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Sep 6th, 2012
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  1. ddwarf
  2. Radioactive_Bears ((What are the names supposed to be?))
  3. FlakyBiscuit (like i said in the other chat, you can't play this game without at least 3 players and a gm)
  4. FlakyBiscuit (someone link him the doc)
  5. FlakyBiscuit (
  6. TheKinginAmber (flaky you're my hero)
  7. FlakyBiscuit (alright, I'm Prince Yodrick)
  8. PrinceAlbert (basically a character is just a name, and 3 points of favor. first of us to 10 favor or when we all lose all favor is end of game)
  9. =-= YOU are now known as PrinceDuke
  10. PrinceDuke ((Reading now, ready to begin))
  11. PrinceAlbert (during the day phase, the king declares 3 conditions/themes that have to show up in our tales)
  12. =-= YOU are now known as PrinceDuchess
  13. TheKinginAmber (okay. everyone ready? I'm going to pick the three conditions in a minute. And I'm going to pretend that the youngest is Yodrick, then Albert, then duchess)
  14. PrinceAlbert (groovy)
  15. PrinceDuchess ((Sounds good)
  16. FlakyBiscuit (k)
  17. TheKinginAmber (Right. Additional rules. Since we're playing in IRC, I would ask that people restrict each post to a sentence each, and that if someone wants to quickly butt in, and interrupt the tale being told, they type out OBJECTION. that way, you have enough time to bring it out with no prolbem.)
  18. PrinceDuchess ((OK))
  19. PrinceAlbert (cool)
  20. FlakyBiscuit (y)
  21. TheKinginAmber (For the first day, let's have a theme to start with. Take your time, think it through while I do my descriptions. The conditions are...)
  22. TheKinginAmber (A mention of Cake)
  23. TheKinginAmber (Candles must be included)
  24. TheKinginAmber (There must be absolutely no one in the story who is visually under the age of 20)
  25. TheKinginAmber sits quietly upon his throne, staring at the world through dulled eyes. He yawns, already bored. Shifting in his seat, he paitently waits for the time for his blessed children to return, and to tell a tale of what has transpired to them after they left his care and ventured into the shadow itself. His wish, as most things, is granted, and he sits forward with an eager ear to listen to them...
  26. TheKinginAmber they arrive. Turning to his eldest, Yodrick, he smiles and says.
  27. TheKinginAmber My dearest Yodrick. It has been far too long since you have told me a story worthy of my attention. Why not share with us what the Amber has shown you today. But be advised, do not bring any of what I have warned you off. I try to forget the meaning to toay.
  28. TheKinginAmber today***
  29. FlakyBiscuit Do not worry, Father, for I have nothing to regale you with but the most fantastic of stories.
  30. FlakyBiscuit I travelled to the Gilded Husk, and strode between its shimmering glass towers.
  31. FlakyBiscuit I walked in silence for a while, with only the bubbling of the low-down soil's discontent to sing me along.
  32. FlakyBiscuit But all of a sudden, a commotion broke out on the lane in front of me.
  33. FlakyBiscuit A throng - a precession, perhaps? - of the most ancient forms I have ever seen shuffled, carrying in their midst a humongous palisade covered in the finest of lace.
  34. FlakyBiscuit Just as I was about to voice my confusion at these matters, they came to a dead stop.
  35. FlakyBiscuit They set the massive clothed thing down, and, with a deft pull from a few of their number, uncovered it.
  36. -->| Gorbash ( has joined #ddwarf
  37. FlakyBiscuit You will never believe what it was, Father.
  38. FlakyBiscuit The hugest, most ornate cake you have ever seen!
  39. <--| Gorbash has left #ddwarf
  40. FlakyBiscuit the size of two - no, three full-grown elphas, studded from rim to rim with glass-wicked candles, hand carved by the seers of the land.
  41. PrinceDuchess "OBJECTION!"
  42. FlakyBiscuit Mmm? You object?
  43. PrinceDuchess I do indeed
  44. FlakyBiscuit To what, pray tell?
  45. PrinceDuchess Everyone knows that rabid cake-beasts roam the land
  46. PrinceDuchess Are you saying that this cake was protected, brother?
  47. FlakyBiscuit This was no ordinary cake-beast, brother.
  48. PrinceDuchess ((Full Disclosure, I don't know anything about this setting :I ))
  49. FlakyBiscuit (there is no setting as far as I know)
  50. FlakyBiscuit (I was just bullshitting)
  51. TheKinginAmber ((Full disclosure, there is no setting. MAKE SH&& UP!)
  52. PrinceAlbert (full disclosure: this is SA, you can say shit :p)
  53. PrinceDuchess ((Oh good))
  54. FlakyBiscuit As I was about to tell Father before you so rudely interrupted, upon closer inspection this was a hand-grown cake beast, raised in the empress' stables.
