Removed Better Bleeds
  210. -Removed More Bleeds
  211. -Lowered Bleeds on all Snipers by about 20%
  212. -Changed Perks in Sniper rifles
  213. -Punch gun now has running reload
  214. -Opened up more passages in Gunrunners map
  215. -Opened up the north wall of the southwestern building on Eastern Square
  216. -Leadership Critical Chance (20 -> 10)
  217. -Leadership Psychopath (10 -> 20)
  218. -Bonus bleed removed from BAR and SAW (There is still bleed on the ammo)
  219. -Removed a HTG from BAR and replace with Suppression
  220. -Removed Better One Hex from SAW replaced with More Dakka
  221. -Increased M21 firerate from 1,000 to 900
  222. -Removed Bleed 30-06 ammo
  223. -Changes to both Garands
  224. -Lowered M1C firerate from 600 to 900
  225. -Changes to punch gun
  226. -Bandage and defibrillated timeouts are reset when respawned
  227. -Information of weapons' fire rate is showed in full description in the inventory
  228. -Defibrillators can be used from utility and hand slots only
  229. -Crit effects for torso reduced, less knockback, less armor bypass.
  230. -Changed Bleed Resist now ticks every second for Bleed / (1 + log( 1 + cr.Stat[ST_BLEED_RESISTANCE])) damage;
  231. -Nerfed Mentats.
  232. -Nerfed Leadership some more.
  233. -Psycho now gives 30% DR to Bleed ( up from 20% ).
  234. -Reworked Afterburner Gum, now reduces max AP by 30 and gives 10 AP Regen+.
  235. -You now get scavenger fame for looting bookshelves and other containers that doesn't close.
  236. -20 XP to loot containers and sceneries (but only if nobody looted them since they respawned stuff last)
  237. -Leadership change: Charisma of leader no longer affect the boost strength (charisma 10 is assumed).
  238. -Spears thrown by NPCs get deleted when they hit the ground.
  239. -Players throwing spears have a 10% chance of losing the spear when it hits the ground.
  240. -Buffed bleed resistance. The character sheet now shows the bleed "half life", which is the time it takes for your character to absorb half of the current bleed. The longer the bleed half life, the longer it takes for you to convert bleed damage into normal damage, meaning you will survive longer.
  241. -Incendiary ground effects now longer (up from 5 to 8 seconds).
  242. -Adjusted male Combat Leather Coat graphic to be darker.
  243. -Returned Combat Leather Jacket to default leather jacket skin.
  244. -Bleed removed from Garand.
  245. -20% bleed added to 30-06 ammo.
  246. - Undeployed weapons cost 4x ap to fire, instead of 2x (temporary change)
  247. - Mauser ammo now has 20% bleed
  248. - Rocket Launcher: Perks changed and firing rate lowered from 1200 to 2000
  249. -Capped Run speed to 10 hex/second.
  250. -More grenade stock in the merchants.
  251. -Removed ability to throw nades when under RAGE COLA.
  252. -Increased polymer difficulty slightly (and loot)
  253. -Buffed Scoring for medical actions
  254. -Score for defib
  255. -Score for usage of medical items
  256. -Score for healing bleed
  257. -Buffed AP Drain , Now also disables target's AP regen+ for 1.5 seconds per application. Stacking.
  258. -Changed projectiles missing behavior
  259. -FTLs can now use RTS-mode (not just leader of a squad).
  260. -Using an opened container now displays its contents instead of closing it.
  261. -Using steal on a container now closes them
  262. -Lowered cost of sPA from 20 PA frags to 5, comes in normal quality. ( Manually Built PA is still perfect )
  263. -Repairing PA now has chance equal to the parts required to repair to lose quality
  264. -Merchants now sell items with Outstanding quality instead of Perfect
  265. -Mustard Gas now inflicts 15 bleed ontop of the poison
  266. -Reduced respawn timer on robots in the office of robco
  267. -Leadership buff Jomini now effects Molotovs, incendiary, ect.
  268. -Added fuse time of 2000ms to incendiary grenade and contact fuse to stun grenade
  269. -Slightly increased AP cost of all grenade (5ap)
  270. -Increased speed parameter for grenades from default 400ms to 1200ms
  271. -The utility mode (for throwing nades etc) will now only be deactivated with right click rather than any key
  272. -Increased AP cost of Gauss from 65 to 75 and added the new Bolt Action trait (automatically jams after each shot)
  273. - Simian Warfare: works with afterburner
  274. - Increased the damage of all weapons using the .45ACP round (except Colt M1911)
  275. - Added 10DRmod to .45ACP (Positive mod, resulting in less armor penetration)
  276. - Decreased AP cost of M1C, MSG90 and DKS Sniper Rifles by 10
  277. - Added cover triggers to Robco Enterprises and Junk Paradise
  278. - Changed Junk Paradise, opening up more ways in the southeast corner of the map
  279. - Flamers, Plasma Cannons and Plasma Grenades can crit.
