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  1. <13:03:57> "Official_NoLife": henne really
  2. <13:04:05> "Official_NoLife": whats the password
  3. <13:04:05> "Henne": Yeah man
  4. <13:04:11> "Official_NoLife": why you bein like that
  5. <13:04:16> "Official_NoLife": whats the password
  6. <13:04:22> "Henne": Because the gang has decided you're not welcome in garbo
  7. <13:04:33> "Official_NoLife": Really XD
  8. <13:04:52> "Official_NoLife": Henne really XD
  9. <13:05:00> "Official_NoLife": or is that just you sayin that
  10. <13:05:15> "Henne": You can message billy when he's online and try and convince him otherwise
  11. <13:05:22> "Official_NoLife": why dont ya want me
  12. <13:05:25> "Henne": Nah not just me
  13. <13:05:34> "Official_NoLife": billy bobs a cunt anyway
  14. <13:05:49> "Henne": If that's the case you probably won't be back
  15. <13:05:52> "Official_NoLife": thinks he fucking all powerful coz hes com support
  16. <13:05:54> "Official_NoLife": hes a no one
  17. <13:06:03> "Henne": Lollll
  18. <13:06:09> "Henne": He doesn't care about community support at all
  19. <13:06:14> "Official_NoLife": billy bob gets slapped by everyone in combat
  20. <13:06:24> "Henne": Should've seen him yesterday carrying us
  21. <13:06:26> "Henne": :P
  22. <13:06:27> "Official_NoLife": hes the weakest link
  23. <13:06:36> "Henne": He's a darn good leader made
  24. <13:06:37> "Official_NoLife": compared to someone like me hes fucking weak
  25. <13:06:50> "Official_NoLife": good leader XD chats bear shit
  26. <13:07:15> "Official_NoLife": If im outta the gang remove my tags then
  27. <13:07:27> "Official_NoLife": blatantly gonna be getting slapped by me 24/7 then
  28. <13:07:43> "Official_NoLife": you though Prime was fucking annoying to kill
  29. <13:07:46> "Henne": You've chatted more shit now than he has in weeks
  30. <13:07:46> "Henne": Lol
  31. <13:07:53> "Henne": I'll get someone to remove it when they're on
  32. <13:07:58> "Official_NoLife": I aint been here for bear time XD
  33. <13:08:15> "Official_NoLife": Funny the way you all go behind backs innit
  34. <13:08:25> "Henne": Behind back? Loool
  35. <13:08:39> "Henne": You're ddosing shit, being toxic. You made yourself unwelcome in our gang
  36. <13:09:12> "Official_NoLife": DDOSING XD Fucking Sloth DDOSES Tactical Venom DDOSES im being Toxic fucking hell have you been in the channel with them all
  37. <13:09:23> "Official_NoLife": I made myself unwelcome XD
  38. <13:09:31> "Henne": There's no tolerance with them doing that shit anymore, none of em have donei t
  39. <13:09:34> "Henne": Yeah. You're being toxic
  40. <13:09:44> "Official_NoLife": Im being toxic how
  41. <13:09:44> "Henne": I wouldn't get messages from any of them calling billy a cunt
  42. <13:09:55> "Henne": <13:05:34> "Official_NoLife": billy bobs a cunt anyway
  43. <13:10:01> "Henne": <13:05:52> "Official_NoLife": thinks he fucking all powerful coz hes com support
  44. <13:05:54> "Official_NoLife": hes a no one
  45. <13:10:03> "Official_NoLife": Billy is a cunt he gets you banned for sending a fake link
  46. <13:10:07> "Henne": <13:06:14> "Official_NoLife": billy bob gets slapped by everyone in combat
  47. <13:10:13> "Henne": You sent a suspicious link
  48. <13:10:15> "Henne": Adam clicked it
  49. <13:10:19> "Henne": Billy kicked you
  50. <13:10:22> "Henne": Then Adam was kicked offline
  51. <13:10:24> "Henne": Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  52. <13:10:27> "Henne": HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  53. <13:10:39> "Official_NoLife": hmmm was a fake link you should of clicked it
  54. <13:10:50> "Official_NoLife": blatantly didnt fucking ddos
  55. <13:10:58> "Official_NoLife": blatantly adams got shit internet
  56. <13:11:22> "Henne": Don't bullshit me mate
  57. <13:11:28> "Henne": Adam's internet is pretty consistent
  58. <13:11:38> "Official_NoLife": Henne I aint bullshitting anyone mate
  59. <13:11:51> "Henne": Your ban appeal was also pretty bullshit
  60. <13:11:57> "Henne": Never DDOS'd my arse
  61. <13:12:01> "Official_NoLife": I aint
  62. <13:12:05> "Official_NoLife": got any proof??
  63. <13:12:18> "Henne": Where does it say I need proof?
  64. <13:12:25> "Henne": I know you DDOS, everyone in the gang does, so do you
  65. <13:12:26> "Official_NoLife": Where does it say I did it
  66. <13:12:41> "Official_NoLife": I aint DDOSes anyone
  67. <13:12:47> "Official_NoLife": Its all sloth and tactical
  68. <13:13:02> "Official_NoLife": funny the way it takes 2 people to hit my internet off aint it
  69. <13:13:35> "Official_NoLife": when I aint even using my internet im connected to my next door while mine is getting upgraded
  70. <13:14:59> "Official_NoLife": Henne you chat pure shit mate and the fact that you think kicking me out of a gang is gonna change anything well it will just means you all will be getting slapped around but besides that kicking me out I aint arsed you should really consider kicking some other memebers out aswell
  71. <13:15:26> "Official_NoLife": like sloth n tactical because they have everyones IP's and they do ddos
  72. <13:15:38> "Henne": You're just proving our point more mate
  73. <13:15:44> "Official_NoLife": XD explain
  74. <13:15:54> "Henne": Read what you're typing
  75. <13:16:16> "Official_NoLife": I have doesnt state anywhere that ive done anything wrong
  76. <13:16:41> "Official_NoLife": more like your gang members are doing the wrong mate and soon it will all catch up to em
  77. <13:17:26> "Official_NoLife": and it will catch up to you since your actually trying your hardest to stick up for em XD Henne you dont know shit you will never know shit
  78. <13:18:08> "Henne": XD
  79. <13:18:12> "Henne": Cool cool man
  80. <13:18:33> "Official_NoLife": Yeh cool cool
  81. <14:33:33> Chat partner has closed the conversation
  82. <17:06:51> "Official_NoLife": First I aint DDOSed, Second Sloth and Dec aka Tactical have admited to doing so and third I aint toxic not compared to most of you all
  83. <17:07:51> "Official_NoLife": By the time im finished Garbo will be just like Prime :'(
  84. <17:08:39> "Henne": <17:07:51> "Official_NoLife": By the time im finished Garbo will be just like Prime :'(
  85. <17:08:40> "Henne": Lol
  86. <17:08:42> "Henne": gr8 meme
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