  56. FlakyBiscuit Only the wild cakebeasts possess the pheremone that attracts their own number to devour them
  57. -->| Ettin ( has joined #ddwarf
  58. FlakyBiscuit As you would know if you had gone to lessons!
  59. TheKinginAmber Now now. My children. there is no need for such a conflict.
  60. PrinceDuchess I... I never learned to read
  61. FlakyBiscuit I apologize, Father.
  62. TheKinginAmber You both know I love you dearly... but we cannot have falsities in my court.
  63. TheKinginAmber I open the discussion to the rest of your brothers.
  64. PrinceAlbert (I vote duchess)
  65. FlakyBiscuit (Traitor!)
  66. TheKinginAmber Children. What say you. Is dear Yodrick telling the truth? Is there such a thing as a home grown cake-beast?
  67. PrinceAlbert Yes father, I saw it with my own eyes
  68. PrinceAlbert (my reason is that cake beasts are awesome.)
  69. FlakyBiscuit (no, you have to disagree with me, not agree)
  70. TheKinginAmber (you only need to justify negative votes.. but cake beasts are pretty cool.)
  71. TheKinginAmber (actually I just realised. you are the ONLY one who GETS a vote. DAMNIT I need more players)
  72. -->| Gorbash ( has joined #ddwarf
  73. TheKinginAmber You saw it? With your eyes?
  74. TheKinginAmber Where you there?
  75. PrinceAlbert (gorbash may be incoming)
  76. PrinceAlbert yes father I was there. I saw vast herds of these cake beasts roaming the plain.
  77. TheKinginAmber (I'm cool with that. he is more than welcome, we've only just started)
  78. PrinceAlbert they sought out children's birthdays and ate all their presents it was dreadful
  79. =-= Gorbash is now known as PrinceGerald
  80. FlakyBiscuit Yes, brother, I know that.
  81. TheKinginAmber (gorbash, we'll bring you in the second conflict)
  82. FlakyBiscuit But what issue do you take with my story?
  83. PrinceGerald (okay)
  84. TheKinginAmber Yes. Tell me my son.
  85. PrinceDuchess Everyone knows that Cake-Beasts detest the elderly, and will attack them on sight
  86. PrinceAlbert my issue is that it is well known that cake beasts are allergic to glass, so the cake you saw could not have had candles upon it
  87. PrinceDuchess I know, for I have unleased the beasts on scores of retirees for sport
  88. PrinceAlbert (for sake of progress I'll burn a favor) so because the cakebeast could not have had candles, your assertion is false
  89. PrinceDuchess ((I'm not even sure if this is my objection anymore or how this works))
  90. FlakyBiscuit I did not know that a dead cakebeast could be allergic!
  91. TheKinginAmber (We kinda went past it)
  92. TheKinginAmber You would have, if you had actually seen it!
  93. PrinceAlbert (should we retcon?)
  94. FlakyBiscuit (let's just keep going)
  95. TheKinginAmber (nah it's cool.)
  96. FlakyBiscuit If this ASSAULT is over, may I continue?
  97. PrinceAlbert please do, dear brother
  98. PrinceDuchess Gwan
  99. FlakyBiscuit Hmph.
  100. TheKinginAmber Once again my own son comes to me with a promise of wonderous tales, to fall short. Continue, but you do not look as bright as you did before.
  101. TheKinginAmber (lose 1 favour)
  102. FlakyBiscuit Well, as I was saying, this cakebeast was rimmed with candles - perhaps not of glass, but of some other pedantic similarity - that were, one by one, lit by its ancient guards.
  103. TheKinginAmber (oh, also Duchess gain 1 favour)
  104. FlakyBiscuit And as the last was lit, the entirety of the beast was fallen upon by the crowd.
  105. FlakyBiscuit At such a horrendous sight, I fled, and stand now here before you, o Father my King.
  106. FlakyBiscuit *bows in honor*
  107. FlakyBiscuit (i can see some problems with this system emerging)
  108. PrinceDuchess Duchess coughs under his breath "Cough*Lame*Cough"
  109. TheKinginAmber (me too.. oh I'm not supposed to give favour till the end! sowwy! take that back)
  110. TheKinginAmber (I can take away favour any time though)
  111. PrinceAlbert elbows Duchess in the ribs
  112. PrinceDuchess Oof
  113. TheKinginAmber raies a very wary eyebrow at Albert.
  114. PrinceAlbert (ok, so am I restating flaky's tale, or doing an entirely different one in the same shadow with the same themes?)