  280. - Legendary items now deteriorate once again, also repairable.
  281. - All food lasts 1 hour
  282. - Traps stacking in inventory
  283. - Did things to the incinerator second firemode
  284. - Changed most energy weapon ammo capacity in preparation
  285. - NPCs will now pickup items blocking their path
  286. - Simian warfare only affects SG
  287. - Revamped some reputation issues and base visibility, resigning will now show all faction HQs
  288. - Can no longer visit HQ that is not your own factions regardless of reputation.
  289. - Defibs now break after 5 uses.
  290. -Removed ability to First aid and doctor Tables and walls
  291. -Removed ability to Drug Tables and Walls.
  292. -Added 400ms wait time after using first aid, doctor or drugs.
  293. - Decreased DR weapon trait now acts as partial bypass. Example ( 10% DR -> 4% DR ) before it was flat reduction.
  294. - Incinerator Singleshot no longer does direct damage on hit.
  295. - Renamed Djibooti shooti weapon perk.
  296. - New Character Perk Mozambique shooty, every 3rd unaimed shot will become a headshot.
  297. - Trick shooter now applies to all weapons.
  298. - Reworked Crit tables
  299. - If you roll beyond the maximum critical roll with Better Criticals weapon perks, it will now reduces target's SPECIAL critical resist by 5%.
  300. - Reverted "The Great Spear Nerf of 27-01-2015" to reflect increased rarity and previous mechanic changes.
  301. - Buffed Pipe Rifle
  302. -Red Nuka Cola now will shred your armor on consumption reducing your armor to 0 durability. You won't be able to repair it while under the influence either.
  303. -Power Armor now susceptible to critical hits, instead of ignore critical hits, it will now lower the Critical Power roll by 4, if the roll becomes less than 0 then the critical is ignored.
  304. -Rad Rifle given Decreased DT trait.
  305. -Yellow Nuka Cola come down only takes off excess HP instead of losing 500 flat.
  306. -Instant replication changed to 10 second replication.
  307. -Removed Armor Bypass penalty for sneak ( Temporary WIP )
  309. Solar Scorcher
  310. -Now leaves plots of fire on the ground that deals 1.5x written damage. (up to 1.8 with Jomani)
  311. -Base Damage halved
  312. -Reload cost now 30ap
  314. Faction Currency & Economy
  315. -Your faction payout will now be paid in faction specific currency
  316. -The ZC merchant only accepts faction currency from its own faction
  317. -ZC Participation Rewards are retrieved from Becky now
  318. -Increased Payout ratios
  320. Merchants now accept all condition items at this price formula:
  321. Value = Item Cost * Deterioration * Quality
  322. Deterioration is a multiplier from 1 to 0 based on the %. (50% deteriorated item will be 0.5).
  323. Quality Coefficients
  324. Perfect : 2x
  325. Outstanding : 1.5x
  326. Cool : 1x
  327. Better: .5x
  328. Normal: .25x
  329. Will not accept items worse than Normal.
  331. Tracers
  332. -Tracer visibility now determined by perception , 10% to see per perception per bullet.
  333. -Tracers now visible as long as you see either the target or the shooter.
  334. -Projectiles line of sight checking re-enabled ( Tell me your frame rates Teela ).
  336. Combat Logger "The L button"
  337. -Anchor button [ O / X ] when active will ignore all mouse clicks so you can click through it.
  338. -Bypass button [ C / L ] when active will have combat messages bypass the default message box.
  339. -Mozambique now only applies to pistols.
  340. -Remington fire-rate change from 400 -> 600
  341. -12 gauge red shells bleed modifier from 150% -> 200%
  342. -1st degree cripples for legs will slow target by 25%
  343. -Each degree of arm cripple will lower target strength check for weapons by 1
  344. -Each degree of leg cripple will lower target's AGI for AP+ regen by 1.38 AP/s.
  345. -Removed EXP for CTF
  346. - Broke up campy positions in Vaulttec Enterprises and Global Electrics
  347. - Negative reputation will no longer get bullied by guards.
  348. - Negative reputation will deduct 1$ from payout per rep until positive again.
