MGE Side III Nudie Moldie

Feb 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Sculpture Atelier “Nudie Moldie”
  2. When I’m with you, dear sir, I become more and more unable to control myself...
  4. This is “Art Street”, the main street leading towards Nevia Theatre, where you can find paintings, music, sculptures, literary novels, and all kinds of shops dedicated to the arts.
  5. Works of art are on display everywhere, and you can experience all kinds of beauty just from walking down this street... It’s as if the whole city of Nevia were an art museum comparable to the famed Demon Lord’s Art Museum♪
  7. That store over there, with one of its walls depicting the image of a Mermaid and a gentleman living at the bottom of the sea, is a store that sells paintings, but if lovers or a married couple visit, they can express their love on campus♥ I wonder if that’s what the couple that just went in intends to do♥
  8. In Nevia, it’s popular for the love of a couple to persist in the form of art.
  9. It’s true that it’s best to exchange love directly, but having any amount of excess love to express or leave behind as art is also a wonderful thing♥ Nevian women are greedy for love and beauty♥
  11. Among all of these shops, I would like to recommend this one, the sculpture atelier “Nudie Moldie”. It’s a store run by a former song maiden senior of mine... a Satyros from the Lustre Group, and as the name implies, it is a sculpture store, however, it doesn’t just sell them, it’s a rather peculiar store.
  12. Ufufu, the sight of nude sculptures of monsters displayed all over the store’s interior, it’s quite bewitching...♥
  13. All of these were carved by the Satyros shopkeeper, who is an excellent sculptor, and depict the figures of the monster commissioners.
  14. These numerous beautiful statues express the charm of a monster’s lewd body so much that gentlemen make a dumbfounded face like you are now, but that is not their true power.
  15. I also have a statue I had sculpted to commemorate my becoming a song maiden. Let’s head to the shop’s central courtyard♪
  17. Lewd maidens playing in a beautiful garden, appearing just like a debaucherous feast in a land of mist...♥ And here is my statue. Please look at it very closely♪
  18. ...What do you think? My immodest appearance...♥ Ufu♥ Fufufu♥ Aah, your breath’s rough like a beast’s...♥ And your eyes have become bloodshot, how wonderful...♥
  19. This nude statue was made by removing not only my clothes, but also all the hindrances I wear, leaving behind only the fact that I am a female monster...
  20. Only the pure power of my charm as a woman, a bewitching monster that seduces men, has been carved into this stone.
  21. It is, so to speak, another me. A me that only wants to flirt with a gentleman, tempt him, and become an outlet for his passion♥
  22. Ufufu♥ It seems you didn’t hear me... I’m a little jealous♥ Please look at the real me too♥
  23. Yes, what you felt in your heart when looking at this indecent sculpture is the same feeling as when you saw the real me...
  24. Now when you look at me, you see what was burned into your eyes by this nude statue... You can see the charming body underneath my clothes, and the lascivious female nature underneath the thin skin called “me”♥
  25. Aah, the ragged breath of a beast excited for your female♥ This bloodshot gaze♥ You’ve become unbearably swollen, looking so, so delicious... And all of this is directed towards the real me...♥
  27. Ufufufu♥ With these statues, monster women appeal all of their charm to a specific gentleman, or place it in a spot that catches people’s eyes, welcoming the gentleman that gets most excited by it as their companion...♥
  28. Devoted husbands also often want statues made of their wives♥
  30. Now then, let’s get going♥ Nevia Theatre is coming up soon...♥
  31. A little more, just a little more... It will further raise the flames of passion dwelling in our hearts...♥
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