  115. FlakyBiscuit (your tale is entirely seperate)
  116. FlakyBiscuit (absolutely no relation)
  117. PrinceAlbert (groovy)
  118. TheKinginAmber (entirely seperate)
  119. PrinceDuchess ((Is Gerald the eldest now? Where does he fit?))
  120. TheKinginAmber Now if you are quite done being rather confrontational with your dear brother....
  121. TheKinginAmber It is your turn to contirtube.
  122. TheKinginAmber (I can't spell!)
  123. PrinceAlbert (I'd say have gerald eldest)
  124. TheKinginAmber I pray it is as entertaining.
  125. TheKinginAmber (and he's eldest)
  126. PrinceGerald (i may well be :B)
  127. PrinceAlbert Yes dear father it is a tale of daring and danger
  128. PrinceAlbert I travelled to the shadowed wilds, to hunt the great and terrible beasts there
  129. PrinceAlbert by day we stalked the long grasses of the savannah, by night we read by candlelight and ate small traveling cakes as rations
  130. PrinceAlbert My guide was a veteran of advanced years who had grown up in the area
  131. PrinceAlbert he promised to lead me to the famed hunting lands of the Narthox, the great bipedal beast that ate entire villages in it's path
  132. FlakyBiscuit OBJECTION!
  133. PrinceAlbert what might your objection be dear brother?
  134. FlakyBiscuit You say that your guide was a "veteran" of the area?
  135. TheKinginAmber rolls his eyes, but hides a grin
  136. FlakyBiscuit Then how did he not know of the slaying of the Narthox?
  137. PrinceAlbert yes brother, my tale shall stand
  138. FlakyBiscuit Surely even you must take an interest in the news of the Shadows.
  139. PrinceAlbert (did I do that right?)
  140. FlakyBiscuit Everyone knows that, so why did he not?
  141. PrinceDuchess ((Wait does that mean the beast was actually slain?))
  142. PrinceAlbert He was a veteran huntsman
  143. TheKinginAmber ((depends on the vote))
  144. PrinceAlbert it was a turn of phrase, as to the fate of the Narthox, of course it was slain...I slew it
  145. FlakyBiscuit (i guess we vote now?)
  146. TheKinginAmber (Albert, are you having your tale stand then?)
  147. PrinceAlbert (yep)
  148. TheKinginAmber Hmm... an interesting course of events. Gerald. You've remained rather quiet for a while, what say you to this tale?
  149. TheKinginAmber (Just to save time, Im just going to ask each person in tern what their vote is and why, as it's through Text, its probably easier to do it that way)
  150. PrinceGerald casually reclines in his chair. "I am giving all my attention to these wonderful tales, dear father. And I would most like to hear how my good brother Albert slew the terrible Narthox."
  151. PrinceAlbert grins a terrible and wolfish grin
  152. TheKinginAmber Are you saying you agree with With Albert then, that the Narthox was not slain before? What do you have to prove of this?
  153. PrinceAlbert reaches into his knapsack
  154. PrinceAlbert I have this Narthox tooth!
  155. FlakyBiscuit (no, that's not how that works)
  156. PrinceAlbert (ok)
  157. PrinceGerald (if i agreed with Flaky i would have to justify it)
  158. FlakyBiscuit (he has to prove it, not you)
  159. FlakyBiscuit (you have to justify it either way)
  160. PrinceAlbert (damn, ok)
  161. PrinceGerald (which is the negative vote though?)
  162. TheKinginAmber (Gerald, if you agree with one brother, you have to justify why you don't agree with the other brother... I think)
  163. FlakyBiscuit (yeah)
  164. PrinceGerald (ooh i get it now)
  165. FlakyBiscuit (all votes have to be justified)
  166. PrinceDuchess "I say that Albert must be telling true, Father. Though some may have slain a Narthox it is unreasonable to assume that such a beast would exist without any family to sire it or sire with it. Truly, there must be at least a few of the dreaded creatures strewn to the four corners, even if legend tells of it's demise."
  167. PrinceGerald "And I say his claim is true because he has been pestering the royal taxonimist on the proper way to display the tooth of some monstrous beast."
  168. TheKinginAmber Hmm... a mighty point Duchess. the world of the shadows is unimaginably vast. a version perhaps not known to my dear son Yordrick, there might be a world where to Narthox exist.