  349. - Changed "rtsmode" hotkey to U by default (still configurable from hotkeys.ini)
  351. Needler HN Ammo Change
  352. 20% Damage Effectiveness
  353. 430% Bleed
  355. - Added Stimpack ammo for Needler [ needs image ]
  357. Mustard Grenade
  358. AP cost 80 -> 50
  359. Duration (throwing >= 200) 60000 -> 63000
  361. Smoke Grenade
  362. AP cost 25 -> 55
  363. All duration decreased by 5 (basic 18000 -> 12000, max 24000 -> 19000)
  365. - Deploying now lowers attacker chance to hit by 10% and has +10% critical effect resistance.
  366. - Randomized smoke dispersion pattern
  367. - Changed the perks of M1C, DKS, MSG, Steyr AUG and .223 Pistol and increased bleed on DKS
  368. - The electro SMG deals 80% electro and 50% normal damage, for both modes. (DT applies for both)
  369. - The BAR has AP cost and burstcount halved, range reduced by 5 and reload reduced by 25
  370. - Plasma Grenade damage 90-130 -> 100-150
  371. - Winded now removes AP+ regen
  372. - Power Armor DT 30 -> 27
  373. - Made Plasma Rifle's stats are 1.5x of plasma pistol's except range (35) and firerate (1200).
  374. - Added Particle Accelerator [ EW Sniper weapon ], Extreme damage, Extreme Range, Extremely hard to use. Use hex fire to try to land long distance shots!
  375. - Sonic Cannon AOE increased by 1, made projectile invisible
  376. - The free headshots from Mozambique now come at a -2 critical roll.
  377. - Crit table changed, notably removed blind from headshot
  378. - Funbox now 600% more fun
  379. - Eye crippling levels have been reduce to reduce accuracy by 25% per level
  380. - Arm crippling penalties have been increased to 2 strength per level
  381. - Changed sound of M1 Garand (It's easy to switch back to the old sound in sound/fmod folder)
  382. - Changed all machinegun sounds to extra dakkadakkadakka (m240, m60, ukm, pks, negev)
  383. - Changed Door Charge damage to 100-120
  384. - Instead of having 4 times the ap cost, undeployed weapons simply cant shoot (still only applies to first firemode)
  385. - Camouflage is squad specific instead of faction specific
  386. - Lowered DT of Voodoo to 5
  387. - Heartbeat detector now usable from active slot, showes charge in the inventory
  388. - Door Wedge Jammer now usable form utility slot
  389. - Added Log messages for every player whenever funbox spawns
  390. - Added AX338 Bolt action sniper rifle to the ZC Conditional bags of Bio Lab, Distillery and Verde Water plant. Its ammo is sold at the ZC merchant.
  391. - Added FN P90 to Funbox Bag
  392. - Added Quickdraw trait to all SMGs and small pistols (m1911, needler) which skips the 400ms animation time needed to raise the gun
  395. Balance Changes:
  396. - Added Commando as a trait to all Assault rifles. The character perk has no effect and should be rerolled
  397. - Changed M1, G3, M14 and MG42 into more of a next season playstyle. G3 and M14 are now classified as Battle Rifles rather than Assault rifles and M1C is now a Designated Marksman Rifle rather than Sniper Rifle
  398. (Legendary weapons that got drastically changed can be rerolled, just contact me. This only counts for weapons which got overhauled like m1c, and not every single weapon affected in a patch)
  401. Steyr AUG:
  402. - lowered Range from 55/50 to 40/35
  403. - Changed Damage from 21-31 to 24-27 for both modes
  405. Scorpio:
  406. - Lowered Range from 33/33 to 25/20
  408. Stoner 63 LMG:
  409. - Increased AP cost to 18
  410. - Added Double Tap trait
  412. Bozar:
  413. - Reinstated the forlorn inaccuracy of 25%
  414. - Lowered Range to 80
  416. 14mm Pistol:
  417. - Exchanged the first Better Crits perk with More Crits
  419. YK42B Pulse Rifle:
  420. - Decreased Apcost to 35
  421. - Switched two BRoFs to Hit the Gaps
  422. - Lowered Animation time from 800 to 400ms
  424. Pulse & Plasma Grenades:
  425. - Added missing perks
  426. - Increased AP from 25 to 30 to bring it up on par with frag and concussion grenades
  427. - Decreased maximum damage by 50 (pulse) and 30 (plasma)
  428. - Increased fuse time of Pulse grenade from 3 to 5 seconds
  430. .223 Remington round:
  431. DR: -20%
  432. DT: +25%
  433. Normal Damage: 80%
  434. Bleed Damage: 100%
  436. bonus: less sandrobes in funbox
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