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  1. @misc{atari,
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  6.  howpublished = {\url{}},
  7.  note         = {Accessed: 10.11.2019},
  8.  timestamp    = {2019-11-10},
  9. }
  11. @misc{alphago,
  12.  author       = {Silver, D. and Huang, A. and Maddison, C.J. and Guez, A. and Sifre, L. and Driessche, G.v.d. and Schrittwieser, J. and Antonoglou, I. and Panneershelvam, V. and Lanctot, M. and Dieleman, S. and Grewe, D. and Nham, J. and Kalchbrenner, N. and Sutskever, I. and Lillicrap, T. and Leach, M. and Kavukcuoglu, K. and Graepel, T. and Hassabis, D.},
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  17.  timestamp    = {2019-11-10},
  18. }
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