  169. FlakyBiscuit (welp, i got one favour left and i'm out)
  170. TheKinginAmber Please, do not let my rather slowly becoming my unfavourable son elude you. Please. continue.
  171. PrinceAlbert In the parlance of the land, I "Narfled" the creature, which means that I crept upon it in the dead of night
  172. PrinceAlbert I climbed the vast flanks of the beast, and with a trusty blade I slit through it's jugular
  173. PrinceAlbert the hide was extraordinarily thick, and it took some time
  174. PrinceAlbert after my first attempt the creature woke and began stomping and bucking trying to shake me off, as dog might shake off a kitten
  175. PrinceAlbert I held on for dear life, sawing away at it's neck as noxious thick black blood seeped out and drenched me completely
  176. PrinceAlbert as this went on, my guide must have tried to assist me, and had become trampled beneath the beasts hooves
  177. PrinceAlbert after what felt like an eternity of struggle the Narthox slowed, and then sank to the ground. dead
  178. PrinceAlbert I could find no better trophy than a sharp tooth, as long as my arm.
  179. PrinceAlbert I left the carcass there to feed the locals, I'm told that Narthox jerky is edible though not considered a favorite, and the one I had killed was large enough to feed several villages
  180. PrinceAlbert I then returned here to tell you this tale
  181. PrinceAlbert bows
  182. PrinceAlbert thank you Father
  183. TheKinginAmber My son, it is I who should be thanking you.
  184. PrinceGerald (what were the things that need to be in the story?)
  185. TheKinginAmber (Cake, Candles, and no one must be uynder the age of 20)
  186. PrinceAlbert (cakes, candles, people older than 20)
  187. TheKinginAmber Such a tale, of death, and adventure, and the hunt. Oh how I long for it.
  188. PrinceGerald (ah)
  189. PrinceDuchess ((Shoulda made the beast into a cake :I ))
  190. PrinceAlbert (we ate travelling cakes and read by candlelight right at the beginning)
  191. TheKinginAmber More than I do for cake beasts, if I should say so myself.... *Glares at Yorick*
  192. PrinceAlbert (but beast cake woulda been cool)
  193. TheKinginAmber (Oh and BTW Gerald, your justification wasn't right BTW. But we[ll carry on for now till we're more used to it)
  194. TheKinginAmber And nowi t is your turn, dearest duchess. Apple of my eye, tell me of your shenanegians.
  195. PrinceDuchess "I bring a tale of mischief, fire, and harassment of the elderly dear father."
  196. PrinceDuchess As you know, I carry deep in my bosom a love of illegal fireworks, and a hatred for those of certain years
  197. PrinceGerald (i dont quite get the justifcation then)
  198. TheKinginAmber (don't worry about it, I'll go through it again when it comes up)
  199. PrinceDuchess And as you may recall, there was a minor fire caused during the Baroness Argathas last Birthday party, leaving her hairless
  200. PrinceDuchess and incredibly angry
  201. PrinceAlbert giggles
  202. PrinceDuchess I am must confess I am to blame
  203. PrinceDuchess It all started when I visited by favorite shadow, New Jersey, the docks to be more specific
  204. PrinceDuchess In an attempt to purchase more illegal fireworks from my favorite yugoslavian warehouse
  205. PrinceDuchess I saw on the merchant's suburu that he had a wealth of incredibly poorly made candles
  206. PrinceDuchess And that he also was in stock on a number of explosive rockets and whistlers
  207. PrinceDuchess you all know quite well that I may not resist a good prank or act of violence against the good Baroness
