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  1. larixTheKaiju : now when i meet men im instatly couring down how log till tthey hit my nerves
  2. ReatsuMagosi: I resent that remark.
  3. ReatsuMagosi: You're not even meeting men on here.
  4. ReatsuMagosi: They are all prepubesent boys.
  5. AriaElixr: they are fuck boys :3
  6. ReatsuMagosi: Don't lump men in there with me.
  7. ZillarixTheKaiju: -laughs- oh no there is 2 types of males on here men and gentlemn the later beiing a very rare meet.
  8. ZillarixTheKaiju: you Sir id count as a gentlemen
  9. ReatsuMagosi: Oh you poor niave child.
  10. ZillarixTheKaiju: ....
  11. ReatsuMagosi: XD
  12. ReatsuMagosi: I am no gentleman.
  13. ReatsuMagosi: I just have good manners.
  14. AriaElixr: hey not all gentlemen have to be gentle :P
  15. ReatsuMagosi: I am a fuckin' peive of shit.
  16. ReatsuMagosi: peice*
  17. ReatsuMagosi: I am cook.
  18. ReatsuMagosi: We are all peices of shit.
  19. ZillarixTheKaiju: im not a child...and comepared to the f...twits ive see on here your a gentlemen ..
  20. ZillarixTheKaiju: nott all men are f...twits -wont swear ifnrotn of eli -
  21. ReatsuMagosi: Listen, if they are a cook, you know they are vulgar, atleast language and edicate wise.
  22. ReatsuMagosi: I know I'm an asshole.
  23. ReatsuMagosi: I know people don't like me.
  24. ReatsuMagosi: The ones that do though, think I'm pretty cool.
  25. AriaElixr: but assholes are the best 0w0
  26. ReatsuMagosi: Na, I'm more of a tits man.
  27. ReatsuMagosi: o3o.
  28. AriaElixr: XD
  29. ReatsuMagosi: xD
  30. ReatsuMagosi: Yea, takin' you to school.
  31. ReatsuMagosi: Troll school.
  32. ReatsuMagosi: Why you trying to butter me up with compliments anyway? xD
  33. ZillarixTheKaiju: was trying tot be nice..butt i see i shouldnt have used my breath to do so
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