  208. PrinceDuchess which is why I am now barred from any and all of her parties throughout the amber
  209. PrinceDuchess I snuck, snicker snack past her guards, and went to alter her cake accordingly
  210. PrinceAlbert OBJECTION
  211. PrinceDuchess Objection you say?
  212. PrinceDuchess How so
  213. PrinceAlbert As you may recall, that fateful party had no such misanthropic cake
  214. PrinceAlbert the fire that took the Baroness' hair was from incendiaries hidden in her bonnet
  215. PrinceAlbert (still unsure if I'm doing this right, but I'm the only one who hasn't made an objection)
  216. PrinceDuchess A ruse, dear brother. Though a cake was my aim, I am not one to shirk myself from other plans
  217. PrinceDuchess The culprit was none other than a variety of traps for her to stumble on to
  218. TheKinginAmber (Sounds fair actually, I think that works)
  219. PrinceDuchess even if the Bonnet was the spark that ignited the powder keg
  220. PrinceAlbert that is a fair point brother
  221. TheKinginAmber ...
  222. PrinceDuchess Though the cake was bay far my Pis de Resistance
  223. PrinceDuchess ((VOTE TIME :D))
  224. TheKinginAmber Well I suppose there is but one question to ask your siblins...
  225. TheKinginAmber If there cake truely existed or not.
  226. TheKinginAmber Gerald. You are the oldest, who do you truely believe?
  227. TheKinginAmber (Remember, pick a brother, but you have to justify why the brother you DID NOT pick's story is a lie)
  228. PrinceGerald "Duchess, for how can it be a true birthday party if the cake was but a lie?"
  229. PrinceAlbert (lol)
  230. FlakyBiscuit (god damn it, get out)
  231. PrinceDuchess :I
  232. PrinceGerald (come on, everyone was thinking it)
  233. PrinceDuchess Thinking isn't the same as saying :I
  234. PrinceAlbert (:v)
  235. TheKinginAmber (as the King... I'll allow it)
  236. PrinceDuchess ((Did that mean you voted for or against me?))
  237. TheKinginAmber That sounds logical.
  238. PrinceAlbert (doesn't flaky also have to vote on either me or duchess?)
  239. TheKinginAmber (Its not his turn yet!)
  240. FlakyBiscuit (yeah, but he hasn't asked me yet)
  241. PrinceAlbert (ok, I'm dumb)
  242. PrinceAlbert ((also, I'm going to have to take off in a few minutes))
  243. PrinceAlbert (:()
  244. TheKinginAmber Hmm... and, despite my better judgement, what say you, Dear Yorick?
  245. TheKinginAmber (that's cool man. we're probably going to only get one roundi n at this rate if you can hang on for about 5 more minute for Gerald to do his voting)
  246. PrinceAlbert (yeah)
  247. FlakyBiscuit Since you asked, Father, I quite remember the clever ruse that our dear Duchess pulled with the cake. I don't quite know what Albert is thinking.
  248. FlakyBiscuit (a vote for duchess)
  249. FlakyBiscuit For you see, the Duchess is never without a cake party.
  250. FlakyBiscuit It is her favorite pastry, after all!
  251. TheKinginAmber Hmm.. If there is anything I would believe, is the tell tale sign of how much my sons love a good pastry. You make excellent points, and despite being my most celebrated son, I find your words hard to believe Albert.
  252. TheKinginAmber Please, duchess. continue.
  253. TheKinginAmber (Al, lose 1 favour)
  254. PrinceAlbert (ok)
  255. PrinceDuchess As I was saying, I was sabotaging the party, quick as a lash
  256. PrinceDuchess When a simple cook from the Baroness' employ caught me red-handed in the act!
  257. PrinceAlbert (spent 1, lost 1, 1 remaining)
  258. PrinceDuchess He was already to cry to the guards, and I would have no doubt been up a creek had that happened
  259. FlakyBiscuit (it is really easy to lose in this game)
  260. PrinceDuchess but as you know, I am a master of seduction
  261. PrinceDuchess 30 seconds of the best lovemaking of my life and the deeds were done
  262. PrinceAlbert stares
  263. PrinceDuchess I fled to a safe distance to watch the proceedings
  264. PrinceDuchess and the rest of the story, as they say, is history
  265. PrinceDuchess Sorry I burned the amphitheatre down with that
  266. PrinceDuchess I feel super bad about that
  267. PrinceDuchess Duchess bows
  268. TheKinginAmber Psh. I'll build a new one tomorrow.
  269. TheKinginAmber An excellent story, but the day grows short. Gerald. Tell me of your adventures.
  270. PrinceGerald "As you wish, beloved sire."
  271. FlakyBiscuit (this is Night phase, btw)
  272. TheKinginAmber (whooops!)
  273. PrinceGerald "Whilst my siblings hunted strange beasts and played pranks, I sought a far more dangerous prize - knowledge."
  274. PrinceGerald "I journeyed to the Foreboding Isle, wreathed in darkness on a Shadow whose name has been lost to all who live, a lifeless place of stone and storm. At its center I found the Bone Tower."
  275. PrinceGerald "Its gates were barred to all entry, sealed with magics ancient and terrible. But in the dusty tomes of our own royal libraries I learned its secret key. A candle, made with wax tempered with the blood of royalty - of which I could readily supply - and the only hair of a woman of beauty. Which my sister's prank offered; I took a hair from the Baroness before all the rest were burned."
  276. PrinceDuchess OBJECTION!
  277. TheKinginAmber (Gerald try to write a sentence per post, so people have an easier time objecting you)
  278. TheKinginAmber (LIKE THAT!)
  279. PrinceGerald (sorry)
  280. PrinceDuchess I'm your brother >:I
  281. TheKinginAmber (its fine!)
  282. PrinceGerald (sorry)
  283. PrinceAlbert He meant the Baroness' hair brother
  284. PrinceDuchess Everyone who knows what occured there knows that all the Baroness' hair had been burnt to ash!
  285. PrinceAlbert (vote?)
  286. PrinceGerald "Ah, but I plucked it when I kissed her on both cheeks in greeting when I arrived, before the cake... ignited."
  287. TheKinginAmber (not yet, he has to respond first)
  288. TheKinginAmber (Now vote)
  289. TheKinginAmber Hmm.. inteeresting twist, Albert? Your thoughts?
  290. PrinceDuchess ((That s a good rebuttle))
  291. PrinceAlbert I witnessed the purloined hair plucking, Duchess wasn't even in the room! (vote Gerald)
  292. TheKinginAmber ((there's been really good ones all game actually))
  293. TheKinginAmber Hmm... Yorick?
  294. FlakyBiscuit On the contrary. You weren't even at the party, Gerald!
  295. FlakyBiscuit You were out and about.
  296. FlakyBiscuit \
  297. FlakyBiscuit You bragged about it, even!
  298. FlakyBiscuit (vote duchess)
  299. PrinceDuchess (How do ties break?))
  300. FlakyBiscuit (the king decides)
  301. PrinceAlbert (king breaks em)
  302. TheKinginAmber (I decide)
  303. FlakyBiscuit (you can spend favor though)
  304. PrinceGerald (the KING decides)
  305. FlakyBiscuit (to swing it in your, well, favor)
  306. TheKinginAmber (you can spend favour though)
  307. PrinceAlbert (and shit, my time is up...I'm sorry I'm cutting out early like this!)
  308. PrinceAlbert (I'll probably post my write up in the thread tomorrow)
  309. TheKinginAmber Ah... How interesting. To think I could see you so conflicted with each other. Hmm.
  310. |<-- PrinceAlbert has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  311. TheKinginAmber I say, For now, We take the word of Gerald to heart. A tale of knowledge is important, and he could have easily gotten the hair before the party even started.
  312. TheKinginAmber Continue.
  313. PrinceGerald bows. "Thank you father."
  314. PrinceGerald "The way now unbarred, I ascended the tower - to the chambers of the Witch-Oracle."
  315. PrinceGerald "I found her taking her tea with lemon cakes, attended by ghosts and shadows."
  316. PrinceGerald "She was beautiful, but hid her face behind an ornate mask, only her ancient eyes showing."
  317. PrinceGerald "She offered me the true answer to any single question, and in payment I would give up a memory of my own."
  318. PrinceGerald "I asked her one thing - how shall I know when I have found my true love?"
  319. PrinceGerald "And she answered, that I would not."
  320. PrinceGerald "I trembled with fury for a moment - but then I realized the answer to this riddle."
  321. PrinceGerald "I must treat every love as true, for else I would seek forever for what cannot be found."
  322. PrinceGerald "And there my tale must end, for what I forgot, was how I made my way home."
  323. PrinceGerald "... speaking of which, if anyone finds my favorite pair of boots, I would greatly appreciate if you would get them back to me."
  324. TheKinginAmber A Tale, worthy enough to bring a tear to a woman's eye. I hope for your own sake that you take that memory well, for it will benefit you in the age on years ahead.
  325. PrinceGerald bows. "I shall."
  326. TheKinginAmber For now though my children, my time grows short, and the dawn is breaking. You have all done well, my children, more so than I truely expected. I look forward to your next tales with interest.
  327. TheKinginAmber Good day to you all.
  328. PrinceDuchess Good day indeed
  329. FlakyBiscuit Mmm.
  330. PrinceGerald Good morrow, father.
  331. TheKinginAmber ((aaand I think there's enough to stop there for now, especially giving that we lost one player))
  332. FlakyBiscuit (yeah)
  333. PrinceGerald (yeah)
  334. TheKinginAmber ((What do you guys think before I put in my thoughts))
  335. PrinceDuchess ((Yeah))
  336. PrinceDuchess ((Fun, took a bit long in IRC))
  337. FlakyBiscuit (there are a lot of problems with this game)
  338. TheKinginAmber ( go on)
  339. FlakyBiscuit (namely, it suffers the Apples to Apples problem)
  340. FlakyBiscuit (and also that it's really just Baron Munchhausen with voting tacked on)
  341. TheKinginAmber (well he already stated that last bit at the begining, but what's the apples to apples problem?)
  342. FlakyBiscuit (the apples to apples problem is a common problem in games where you have to give responses)
  343. FlakyBiscuit (and have them choose their favorite)
  344. PrinceDuchess (I never played Baron Munchhausen, but I like this game's concept. Where would a fella find it?))
  345. FlakyBiscuit (where people can be on different wavelengths as to what they need to respond with)
  346. =-= YOU are now known as Radioactive_Bears
  347. =-= User mode for Radioactive_Bears is now +r
  348. FlakyBiscuit (which, in the case of voting, tends to make things lopsided)
  349. FlakyBiscuit i think we can dispense with the parentheses, too
  350. =-= PrinceGerald is now known as Gorbash
  351. TheKinginAmber (Its actually around in shops, there's anotehr one like it called Overlord or something like that too)
  352. =-= TheKinginAmber is now known as DDwarf
  353. Radioactive_Bears Yeah, it's not really a good guideline for voting
  354. FlakyBiscuit another thing that he'd need to fix is the fact that you can lose the game in the first phase
  355. Gorbash well playing this makes it clear i need to try out Baron Munchhausen
  356. FlakyBiscuit because you only start with 3 points.
  357. FlakyBiscuit and once you lose, you're kicked out of the game immediately.
  358. FlakyBiscuit which almost happened to two of us
  359. DDwarf Actually, I think with the game, your starting favour should be number of players Plus 1.
  360. Gorbash at least
  361. Radioactive_Bears that's a good idea
  362. Radioactive_Bears Also, what was the final score?
  363. Gorbash also i dont see why anyone would ever spend favor
  364. DDwarf You want them to be more cautiious at the beginning, but go crazy at the end in an attempt to rally points
  365. FlakyBiscuit i'd say you'd need at least starting players + 3
  366. Gorbash it seems like a losing game
  367. DDwarf Ah yes.
  368. DDwarf Duchess gains 3 favour,
  369. DDwarf Albert gains 3 favour
  370. FlakyBiscuit additionally, voting is terrible in games without many players
  371. DDwarf and Yorick gains 2 favour
  372. FlakyBiscuit and in this case, the number of voters is players - 3
  373. FlakyBiscuit so unless you have lots of players, voting is inconsequential
  374. DDwarf My main issue is that the only way to gain favour is by contests
  375. Radioactive_Bears Yeah
  376. FlakyBiscuit i also think that voting in games is a dick move to pull
  377. FlakyBiscuit because it makes you side against other people
  378. FlakyBiscuit and that's not something we should be encouraging
  379. FlakyBiscuit at least in this form.
  380. DDwarf I thin that's the whole point of it though.. isnt it?
  381. Radioactive_Bears Honestly paring down the whole Favour system in general to meaningless kudos that you compare when it's all over sounds like it would add to the game
  382. FlakyBiscuit if it is, it's not a game i'd want to participate in.
  383. DDwarf fair enough.
  384. FlakyBiscuit another problem that we ran into was tone, i think
  385. DDwarf My issues were with favour granting, as in getitng it outside of contests.
  386. FlakyBiscuit without a consistent world, no one knew what tone their story should take
  387. Radioactive_Bears Yeah, I have no idea what the tone is supposed to be
  388. DDwarf Yeah, I suppose there should be a bit of a setting rule shouldn't there?
  389. FlakyBiscuit so you get the problem where players expect a story to have a certain tone, and then object when it doesn't
  390. DDwarf Also, while we're on the subject, Why can't someone just accept someone's rebuttal and just move on?
  391. FlakyBiscuit see the cake beasts
  392. FlakyBiscuit yeah
  393. Radioactive_Bears I wasn't really sure what was happening
  394. Radioactive_Bears and just fumbled for any kind of objection at all :I
  395. DDwarf well the other thing is that we played it through IRC
  396. DDwarf maybe in speech it would work stronger.
  397. FlakyBiscuit i think that baron munchhausen works better than this, though
  398. DDwarf that's because there's no voting and you play it while drunk
  399. FlakyBiscuit you don't have to play it while drunk
  400. Radioactive_Bears I really need to get this game
  401. FlakyBiscuit but it helps
  402. DDwarf the game is cool, it just needs a more solid work on conversations
  403. FlakyBiscuit all in all, i've got a pretty negative opinion of this
  404. FlakyBiscuit but that's just me
  405. DDwarf sorry about that Flaky.
  406. FlakyBiscuit eh, can't like every game
  407. DDwarf Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I thought you guys were brillant
  408. FlakyBiscuit i lost every conflict though
  409. FlakyBiscuit i think the only way i'd see this working is with, like, a Resistance-sized party
  410. DDwarf peoplej ust hated you today!
  411. FlakyBiscuit if you were playing with, say, a group of 8
  412. DDwarf like a super large party?
  413. DDwarf Hmmm..
  414. FlakyBiscuit and you actually had meaningful votes
  415. FlakyBiscuit you could make a night of just one phase
  416. FlakyBiscuit also, i don't mean to be rude or whatever, but cake? really?
  417. DDwarf ...
  418. DDwarf Screw you cake's awesome.
  419. FlakyBiscuit i guess i just expected things out of this that it didn't have.
  420. DDwarf well... like what?
  421. FlakyBiscuit like fun
  422. FlakyBiscuit LP
  423. FlakyBiscuit
  424. FlakyBiscuit but seriously,
  425. DDwarf wow that hurt man
  426. DDwarf
  427. FlakyBiscuit sorry, bad joke
  428. FlakyBiscuit i guess it really would help if he had a guide to what style of stories people should tell
  429. DDwarf
  430. DDwarf True
  431. FlakyBiscuit because from what i know, amber is a pretty serious series
  432. DDwarf I really liked Gorbash is story though
  433. DDwarf I thought that was pretty cool
  434. Radioactive_Bears A good one
  435. DDwarf But I liked the diversity of the choices as well
  436. FlakyBiscuit there we go, something else i thought was a little irksome
  437. DDwarf Oh boy.
  438. FlakyBiscuit this game directly pits people's preferences against eachother
  439. FlakyBiscuit like, in a personal way
  440. FlakyBiscuit i dunno, maybe people like that though
  441. DDwarf true.
  442. DDwarf Hmm..
  443. DDwarf Well lets post this in the threaed before time runs out
  444. DDwarf Flaky. do you need to run a game in forder to get things running?
  445. FlakyBiscuit Like, I don't really want to spend a night telling my friends "your story sucked"
  446. FlakyBiscuit i already ran a game
  447. FlakyBiscuit i did emperor mittens
  448. DDwarf ...
  449. DDwarf damn you.
  450. FlakyBiscuit lol
  451. FlakyBiscuit
  452. FlakyBiscuit i could run something else tomorrow, though
  453. Radioactive_Bears Glad I could help, even if I dropped out of the contest
  454. FlakyBiscuit there's still a few games left.
  455. FlakyBiscuit i might see about setting up for arenaball, since i do roll20
  456. DDwarf no swear radio. I needed the help! right gonna go find that log.
  457. DDwarf if I'm on tomorrow before the deadline, hit me up for it
  458. Radioactive_Bears Huh?
  459. FlakyBiscuit alright, cool
  460. DDwarf That was supposed to be No Sweat
  461. DDwarf sorry the game didn't go your way Flaky.
  462. DDwarf I apologise
  463. FlakyBiscuit that's fine, not your fault
  464. FlakyBiscuit nowhere near as bad as the emperor mittens playtest, anyway
  465. Radioactive_Bears I remember the very, very alpha wasn't bad
  466. Radioactive_Bears What did he change?
  467. Radioactive_Bears Of EM I mean
  468. FlakyBiscuit he made everything take like, quadruple time to go through
  469. DDwarf oh god..
  470. Radioactive_Bears Huh, weird
  471. DDwarf there's no log.
  472. Gorbash oops sorry
  473. Gorbash got pulled away
  474. DDwarf its fine man.
  475. Gorbash i have a log i think
  476. Radioactive_Bears I remember our feedback was to shorten stuff up
  477. DDwarf what did you think f the game too?
  478. FlakyBiscuit a single combat thing is that you have to draw a card, subtract your opponent's value, and then use TWO multipliers
  479. Gorbash anyways i really liked this game conceptually, i think favor needs to be rethought and guidelines for objections need to be clearer
  480. Gorbash and might need to be divorced from voting
  481. Radioactive_Bears Yeah
  482. DDwarf I agree.
  483. Gorbash also to fix the Apples to Apples problem is easy
  484. Gorbash rotate King duties from day to day
  485. Gorbash i think that would help a lot
  486. DDwarf Gorbash, grab the log if you can, and link it to me wil lyou? Or just post it.
  487. Gorbash sure
  488. FlakyBiscuit well, the problem is that everyone else votes on your stuff
  489. FlakyBiscuit so it still relies on personal preference
  490. DDwarf I can't for the life if me figure otu why my log isn't showing
  491. Radioactive_Bears The log for this game?
  492. FlakyBiscuit did you stop the logging?
  493. DDwarf yeah
  494. DDwarf no I think I might have been dumb and logged the wrong thing
  495. DDwarf because I am a total spaz
  496. Radioactive_Bears I can C+P it if you need
  497. DDwarf yeah I'll probably do that instead so I don't feel dumb and hope it works out
  498. Gorbash
  499. Gorbash i missed part of it
  500. Gorbash for difference in tastes - i think its just something you have to accept with this style of game
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